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Patricia's FoodsPatricia's Foods
Patricia's FoodsPatricia's Foods

900 N Keene St
Columbia, Missouri, 65201-6636
United States

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Photo of BedetheVenerable
4.15/5  rDev +15.9%

Patricia's is an old-school IGA grocery store with a nice wine/beer/spirits selection attached. They cary all of the typical American and import macro swill, but they also have a pretty nice (especially for a small grocery store) assortment of craft beers, both at room temperature and in the cooler. They've got all the standards from Bell's, Avery, New Belgium, Southern Tier, (some) North Coast's, Sam Adams, Ommegang, Rogue, Schlafly, Boulevard, Flying Dog, Great Divide, etc, as well as the usual heavy hitters from Belgium, the UK, and Germany (Weihenstephaner, Tucher, St. Peters, Black Sheep, Chimay, Westmalle, Samuel Smith's, Duvel, Fuller's, Orval, etc). In addition to this, they actually get a few one-offs or limited edition brews once in awhile (I just got one of the 50-case-only bourbon stout by O'Fallon. They've got a mix-a-six (cold only) deal which has pretty good variety for (I think) $9.99 which is about average around here. There are only a couple of people that work in the liquor department, and they usually know their wines (of which there is also a really nice selection) and beers pretty well. My one only complaint is that one whole shelf of their Belgians is on the top shelf of a shelving unit and is in direct sunlight for about 1/3 of the day. I just try not to buy off of this shelf if possible, but they have blinds, they should pulll 'em down. Anyway, other than that, great little place and one of the few in Columbia worth checking out.

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Photo of qcbeerguy
2.7/5  rDev -24.6%

After reading the previous reviews I was expecting a great beer store, what I found was an average at best beer store. This is no John's in Iowa City or Blue Max in Apple Valley, MN. The have a nice selection of local craft brews with a few slightly out of the ordinary brews. If this is the best Columbia has they do not have a great beer store in this town. I was looking for something special and did not find it. It is a average beer store at best. If you are looking for something special this place might or might not have it so check it out.

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Photo of Tone
4/5  rDev +11.7%

A great store with a chilled mix-six pack selection for $9.99. Roughly 75 different beers to be had in the mix-a-six pack selection. Large wall of coolers full of beer, all kinds of beers from imports to large domestics and craft brews. About half of the store is devoted to wine, but its definitely worth a visit if you're in the Columbia area. They have some brews that aren't found at either Arena Liquor or HyVee's Wine & Spirits store. In the non cooled section they have (Avery Beast, Delirium, Rogue Specials, Schlafly Reserves, Trappist Rocheport 6, 8, 10, Chimay, and so much more). The prices are a little higher than other stores in the area, but if they're the only place to get some brews you gotta pay up. Friendly service that is really knowledgeable on wine and pretty strong on beer. Haven't noticed any problems with the age of their beer or with any skunked beer. Overall, a pretty nice place.

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Photo of phergy
4.65/5  rDev +29.9%

Patricia's Liquor is one of the best places in Columbia to find quality beers. The staff is knowledgeable and does a good job of getting harder to find beers. Currently they have The Beast from Avery, and I believe they are the only place in town to have it.

Sarah at Patricia's appreciates good beer, and does a great job with assisting in selection. She is also always looking for special offerings from the distributors. On more than one occasion she has been able to get something that is limited release in Missouri and is not available any where else in town.

Prices are in line with other liquor stores in the area. This has become the beer store of choice for me, since I know I'll always be able to find something good.

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Photo of zeff80
2.24/5  rDev -37.4%
vibe: 1.75 | quality: 2 | service: 3 | selection: 2

Revised June 2012: Craft Beer presence in Columbia has gown exponentially, but it hasn't at Patricia's. Other places have far better selection.

Edit: July 08 -- Mix packs are now $9.99. Also, prices here tend to run a little higher than other stores.

Patricia's has a pretty good selection of craft beers. They have a shelf of big singles, mostly imports but some domestics (like Rogue). They carry Bells, Schafly, NB, Boulevard, Odell, Sam Adams, and Anchor. They've recently opened a build you own six pack section for $8.99. It appeared to be a 40+ singles to choose from. My one concern about the store is that their shelf of big singles is right by a large window. It could really hurt the top shelf beers. I grabbed a couple Tucher beers from that shelf and so far they seem okay.

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Patricia's Foods in Columbia, MO
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