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Murray's Wine & SpiritsMurray's Wine & Spirits
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Murray's Wine & SpiritsMurray's Wine & Spirits

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342 E. Silver Spring Dr.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53217
United States

(414) 962-0621

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Added by battlekow on 07-16-2005

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Reviews by granger10:
Photo of granger10
4.65/5  rDev +1.3%

Stopped by here last week based on what I've seen and heard about the place. Definitely wasn't let down.

Tons of Wisconsin singles from basically every local brewery I think they could get. Also lots of bombers and other American micros. Decent well chosen import selection. Weird that there was a lot of Eastern Eurpoean beers at the front away from the rest. In comparison to Discount, this isn't as vast of selection esp. imports but its better and the single local selection trumps Discount by a mile.

Unfortunately, a lot of the singles weren't refrigerated, the sixers consumed most of the fridge space. But the turnover seems like it's good and every beer I purchased has not been skunked or past it's prime.

Also unfortunate was that Chris (murrayswine) wasn't there, but I think it was his wife who was working instead. She seemed quite enthustiastic and talked a bit about the beers with me, but I'm guessing Chris's enthusiasm might outrank hers. Anyways, I'm sure there's always going to be great service here.

Pricing was the best I've seen in Wisconsin and really almost anywhere. Ofcourse, Michigan pricing (where I did live) is ridiculous. The discount on mixed sixers is just a great bonus, esp. to this broke-ass student.

This will be my place to go for beer while in Milwaukee.

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Photo of dhr
4.15/5  rDev -9.6%

Unfortunately, I learned that Murray's is going out of business within the next couple of days, or as of today.

I have read that the owner is a regular here at BA, so I don't mean to step on any toes, but I thought I should make it known.

As I have only recently relocated to Milwaukee, I was very excited to find this store. Having only stopped in a handful of times, I feel pretty bummed that they're closing. Hopefully I'll find a replacement in the area soon enough.

In any case, good luck to the owners.

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Photo of botham
4.3/5  rDev -6.3%

Murray's Wine & Spirits is a great stop. Though lacking in sheer volume, many items here are hard to find elseware: namely single bottles of microbrews.

the staff is knowledgable about everything beer. be sure to seek out Chris the owner, he can answer any question you can think up!

Imports: decent selection, with some nice matching glassware. mainly singles, some 4 and 6-packs.

Microbrews: the strong point of the store. tons of singles that are hard to find elseware. great lines of capital, bells, and great lakes to name a few (all in singles as well as 6-packs).

Macrobrews: decent selection, all in coolers and 12-packs sitting out.

Glassware: small selection, though some i have never come across before.

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Photo of feilb
4.65/5  rDev +1.3%

Murray's is definately a solid place to look for some of the harder to find varieties in the milwaukee area. They carry a nice selection from breweries like rogue, dogfish head (including bottles of 120 minute IPA if you are looking), great lakes etc. Good selection of 6ers and 4s as well as a nice selection of some of the bigger boys, pints, 750s etc from great divide, rogue, and a decent amount of belgians (duvel, etc). Not the most extensive, but well assembles with a lot of great beer, enjoyed a 90 minute IPA from dogfish head from there this evening and it was great. As has been mentioned, Chris is extremely helpful and can make great recommendations especially if you are looking for unique things.

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Photo of
4.65/5  rDev +1.3%

I had business in Chicago this past week, and was able to make the time to road trip up to Murray's.

Quality of the products was fine. No dust, appropriate seasonals. I drank one of the beers I purchased there that night, and no issues.

Service was fantastic. Chris is a hell of a nice guy, and he certainly knows his beer. He did a nice job of touring me around the store and pointing out things I might want to try, all while handling the folks popping in and out.

Selection was maybe not as wide as some stores I have been to, but it was very high quality. 3F, Bells, Dark Horse, New Glarus, Founders, etc. If you want a mid-west fix, this is a great place to go. Plenty of stuff from other regions and countries, but I try to buy local when I travel.

Overall, a nice guy running a great store. If you are in the area, you should make a point to stop in.

