The Bruery

The BrueryThe Bruery
The BrueryThe Bruery
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

715 Dunn Way
Placentia, California, 92870
United States

(714) 996-6258 | map

Notes: Tasting Room hours of operation are now 12pm - 10pm 7 days per week.
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"Peace" Of CakeOld Ale12.714-
Ah Fudge!Stout - American Imperial1033.81-
All The ChocolateHerb and Spice Beer6.6474.08-
All The Chocolate CowsStout - American Imperial14124.3-
All The CowsStout - American Imperial1484.23-
American AnthemStrong Ale - American13.6354.26-
American WheatWheat Beer - American Pale5.113.65-
Another BrickPilsner - Imperial8.524.42-
Antojitos LicuadosStout - American Imperial1524.41-
Apple Falls FarStrong Ale - American13.114.65-
April ShowersStrong Ale - Belgian Pale12.534.38-
Atta BoysenberryWheat Beer - Wheatwine13.8124.16-
Auld NutsOld Ale15.514.3-
Autumn MapleFruit and Field Beer102,0983.81-
Autumn Maple - MidnightFruit and Field Beer10643.91-
Autumn Maple 2.0Fruit and Field Beer1063.66-
Back To The BasicsStout - American Imperial11.244.2-
Bake This: Black Forest CakeStout - American Imperial10.0494.31-
Bake This: Blueberry PieStrong Ale - American8.614.39-
Bake This: CheesecakePale Ale - English6.3234.1-
Bake This: Pumpkin MuffinStout - American Imperial10.814.19-
Baked on the BayouStout - American Imperial12.814.24-
Bakery: Banana BreadStout - American Imperial10.2804.1-
Bakery: Boysenberry PieStout - American Imperial10.233.98-
Bakery: Cherry PieStout - American Imperial10.2814.16-
Bakery: Coconut MacaroonsStout - American Imperial133124.21-
Bakery: Oatmeal CookieStout - American Imperial10.2564.24-
Bakery: Sticky BunStout - American Imperial10.224.17-
Banana Puddin'Strong Ale - American12.923.9-
Batch #86Pale Ale - American663.91-
Better Than Your Father's EggnogHerb and Spice Beer6.254.24-
Bierbara 5.0Quadrupel (Quad)15.423.71-
BirnesapWheat Beer - Wheatwine14.724.28-
Black Is BeautifulStout - American Imperial1014.22-
Black TuesdayStout - American Imperial19.54,1514.59-
Black Tuesday - Sweet MagnoliasStout - American Imperial1834.61-
Black Tuesday - AlmondineStout - American Imperial19.414.9-
Black Tuesday - Banana PuddingStout - American Imperial19.414.99-
Black Tuesday - Café De La OllaStout - American Imperial20.214.21-
Black Tuesday - Chocolate Covered PistachioStout - American Imperial2024.24-
Black Tuesday - Cinnamon Toast CrunchStout - American Imperial19.414.96-
Black Tuesday - Coconut Caramel Bon BonStout - American Imperial19.914.32-
Black Tuesday - Double Barrel-Aged Finished In Maple Syrup BarrelsStout - American Imperial20.434.59-
Black Tuesday - Double Barrel-Aged Finished In North American Port BarrelsStout - American Imperial1924.46-
Black Tuesday - Double Barrel-Aged Finished In Vanilla BarrelsStout - American Imperial20.524.46-
Black Tuesday - Grand ReserveStout - American Imperial22.164.24-
Black Tuesday - Grandma Knott'sStout - American Imperial2064.34-
Black Tuesday - Heaven Hill Single BarrelStout - American Imperial2094.41-
Black Tuesday - Huck in VanillaStout - American Imperial1824.47-
Black Tuesday - Liberty StoutwichStout - American Imperial1844.39-
Black Tuesday - Love At MidnightStout - American Imperial1854.53-
Black Tuesday - MapleStout - American Imperial17.254.48-
Black Tuesday - Mocha Almond CakeStout - American Imperial19.424.49-
Black Tuesday - Morganza CakeStout - American Imperial1914.38-
Black Tuesday - North American Port Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial1914.61-
Black Tuesday - Peruvian Maranon NibsStout - American Imperial17.314.67-
Black Tuesday - Pina ColadaStout - American Imperial1714.59-
Black Tuesday - Port Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial17.81454.44-
Black Tuesday - Red Wine Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial18264.32-
Black Tuesday - ReserveStout - American Imperial20.53114.6-
Black Tuesday - Rum Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial18.93224.52-
Black Tuesday - You Want A Piece Of Me?Stout - American Imperial1854.38-
Blood and SandStrong Ale - American14.314.29-
Brue LiteLager - Light4.813.29-
BrycescottiPorter - Imperial13.3124.45-
BubblerBlonde Ale - American4.500-
Cacao You Doin?Stout - American Imperial10.514.09-
Cafe CocoaStout - American Imperial9.7174.26-
Callista FlockoutBlonde Ale - American543.98-
CandependencePale Ale - American6.174.12-
Cardinal PilsPilsner - German5.813.78-
Chocolate Covered Caramel Waffle ConeStout - Sweet / Milk8.314.16-
Chocolate RainStout - American Imperial19.62,8514.59-
Chocolate Rain - CherryStout - American Imperial19.5754.46-
Chocolate ReignStout - American Imperial21184.4-
ChurriosityStout - American Imperial14.23274.2-
