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A Flavorful History, Served by the Glass: The Enduring Appeal of Mole Beer Feature by

Inspired by the traditional south central Mexican sauce, which can contain up to 20 different ingredients, brewers across the country are putting their own unique spins on mole-inspired beers—and the public can’t get enough.

The Future of Beer is Unpredictable, and That’s a Good Thing Unfiltered by

We can’t predict the future, though we may try. Whatever happens to individual brands, however, one thing appears clear: flavorful beer is here to stay.

Heavy Medal: A Brief History of the Great American Beer Fest Awards By The Numbers by

The history of the Great American Beer Festival is the history of craft brewing magnified. It started in 1982 as a one-night event, held during the fourth annual National Homebrew and Microbrewery Conference.

All Partied Out: Are Breweries Suffering From Festival Fatigue? The Business of Beer by

Not all beer festivals are created equal, and an oversaturation of events has led to what some are calling “beer festival fatigue.”

Cyclists Ride to GABF to Promote Prostate Health News by

For non-profit 1400 Miles’ “Big Ride,” a dozen cyclists completed a 15-day, 1,400-mile journey from Cedar Park, Texas, to Denver to raise awareness about prostate health using beer and bikes as conversation starters.

Where to Drink in Boulder, Colorado Destinations by

Roughly 15 breweries have opened in the past eight years within Boulder’s city limits. So, rent a bike, grab your GPS, and immerse yourself in some of the best beer that Colorado has to offer.

Beyond the Pale: Is the Pale Ale Passé or Poised for Reinvention? Feature by

Once an industry staple, Pale Ale has ceded shelf space to the popular IPA and its Imperial and Session cousins. Has the former flagship style seen its last days, or can it be reborn with a renewed emphasis on hop and malt varieties?

Chain Restaurants Add Beer Variety to Stay Competitive News by

In the past, including any alcohol options was enough to set a fast casual restaurant apart from competitors; now many chains are looking to customize their regional selections by offering local beers.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company: Making Beer in Wine Country From the Source by

Figueroa Mountain’s CEO and founder, Jaime Dietenhofer, knew out of high school that he wanted to start a brewery. But his parents and eventual co-founders, Jim and Judie, said, “Go to college.”

Beer News News by

New California law combats keg theft; GABF beer brewed entirely with N.C. ingredients; Hill Farmstead expansion to double production capacity; and Maui Brewing joins in-flight beers from craft breweries.

The Futility of Beer Styles Unfiltered by

With little brand loyalty among craft beer consumers, knowing the brewer’s name or even the style seems less important than being drawn in by the creativity of an engaging brand name or story.

Identity Crisis at the GABF Unfiltered by

The Great American Beer Festival and its sponsor, the Brewers Association, seem to have lost their way. While other long-running festivals, including the Great Taste of the Midwest and the Oregon Brewers Festival, remain true to their roots, the GABF seems unable to decide what it wants to be.

The Game Changer Unfiltered by

IPA wasn’t always a thing. During the early days of the Great American Beer Festival, the event’s much-lauded tasting competition didn’t even include the style. Brewers didn’t make it and probably didn’t even know what it was.

Thai Me Up From the Source by

There aren’t too many places in Wyoming like Thai Me Up—the cozy, dimly lit Jackson Hole, Wyo., brewpub that pairs West Coast IPAs with Thai food and two big-screen televisions featuring kung fu flicks. Actually, never mind Wyoming; there aren’t many places like Thai Me Up anywhere.

Expanding the Brotherhood of Beer Unfiltered by

For craft beer drinkers occasionally interested in looking beyond the IPA horizon, cider and gluten-free beers offer a refreshing chance to experience both new and growing beverage categories.

A Closer Look at GABF: 2012, and Beyond Feature by

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is one of the largest events of its kind, and this year’s was the biggest yet: 49,000 tickets sold, and 580 breweries pouring 2,700 beers in the massive Denver Convention Center.

“Stand Your Ground and Pour!” Beer Smack by

Having beer at a fest isn’t enough. As consumers, we want to meet brewers, ask questions and learn more from those who inspire us.

“And the Winner Is…” Inside the Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part II Feature by

It’s October 1st, and the cavernous Colorado Convention Center is packed with throngs of grinning Great American Beer Festival attendees. But beyond the buzzed masses the dull roar of the public fades into hushed utterances. It’s about 10 minutes before the GABF’s 30th annual awards ceremony begins.

In Pursuit of the Fifth Star The Politics of Beer by

Good beer, it seems, is in the pink. So what better time to look at what craft brewers are doing wrong? For its amazing range of tastes, styles, strengths and colors, so much of American craft beer seems to taste naïve, unworldly and lacking in complexity

Charlie Papazian, Founding President of the Brewers Association and the Great American Beer Festival Last Call by

In 1982, Charlie Papazian threw a festival. What he calls an “astounding” crowd for the time (800 people) showed up to a hotel in Boulder, Colo., to drink some craft beer. This fall’s Great American Beer Festival sold out in one week to 49,000 attendees, and Papazian is still at the helm.

Inside The Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part I Feature by

The first competition, back in 1987, had 12 categories; this year, there are 83, and if you count subcategories, which don’t get awards but help further define style parameters, 135.

Malt Liquor: The Definition of a Cheap Buzz Style Profile by

Craft beer, this is not. Yet, there is a certain fascination with malt liquor among some craft brewers.

A Tale of Two Festivals Unfiltered by

As brewers at the GABF continue to experiment and push the definitions of beer and the boundaries of the drinking public, it’ll be interesting to see what results in the tug of war between the American and British brewing models in another 25 years.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Are you going to the Great American Beer Festival?