D'Angelo's Wines & Spirits


589 Sullivan Ave
South Windsor, Connecticut, 06074-1952
United States

(860) 289-0391 | map

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Photo of sinstaineddemon
sinstaineddemon from Connecticut

1.9/5  rDev -41.7%

as the other reviewers have stated, the location is very convenient. the selection was somewhat limited, especially for singles and broken six-packs.
However if youre in the market for a good craft 6 pack a decent selection. Things like Harpoon, Paper City, Allagash, Samuel Smith's and the like.
They don't have much in the way with imports, especially Belgians. A good place to get beer for a party, not to try new stuff.

I do go right by it to go to and from work, so they'll get some business from me, but to try some rarer stuff, i'll have to go elsewhere.

Mar 21, 2006
Photo of Hibernator
Hibernator from Massachusetts

3.85/5  rDev +18.1%

I stopped by D'Angelo's on a busy Friday night. The store is located on Sullivan Avenue in South Windsor. It has a great central location off of the highway and is easy to find.

The store is well lit and all products are organized on shelves. Large selection of various wines and liquors. The beer is located in the back with a ton of coolers stocked with beers.

All macro beers are located in the coolers to the left, but as you walk to the right the selection becomes noticeable. You are first greeted by a good selection of imports and then the craft beers. Some worthy imports that I noticed were the Celebrator Doppelbock and Fuller's IPA.

A solid selection of domestic craft beers including Dogfish Head (60 IPA, 90 IPA, Punkin, etc.) Victory (Prima Pils, Hop Devil IPA, Whirlwind Witbier), Anchor (Anchor Steam, Liberty, Christmas Special Ale 2004), Long Trail, Rogue (Dead Guy Ale) Otter Creek, Magic Hat and Sierra Nevada.

There is also a shelf of 750 ml's, rare singles and bombers. I picked up a few six packs (Allagash Dubbel, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and Hop Devil IPA).

Overall, a solid package store and worth checking out when in the area.

Nov 27, 2004
Photo of connecticutpoet
connecticutpoet from Connecticut

3.3/5  rDev +1.2%

This is one of those stores that you can't really put a finger on... is it good or is it bad?

Let's get to the good points first. It's easy to get to, right on a main road. It's a nice building. And they have an extensive selection of wine and other liquors.

Now on to what we care about, the beer. They have at least eight coolers dedicated to imports and micros. Imports include many of the standard English, Irish and Germans, but also some harder to find ones like Stella Artois, Singha, and some Orientals. Micros include Magic Hat, Sam Adams, Harpoon, Saranac, Allagash, and many others. In fact, they even have several variety packs in stock.

Now, what is bad about all of this, you ask? The beers are ONLY kept in the coolers, for one. There are none on shelves. For another, they do not sell singles of anything except the standard macros, a few imports like Heineken, Becks, and Guinness, and some malt liquors. Although they have some malt liquors I have not seen elsewhere, I would rather try some Magic Hats that I haven't been able to find before. And oh, lest I forget, near the door is a cooler with some domestic cans.

They don't have any 22 oz. bombers, no Rogue, Stone, or Belgian ales, which was a bit of a disappointment but not surprising for the size shop it is.

I spoke to the cashier, who said he couldn't understand why the owner didn't break open some six-packs of the better stuff and sell singles. They have space for it, and I am apparently not the first person to ask. I passed on that I was reviewing them for BA, and one thing that most of us like to see is singles... and that there definitely is a market for them. Also, he would probably charge more for a single than one would go for in a pack.

Overall... not a bad place, especially if you want a six-pack. But if you're looking for singles, or rare beers, you might want to pass on by.

Nov 22, 2004
D'Angelo's Wines & Spirits in South Windsor, CT
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