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Trappist Beer Travels and Ancient Brews Shelf Talker by

Learn the origin stories of the 11 current Trappist breweries, as told by the monks themselves, and go back in time with “Dr. Pat” to unearth and recreate eight ancient ale recipes.

The Spencer Brewery’s Monks’ Reserve Ale Beer Reviews by

Monks’ Reserve Ale is definitely not your typical Quad. It’s different. Done their way. And very American.

The Baby Kale: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

Randyl Danner, Beer Kitchen’s Certified Cicerone, suggests three pairings to accentuate the salad’s fresh flavors.

Spencer Brewery Releases First Trappist IPA News by

Looking to tap into the huge demand for India Pale Ales, the monks of Saint Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Mass., say they have brewed the first Trappist IPA in the long history of monastic brewing.

Father Isaac Keeley, Director of Spencer Brewery Last Call by

In December 2013, monks from six Belgian Trappist brewing abbeys gathered in Brussels to sample Spencer Brewery’s beer. A unanimous approval made Spencer the first American brewery to earn the “Authentic Trappist” title.

François de Harenne, Sales Manager, Orval Brewery Last Call by

Reporter Cecilia Rodriguez wrote in a Forbes.com article that in order to hold a Trappist label, a beer must be brewed under the supervision of monks. With the number of monks at Orval down to 12, she claims the abbey is jeopardizing its Trappist designation. Orval’s François de Harenne offers his response.

Praising the Lord in His Ferment The Politics of Beer by

I just don’t get it with the almost hysterical popularity of the Westvleteren Brewery’s strongest beer, Westvleteren 12.

Beer News News by

AB-InBev and MillerCoors want a piece of the apple cider pie; CAMRA Vancouver FUSS-ing over standardized pours; Belgium celebrates Trappist breweries; Oglala Sioux tribe suing brewers, wholesalers, retailers; and Virginia, Mississippi attempting to pass brew-friendly laws.

Beer News News by

Westvleteren Trappist Ales to make US debut in 2012; scientists decipher genetic code of Brettanomyces yeast; SABMiller purchases Foster’s Group; House Bill 4061 legalizes homebrew sharing at Michigan meetings; and Prohibition Pig to open in place of The Alchemist Brewpub.

In All Things, Simplicity BYOB by

Don’t rush into making “Mega Imperial Stout with Chocolate Espresso Cherries and Szechuan Peppercorns” before you understand your surroundings. You and your beer will be better for it.

Beer News News by

Mini-fridge converted to personal “beer cannon”; Sierra Nevada named “Green Business of the Year” by EPA; A-B Inbev and MLB reach agreement; and fire at Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy.

The Globality of Beer BYOB by

Cosmopolitan Trout, so named for the abbey’s fishy founding legend, uses a little bit of something from everywhere.

How the Other Half Drinks The Politics of Beer by

Next to an impressive range of regular and experimental brews with double-figure alcohol percentages, sit bottles of competent but plain Blonde, Amber and White ales for the unadventurous locals.

Tripel: The Best of the Best Style Profile by

Tripel what? It’s not three times the alcoholic strength of a basic beer, nor the gravity, nor the malt, nor the hops. It has nothing to do with its process of fermentation or even its price.

Stop Buying Westvleteren! Advocate This by

The Bros urge consumers to ignore the hype and only buy Westvletern beers if they make the pilgrimage to Belgium.

Grilliant: Summer Burgers that Nod to Belgium Cooking with Beer by

This burger is inspired by the Trappist monks of Belgium—who are very choosy when it comes to their grain, hops, and yeast.

Home Infection, 2,555-Day-Old Budweiser and Klosterbräu Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek tackles home infections, old beer, Klosterbräu and beer’s fattening effect.