Brown Cow

Brown CowBrown Cow
Brown CowBrown Cow

5 Cross Leeds Street
Keighley, England, BD21 2LQ
United Kingdom

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TheLongBeachBum from California

4.36/5  rDev 0%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4

The pace of our Keighley Pub Crawl had gained both momentum and additional members since it had started some 4+ hours ago at the Livery Rooms. The Brown Cow was Stop #6, and from the Albert Hotel thankfully it was only a short 3 minute uphill walk on Oakworth Road and then onto Leeds Street, a short cobbled affair.

The Brown Cow is a large stand alone 3 storey building that was actually four back-to-back cottages prior to 1860, knocked into one they now form the Brown Cow. Bought by Taylor’s Brewery in 1901 this place is no youngster. Two sides of the building are faced with a screed-plastered frontage, freshly covered in a cream colored coat of paint with the windows and guttering accentuated in dark green, the classic Taylor colors. The frontage is all stone and is dominated by a long green board with gold lettering proudly stating ‘Brown Cow Timothy Taylor’ with additional smaller signs closer to the entrance.

Mine Hosts are Barry and Carol Taylor, no relation I’m told but Barry was a Drayman for Taylor’s for many years it seems, he certainly knows his Taylor's and how to cellar it. The couple has been here since Autumn 2003 and has slowly turned the Brown Cow into quote “what should have always been a good pub into a good pub”. The sign close to the entrance says; Traditional Value and Real Ales, No Bad Language or Loud Music, Clean and Comfortable, Warm Friendly Welcome, Pool Room. Recently it converted to a No-Smoking environment; in fact, it is Keighley’s First Non-Smoking Pub (shame on you Wetherspoon’s). All sounds great to me….

Up a few stone steps and once inside the interior is spotlessly clean. A split-level interior can take some working out. An area in front of the main bar houses a few tables and chairs. Round the corner to the right an upper area (which used to be the No-Smoking room) offers solace and respite whilst acting as the entrance to the Pool Room which runs along the back of the bar. In effect the bar is set into a C-shaped room, with a low front room, and elevated side and back room which houses the Games Room and Pool Table, a rather neat set-up as the bar can serve both the front lower and rear upper areas thanks to a cut out in the back wall. We grabbed our brews and spent our time up in the back Pool Room, a black & white tiled floor with a neatly and traditionally decorated appearance, thick wallpaper painted dark red sits below a dark wood dado rail, the upper walls painted in cream and littered with plenty of interesting framed pictures. Small copper topped round tables and chairs neatly arranged around the edges of the room with the blue napped dark wood Pool Table centre-stage. A cool place to hang out, but those beer drinkers in their 30’s will be awed by the main article of décor, an old ‘Trough Brewery Established 1980’ steel sign set up and on the dividing wall, that brought back many memories and was the hot topic of discussion amongst the older fucks (including myself) for a while.

Beer range is……oh my, yet more Taylor’s, we’re not worthy!! Six Cask beers in total. Four House beers are Timothy Taylor’s Golden Best, Best Bitter, Landlord which are permanent with Ram Tam the seasonal offering, it should be noted that the Ram Tam is typically replaced with the equally excellent Dark Mild when the former is not available. Two ever changing and constantly rotating Guest beers complement the house offerings; during my visit they had Oldershaw Alma’s Brew (4.1%) and Eastwood & Sanders Tremendous Delerium (4.3%), and yes Delerium was spelled with two e’s. The latter Guest Beer was allegedly brewed for a local member of the Keighley and Craven Branch of CAMRA to celebrate his….Divorce. Way to go!! Guest Beers are sourced locally and further a field, offerings from the namesake Brown Cow Brewery in nearby Selby is not uncommon. Leffe Blond is also available, though why on earth you would to drink that when such fine Cask Ales are on offer is beyond me.

The Beer Quality was excellent, the Service top-notch and very friendly (as long as you followed the “no bad language” rule) and the prices incredibly reasonable. The Brown Cow is a lovely place and a great stop for a session. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Winner of many awards from CAMRA, and indeed other institutions, and more recently, Winner of Pub of the Season for Winter 2005/06 from the Keighley & Craven Branch of CAMRA.

An incredibly friendly establishment, though I had to fight back my blue language when I got beaten at Pool. Those that enjoy an atmosphere totally free of smoke and bad language whilst enjoying a fantastic range of well-kept Taylor’s and the chance to try some new out-of-town Guest beers will love this place, I certainly did. A well deserved Pub of the Season. I have a feeling that I will most certainly be back here during my Easter trip next year.

Real Beer, Real Fires, Real People, Real Friendly, Real Good.

*Highly* Recommended!

Last Visit: Saturday 8th April, 2006.

Apr 30, 2006
Brown Cow in Keighley, GB2, United Kingdom
Place rating: 4.36 out of 5 with 1 ratings