Mikkeller ApS


Humletorvet 27, 3. sal
København, 1799

+45 33 22 79 97 | map

Notes: Beers are brewed at / by another brewery. Mikkeller is a "phantom brewery" run by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø. He brews the beers in collaboration with several other breweries.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
...Zest PleasePorter - English735411-21-2018
10IPA - American6.92313.8609-19-2019
1000 IBUIPA - Imperial9.67913.8511-24-2020
1000 IBU (12.1%)IPA - Imperial12.11412-24-2019
19IPA - American6.82283.9405-11-2018
19 HazeIPA - New England6.933.7209-20-2020
3000 IBUIPA - Imperial15.523.705-22-2020
330 Ml Do NiebaIPA - American023.5607-13-2016
A Red & White ChristmasHerb and Spice Beer8193.602-21-2022
Acid Trip BA Red WineWild Ale8.344.0101-03-2018
Acid Trip BA White WineWild Ale8.364.0308-04-2017
Airport Brown AleBrown Ale - American513.5912-08-2018
Airport IPAIPA - American6.223.8612-08-2018
Airport PilsPilsner - German5.613.9312-08-2018
Airport SpontanLambic - Gueuze6.514.0812-08-2018
AK Alive!Wild Ale81813.6802-07-2019
All Other Pales PalePale Ale - American5.8123.9203-04-2017
All Others PalePale Ale - American61253.8607-28-2016
Amarillo Imperial India Pale AleIPA - Imperial8.9104.0512-28-2018
Amarillo Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.82303.9311-10-2018
Amass B & WIPA - American6.5323.9504-27-2018
AmblerRed Ale - American Amber / Red0.342.7205-27-2018
American Dream Gluten FreePilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.6143.6707-06-2019
American Dream PilsLager - India Pale Lager (IPL)4.613.7510-24-2019
Årh Hvad?!Pale Ale - Belgian6.823.5501-16-2020
AroiiLager - Schwarzbier573.612-13-2018
BA Beer Geek BrunchStout - American Imperial10.744.1812-07-2019
BA Man In The MoonStout - American Imperial10.6173.8405-06-2015
Barrel Aged Beer Geek Vanilla Maple ShakeStout - American Imperial1384.5210-18-2019
Bean Geek IPAIPA - New England4.923.8803-04-2019
Bean Geeks Session PorterPorter - American5.533.9512-15-2020
Bean Geeks. Hazy IPAIPA - New England4.93404-06-2019
Beer Geek After EightStout - American7.524.2809-12-2017
Beer Geek BaconStout - Oatmeal7.56033.8112-19-2017
Beer Geek BreakfastStout - Oatmeal7.52,6844.105-24-2022
Beer Geek Breakfast - Bourbon EditionStout - American Imperial7.51183.8410-19-2017
Beer Geek BrunchStout - American Imperial10.953.9609-18-2021
Beer Geek Brunch One-for-OneStout - American Imperial10194.0502-08-2015
Beer Geek Brunch WeaselStout - American Imperial10.92,9454.3205-08-2022
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Bourbon Edition)Stout - American Imperial12.7794.1504-13-2019
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Islay Edition)Stout - American Imperial10.9514.0201-19-2021
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel - Cognac EditionStout - American Imperial10.92764.1205-08-2022
Beer Geek Cocoa ShakeStout - Oatmeal12.123044.203-19-2022
Beer Geek DessertStout - Oatmeal112964.1305-08-2022
Beer Geek Flat WhiteStout - Oatmeal7.51293.9502-17-2022
Beer Geek Flat White 0.3%Low-Alcohol Beer0.313.4703-21-2020
Beer Geek Hazy IPAIPA - American4.913.505-08-2019
Beer Geek LimfjordsporterPorter - American7.7353.9601-16-2022
Beer Geek Triple Flat WhiteStout - Oatmeal7.5184.2109-24-2019
Beer Geek Vanilla Maple CocoaStout - American Imperial13234.3405-21-2020
Beer Geek Vanilla Maple ShakeStout - American Imperial131494.2805-08-2022
Beer Geek Vanilla Raspberry SmoothieStout - American7.524.2309-12-2017
