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Crossing Cultures: Making a True Sake-Beer Hybrid Feature by

The idea of marrying sake and beer has been around for a while, but a hybrid has never been made in any great quantity. One of the issues is that many brewers, in spite of their creativity, do not have experience with sake.

The Magic Craft: A Norwegian, an Arrogant Bastard and a Wizard Brew a Beer Together Feature by

A funny thing’s going on in craft beer—and it’s been gaining speed for quite some time. Something very American, yet at the same time, decidedly pre-modern. That is, simply, working together.

Kjetil Jikiun Going Pro by

Kjetil Jikiun once found inspiration in American craft brewers’ powerfully flavored ales. Now, his brews are a global sensation. But there’s a better line on his résumé: When he founded Nøgne Ø, he brought flavor to Norway.

Express Your Inner Viking! Cooking with Beer by

Scandinavian elixirs have inspired a new interpretation of gastronomic delights to the Old World cuisine of the Vikings.