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Community BeverageCommunity Beverage

8004 Grand Ave
Queens, New York, 11373
United States

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Ratings by PEBKAC:
Photo of PEBKAC
Reviewed by PEBKAC from North Carolina

3.5/5  rDev -11.8%
After what seems like a year, the wait is over. Rockslides & collapsing funeral homes be damned, you can actually browse the shelves again!

Being relegated to a service counter near the bottle depository for months, this place can once again be the choice establishment for almost all your liquid vices. The automatic doors are open, & the shelves are slowly, but surely being organized. They shelves won't be price-marked, but the stock boys look well fed, so they'll help you.

A decent rundown that focuses on a good set of American micros, the well known Belgians, & the Czech choices popular up in Maspeth. Not many Germans outside of the usual Paulaner & Spaten brands(by the case at least :D). A good lineup from Sierra Nevada, BK, Harpoon, SA, Smutty, Stone(finally got doubles/Magnums too!), SS, a few Rogues, Anchor, Southampton, Blue Point, Unibroue, Goose(:D), Youngs, Fullers, etc., etc. I saw a couple empty Victory boxes, but who knows. One thing that was strange, was that there was absolutely no Dogfish. Odd, even the grocery stores down Broadway carry something.

The typical that every supermarket carries now: Duvel, the Ommegang family, Chimay, Delirium, etc.. They did have some fresh St. B Abt 12 & Tripel, La Chouffe, a good assortment of Lindeman's, Dupont, I think I saw some Blanche De Namur, but don't quote me. Of course there was more. Basically what you need to get by. :P

Primator, Urquell, Rebel, BrouCzech, & more that I am just not familiar with.

Other stuff buried here & there, since everything is still being arranged.

The coolers contain everything of the same, but now near the fridge, you have four taps. Dead Guy stood out, Blue Moon, & yet to be labeled. They said the drips would be changing pretty frequently, but that's subjective. They seem to be using the Blue Point jugs that I see being sold on Elliot Avenue. I sure hope they get something unique in, because I really don't want to have to resort to painting XXX on the side of mine for chuckles.

edit: They now use Dead Guy branded growlers. :)
edit2: Now they have their own branded growlers. :| Oh & the $5 isn't a deposit, it's the price.

It's a shame that the whole back of the store is used for building macro forts, but we'll live. The prices overall since the mini renovation are somewhat higher. Nothing to be scared about, but there's another 10-20% on top of common prices for this borough for the bigger bottles. Case prices remain good. Not many places in Queens have such a good staple selection, so we'll live... for now. :)

...and yes, they still have the Voodoo. :P
Nov 21, 2006
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May 31, 2014
Photo of beerguyqueens
Reviewed by beerguyqueens from New York

4.94/5  rDev +24.4%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5
called there last week looking for 7 beers that i could not find anywhere else they had 5 of them in stock the person i spoke with on the phone advised that they would have the other 2 in by tuesday. when i went in tuesday everything was there the place is clean and the manager on duty was very helpfull. i also liked the fact that hey have a speciality room dedicated just for specialty beers that is air conditioned to avoid heat issues they took all the empties that i purchased at other stores with no problem most places give me a hard time with the odd beers i return they did not even blink just took them all. wheb i got to the register my total was over 200 then the manager came over and gave me 10% off my bill without even asking i thanked him and he said no thank you for shopping with us good place good people. my heaven lol
Jun 15, 2011
Photo of beenitty
Reviewed by beenitty from New Jersey

2.75/5  rDev -30.7%
vibe: 3 | quality: 3.5 | service: 1 | selection: 3.5
I probably should have read the reviews before I made a trek out to this place.

I was tracking down some Kuhnhenn so I made the the journey out to Queens. Not that bad b/c I work in the Bronx.

Looks like one of those large beer wherehouses that you may find a hidden gym. NOT SO FAST. Once inside I realize that this is a place whos trying to cash in on the craft beer revolution but really has no clue whats going on. Growler fills and crafts are all in the front, probably so ppl who tend to buy crap beer will be tempted to move up to the big leagues.

Ok selection. Goose Island, Founders, Allagash, nothing surprising. Same Prices as most places in metro NYC area.

I called the day before to ask if they had the Kuhnhenn, and the guy I spoke to confirmed that they did. So I walk in and ask where the Kuhnhenn's is and 2 different guys are adamant that they dont have it. They're both skeptical that I called the right place the day before. So I take a 5 second walk over the the craft section and I see it. They're both indifferent. I was very close to leaving because they were acting like they definitely didn't have it.