Beer Geek Vanilla ShakeStout - American Imperial131,1044.3305-08-2022
Beer Geek Vanilla Shake - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial135794.5806-11-2022
Beer Geek Vanilla Shake - Whiskey Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial1214.6210-08-2019
Beer Geek: Mid-Day DessertStout - American Imperial1354.4511-20-2017
Beer Hop Breakfast - Black IPAIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale7.5193.9812-16-2021
Beer MilePale Ale - American523.3210-16-2017
Belgian TripelTripel9393.7806-26-2016
Belgian TripleTripel91406-07-2016
Beobrew IPAIPA - American6.854.0112-24-2018
Berliner Weisse BA RieslingSour - Berliner Weisse423.8806-01-2016
Berry Me W/ BlackberryIPA - New England5.513.511-06-2018
Better HalfIPA - American6.83123.7412-19-2017
Between the LinesIPA - American5.50001-18-2022
Bière De Cabaret MûreFarmhouse Ale - Saison414.3905-11-2022
Big WorseBarleywine - American124313.7805-28-2022
Big Worse Red Wine Barrel EditionBarleywine - American1274.4712-04-2018
Big WorstBarleywine - American18.51143.7304-01-2020
Big WorsterBarleywine - American15.1884.0605-03-2021
Big Worster St. Emillion BABarleywine - American18.33412-21-2018
Black (黑)Stout - American Imperial155953.802-21-2022
Black (黑) Grand Marnier EditionStout - American Imperial21123.8106-14-2017
Black BearStout - Russian Imperial10.1254.2412-25-2021
Black HoleStout - Russian Imperial13.18213.8302-16-2022
Black TemplePilsner - Imperial6.6643.802-24-2016
Blow OutIPA - American6113.7912-28-2020
Blueberry ShuffleBraggot110004-10-2017
Boogaloo On Brown Ale AvenueBrown Ale - English623.501-17-2016
Brian - Bourbon Barrel-AgedPorter - Imperial12.394.4211-05-2019
BrownBrown Ale - American023.510-31-2014
Bullet HazeIPA - New England6.423.505-12-2020
Burger & Bun L.A. Lager / AwesomesauceLager - American573.9911-25-2014
BurstIPA - New England5.593.805-26-2022
California CommonCalifornia Common / Steam Beer4.813.2107-30-2016
California DreamPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.343.7306-20-2018
CaretakerIPA - Imperial713.7508-29-2017
Carpis In The SunSour - Berliner Weisse413.7512-22-2019
Cascade Imperial India Pale AleIPA - Imperial8.993.9711-09-2017
Cascade Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.92453.6609-19-2019
Catalyst - Monte AlbanStout - English6.214.0112-05-2021
Centennial Imperial India Pale AleIPA - Imperial8.983.9412-21-2018
Centennial Session IPAIPA - American4.513.704-26-2016
Centennial Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.81973.8809-19-2019
Challenger Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8593.5107-02-2016
Chill PilsFruit and Field Beer4.7133.8612-22-2019
Chinook Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.91073.8709-19-2019
Christmas WishIPA - American5.553.8612-11-2018
Citra Imperial India Pale AleIPA - Imperial8.91424.2403-28-2020
Citra Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.92113.8606-24-2020
Citrus DreamFruit and Field Beer4.683.4709-01-2015
Cocoa shake aged in bourbon and rye barrels - vanilla editionStout - American Imperial13.714.504-17-2022
Coffee IPA Citra & MichitiIPA - American6.9193.9609-01-2015
Columbus Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.9743.5608-21-2016
Cream AleCream Ale4.924.203-31-2019
Cream Ale (Gluten Free)Cream Ale4.923.2303-12-2018
Crooked Moon Hazy IIPAIPA - Imperial8.334.0803-13-2019
Crooked Moon TattooIPA - Imperial91674.0905-09-2018
Crooked Moon Tattoo StockholmStout - American8424.0606-12-2020