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Photo of aforbes10
4/5  rDev -12.9%

We went here on our way up to a cabin we'd rented in WI. Heard they had a good singles selection so we thought we'd check it out. We went in the back enterance, right by the singles shelves. 4-5 shelves, about half-full with singles, arranged by brewery. We saw Bells, Capital, Sam Adams, Tyranena, Oskar Blues, Furthermore, Sprecher, a good number of other ones. Picked up 2 mixed sixers. Across from theses were some coolers with whole six packs in them, and then there were more singles and sixers further up past the register. Found an old Sprecher Impy Stout that i hadn;t tried, and some Fish Tale Impy too. Also picked up a cool Delerium Tremens glass for $4. A nice place overall, not a ton of stuff, but what is there is quality.

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Photo of furbs
4.85/5  rDev +5.7%

Found myself in milwaukee from out of town and couldn't pass up murray's. i heard a lot of good things about the place from other BAs and even liquor store owners here in chicago.

right when i came in, chris was happy to show me the new arrivals he liked, and gave me quality opinions on everything i was interested in. he was getting slammed by multiple shipments coming in all at once yet he still managed to help out all his customers. the service at murray's is truly exceptional.

living in illinois myself, i was happy to take advantage of the 10% Bell's bootlegger discount he offers (10% off Bell's six packs for IL residents, now that Bell's isn't available there). the selection was not the hugest, but you could tell a lot of care was put into it. a couple different New Glarus Unplugged brews were represented, along with TONS of dogfish head 120 minute, 60th anniversary abt 12, and many regional varieties.

next time i'm back up in milwaukee (and have more money!) i will definitely be stopping by murray's again. chris runs a great establishment and i'm happy to frequent it!

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Photo of emerge077
4.65/5  rDev +1.3%

This place has the best singles selection i've ever seen. After picking my jaw off the floor, the singles flew off the shelves into a mixed six-pack.

Chris/BA:murrayswine was there, and guided us through the selection, offering endless help and exceptional service. His recommendations were spot on, and very much appreciated.

Selection excels in regional/Midwest micros. Nice well-rounded group of Belgians & imports. Bells (ask about IL bootleggers), Dark Horse, Tyranena, and New Glarus were the main draw for me. Prices were reasonable, even a mixed-six discount, i'll be returning here...

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Photo of PhntmStrke
4.85/5  rDev +5.7%

This place is easily my favorite liquor store in the Midwest. After having grown up in Whitefish Bay and having since moved away, I look forward to returning here while visiting to restock my parents' refrigerator.

By far the best service I've had buying beers in any liquor store. Both Chris and Eric are extremely knowledgeable, patient and passionate about the beers they sell. They can take an idea or theme, some subtlety you enjoy, and run with it. Before you know it you're leaving with two cases worth of mix and match microbrew packs. Highly recommended.

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Photo of BeerBelcher
4.7/5  rDev +2.4%

This is a great Milwaukee beer store, with excellent service and good selection. The only ways I can think of to make this store better is to make it bigger (or make room for more beer by clearing out some of that dusty wine!) and to make it more convenient geographically to my home and work.

Chris, the owner, is active on this site, and advises members of new stuff via beer-mail. He's also working on a website that will detail new arrivals and in-store inventory.

In the handful of times I've visited this shop, I've never met Chris, but have always been taken care of by his very capable employee Eric. Eric is extremely knowledgeable about what's in stock, available, and going on with beer around town, and extremely willing to shoot the breeze with you about beer or help you find something.

There is a good selection of singles in this store, but the store could have more space devoted to singles. Murray's doesn't have the selection of Discount Liquor (Oklahoma Ave), but its smaller selection means its stock rotates much more frequently. Add on superior service, and Murray's is among the best two bottle shops in the Milwaukee area.

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Photo of woodychandler
4.65/5  rDev +1.3%

My visit to this store was motivated by the 2006 AHL Calder Cup Finals between the Hershey (PA) Bears and the MKE Admirals. I am a long-time Bears fan and as soon as the series was set, I wagered a six-pack of local beer with the first Admirals fan that responded to my post. “murrayswine” (Chris Breyfogle) was the respondent and despite having been down 0-2 in the series, the Bears took the next (and last) four games and I needed to collect. Chris and his wife, Caitlin, knew to expect me and so it was a pleasant ride on the # 15 bus to the area the locals call “White Folk’s Bay” and I was there.

