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Marketing Nostalgia and Local Pride, Brewers Revive Heritage Brands News by

From Gerst Amber Ale to Pabst’s Ballantine IPA, more and more breweries are reviving historic beer brands.

Craft Beer in the Bible Belt: How Southern Beer Laws Are Stymying the Industry Feature by

Beyond alcohol limits, many Southern states struggle with taxes, breweries operating off-site brewpubs, various antiquated distribution woes, prohibitive homebrewing regulations and much more. But thanks to the region’s proactive beer makers and consumers, many of those laws are beginning to change.

Linus Hall of Yazoo Brewing Company Going Pro by

Linus Hall began brewing beer in college because he wanted to cut down on long-distance beer runs. He got hooked once he discovered that he could make beer that was as good, or better, than the stuff he’d been buying. Hall, a former engineer, founded Nashville’s Yazoo Brewing Company a decade ago.