Cuckoo WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.513.7503-13-2021
Czechet PilsnerPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.6113.404-28-2015
Deception Session IPAIPA - American5253.9110-16-2019
Den Plettede GrisHerb and Spice Beer543.5902-10-2017
Descendents: Feel This Coffee IPAIPA - American7.3113.9908-13-2018
Domino Real EstateBlonde Ale - American8.133.6802-11-2017
Double Sour Cherry Organic BerlinerSour - Berliner Weisse4.823.7405-29-2019
Draft BearPilsner - Imperial82463.9812-07-2021
Drikkeriget GIPAIPA - American6.61123.8403-03-2015
Drink'In Berliner LemonSour - Berliner Weisse2.714.3706-15-2016
Drink'In Berliner PassionSour - Berliner Weisse2.742.907-22-2017
Drink'In Berliner RaspberrySour - Berliner Weisse2.713.5502-27-2017
Drink'In Berliner YuzuSour - Berliner Weisse2.783.5209-19-2019
Drink'in The SnowLow-Alcohol Beer0.3353.3201-24-2022
Drink'in The SunLow-Alcohol Beer0.3173.5303-22-2022
Drink'in The SunWheat Beer - American Pale3.9383.5403-12-2019
Drink'in The Sun 13Pale Ale - American1.453.5612-12-2015
Einar... You Are A Funny ManIPA - American632.8511-14-2018
Eixample PilsPilsner - Bohemian / Czech013.8612-10-2015
Eixample WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.513.0504-23-2016
Emergency ChairsIPA - American3.433.4303-28-2020
EnergibajerLow-Alcohol Beer0.163.505-28-2020
Erik The RedRed Ale - American Amber / Red653.8312-05-2015
EvergreenIPA - New England3.5103.4602-13-2022
Experimental Hop Project: HBC 472IPA - American713.508-25-2020
Fake New EnglanderLager - American5.414.512-24-2019
Finger GunsIPA - New England7.214.4804-04-2021
First ResortIPA - American6.914.3803-11-2018
Forêt Du Centre (Light Toasted)Barleywine - English19.3364.1906-17-2021
Fresh StartIPA - New England6.474.0301-27-2021
Fruit SaladLambic - Fruit1043.8803-17-2018
Fun with FoderFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.144.1312-12-2021
Funky E StarStrong Ale - Belgian Pale9.392303.6704-17-2020
Galaxy Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.933.9609-17-2015
Galena Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8693.5804-24-2020
Game Of Thrones, Winter Is Coming: Castle Black StoutStout - American Imperial11.314.2502-03-2022
Garden PilsPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.61408-12-2016
Garden WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.51408-12-2016
GeorgeStout - Russian Imperial12.123084.1602-21-2022
George Bourbon Whiskey BAStout - American Imperial13.814.3504-05-2021
Ginger Brett IPABrett Beer6.9163.9802-28-2021
Gose Nose MangoSour - Fruited Kettle Sour422.9806-12-2020
Gose Nose PassionfruitSour - Gose443.8612-05-2021
Gravøl (Death Is Not The End)Lager - Munich Dunkel512.7503-17-2016
Green GoldIPA - American74283.8402-21-2022
Hair In the MailboxIPA - American6.3253.5509-09-2020
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner WeisseSour - Berliner Weisse3.7113.7904-13-2020
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - ApricotSour - Berliner Weisse3.7463.7112-08-2021
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - CassisSour - Berliner Weisse3.733.9806-29-2019
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - GooseberrySour - Berliner Weisse3.7294.0308-02-2020
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - Passion FruitSour - Berliner Weisse3.7724.0410-11-2021
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - PeachSour - Berliner Weisse3.7993.9208-02-2020