I also noticed that the prices are off, confirming some of the other reviews.

Double Trouble 4pk 20.99. "Hey sir Im very certain that this has the wrong price tag". He replies "No thats how our boss wants us to sell those." I reply "No dude, Old Curmugeon (15.99) cant be less expensive than Double Trouble, because a Barleywine...etc. He gets it, " oh wait, yes you're right. Sorry.

So overall I thought this place sucked. They workers there are clueless, seriously, they dont know anything. Its that bad. If I wasn't chasing down rares I never would have gone here. I've always seen that occasionally they have stuff that I want at the Growler Station or on the shelves, but the bad reviews here were confirmed 5 fold on my first visit. If they have more Kuhnhenn's I'll probably be back, but if you go there, prepare to probably be dissapointed.
May 16, 2011
Photo of Takeanotherswing
Reviewed by Takeanotherswing from New York

3.23/5  rDev -18.6%
vibe: 3 | quality: 2 | service: 3 | selection: 5
Was excited to stop by this place...excited to see a whole section devoted to craft beer including the usuals and some rares. Friendly staff but don't have any knowledge of much at all so you're on your own as you might prefer anyways. Came here for some Cigar City , Founders and Goose Island rares

Disappointment came when I was ready to taste some of the beers for Growler fills. Guy tried helping me but said that the Cpt Lawrence was out and tap was broken anyways. Out of DFH Red and White...out of Goose Island Pepe...said they had Old Fezziwig(who wants that now?), Long Ireland and Duvel left. No thanks. Quite a disappointment when I checked back almost two weeks later and they told me on the phone the same beers they apparently ran out of when I was there. Either the kid is too lazy and just looked at the board that hasnt changed or didn't realize there was more. Doesn't seem like they change the lines much, so instead of a growler filled with beer I came home with some bombers and singles that were great.

I also did see some past due beers that don't seem to be conditioned right in that area of the store, so be sure to check your dates before you buy some bad mistreated beer.

I'd still like to come by for bottles and be impressed with their next line of beers for filling. It's the only place on queens close by I know of.
Feb 23, 2011
Photo of bigwineguy420
Reviewed by bigwineguy420 from New York

3.5/5  rDev -11.8%
I went here for the first time this week. I agree with much that was said by prior reviewers. Good Goose Island selection, lots of 22oz beers, good Belgian selection, some good microbrews and Belgians. However, for the size of the store overall selection is just above average. They have 7 beers on tap, but it's haphazard; 4 in the cooler, 2 going through a cold plate in the cooler, and one in a kegerator on the floor. The Capt. Lawrence Gold I had did not taste very fresh. There were also the randomly scattered mounds of old dusty product and random singles. I also wonder if they have temperature control during the summer, if they keep the door open to this place I wouldn't trust anything at all in here.
Staff was friendly, but as described 3 younger guys none of whom I would trust for anything other than pointing me to something on the shelf.
Worth an occasional trip because it is not far from where I live, but overall just a solid 'B' from me.
Feb 17, 2011
Photo of pgaveau
Reviewed by pgaveau from New York

4/5  rDev +0.8%
First and foremost, this is certainly one the best beer selections in Queens. Belgian, European, American favorites are all well represented. The fact that they have growler taps is a plus when they are fresh. It's conveniently 5 mins from the LIE and Queens Blvd.

All pleasantries out of the way I have to say that the service although willing isn't always able. Some of the staff members are competent, and some of the younger guys are clueless. If you know your beer, this shouldn't be much of a problem. The pricing is all over the place $23.99 for Bourbon County Vanilla or $21.99 for a 4 pack of Founders Breakfast (not KBS). Yet I saw the Cpt. Lawrence Smoke from the Oak gift pack for $10 dollars cheaper than anywhere else. Most beers are priced reasonably.

Despite the price discrepancies and occasional clueless cast member, I am happy that such a good selection is available in Queens. I go once a week with few exceptions.
Feb 13, 2011
Photo of DoubleSimcoe
Reviewed by DoubleSimcoe from Pennsylvania

3.98/5  rDev +0.3%
vibe: 4 | quality: 3.5 | service: 4 | selection: 4.5
Community Beverage is a big, somewhat messy beer-and-booze store in what could easily be described as a "nowhere" area of Queens. In a residential area, surrounded by homes instead of business, about a mile from the nearest subway... kind of an odd location, reminds me of those faraway beer stores I visited in Buffalo.

