Magnum's Cigar Wine and Spirits


731 E Union Hls Dr
Ste 10B
Phoenix, Arizona, 85024-2910
United States

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Photo of Nerudamann
3.85/5  rDev -8.1%

Although the establishment sells wine, spirits, cigars, etc., I have only ever purchased beer there. Also, I've only ever purchased from their make-your-own-sixpack selection. The selection is usually nice, but they don't seem to switch out products very often. So, basically when I've made my way through all of their selection trying out new beers (new for me), I have to come back in a month or so just to find something new.

I've not yet had any problems with service. Only one time did I have to go find someone to check me out, but to me that's not that big of a problem. The people who have checked me out have always been quite nice, professional, and helpful.

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Photo of NakedDave
4.85/5  rDev +15.8%

My third trip to the Cactus League and I wish I had found this place on the first two. Solid selection of beer and scotch. I was asked if I needed assistance with my beer selection, which I didn't, but my friends asked for some cigar help which was provided courteously and professionally. We tried to get back to enjoy the lounge, but just missed the closing. Along with Papago's, Magnum's will be a mainstay for our baseball crew next spring.

No complaints as to service or selection, lots of CA beers, which was fine with me as there are a lot of those that don't get distributed too far. Planned on coming back for a bottle of Ardbeg or Bowmore, but never made it.

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Photo of dpool
4.65/5  rDev +11%

The unique selection is unbeatable. I'm born and raised here in Phoenix and Magnum's has the widest selection available. The prices are incredibly expensive but they are probably what you would pay going out and ordering one at a restaurant. My favorite part was the mini-keg selection as they have at least a dozen different brews. The shop itself was very nice and if you are into any type of fine liquor or cigar this is your place. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. If you are in the North Phoenix area this place is a must visit.

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Photo of magictrokini
4.7/5  rDev +12.2%

Amazing place. Very high-end. Set up like a gourmet liquor store. Everything in on shelves, and some beer can get dusty so watch out. Very strong selection of micros, seasonals, and euros. I can find some San Diego and SoCal beers here that I can't find at home. The employees are extremely helpful and knowledgable. Prices are high, but worth it for some of the beers there. A great Scotch selection as well, with a tasting bar. Just be prepared to take out a second mortgage. A must-go if in Phoenix, despite the cost.

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Photo of yemenmocha
2.83/5  rDev -32.5%
vibe: 4 | quality: 2.5 | service: 1 | selection: 4.5

Magnum's has a nice selection of beers in virtually all categories that a BA would want. Cigars and wine aren't bad either, and their new trendy cigar lounge is nice as well.

After several visits I have found the service to be atrocious. For example, today I was there and suspected that my total was slightly off and so I politely requested the receipt. He corrected me by saying I already had it (the credit card receipt) and said that's all he could give me, then followed it up with a nasty look.

Be careful for old or heat damaged product at Magnum's. Over 90% of their product is maintained at a warm room temperature (today it was 105 degrees and the front door was open), and I've had several bad bottles from this place. If you stick to the refrigerated product you're less likely to get a bad one, and shopping in summer months can be more risky here as well.

If you're in the area Magnum's is worth the stop, but be careful what you buy and expect to be treated poorly.

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Photo of ruinationation
5/5  rDev +19.3%

This is a beautiful establishment. Pick up your favorite cigars and brew, and even have a seat and enjoy both in the small but inviting lounge. Plenty of spirits and wine to choose from also. This place is top notch, ask if I needed help right away by dude with a tie. Cold beer is straight to the back, with woodend shelfed walls in line with all the goodies you could imagine. Far right wall is nothing but single 12oz . They've had OAKED AB for the longest time, I'm starting to take it for granted. Will soon try BA's #1 Trappist thanks to magnums.

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Photo of
4.35/5  rDev +3.8%

First experience not so good. Stopped by to pick up some beer on the way to a friend's house and it was closed. I will cut them some slack since it was 7pm on a Sunday night. Might want to look at the hours open, though.

Went back next day, and it was much better (store was open)!

Quality appeared very good. Beer I bought and drank was in fine shape, no dust, appropriate seasonals on the shelves, and none of the dating I checked was problematic.

Service was fine. Like most, I don't require much, just let me roam. They did offer when I entered and checked with me after I had been there for a little while.

Selection was great. I believe the entire right wall of the store was crafts and imports, as well as a center aisle near the coolers in back. Too much to name, I bought some Stone, Deschutes, Lagunitas and Pizza Port. First part of the wall is made up of singles and you can build your own sixer.

Value seemed reasonable. None of the bombers seemed over the top in pricing, and the singles (12oz) were in the $1.30 to $1.70 per range.

Overall, very happy with my visit and would certainly go back. As a final note, if you want to, you can drink there for a $2 corkage fee. Not sure how that is applied to beer, so be sure to ask first or that "reasonable" value rating might just go out the window.

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Photo of arizcards
3.95/5  rDev -5.7%

I had discovered Magnum's back at Christmastime while on the hunt thru the area grocery stores for a particular item for Christmas dinner for Da Boss. I did pick up some cigars on that visit and vowed to come back someday to pick up some beers I have yet to experience.
Well last night was the night I got my opportunity. After dropping off a friend after golfing in the early evening, I had cause to visit it on my way home.
Very nice interior contrasts greatly from a rather discreet outdoor facade. You have the feeling you are walking into your rich uncle's den. There was a seating area on the left as you walk in with some guys enjoying some cigars and having some lively conversation. I believe there was some wood paneling along the walls to give it that comfortable den feeling. My only concern is that a large part of the beer inventory was unrefrigerated and I questioned how quickly the inventory turned over as a number of bottles I purchased were dusty.
The service was very good as I was immediately acknowledged as I walked in. A second employee went out of his way to tell me about a new Double IPA by Left Hand Brewing after our brief discussion about Deschutes Inversion IPA. I noticed that the two employees were quick to acknowledge and assist all customers that walked in.
Selection of beer was very good as they had a large array of six packs, bombers, magnums, and singles to choose from. There is also a large selection of wine and liquers to choose from as well. Beer wise, I picked up two each of a half dozen beers I have not been able to sample from DeSchutes, Anchor, Ommegang, Unibroue, Alaskan, and Anderson Valley.
The beers were a bit pricey and you do not get a break on putting a six-pack together like I have seen at Papago. Overall it was fun to walk thru there. I recommend Magnum's to fellow local beer snobs to try as there maybe a few beers in there that you have not seen before.

Edit 7-4-10:

The inventory has been reduced significantly from what it used to be. Still i was able to find some rare beers including Papago Oude Zuipers and Black Albert Royal Stout...we'll see how the quality is when i pop the top in the near future. Definitely not the place it was 2 years ago.

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Magnum's Cigar Wine and Spirits in Phoenix, AZ
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