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - PineappleSour - Berliner Weisse3.7263.908-02-2020
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - RaspberrySour - Berliner Weisse3.71134.0312-05-2021
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - Raspberry (Oregon Fruit)Sour - Berliner Weisse3.714.305-15-2018
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - WatermelonSour - Berliner Weisse3.7283.7108-02-2020
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse AlkoholfreiSour - Berliner Weisse0.1133.3804-07-2019
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse MangoSour - Berliner Weisse3.7373.7412-08-2021
Have A Nice Beer Pale AlePale Ale - American523.7207-18-2014
HavenPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.643.8710-17-2017
HazesideIPA - New England6.913.7512-24-2019
HazyIPA - American6.623.7706-14-2019
Heated SeatsPale Ale - American4.9133.6405-02-2022
Helping HandLager - American5.633.6709-21-2015
Henry & His SistersIPA - Brut613.8108-05-2020
Henry And His Science...Low-Alcohol Beer0.353.4901-21-2022
Henry Gose LightlyLow-Alcohol Beer0.323.8202-16-2022
Henry JaggerPale Ale - American2.273.3406-03-2017
Henry the GiantLager - Vienna3.7513.7502-06-2021
Hop On Drink'In BerlinerSour - Berliner Weisse2.8243.9612-19-2017
Hop OperaIPA - New England913.7505-08-2021
Hop Terroir Amarillo GermanyIPA - American753.8705-14-2019
Hop Terroir Amarillo IdahoIPA - American6.843.8502-21-2018
Hop Terroir Amarillo WashingtonIPA - American6.873.9705-11-2019
Hop Terroir Cascade AustraliaIPA - American6.844.2202-06-2018
Hop Terroir Cascade GermanyIPA - American6.813.7503-03-2018
Hop Terroir Cascade WashingtonIPA - American6.833.5502-09-2018
Hop Terroir Centennial BelgiumIPA - American6.823.8307-13-2018
Hoppy Lovin' ChristmasIPA - American7.833.5101-20-2021
Hoppy WitWheat Beer - Witbier513.6111-13-2015
Hôtel HenriFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.983.7107-02-2018
Hva Såå!?Pale Ale - Belgian7.61443.812-25-2019
I Beat YoUIPA - Imperial9.754113.8808-19-2017
I Don't Have a Red ShrimpPilsner - German4.653.8303-05-2021
I Wish Gluten Free IPAIPA - American5.5193.611-11-2019
Imperial PilsnerPilsner - Imperial813.7508-02-2017
Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial1213.2504-26-2016
Imperial WitWheat Beer - Witbier7.524.0807-16-2018
Inked #2IPA - Belgian6.663.910-22-2019
Invasion IPAIPA - American71513.9206-27-2021
Iron Anniversary IPAIPA - New England5.553.7305-17-2021
Iskold ClassicLager - Vienna4.833.607-04-2021
It's Alive - White Wine Barrel AgedWild Ale91163.9605-21-2017
It's Alive!Strong Ale - Belgian Pale84253.7202-21-2022
It's Alright!Pale Ale - Belgian4.52093.0605-13-2020
Jackie BrownBrown Ale - American5.93033.8712-03-2020
Japanese Rice Lager with YuzuLager - Japanese Rice513.6505-16-2021
JægerbrownBrown Ale - American50001-17-2016
JægerpilsPilsner - German5.60001-17-2016
JægerwitWheat Beer - Witbier4.50001-17-2016
K:rlekPale Ale - American4.923.7205-28-2021
K:rlek Spring/Summer 2022Pale Ale - American4.923.3806-15-2022
K:rlek Vår/Sommar 2021Pale Ale - American4.722.9607-17-2021
KaffestoutStout - American6354.2110-24-2020
Kamppi SpontanLambic - Traditional6.513.7505-24-2020
KeeperLager - American51803.7507-05-2018
Kihoskh APAPale Ale - American5.523.6111-01-2017
Kihoskh Brett IPABrett Beer513.609-30-2017
Kihoskh Brett IPA Cherry Wine BABrett Beer543.7904-13-2020
Kihoskh Brown Braids AleBrown Ale - American522.8911-01-2017
Kihoskh Cream AleCream Ale533.6410-11-2019