The store really is disorganized, but most of the craft beer is in a dedicated section to the right as you enter. Two or three big shelves with all the names you expect (Stone, Dogfish, Victory, Weyerbacher, Avery, Stoudts, Troegs, Lagunitas) plus great offerings from breweries you may not expect (Founders, Firestone Walker, Cigar City, Oskar Blues, tons of Goose Island including Rare Bourbon, Vanilla Bourbon, Night Stalker, Lolita, Juliet).

All of these come in six-packs and also bombers. They've got a TON of bombers.

The Belgian section is outstanding. I've never seen so many 4-packs of Belgian brews! Lots of Ommegang, also St Bernardus, Duvel, Rochefort and some other quality European beers like Samichlaus.

Past the craft section you will find huge amounts of BMC stuff in cases, plus a cooler with more craft offerings and the growler refill station.

Service was good, at least to my standards. I was greeted upon entering the store, I asked for Goose Vanilla, the guy knew exactly where it was, he brought it to the register, then he left me alone to peruse the shelves.... that's just how I like it.

I'm rating quality with "only" a "3.5" because I saw a TON of old and dusty bottles. There are also clusters of single beers haphazardly distributed and/or on sale, like they're trying to get rid of old stuff, and sections of the store look just like a total mess. Some dusting and organization would do wonders here.

But other than that, this is a gem of a store, on par with the best shops in Manhattan.

Alas, it is also as pricey as Manhattan! And those Goose Island Bourbon things... overpriced and overkill. But I bought one. That's why I came here! Only store in all of NYC that had Goose Vanilla. Cheers!
Feb 11, 2011
Photo of SpeedwayJim
Reviewed by SpeedwayJim from New York

3.35/5  rDev -15.6%
This is my "local" beer store. Even if its only because its the one closest to me.

The quality here is good and bad depending on how you look at it. The serious craft beer selection is pretty well updated and the fridge's hold most of the 6-pack offerings. However, the one or two tap handles they have are obviously undermaintained. The Coney Island Lager that they have on tap must have been there fore about 6 months now. I'm not sure what to make of that.

Service here is pretty non-existant. You're mostly gonna have to fend for yourself. The people working often don't know what they have in stock and once, they even told me they didn't have Founder's Nemesis when it was sitting on a shelf RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. Still, if you know what you're looking for, the cashier is always quick and friendly so that's a plus at least.

The selection at Community used to be pretty slim picking but over the past couple of months they've started getting better and better. Founders, CCB, and other rare offerings are coming in on a regular basis. All they really need to do now is update their Belgian selection just a bit and I'd be really impressed.

Even with very little competition in Queens, Community's prices are hard to beat. $22.00 for a 4-pack of aforementioned Nemesis? Yes please! Worth a visit if you're in the area. In my opinion, in terms of beer stores, this is the best that Queens has to offer.
Sep 13, 2010
Photo of rubybeer
Reviewed by rubybeer from New Jersey

4.7/5  rDev +18.4%
this place is shaping up to be the number 1 beer center in the 5 boros i have been to them all from new beer to half time upstate and community seems to be the best the selection is perfect and got growlers goin also the prices are in line with all the other places and the place is clean and axctually fun to shop at. i got some bear republic last time and the register guy let me sample some other s that was really cool of the guy to do. nice to have a good place in queens at last just wish they had more growler lines but im sure they will do that if the demand is there and it seems like it is.
Jan 28, 2010
Photo of rodney45
Reviewed by rodney45 from New York

4.65/5  rDev +17.1%
The only time I remember feeling this excited about a store was down in North Carolina when I walked into a firework store. In New York fireworks are illegal, and until today, I figured good value and a friendly knowledgeable beer store was too.

This place has a lot of good beer. Im not going to have space to list them all, but they had rare varieties of Stone, DFH, Sierra, Brooklyn, Sam, Good Euro beer (see duvel, delirium, etc), victory, and just too many to name. They have growlers too, which makes my heart very very warm.

Extraordinary staff on hand, they know their stuff.

There is no sense of urgency in Community Beverage, no hassle, they want you to check out ALL their beer... The staff doesn't mind following you around answering all your insane beer geek questions either. They also know when to leave you to ponder the thousands of craft beer choices.