The store was deeper than it was wide and so I had to transit about halfway back before I arrived at the first bank of six-pack coolers on the left-hand side. Past them, on the right-hand side, was a set of shelves for room temperature six-packs. Across from those shelves was the counter, manned or womanned on an alternating basis, by Chris and Caitlin. They also had a humidor by the counter, but I gave up cigars long ago in favor of a more refined palate.

Further aft, on the left-hand side, was a cooler full of (mostly) macro cases and on the right-hand side: Jackpot! All of their room temperature singles. Yee-ha. Giddyup. I began by picking an all-Midwestern selection for my end of Chris’ losing wager, and then I made an actual purchase.

The whole place was immaculate – very clean and well kept-up. One might even say, squared away (Chris is a Marine and I am a retired US Navy sailor).

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Photo of shbobdb
5/5  rDev +8.9%

Well, well, well. What can I say about Murray's that hasn't already been said? I think far too many people enter through the front, so it takes some time for them to realize what a good beerstore this is -- so, I'm gonna go ahead and say park in the parking lot behind the store and enter that way. Then you will be instantly transported to a beer-lover's heaven.

Lots of great beers here, a beer selection that is truly unequalled anywhere else I have ever been. To give you an idea about what I mean, this place gets roughly a third of either Milwaukee's or Wisconsin's (I forget which) Dark Lord. These guys don't play around with their beer.

And they are so helpful. Everytime I've gone into Murray's, I've gotten into a conversation about beers, or homebrewing, or brewing . . . so much information, so much good stuff.

If you are in the Milwaukee area, it is definately worth seeking this guy out.

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Photo of fartingdog
4.7/5  rDev +2.4%

OK, I've meant to review this place for 2 months and finally got off my ass (tho edits may follow, as the old ales are-a-flowin'). First off, this is a medium sized place in a great part of town (not too far from where I spent the last of my midwestern years), and you are first greeted with an amazing section devoted to wine and spirits. Then you hit the beer. Then you say 'holy shit!' and start loading up. Great selection of brews. Didn't even realize that there is a sizable selection of singles available in the back for a good while, and then it just turned crazy.

Not only was I overwhelmed, but I've got my nephew running around, my sister wondering when I'll be done, AND my cell glued to my ear w/ my buddy in Hawaii going over his wants; luckily a fellow BA (battlekow) was working and kicked serious ass in the service dep't. As I'd be asking him about beers while perusing the selection, he'd drop his task-at-hand and be off to grab them for me (damn, I owe this guy a beer for sure). I certainly would have, and could have dropped more coin with the quality and selection these guys have, but I was trying to excercise some kind of restraint as I was seriously out of room for shipping.

If you're in Milwaukee, sure, you're gonna have to hit Discount - but do NOT miss this place. In fact, I'd say hit this first then finish your shopping out at Discount as you can find lots of different things here, PLUS you have the singles selction for things you aren't quite sure about yet.

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Photo of Elric73
4.65/5  rDev +1.3%

Without a doubt I highly recommend making your way to Murray's Wine & Spirits. Their selection of singles is second to none. Since I came from out of town and purchased a sizeable quantity of beer, they offer you a generous discount that you will not receive from the larger retailers. And beyond that, Eric and Chris offered their time to discuss so many beers (it's easily apparent they are both passionate about beer) that you never feel you are going to be sold something you won't like. I think I must have talked to them for almost 2 hours before we headed home and as my friend and I were driving, I felt I made 2 new friends as well as making a great beer find. A fun memorable experience if even just to find good quality brews.
Take the time to visit this place. You won't regret it.

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Photo of komsul
4.85/5  rDev +5.7%

Didn't realize the store had changed hands. Last time I was in I think it was still Village. Went in on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised.

First a few nitpicks:
I assume it was the owner I spoke with, he readily admitted that his selection of imports was a little short. Also it did seem a little on the high end of pricing, however see below.

Now the good news.
Great store, great service. Talked to the owner for at least 15 to 20 mins. Had a very good knowledge of beer. Great attitude as well. Store was slightly busy and he didn't seem phased at all. The selection is outstanding. The IMO slightly high price is easily offset by the large singles collection. Wide vareity of singles arranged by brewer. It is literally a wall of beer.

Do stop by and visit if you are in the area. Highly recommended.

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Photo of dhchatfield
4.85/5  rDev +5.7%

Having been meaning to get to Murray's for over a month, having resorted to sending a co-worker there to pick up the elusive Undercover Shut-Down (thanks for the tip Dave), having plotted and planned a way to make the 3 hour round trip and still fulfill my "honey-do" commitments, I finally made the break last night after work.