Kihoskh Døszt?Lager - European Pale573.5405-16-2015
Kihoskh Elderflower Lemon WitWheat Beer - Witbier514.1703-06-2019
Kihoskh JuleølStrong Ale - Belgian Dark823.6201-01-2020
Kihoskh Saison SallyFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.863.5210-09-2017
KIIN KIINFruit and Field Beer5203.4404-26-2019
Kold ChokoladeStout - American Imperial723.8805-15-2019
Koppi Coffee IPAIPA - American6.93713.8205-30-2018
Koppi Coffee IPA Citra & SimcoeIPA - American5.423.801-27-2019
Koppi Coffee IPA Citra X MichitiIPA - American6.953.9801-25-2017
Koppi Coffee IPA Citra X Nano ChallaIPA - American7.213.6507-27-2018
Koppi Coffee IPA Citra X Wachuri AAIPA - American7.284.0202-25-2018
La SirenitaHerb and Spice Beer4.543.4411-29-2019
Last CallPilsner - Bohemian / Czech523.9807-30-2018
Limbo Series: Flemish Primitive w/ Riessling Juice from Mikkeller VineyardLow-Alcohol Beer0.334.202-08-2022
Limbo Series: LimeLow-Alcohol Beer0.353.6603-28-2022
Limbo Series: RaspberryLow-Alcohol Beer0.3123.8804-25-2022
Limbo Series: YuzuLow-Alcohol Beer0.353.9101-14-2022
Limited Series: Rick and MurkyIPA - New England7.70001-31-2021
Magnum Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8503.5701-06-2016
Malmen Pale AlePale Ale - American4.623.4903-26-2019
Mandarin Oriental Ale With Lime And GingerPale Ale - Belgian623.4601-17-2018
Mastodon Mother PuncherIPA - Belgian6.61143.9306-12-2020
MBCC 2021 PilsPilsner - German4.91311-09-2021
Metal HenryLager - Schwarzbier5.533.7512-30-2017
Mexas RangerHerb and Spice Beer6.62223.8702-16-2021
Midsummer Dream Lager 2021Lager - India Pale Lager (IPL)4.623.4307-15-2021
MikhellesLager - Helles513.7510-19-2021
Mikkel's DreamIPA - Imperial9.514.0807-12-2018
Mikkeller / Beer52 Mosaic Session IPAIPA - American4.523.8601-21-2017
Milk StoutStout - Sweet / Milk62154.0811-24-2021
Mission Chinese FoodPilsner - German4.5343.8201-01-2018
Monk's BrewStrong Ale - Belgian Dark104693.9406-28-2022
Mosaic Black IPAIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale6.9843.9607-23-2018
Mosaic Imperial India Pale AleIPA - Imperial8.91774.0810-02-2018
Mosaic Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.9143.6810-11-2017
Mosel BajerLager - European Pale513.5808-08-2019
Mt. Hood Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8453.6306-13-2017
Murker Inc.Lager - American5.91401-12-2018
Nelson Imperial India Pale AleIPA - Imperial8.9144.108-24-2018
Nelson Sauvignon (Nelson Sauvin Brut)Bière de Champagne / Bière Brut93754.2905-08-2022
Nelson Sauvin Brut (Chardonnay Barrels!)Wild Ale9114.205-30-2021
Nelson Sauvin Brut Mango PassionBière de Champagne / Bière Brut913.7506-17-2019
Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.92574.0103-24-2018
No Cow On The IceIPA - American6.9123.7307-03-2019
No Thanks GivenPorter - American5.933.4412-11-2016
Noma NovelStrong Ale - Belgian Pale8.524.2801-03-2014
Nörrebro Brown AleBrown Ale - English053.7711-25-2016
Nörrebro SpontanaleLambic - Traditional5.533.9211-17-2014
Nörrebro WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.533.6710-02-2015
Northern Trails (No. 1)IPA - American6.613.9304-10-2019
Not Just Another WitWheat Beer - Witbier7.41623.9212-22-2018
Orange Yuzu Glad I Said PorterPorter - American61423.8906-26-2019
Oregon Fruit Series: Crooked Moon Hazy IIPA with RaspberryIPA - Imperial8.323.5404-24-2019
Oregon Fruit Series: Hazy IIPA With StrawberriesIPA - Imperial8.324.0503-13-2019
Oregon Fruit Series: Spontan (with Raspberries)Lambic - Fruit7.713.7702-01-2020