Its a 20 minute traffic ridden drive from my house, but well worth it. There isnt a beer place like this in Queens or Long Island as far as I know.
May 18, 2009
Photo of DannyS
Reviewed by DannyS from New York

4.7/5  rDev +18.4%
I live in the beer wasteland known as Queens, NY, so this will likely become my go-to place for good brews from now on. I only found out about this place last week, but I'm already sold on it's greatness. First of all, it's the only place I know in the area that does growler fills. Second, it has a lot of beers I thought I'd never find in the NYC area. Third, the prices are great for the selection. Fourth, the clerks I talked to are just as enthusiastic about beer as I am.

seriously, I can't wait to swing by there again. Hope they still have Duvel Draft left tomorrow.
Apr 13, 2009
Photo of zerofear13
Reviewed by zerofear13 from New York

4.35/5  rDev +9.6%
Although Queens is seriously lacking in the quality beer department, this place is like beer-heaven for anyone living in Queens and unwilling to take a half hour adventure to Brooklyn. Anyone in Queens knows that this is THE spot for quality craft beers. The business was down for a while because of construction accidents, but they’re back in business and in full strength. I’ve visited a number of times recently and will attempt to update my review as often as possible to keep it current.

As soon as you walk in, you realize that this place is a staple of the Elmhurst community, as there are always a handful of gentlemen who sit near the cashier and chat about everything. There’s even a mounted flat-screen television for patrons to stay and watch a game or catch the score of a big game as they pick up their beer. With the exception of the owners, most of the workers look very, very young, almost to the point where I think it’s funny when they card me. But don’t let their youth fool you, they know their stuff. Not only are they knowledgeable about their own beer, they are quick to help recommend a new brew you haven’t tried.

The selection is the best I’ve seen in Queens. Assortments of Brooklyn (Local 1, Chocolate Stout, Monster and some others, but not too many other more common ones oddly enough), Blue Point, Southampton, Sierra Nevada, Magic Hat, Stone, a couple of Rogues, Shipyard, Flying Dog, Dogfish, etc. The back area is stocked with cases of Budweisers, Coronas, Coors, Heineken, etc. Luckily, most of the fridges are stocked with the better craft beers. They even have plenty of foreign brands adjacent to the fridges (I will try to get a good list of the foreign brews soon, but I am still trying out all the domestic), also in cases. Prices aren’t all posted, but any stock boy or employee knows most prices by heart. I check dates on most packs and all are fresh, with the exception of some dusty bottles in a separate area sold at a discount. Buy these at your own risk. I picked up a Southampton IPA for pretty cheap and it was sour. I suppose if it’s a week or two over it isn’t that bad, but check for yourself.

The prices aren’t too steep. Pretty typical for what you would have to pick up for buying single bottles, which I always do so I can hopefully try most of their store out. I suppose the complaints about the prices can be explained either a) because it’s New York, or b) there’s very little good competition around. But, to me, it isn’t that pricey.

In conclusion, I’ve run to most of the nearby stores in Queens, and have found that this place (ironically the closest) is the best. Friendly guys, excellent selection, and good value. Check it out if you’re stuck in Queens and don’t care for the ride to Brooklyn. I consider myself a lifetime customer now; they’ve got me hooked.
Aug 18, 2007
Photo of bultrey
Reviewed by bultrey from New York

4.05/5  rDev +2%
Well, to all you folks exiled in no-beer land (Queens, that is), here is your mecca. I used to live in Forest Hills, so I know the dilemma of a beer lover in Queens, and luckily I now live in Brooklyn, which has been a revelation. But if you're stuck in Queens and longing for a great beer store, here it is. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this on the way to the supermarket, as a Stop N' Shop is just down the road. This place is actually not too hard to get to by car: if coming from the LIE, just take the Grand Ave. exit and go north, or from Queens Blvd., take Grand Ave. south. If you're subwaying it, I think you're out of luck.

The service is adequate, meaning it doesn't seem like anyone is particularly interested in beer, but someone must be, because the selection is great. I'm writing from memory here, but I know I've purchased items such as Fuller's Vintage Ales, Stone Double Bastard, Unibroue La Terrible, Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager (hey, I like it). In fact, this was the first place I ever bought a Stone brew -- I remember being mildly entertained while reading their labels in the store.

There is much more beyond this, including Belgians, German, English, and domestics (micros and macros), and many six-packs, bombers, and 750 mL. Most are kept at room temp. and upright, but there are several brews in the fridge. Product turnover seemed reasonable, as the stuff wasn't too dusty. I highly recommend checking this place out, and I might have to make a visit myself sometime soon to refresh my memory and see wha they have lying around nowadays. Not as good as Thrifty or New Beer Distributors, but hey, you're in Queens.
Oct 10, 2004
Community Beverage in Queens, NY
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