The drive north was not as bad as I had been told. Construction in Milwaukee was portrayed as terrible, but I had no problems whatsoever. Murray's is an easy 3 minutes right off I-43, just north of town. Don't look for a spot on the street, hang a left just past the store and use the large lot behind. Look for the rear entrance, with the marquee sig reading "The Libation Destination".

Having spoken to/e-mailed Chris numerous times but never having met him, I was pleased to find the guy behind the counter to be him. I introduced myself (not as my BA member name) and he immediately knew who I was, and genuinely welcomed me to his store.

Genuine is the word for this guy, he seriously knows and loves his beers. He gave me a brief rundown of what was new, on sale, rare, or just plain interesting. This was on a very HOT Saturday night (I arrived about 7:20) and he had a very steady stream of customers.

The store seems to be located in a fairly high-line area, as evidenced by the multiple purchases of $50+ dollar scotches and $150+ cases of wine during my 1 1/2 hours of hanging around. But there also was a regular flow of Milller Lite and "where's the Corona" customers. The cool thing was, Chris made a sincere effort with everyone willing to exchange words to steer them towards a "non-macro" alternative to their selection. He did this in a non-condescending fashion, and I could tell the attempted conversions had been going on for a while with some of his regulars.

Selection wasn't as vast as I had expected, but apparently his stock of singles had been depleted and his orders don't fill until early in the week. I still got what I came for: a case of Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown in bombers, 3 Lagunitas Imperial Red's, an Abt 12 (cheap), 4 Big A Ipa's, and some rare singles to go unnamed. Prices were very good on the Lagunitas and other bombers, especially figuring my previous acquisitions involved shipping charges from Liquid Solutions.

All in all a GREAT experience, with very pleasant and knowledgable guy to talk to.

I will definately make the trip a regular event (providing I get the playset built).

Thanks Chris.

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Photo of brewcrew76
4.5/5  rDev -2%

Murray's has become a must stop for me on regular visits back to Milwaukee to visit family and friends.

My first visit, entering the store from the front, I had made my purchases and was about to walk out before I even noticed the nice selection of singles hidden in the back of the store. I recommend the parking lot in the back to make carrying the cases of beer you purchase to the car that much easier.

Murray's has a great selection of micro's that covers the majority of domestic's available in Milwaukee. All beers are stored in coolers except for the selection of singles which is pretty impressive when you think about it. Chris also has us out of staters covered with WI only brews like Tyranena, New Glarus, etc. The only thing missing from the selection being a 5 is a variety of imports.

The singles selection is very nice. It is a little more expensive than if you were to buy a regular 6 pack but I am willing to pay a slight premium to avoid a bad sixer. The singles collection includes just about every beer Murray's carries including special releases. It is sometimes nice to try a bottle of a special release instead of 11.99+ a 4 pack.

The service at Murray's is very good. Chris knows a great deal about good beer and goes out of his way to pass that knowledge onto the customers. I always have someone ask if I need help within a few minutes of walking into the store. I would not be afraid to ask Chris for suggestions anytime.

I highly recommend Murray's if you are in the Milwaukee area. Thanks to AutumnalDave and BA, without them I would have never found this store.

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Photo of Erdinger2003
4.3/5  rDev -6.3%

This little liquor store in the middle of this area that's very close to the lake is pretty cool since he held a bottle of Dark Lord for me and I saw his wall of microbrews was extensive of the Denver area and it was part of his little corner of the store that was in the back whereas the front in filled with all of the liquor.

It was the middle of the day so he was there and was very happy to answer any questions. Although he seemed slightly unproffesional, but was very knowledgeable and curtious. He knew when the different beers were coming out and when they weren't going to be around anymore.

A nice little store with a good little selection with an owner that has an extensive knowledge.

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Photo of nflmvp
4.5/5  rDev -2%

I stopped into Murray's today on my way home (not quite) from a trip to Milwaukee. Had to stop in to check out a fellow BA's establishment. It was well worth driving out of my way.

Well, let's start with the fact that I'm a HUGE proponent of customer service. Chris (the owner...I was looking for Murray...LOL) was all over it. I must have spent an hour at the store, chatting, browsing, shopping and generally wasting his time. He was more than willing to take the time to help me with opinions and insights. Once he knew what I was looking for, he led me right to all the right beers.