Oregon Fruit Series: Spontan with BlueberriesLambic - Fruit7.713.512-25-2019
Organic Double Sour Cherry Berliner WeisseSour - Berliner Weisse4.80008-31-2018
Organic German PilsnerPilsner - German533.4309-03-2019
Organic Hazy IPAIPA - New England6.61412-24-2019
P1 Hoppy PilsnerPilsner - German5173.6706-28-2017
Palisade Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8523.6601-25-2016
Passion Pool DeepSour - Gose833.7102-21-2022
Passion Pool NALow-Alcohol Beer0.213.4603-17-2022
Peter, Pale And MaryPale Ale - American4.61143.9202-10-2022
Peter, Pale And Mary Gluten FreePale Ale - American4.6173.3201-23-2020
Pils PeoplePilsner - Bohemian / Czech3.513.2512-24-2019
Plane AlePale Ale - American5.273.6111-11-2017
Polly 2Lambic - Fruit6.213.8302-11-2017
Prototype: Berliner Weisse 0%Sour - Berliner Weisse013.8404-23-2016
Racing BeerLow-Alcohol Beer023.1305-26-2019
Ramen To BíiruPale Ale - Belgian5163.6906-19-2019
Ramen To Bíiru YuzuPale Ale - Belgian593.8409-09-2019
Raspberries & CreamCream Ale5.2153.6312-16-2016
Red Scandinavian Sky-High LagerRed Ale - American Amber / Red523.1207-17-2016
Red/White ChristmasHerb and Spice Beer81643.7902-10-2018
Reffen BrownBrown Ale - American01306-10-2018
Reffen WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.513.505-20-2017
Resting Brew FaceIPA - Imperial913.7511-20-2020
RicemarketHerb and Spice Beer6213.4610-27-2016
Rick's SpontanLambic - Traditional5.513.7705-26-2022
Riesling PeopleIPA - New England6.794.1805-23-2020
Ris A La M'aleFruit and Field Beer82013.5904-28-2020
RozpustaSour - Berliner Weisse5.50001-21-2018
Run This TownPilsner - German3.213.906-06-2021
Running ClubPilsner - German4.5143.9206-12-2020
Running Man IronmanPale Ale - American4.513.512-24-2019
Saaz Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8283.5309-23-2014
Sally MonroePale Ale - American2.872.9306-21-2019
Sally Monroe Gluten FreePale Ale - American2.853.1904-29-2020
Santa's Little Helper 2012Strong Ale - Belgian Dark10.51333.9105-16-2020
Santa’s Hoppy HelpersIPA - American633.8809-25-2021
Sap Brah?Stout - American Imperial10.914.502-11-2017
Saphir Wet HopPale Ale - Belgian5.573.3911-17-2014
SAS RAS No. 2 - DeparturesPorter - American6.623.6312-11-2016
Say SunFarmhouse Ale - Saison683.9505-13-2017
Scour Scandinavia Spontan SeabuckthornWild Ale7.723.9211-25-2019
SD SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.513.3406-12-2016
Sea NyhavnHerb and Spice Beer514.0604-25-2018
Session IPA AmarilloIPA - American4.544.210-16-2017
Session IPA CascadeIPA - American4.523.9404-27-2017
Session IPA CitraIPA - American4.563.8509-14-2017
Session IPA MosaicIPA - American4.553.8810-17-2017
Session IPA NelsonIPA - American4.543.8802-06-2018
Session IPA SimcoeIPA - American4.553.8705-23-2017
Sfäär Pale AlePale Ale - American5.512.8108-01-2015
Sfäär SchwarzbierLager - Schwarzbier5.533.5410-01-2017
Side EyesPale Ale - American4.4103.8908-19-2021
Simcoe Hopped India Pale AleIPA - American7.31113.8509-21-2019
Simcoe Imperial India Pale AleIPA - Imperial8.9673.9408-12-2019
Simcoe Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.9487401-26-2020
Single Hop Series: CascadeIPA - American6.973.7910-17-2017
Single Hop Series: CitraIPA - American6.994.0408-05-2017
Single Hop Series: ChinookIPA - American023.8211-30-2015
Single Hop Series: NelsonIPA - American6.914.3910-10-2017
Single Hop Series: SimcoeIPA - American6.914.2510-10-2017
Single Hop Series: Sorachi AceIPA - American014.2903-22-2015
