Miller Brewing Co.

Miller Brewing Co.Miller Brewing Co.
Miller Brewing Co.Miller Brewing Co.

3939 West Highland Boulevard
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53208
United States

(800) MIL-LER6 | map

Notes: SABMiller
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
1855 Celebration LagerAmerican Adjunct Lager4.85882.8411-23-2021
Frederick Miller's Classic Chocolate LagerHerb and Spice Beer5.5553.2903-11-2014
General Generic BeerAmerican Adjunct Lager00008-30-2019
Harley Davidson BeerAmerican Amber / Red Lager4.262.2111-29-2019
Icehouse EdgeMalt Liquor81832.4410-21-2022
Lemon WeissAmerican Pale Wheat Beer012.7808-10-2010
MagnumMalt Liquor5.62142.0503-21-2023
Meister BräuAmerican Adjunct Lager4.5801.6211-04-2021
Meister Bräu LightLight Lager4.5161.3610-15-2022
Mickey's IceAmerican Adjunct Lager5.81092.3912-13-2017
Miller Beer (Red Label)American Adjunct Lager0272.8304-23-2022
Miller ChillLight Lager4.17671.9503-31-2022
Miller Chill LemonLight Lager4421.902-02-2016
Miller FortuneAmerican Amber / Red Lager6.97922.5807-30-2021
Miller Genuine Draft Light 64 LemonadeLight Lager2.8761.7606-30-2017
Miller High Life IceAmerican Adjunct Lager042.1611-23-2021
Miller High Life LightLight Lager4.17712.2510-24-2022
Miller Lite AmberAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.2112.2812-15-2013
Miller Lite Blonde AleAmerican Blonde Ale4.292.2907-20-2014
Miller Lite IceLight Lager5.5571.8712-31-2017
Miller Lite WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Beer4.272.508-01-2010
Miller Valley Beerded BrewerAmerican IPA713.7510-23-2017
Miller Valley Dickel TickleSweet / Milk Stout9.713.7508-03-2017
Miller Valley Dunkel BerryDunkelweizen7.713.511-06-2017
Miller Valley Imperial Light LagerImperial Pilsner013.506-05-2016
Miller Valley LactoseNtolerantSweet / Milk Stout7.114.2511-06-2017
Miller Valley Monks In KentuckyQuadrupel (Quad)1224.3811-11-2017
Miller Valley Old Wisconsin RedWild Ale714.2512-26-2015
Miller Valley Sweet NothingsAmerican Strong Ale15.514.7311-06-2017
Miller Valley VladibeerRussian Imperial Stout1214.507-29-2017
Milwaukee's BestAmerican Adjunct Lager4.88421.8911-30-2022
Milwaukee's Best DryAmerican Adjunct Lager5.981.4211-06-2015
Olde English 800 High GravityMalt Liquor81622.205-23-2021
Penguin BeerAmerican Adjunct Lager4.111.8306-15-2007
Redd's Black Cherry AleFruit and Field Beer5113.3404-08-2021
Redd's Ginger Apple AleFruit and Field Beer5163.4211-27-2021
Redd's Peach AleFruit and Field Beer5333.5103-23-2023
Redd's Pineapple AleFruit and Field Beer5103.6502-12-2021
Redd's Wicked Strawberry KiwiFruit and Field Beer8123.2609-22-2018
Two Hats LimeLight Lager4.2353.0302-08-2023
Two Hats PineappleLight Lager4.2342.9902-08-2023
Wild Ting IPAAmerican IPA023.7208-11-2014

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