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Steve Dresler, Sierra Nevada’s Brewmaster, Reflects on His Career and the Industry’s Future Last Call by

Since he began working at Sierra Nevada in 1983, Steve Dresler has helped lead the company from 2,000 barrels a year to over a million.

The Imitation Game: How Breweries Create Consistency Feature by

As many of the largest craft breweries open additional locations in new markets, they’re up against a difficult task: making sure their famed flagships taste the same everywhere.

Buy, Drink, Repeat: The Psychology of Brand Loyalty Feature by

True brand loyalty implies an attachment to the brand itself and what it represents. Like Harley-Davidson riders who equate the brand with outlaws and the open road, and Apple owners fanatically devoted to design.

American Pale Ale: Beer’s Cascadian Renaissance Style Profile by

Added in the final stages of brewing to accentuate their aroma, the hops boldly announce their arrival by smothering the nose with a fresh wallop of citrus and freshly cut grass. Their grapefruit-like flavor rides proudly above the malt, biting the palate in an unapologetically bitter finish.