Sky-High Blue SkiesPale Ale - American5.533.6907-27-2016
Sky-High WitWheat Beer - Witbier523.506-10-2016
SkørStrong Ale - Belgian Dark8.633.3102-11-2018
SnapphaneMild Ale - English Pale3.81311-25-2014
Sour In BerlinSour - Berliner Weisse2.713.8410-08-2015
Sour StoutStout - American Imperial8.513.7505-12-2014
Space Race Gluten FreeIPA - New England6.733.6708-21-2020
Spark JoyIPA - New England714.0109-09-2020
Sparks Pale AlePale Ale - American5.663.9506-28-2017
Spells DIPAIPA - Imperial893.808-04-2017
SplatIPA - American6.833.7407-10-2019
Spontan Cherry FrederiksdalLambic - Fruit8.22124.0805-20-2022
SpontanaçaíLambic - Fruit7.744.0305-26-2022
SpontanapricotLambic - Fruit7.7293.907-13-2020
SpontanbeetrootLambic - Fruit7.7824.0211-03-2018
SpontanblackberryLambic - Fruit7.79406-10-2020
SpontanblueberryLambic - Fruit7.7123.8606-14-2021
SpontancarrotWild Ale7.7253.8309-04-2021
SpontancassisLambic - Fruit7.71634.0201-31-2021
SpontancherryframboosLambic - Fruit7.7144.1106-29-2020
SpontancranberryLambic - Fruit7.7373.801-02-2016
SpontandoublekiwiLambic - Fruit7.733.503-25-2015
SpontandoubleraspberryWild Ale7.784.207-30-2020
Spontandryhop CentennialWild Ale5.5173.9803-08-2020
Spontandryhop CitraWild Ale5.5564.0510-04-2020
Spontandryhop MosaicWild Ale5.5274.1303-19-2019
SpontanelderflowerLambic - Fruit7.7783.9306-04-2020
SpontanfaroLambic - Faro533.3510-11-2017
SpontanfigLambic - Fruit7.734.0403-16-2017
SpontanframboosLambic - Fruit7.73694.0804-09-2020
SpontanhibiscusWild Ale7.7173.9510-25-2019
SpontanlemonLambic - Fruit7.7123.9902-24-2020
SpontanlingonberryLambic - Fruit7.7273.9311-16-2020
SpontanorangeLambic - Fruit7.7263.903-28-2020
SpontanpassionfruitLambic - Fruit724.4606-12-2020
SpontanpeachLambic - Fruit7.71313.6901-26-2021
SpontanpearLambic - Fruit7.7263.9803-02-2019
SpontanPearBananaLambic - Fruit7.713.503-06-2019
SpontanpentadrupelblueberryLambic - Fruit7.734.104-02-2019
Spontanpentadrupleblueraspberry BlendLambic - Fruit014.2506-22-2018
SpontanpineappleLambic - Fruit7.7284.1302-24-2020
SpontanrosehipLambic - Fruit7.7943.7310-13-2019
SpontansauternesWild Ale5.5554.1709-24-2016
SpontanSeabuckthornLambic - Fruit7.7823.9401-12-2020
SpontansourcherryLambic - Fruit7.7524.0906-27-2020
SpontanSukhumvitLambic - Fruit5.50002-13-2016
SpontansweetcherryLambic - Fruit7.7193.9902-28-2017
SpontantripleblueberryLambic - Fruit10264.2605-26-2022
SpontantriplecassisLambic - Fruit1034.5603-28-2017
SpontanVendersgadeLambic - Fruit5.50002-13-2016
Staff MagicianIPA - New England5.533.9504-14-2022
Stateside IPAIPA - American72623.9409-21-2019
StedsegrønIPA - American3.553.6212-26-2019
Stefansgade PalePale Ale - American4.613.7701-20-2019
Stick A Finger In The SoilPale Ale - American4.6173.6907-18-2021
Stick In The EarIPA - American6.5213.9609-23-2019
Sture SpontanaleLambic - Traditional5.513.505-23-2020
Sukhumvit BrownBrown Ale - American523.4411-22-2017
Sukhumvit PilsnerPilsner - German5.614.0801-13-2017
Sukhumvit SpontanWild Ale5.514.0605-08-2015
Sukhumvit WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.514.0301-14-2017
Summit Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.9343.8402-10-2015
Sundried SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.353.9207-30-2020
Super Galena Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8623.5309-06-2019
Swedish Polar BeerIPA - American3.513.2508-19-2020
Sweet And SourLambic - Fruit7.70009-13-2015
Sweet Root IPAIPA - American6.50001-17-2016
Taedonggang Pale AlePale Ale - American4.644.0509-22-2018