This isn't Sam's Wine in Chicago and Chris isn't trying to be. Overall, the selection is good. For a smallish to medium sized store, the selection is VERY good. Everything seemed priced in line with what I'd expect to pay so I'd have to say the value is very reasonable...Kinda wish I'd have taken him up on a couple of closeouts he offered me but I was more concerned about how much I was gonna drop on all the other goodies. Too bad I live so far away or I'd drive back dowh there to grab them.

If you get a chance to check out Murray's Wine and spirits, be sure to do so. And as long as you're at it, introduce yourself as a BA and I'm sure that Chris will treat you well....I'm sure he treats everyone well but I know he appreciates the opportunity to talk to other beer lovers.

"Cerevisia Supra Omnia"

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Photo of orbitalr0x
4.65/5  rDev +1.3%

Stopped in at Murray's during a recent Milwaukee trip. Easy to find with good street parking. Upon entering you'll walk through the wine and liquor shelves before getting to the back where the beer coolers are located. A huge selection of chilled brews awaits including Tyranena, Great Divide, Founders and much much more. Chris, who also happens to be a BA, was working at the time and was extremely helpful and overall just a great guy. This was the best customer service I have ever seen in a liquor store...PERIOD. Every customer that walked in the door was treated like a friend!

Walk to the back wall where you'll find a huge selection of signles, spanning nearly every craft brew available in the store. I picked up a few New Glarus I had yet to try along with some Louie's Demise and South Shore Herbal Cream Ale. All the big Wisco brewers are represented alongside Dogfish Head, Victory, Great Lakes, North Coast, Three Floyds, Smuttynose and more. All are priced fairly and there's plenty of empty sixers lying around so you can make your own mixed six. Everything appeared dust lying around here.

We hung out awhile and sampled some brew from a few growlers. I also picked up the awesome Great Divide Fresh Hop Pale Ale I'd been wanting to try for awhile. Overall, I can't say enough good stuff about Murray's, it's a great store for any beer lover to check out when in Milwaukee. The service and selection simply make it a must stop....don't miss out if you're in the area!

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Photo of Winter
4.3/5  rDev -6.3%

Located a few blocks east of Bayshore Mall on Silver Spring, Murray's Wine & Spirits has a great offering of microbrews and imports. The front of the store is mainly dedicated to wine but along side the left wall (and the back of the store), you'll see several coolers stocked with American micros and imports. If my memory serves me right, the cooler in back has the macros. It's nice to see the focus on the micros first, in the front of the store, rather than the "big boys". Most impressive, though, is the jaw-dropping wall in back of single bottles of microbrews. This alone is worth the visit. The owner and staff have done a great job of stocking an entire wall for singles' purchases. It's a great opportunity to try a bunch of different beers that you would otherwise have to plunk down full-price for a six pack. It puts most other stores' singles selection to shame.

I stopped in one day during my lunch and spent over a half-hour talking to the owner about beer. He did a remarkable job going through the micro cooler (and singles wall) with me, pointing out new arrivals, his favorites and opinions on different styles. The conversation was friendly and enjoyable to say the least, without feeling pressured to buy anything. Victory is currently new to Wisconsin and Murray's was one of the first stores to stock Storm King, which I couldn't pass up.

Prices seem average to what you'd find around the area (minus Discount, of course, which always seems to be the cheapest). But the great customer service, beer knowledge and "Wall of Singles" offerings make Murray's a place that's well worth the visit.

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Photo of battlekow
4.5/5  rDev -2%

Murray's is a small store on Silver Spring that used to be Village Liquor. Currently it is run by a husband & wife team, who are very knowledgeable about beer (as well as wine and liquor), friendly, unassuming, and helpful. Their beer selection has been upgraded significantly in the recent past, and there is every reason to believe it will continue to improve. Tons of singles, and all the six-packs are refrigerated. A nice, low-key, "corner-store" establishment. Definitely worth a stop if you're on the north side of Milwaukee.

EDIT 11/09/05: As of a few weeks ago, I work at Murray's. I've edited my review to better reflect the current state of the store, and to correct some factual errors.

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Murray's Wine & Spirits in Milwaukee, WI
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