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Pints and Politics: Time for Another Round? Unfiltered by

When it comes to politics, the insular nature of the craft brewing community is a weakness, not a strength.

Cody Lindquist and Charlie Todd, Hosts, Two Beers In: A Tipsy Political Round Table Last Call by

On the Two Beers In podcast, comedians Charlie Todd and Cody Lindquist invite friends and policy wonks to hash out the latest political news in front of a live audience—after chugging two session beers.

Beer News News by

Fort Worth’s beer can house sold; CAMRA launches revitalization project; Brouwerij de Molen sells minority share; and presidential candidates inspire new beers.

1953 Coronation Ales History by the Glass by

A look at the coronation beers of 1953, the first Strong Ales brewed in Britain after supply shortages at the end of WWII forced brewers to ration ingredients.

Clipped Wings: Eager to Soar, Georgia Breweries Face Setbacks, Opposition Feature by

In one of only two states that still doesn’t allow breweries to sell directly to consumers, Georgia brewers rally together against restrictive policies.

Legislative Changes in Georgia and Kentucky News by

Georgia’s Senate Bill 63, more commonly known as the Beer Jobs Bill, passed the state Senate in early April. Meanwhile, Kentucky has banned breweries from self-distributing throughout the state, reversing a 1978 court decision permitting Anheuser-Busch to purchase a Louisville distributorship.

New Belgium Brewing Establishes Federal PAC News by

On July 30, New Belgium Brewing Company filed a Statement of Organization with the Federal Election Commission to establish its own Federal Political Action Committee (PAC). With this filing, the company increases its national political involvement.

New Legislation Brings Changes to Michigan’s Brewing Landscape The Business of Beer by

Michigan, along with California, Colorado and Oregon, has paved the way for favorable legislation for breweries and has seen tremendous industry growth as a result. But even in growing beer states, the fight isn’t always easy.

Controversial Florida Legislation Dies in Session News by

A bill widely viewed as a setback for Florida craft brewers died in the state House. After passing the state Senate with a 30–10 vote, Florida Senate Bill 1714 would have prohibited brewers making more than 2,000 kegs per year from selling more than 20 percent of their beer on-site.

Kiev Craft Brewers Optimistic Despite Odds News by

Months of political turmoil—including violent riots, the ousting of Ukraine’s president and Russia’s recent westward advances—have only reinforced the mission of Collider Craft Brewery’s two founders in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev.

Beer News News by

Study claims glassware shape affects drinking speed; White House releases homebrew recipes; North American Breweries reportedly for sale; Carlton & United learns not to mess with success; and Pennsylvania craft brew pioneer Tom Pastorius passes away.

Polarized Beer Geeks Beer Smack by

Beer is the ultimate social lubricant. It brings people together no matter who they are or what they believe. Unfortunately, America’s polarized political landscape has spilled into our beer.

Beer News News by

Nonprofit pub to open in Oregon; two more defunct beer brands revived; Pabst launches interactive marketing campaign to promote Rainier Brewery; Lost Abbey crashes Lost Abbey tasting party; super PAC to foster change by funding happy hours.

My Culture is Better Than Your Culture The Politics of Beer by

There is no correct way to make beer, and we should not get prissy when others do it differently from us. Nor should we be annoyed when they carry on making a few types better than ours because they have had more practice.

And the World Talked About Beer… Beer Smack by

We should be proud as beer drinkers that we have a president who enjoys beer for a change, and publicly.

Beer News News by

Anheuser-Busch imitates craft marketing; voters weigh in on who they’d like to share a beer with; cost increases in the UK threaten beer culture; Randy Thiel takes a new job; and a University considers teaching brewing.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, a Belgian bottle shortage to organic hops and beer on the Hill.

Support Your Local Brewery! Advocate This by

Even though you might buy, drink, sell or brew beer, you can always do more for beer and your local craft brewer.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from Smuttynose’s expansion to Australia’s toad trapping reward.