Tattoo InkedPale Ale - American523.6707-08-2018
Tenderloin IPAIPA - American6.8353.9608-24-2016
Tenderloin PalePale Ale - American5143.8810-07-2015
Tenderloin PilsnerPilsner - German573.9302-20-2015
Tenderloin WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.864.0207-24-2015
Tettnanger Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8533.6709-07-2014
Texas Ranger (Chipotle Porter)Porter - American6.64364.0510-02-2020
Textbook BowlcutIPA - American7.613.8208-25-2019
ThaIPAIPA - American7.113.512-24-2019
The (Great) Pale Ale SwindlePale Ale - American5.643.5804-20-2016
The Cloud HopperPale Ale - American533.5511-17-2016
The GuideIPA - New England733.8307-06-2021
The Idaho 7: DDH Pale AlePale Ale - American4.523.6108-29-2020
The Idaho 7: Modern IPAIPA - American623.7109-04-2020
The MentorIPA - New England6.913.7508-25-2020
Tiger BabyPale Ale - American5303.6409-07-2019
Tiger Baby: Open Windows Open HillsIPA - American81813.8902-21-2022
Til Via Fra (To Via From) - Grand Marnier Barrel AgedPorter - Baltic893.6701-04-2016
Tomahawk Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.91574.0405-30-2016
Tommi’s Beerger JointRye Beer613.7809-14-2016
Topaz Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.923.7512-25-2015
Trial By FireIPA - American5.923.9511-09-2021
Trippel ATripel973.8212-15-2018
Tumble Dry LowIPA - American7.514.1805-15-2022
U Alright?Wild Ale4.5133.7202-25-2016
Udagawa SpontanAleLambic - Traditional5.514.2110-18-2015
UklarIPA - American71502-11-2017
Underall GalaxyIPA - American4.653.9305-30-2015
Underall PolarisIPA - American4.643.5608-23-2015
USAlive! (Alive)Strong Ale - Belgian Pale82113.9212-03-2020
Vanilla SkyIPA - American7843.6311-14-2021
Vesterbro IPAIPA - American6.233.8812-11-2018
Vesterbro SpontanaleLambic - Traditional5.5193.7112-06-2019
Vesterbro WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.5283.6505-15-2019
Vesterbrown AleBrown Ale - American583.5107-12-2018
Vic Secret EyesIPA - American70003-26-2018
Vienna LagerLager - Vienna4.313.8209-14-2016
Viennese Flat White Stout - Sweet / Milk7.513.7505-21-2016
Vilde DagStrong Ale - Belgian Dark12.10007-29-2016
VistaIPA - American6.884.0507-11-2016
Vista #2IPA - American7.5124.0205-23-2019
Vista Milk StoutStout - Sweet / Milk5.883.5604-14-2018
Warrior Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.92333.7609-19-2019
Water Series PacificPilsner - German523.1408-20-2020
Waves IPAIPA - American7.3143.9803-16-2018
Weird Weather IIPAIPA - New England8.3104.0905-23-2020
Weird Weather IPAIPA - New England6.7123.9306-06-2019
Weird Weather LactoseIPA - New England8.323.9301-27-2019
Weird Weather Non-Alcoholic IPALow-Alcohol Beer0.5133.7106-10-2022
Whatever (Special release Thailand)Wheat Beer - Witbier4.813.7301-14-2017
Wheat Is The New HopsBrett Beer64633.9402-21-2022
White BlondeBlonde Ale - Belgian5.653.6105-13-2017
Willamette Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.8513.4601-24-2016
WilliamWild Ale6.864.0908-01-2020
WinbicFarmhouse Ale - Saison6663.8608-05-2018
Wood will fall down.Sour - Berliner Weisse4.253.5403-18-2020
X Big TonyIPA - Imperial1524.2311-17-2014
X Imperial StoutStout - Russian Imperial16364.3205-10-2021
X Imperial Stout (Brandy Barrel Aged)Stout - American Imperial1524.3805-10-2021
X-mas Porter 2013 Via Til FraStout - American Imperial8143.7112-27-2018
XMAS WISHIPA - American5.513.8112-14-2018
Zero GPale Ale - American4.833.4308-09-2020

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