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Hardywood Founders Discuss the Changing Beer Landscape and the Launch of Their New Brand, Suncrush News by

Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh, founders of Virginia’s Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, talk about their motivation for offering low calorie, low alcohol beers under a new brand.

Where to Drink in Richmond, Virginia Destinations by

The beer scene is bolstered by Richmonders’ support of the strong creative culture, including a booming independent culinary scene, diverse arts events and museums, and tattoo studios.

The Interactive Brewery: Breweries Extend Their Identities Within Their Communities Feature by

A good brewery is aware of the atmosphere it’s creating. They don’t just want you to stop in and check it off your list; they want you to hang around, ask questions, bring friends. In essence, it’s all about community-building.

Patrick Murtaugh of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Going Pro by

Hardywood Park’s founders, a pair of Northeastern transplants, were blown away by Richmond’s thirst for experimentation, and set up shop there; they landed in an unproven market, opened a brewery focusing on Belgian ales, big Stouts and unique IPAs, and can’t push enough product out the door.