Ledger's Liquors

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1399 University Ave
Berkeley, California, 94702-1710
United States

(510) 540-9243 | map

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Photo of Georgiabeer
4.5/5  rDev +4.2%

I live in Georgia, but I've spent lots of time out in Berkeley on business over the last 19 years. I hadn't been to this place in years, and the last time was a desperate late night beer run before they closed. I always remembered it being slightly sketchy, with an average west coast beer selection and homeless dudes out front hassling you for one of your bottles out of the six. Needless to say, I hadn't really made it a destination. After reading about the place again on BA, I said to myself, "Really?, Shit, that place ? Its right down the street, I better go check it out."

This place rocks! It has only a medium selection size wise, but it makes up for that in knowledge of the beers and in quality. They have some real rare stuff here, and its stuff you won't find a lot of other places up in the East Bay (or the South Bay, where I also spend a lot of time). I was headed out of town to work at a program for the next month, and decided to stop here to stock my fridge. Check out what I bought: Port Saison; Stone Vertical Epic and Ruination; Hair of the Dog Rose and Doggie Claws; St. Bernardus Abt 12; Russian River Temptation, Salvation, and Damnation; Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple; and Drake's Anniversary Lager. A really well chosen selection at this store, and the owner is filled with news about rarities and forthcoming releases from west Coast breweries. Highly recommended- I'll definitely be a regular.

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Photo of DaPeculierDane
4.65/5  rDev +7.6%

I dropped a Benjamin here on my way out of town and would have dropped two if I had had a bit more space in my luggage. Included in my purchase: multiple bottles of Stone RIS, Runination, IPA, RR Temptation, Damnation, and Salvation, PP SPF 45, etc… Service was phenomenal. After browsing for a minute or two, the owner walked over and asked me what I was looking for. I began rattling off my list of topnotch, west coast beers that I hoped to take back to Wisconsin. His reply was two fold, either… “yes I have it, here you go,” or “sorry, I don’t have that but I’ll order it or drive to some far off city to pick some up right away.” When I explained that I was from Wisconsin and would not be a repeat customer he was still insistent on getting the beers I had asked for because he figured they were good and others would like to have them. Then as I was checking out, I remembered that I had not picked up or seen any Pizza Port. No sooner than I had asked, then he was in and out of the back with his last bottle of SPF 45 and a good story about a recent road trip to Southern California to stock up on beer for his shop. Apparently, the Ledger’s guy regularly drives all over the west coast picking up beers that he can’t get delivered to him. Now that’s service! The owner also gave me plenty of print info on California beer festivals, new releases, other good beer stores, bars, etc… He was a real talker. I probably spent thirty minutes gabbing with him about beers/beer bars. In addition to the brews I picked up, Ledgers seemed to have a pretty good handle on obscure, small west coast breweries and tons of great Belgians. Prices were a bit high on some of the more obscure stuff and a bit low on some of the more common items including many of the Belgians. All-in-all a great shop and well worth a trip.

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Photo of devo
4.5/5  rDev +4.2%

I found this place last fall when every other store in the region had yet to receive their Double Bastard deliveries for the year. When every BevMo around was sounding pessimistic about EVER receiving their shipment, I called this place and was told, yeah, we have it, come on down.

Not only did they have the Double Bastard but they had the proper glassware for it and many of the other specialty beers available.

In addition, I was treated to great finds from Alesmith and Russian River "(three different offerings available!) as well as old Stone VE and Imperial.

As my selection started to add up, one of the fellows there was very quick to grab an empty bomber case for me and the younger guy at the checkout was very friendly and, without prompting gave me a 5% discount.

The prices were typically about .50 more than I expect to pay at a Bevmo but with the discount, that was pretty much canceled out.

It's location is pretty inconvenient unless you live near by. It is not well served by any freeways and University is a pain in the butt to get up and down - but it's definitely worth the trek.

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Photo of GClarkage
4.45/5  rDev +3%

Let me start off by saying....what a find! I found this place from a recommendation from the local Stone Brewery rep. I was looking for a case of Stone IRS and he filled me in on Ledger's. I had always seen this store listed in the Celebrator beer monthly, but never really took a second glance for some reason. Located in Berkeley on University, it's about halfway to Cal. They have a parking lot that holds about 10 cars or so. Not the best of neighboorhoods, but not horrible. The owner (Ed) is a fantastic and very knowledgeble guy. Seemed like he really knows his stuff. He even takes special orders. The selection is pretty amazing. Lots of micros and other beers that you normally can't find around here. Plus lots of stuff that is long gone from just about everywhere. The first time I visited I was lucky to find so many great items. Unibroue 11, 2003 Anchor X-mas, leftover Bigfoot, Delirium Noel, three varieties of Fantome, many obscure brews from all over the world. I even found Pizza Port stuff that I didn't even know was bottled. Was lucky enough to get a couple Frank DIPA. Just a great beer store. If you are into the harder stuff they have about 100 different bottles of single and double malt whiskey. Lots of treasures to be found here.

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Ledger's Liquors in Berkeley, CA
Place rating: 4.32 out of 5 with 61 ratings