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Three Beers to Pair with a Bowl of Chili Table Mates by

Gary Valentine, beer director for Chicago’s Girl & The Goat, Duck Duck Goat, and Little Goat, offers three beer pairing suggestions for one of North America’s greatest culinary creations: chili.

5 Sources of Inspiration for Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout 6 Degrees of Fermentation by

Founders head brewer Jeremy Kosmicki reveals the five beverages that inspired Kentucky Breakfast Stout, from Redhook Double Black Stout to Jim Beam.

Destihl Brewery: Sour Power in Central Illinois From the Source by

The unlikely key to the rapid success of Illinois brewery Destihl has been a beer category that was all but unheard of until a few years ago: sours.

Pabst Brews in Milwaukee for the First Time in Decades News by

Brewing has returned to the massive Pabst complex with Pabst Milwaukee Brewery, a microbrewery and restaurant, in a 144-year-old building that once served as a pub for Pabst employees.

Pub Royale: Pairing Anglo-Indian Cuisine with Sour Beer in Chicago Barkeep by

Since opening its doors in spring 2015, Pub Royale has been known for offering an atypically large selection of sour beer, designed to accompany the spicy Anglo-Indian cuisine it serves.

At Minneapolis’ Butcher and the Boar, a Focus on Beer, Bourbon, and Brats Barkeep by

The face of Minneapolis’ rowdier, fresher approach to big-ticket dining, Butcher and the Boar is known for its quirky and obsessively current tap list featuring breweries from the Midwest and beyond.

Piney River Brewing Company: Making Hay in the Heartland From the Source by

Piney River Brewing Company is located 5 miles outside of Bucyrus, Mo., an unincorporated community small enough that the brewery’s first distributor had never heard of it.

Oak & Ore in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Barkeep by

In addition to hosting the state premiere of breweries like Drie Fonteinen, Oklahoma City watering hole Oak & Ore supports and effects positive change in the region.

Public at the Brickyard in Wichita, Kansas Barkeep by

Knowing that there was a need in Wichita for a craft beer bar that focused on serving local ingredients, business partners Brooke and Travis Russell and Drew Thompson opened Public at the Brickyard in 2012.

Krug Park in Omaha, Nebraska Barkeep by

In 2011 Jonathan Tvrdik opened Nebraska’s Krug Park, named after an amusement park and beer garden built in 1895 by Frederick Krug, an Omaha legend who operated Krug Brewing Company.

The Old Fashioned in Madison, Wisconsin Barkeep by

With reclaimed wood, vintage beer signs and photos from the Wisconsin Historical Society adorning the walls, The Old Fashioned is a cozy and inviting place. But what makes the spot special, is its steadfast dedication to local beer.

Würst Bier Hall in Fargo, North Dakota Barkeep by

To complement a list that mixes German imports (think Schwaben Bräu, Hacker-Pschorr and Hofbräu) with North Dakota staples like Fargo Brewing and Drekker Brewing, Würst serves up loads of hearty German fare.

Marz Community Brewing: 5 Essentials 5 Essentials by

Brothers Mike and Ed Marszewski founded Marz in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood with Ed’s brother-in-law in 2013. An intricate web of friends, designers, and brewers connects the rest of the Marz collective.

Oskar Blues Acquires Perrin Brewing Company News by

Longmont, Colo., canned-beer pioneer Oskar Blues Brewery has acquired Perrin Brewing Company in Comstock Park, Mich. While the exact terms of the deal were not specified, Perrin will remain locally owned and operated.

El Bait Shop in Des Moines, Iowa Barkeep by

El Bait Shop opened in 2006 with 105 draft handles, 100 bottles and a roadhouse vibe to pay tribute to the burgeoning beer movement in the US.

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company: Iowa’s Hops Specialist From the Source by

The focus on hops at Toppling Goliath has been there from the beginning. It wasn’t an obvious fit at first. Iowa wasn’t known for boundary-pushing brews. And tiny Decorah is nestled among the rolling hills of northeastern Iowa’s Driftless Region, a rural area of small farms and small towns.

Josh Bischoff of Indeed Brewing Company Going Pro by

Josh Bischoff, Indeed’s head brewer, is hustling to keep up with exploding demand because he starts from a baseline of challenging his customers. The brewery is built around two canned, hop-forward flagship ales, which Bischoff combines with a rotating set of specialty beers and one-offs.

Chase Healey of Prairie Artisan Ales Going Pro by

Chase and Colin Healey founded Prairie Artisan Ales a little more than a year ago with a single purpose: to brew complex farmhouse and barrel-aged beers. Chase brews small batches of beers he’s interested in. Colin hand-draws Prairie’s label art. This, they believe, is the future of craft brewing.

Where to Drink in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Destinations by

Milwaukee owes its brewing heritage to beer barons like Miller, Pabst and Schlitz. And while Miller is still extremely popular, the big beers that were once working-class favorites have given way to a vibrant craft beer scene.

Joe Pond of Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company Going Pro by

Joe Pond is a chemical engineer who brews with a decidedly pre-industrial mindset. Olvalde Farm and Brewing Co., the southeastern Minnesota brewery he founded two and a half years ago, is a throwback to the rural, agriculturally focused brewhouses that existed before refrigeration and malt catalogues.

Where to Drink in Indianapolis, Indiana Destinations by

Although there were a small handful of microbreweries, like the Oaken Barrel, during Indianapolis’ darker days, it wasn’t until Sun King tapped its first kegs in 2009 that craft beer exploded in the city.

Jason Spaulding, President, Brewery Vivant Last Call by

For Jason Spaulding and his wife, Kris, sustainability is about leaving the world in better shape than when we found it. Acting on that commitment, Brewery Vivant is one of 21 breweries that have signed on to raise awareness of the Clean Water Act.

Steve Bradt of Free State Brewing Company Going Pro by

Steve Bradt came to the Free State Brewing Company looking for a side job. That was 25 years ago, and Bradt is still at Free State. He went from working behind the bar to running brewing operations at a company that has since added a production brewhouse to its original pub.

Jace Marti, Brewmaster, August Schell Brewing Co. Last Call by

In December, when the Brewers Association named Schell’s on their list of breweries they do not consider “craft,” Marti took to the internet. His protest letter to the Brewers Association went viral, and became symbolic of the strong reaction many had to the list (which the organization has since redacted).