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Three Beers to Pair with a Lobster Roll Table Mates by

We asked Row 34 beer director Suzanne Hays to select three beers to accompany this simple—yet scrumptious—New England classic.

Fisherman’s Pie Infused with Irish Red Ale Cooking with Beer by

Irish Red Ale’s caramel malts and grassy hop undertones add history and heritage to a Fisherman’s Pie layered with beer-poached seafood and mashed potatoes.

Tutto Crudo: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

At Manhattan’s iconic Italian restaurant Felidia, Sicilian-born chef Fortunato Nicotra composes a plate of crudo like a colorful work of art. Josh White, head bartender and creator of Felidia’s beer parings menu, suggests three beers for it.

Decadent Crab Sandwich for Two Cooking with Beer by

Improve on the typical crab sandwich by using a recipe with crab with Orval and leeks for the filling and adding bacon and potato chips.

Indulging in Crab with Orval and Leeks Cooking with Beer by

Make crab meat even more decadent by combining it with Orval, white miso and leeks and using it in crab cakes, a pasta sauce, or as a topping on a roasted salmon filet.

Croquettes From Around the World Part 2 Cooking with Beer by

Continuing a thematic journey of perfect fried bar snacks from around the world, this recipe features a Belgian-style croquette. Here we use a different technique to create the filling and coating for the final croquette.

Beer and Camping Cooking with Beer by

Canned beer is more flexible for outdoor activities where bottles have never been a good idea due to their weight and the danger of broken glass. So here are several recipes, all using canned beer, which are perfect for that long weekend trip to your favorite camping spot.

Italian Comfort Food: Risotto Cooking with Beer by

This dish is so simple—just some sautéed vegetables, a short-grain rice and really good stock. Enhance the umami flavors of a mushroom risotto by adding miso, soy sauce and Stout, or use a Belgian Tripel to add flavors of peppercorn and citrus to a crab risotto.

Hawaiian Poke Cooking with Beer by

Poke is a local Hawaiian dish; the word means “to slice or cut into cubes.” Think sashimi-quality raw tuna made into a fresh salad. The addition of Kona Brewing’s Big Swell IPA or Lemongrass Saison to the marinade adds a citrusy brightness to the fish.

Hosting a Craft Beer Boil Party-Gyle by

Whether it’s a Fourth of July party or just a regular summer bash, it’s a great time to crack into seafood and beers. Summer beers pair perfectly with seafood, and fresh seasonal produce like corn and watermelon.

Aphrodisiac Feast à la Bière Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

While the FDA won’t endorse claims that foods contain aphrodisiac properties, many of the ingredients listed in this article produce improved blood flow and are full of energy-producing vitamins and arousing aromas that can reduce stress, and improve stamina and endurance.

Beer Dumplings Cooking with Beer by

Dumplings can range from simple to complex in flavor, texture and ingredients. Influenced by international cuisines, these versatile pouches come in many shapes and sizes and can be steamed, boiled or fried. Here are a few recipes that use beer.

Beer Pot Pies Cooking with Beer by

These English- and Irish-inspired pot pies evoke nostalgia with every bite. The flaky crust gives way to a rich, beer-infused filling, studded with vegetables, meat or fish—take your pick.

Fishing For A Good Time Party-Gyle by

I hear this question a lot: “What kind of beer goes best with fish?”

Summer Picnicking with Pale Ale Cooking with Beer by

The hearty stews and soups of winter are replaced with fresh vegetables and bright tastes of summer that stand out on the palate, and what better brew for the warm outdoors than a hoppy Pale Ale.

3 Cool Salads to Beat the Heat Cooking with Beer by

Salads can be simple yet very tasty, complex and creative. Particularly when using flavorful beers, a salad can become a unique and satisfying meal.

Celebrating Fat Tuesday with Creole Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Forty-six days before Easter, New Orleans celebrates Mardi (French for “Tuesday”) Gras (“fat”). Here are three Creole-inspired recipes that are perfect for the occasion.

4 Beer Soups for Colder Months Cooking with Beer by

In these recipes, beer is used not only to add liquid to these delicious soups, but the brew’s style adds extra-subtle flavors that cannot be created from a spice rack or other ingredient.

Beer and Prawns Cooking with Beer by

The addition of beer, from a Belgian Strong Ale to and English Mild, enhance dishes made with shrimp.

Stir it Up! Bière Cuisine à la Jamaica Cooking with Beer by

Sure, the salty breeze and the glare off the ocean isn’t there, but these flavors could transport anyone to the Jamaican coast in just hours. Just turn on some reggae music, and the aromas from the dishes that follow will start your vacation.

Sushi and Beer Cooking with Beer by

When did the Pilsner become the standby beer for most Asian cuisines? While certain varieties of fish are delicate, the makeup of certain fishes such as a fatty toro or oily mackerel will stand up to a more complex ale.