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Secret Hopper: Drinking Undercover Innovation by

When a Secret Hopper goes “undercover,” they are expected to order a flight, followed by a pint, and pay attention to 25 points that they will later critique in a report.

Data Analysis Made Easy with Gastrograph AI Innovation by

A tech company has developed artificial intelligence to streamline quality control by replacing the manual labor behind the sensory evaluation process.

Small Space Fermentation with BrewJacket Innovation by

The compact device takes up no more space than the fermentor it is controlling, and can be stored on a closet shelf when not in use.

Neil Witte, Craft Quality Solutions Founder, on Quality Control After Beer Leaves the Brewery Last Call by

After 16 years doing field quality work for Duvel Moortgat USA and Boulevard Brewing Co., Neil Witte founded Craft Quality Solutions to end the era of shadowy shipping and handling, and answer the industry’s call to focus on quality.

Calculating for the Future: Can Breweries Provide More STEM Jobs for Women? Feature by

Rapid growth and continued innovation in the beer industry have made it a professional pipeline for women in STEM careers, from researching yeast genomes to studying the science of taste.

The Myth of the Spurned Drinker Unfiltered by

Bad beer won’t take down the craft brewing industry, but it’s up to bar owners and consumers to speak up when something tastes off.

The Imitation Game: How Breweries Create Consistency Feature by

As many of the largest craft breweries open additional locations in new markets, they’re up against a difficult task: making sure their famed flagships taste the same everywhere.

Suffering Samplers Beer Smack by

Too many taprooms put too much focus into the sampler paddle, which is often more impressive than the beers themselves.

Sean Lynch, Founder, Clean Beer Project Last Call by

Sean Lynch launched the Clean Beer Project, which travels to bars in New York City, scrubs down beer lines, and lets patrons know via Twitter that their favorite bar is now squeaky clean.

No More Excuses Beer Smack by

There is now a plethora of companies and people who are more than willing to offer their services and resources to help nearly anyone succeed. But it’s apparent that far too many brewers aren’t utilizing them as the same issues that everyone has bitched about for years still persist.

Do You Even Drainpour, Bro? Beer Smack by

If you don’t like a beer, don’t drink it. Life is too short and good beer is too plentiful. But do you really need to brag about your drainpour like a cretin?

Taking Control of Quality BYOB by

Every homebrewer acts as the hobby’s vanguard. Everyone you serve beer to is a possible convert to the hobby and the larger world of good beer. We’ve all made them, but why don’t we stop serving bad beers?

Wondering About Watney History by the Glass by

The name Watney conjures up very different emotions either side of the Atlantic. Many North Americans nurture fond memories of Red Barrel as a quality import. Older Brits mostly harbor a lingering contempt. But what’s the truth about Watney’s beer? Was it really that bad?

“There’s more to beer than beer.” Beer Smack by

Brewers need to pay more attention to reviews and the long-term quality of their beers as they flow through the marketplace—the two are unarguably connected.

Dana Garves, Founder of BrewLab Last Call by

Dana Garves believes the future of craft beer lies in quality control. If she’s right, then her new Oregon-based business, BrewLab, is about to be wildly successful.

Just Say Know: Beer School Goes to College Feature by

No beer school program, no matter how rigorous, should be considered complete, in and of itself. One course, certificate or degree does not an expert make. They are but a starting point.

Beer News News by

Brewers Association defines quality beer; Small BREW Act reintroduced; Sweden bottles first female-brewed beer; and California library acquires Pasteur’s beer notes.

20 Percent in 2020. Can It Happen? Beer Smack by

Given craft beer’s fast growth, we could certainly see it reaching 20 percent of the US beer market volume by 2020. However, the support for such volume is a whole other story. In order to reach 20 percent, and maintain it, craft brewers need to start focusing, now.

Clarity in 1920s London History by the Glass by

Whitbread created one of the most useful documents for anyone interested in the history of British beer: their Gravity Book. In it, they documented thousands of samples of competitors’ beers, from the early 1920s to the late 1960s.

Come Out From Behind Your Firewalls Unfiltered by

To be of value, constructive criticism must be offered in an identifiable manner, whether in person or online, not through protected and anonymous channels. It must be offered thoughtfully and sympathetically, in the spirit of a joint effort toward an improved experience.

“Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?” Beer Smack by

Why are so many people indirectly celebrating mediocrity by letting it pass as good beer simply because it’s craft, local, from someone they know, or a combination of all of the above?

Troubleshooter’s Corner BYOB by

In the Maltose Falcons homebrew club, we resurrected a moribund tradition: “Troubleshooter’s Corner.” It’s simple: Several veteran brewers take over a space, and brewers can bring beer they have questions about.

Back to (Brew) School: Brewers Education Programs Proliferate Feature by

It’s no mystery that craft beer sales, diversification of the market and enthusiasm for the industry are at an all-time high. As a result, already-established brewing programs continue to update their curriculums, and universities are adding new programs and degrees in fermentation science.

Designer Drafts: Keeping Tabs on Tap Technology Feature by

Taphouses with 20 lines or more are becoming the new standard—and what goes on behind the scenes is anything but simple.