Churriosity - ChocolateStout - American Imperial10.744.09-
Citrus Is LifeBarleywine - American13.314.21-
Classic German PilsnerPilsner - German5.313.74-
Cloak RoomStout - Irish Dry4.5344.14-
Coffee Is LifeBarleywine - English13.3144.01-
Cookie, Barrel, Drank!Barleywine - American1414.15-
Cookies And DreamsStout - American Imperial10.443.51-
Créme BruelayBarleywine - American15.914.27-
CultivarPale Ale - Belgian6.653.76-
Cumulus LagerPilsner - Imperial7.434.13-
DallyLager - Adjunct7.133.93-
Dark Wings Dark WordsStrong Ale - Belgian Dark10.624.16-
Deck DrinkerPilsner - German5.313.63-
Deliquesce - Maple CinnamonStout - American Imperial12.723.95-
DillyLager - Japanese Rice4.514.07-
DoppelbockBock - Doppelbock10.113.54-
Double Chocolate Mint StoutStout - American Imperial1124.01-
Dry-Hopped PilsPilsner - German5.634.09-
DunkelLager - Munich Dunkel6.324.03-
DunkelweizenWheat Beer - Dunkelweizen5.233.91-
Eep Opp Ork Ah-AhStout - American6.674.15-
Elvis MashBarleywine - American10.923.62-
Export MarzenLager - Märzen / Oktoberfest734.03-
Fall HellesLager - Helles5.114.09-
Father FilbertBock - Doppelbock1053.77-
Fest MarzenLager - Märzen / Oktoberfest6.434.31-
For A SpellStout - American Imperial14.144.28-
FrancoisWheat Beer - American Pale6.633.79-
Freestyle PilsPilsner - German5.823.77-
FürstStout - American Imperial16.224.53-
GeburtstagskranzStout - American Imperial9.5544.23-
German LeichtbierLager - European Pale3.224.04-
Ginger And Mary ShandPale Ale - Belgian8.2634.26-
GlenwortSmoked Beer14.914.09-
Goses Are RedSour - Gose5.623.12-
Gray MondayStout - American Imperial20.824.43-
Grey MondayStout - American Imperial19.91,9014.54-
HazulusIPA - American5.234.21-
HefeweizenWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.223.94-
HellesLager - Helles5.214.44-
Hold The Spoon - Black Chocolate CakeStout - Sweet / Milk8.5494.14-
Holiday PilsPilsner - German513.71-
Hombres BionicoWild Ale4.714.07-
Humulus 7Lager - American8.143.88-
Humulus Spring BreakLager - American7.464.01-
Humulus TerreuxWild Ale6.323.27-
Ice Cream Truck PorterPorter - Imperial10.624.06-
Imperial Or XataStrong Ale - American12.2953.78-
Imperial Pretzel NecklaceAltbier9.733.96-
Island HolidayWheat Beer - Wheatwine11.414.13-
Island TimeStout - Sweet / Milk8.6164.13-
It DepenseWild Ale11.113.99-
JardinierPale Ale - Belgian4.93943.8-
JöggingScotch Ale / Wee Heavy14.234.17-
Joy RideStout - American Imperial1544.14-
Kaffir CreekTripel9.214-
KellerpilsLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.514.42-
Kite WeatherPale Ale - American5.824.31-
LacingStout - American Imperial11.144.51-
Latte ArtStout - American5.944.11-
Lattice WorkStout - American Imperial12.134.23-
Lemonade For SaleFruit and Field Beer5.913.71-
Let Them Drink CakeFruit and Field Beer6.274.05-
Levud'sStrong Ale - Belgian Pale111353.84-
Loakal RedRed Ale - American Amber / Red6.95603.95-
London-Style Brown PorterPorter - English3.914.1-
MacamaniaStout - American Imperial13.0624.27-
MadagascarrascoStout - American Imperial12.5543.97-
Maple Pastry StoutStout - American Imperial11.224.35-
MashBarleywine - English12.55944.09-
Mash & CoconutBarleywine - English133004.3-
Mash & French ToastBarleywine - English13.4904.24-
Mash & SpumoniBarleywine - English12.8174.1-
Mash & VanillaBarleywine - English13.33024.21-
Mash PB&JBarleywine - American10.424.1-
May FlowersHerb and Spice Beer12.524.39-
Meemaw's Famous Sticky Bun StoutStout - American Imperial9.2164.18-
Mélange No. 15Strong Ale - American14.8854.07-
Mélange No. 3Strong Ale - American16.32,0344.44-
MeltStout - American Imperial1133.82-
Melted With CoconutStout - American7.334.05-
Minor MinerFarmhouse Ale - Saison513.13-
MischiefStrong Ale - Belgian Pale8.51,9564-
Mischief - Valentine'sStrong Ale - Belgian Pale8.533.23-
Mocha WednesdayStout - American Imperial19.91,4834.52-
Modern FamilleStout - American5.2364.1-
Mostra TuesdayStout - American Imperial19.464.27-
Muffin StuffinStout - American Imperial11.8134.23-
Nana's Famous Pain Perdu StoutStout - American Imperial9.764.1-
NgongoFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.211-
No Bake Strawberry CheesecakeWheat Beer - Wheatwine13.754.01-
Old EndentulousOld Ale12.843.75-
Or Chai-taBlonde Ale - American7.833.97-
Or XataBlonde Ale - American7.29573.99-
Orange County DreamsicleBarleywine - American9.253.81-
Out Of FocusPale Ale - American4.933.76-
Out Of The (Lunch) Box 2.0Fruit and Field Beer5.333.64-
Out Of The LunchboxFruit and Field Beer7.3463.78-
Pago PagoStout - American Imperial9.814.29-
Pallet SurpriseStout - American Imperial12.114.25-
Partners In CrimeStrong Ale - American12.214.18-
Partridge In A Pear TreeQuadrupel (Quad)111734.02-
Pasas PicassoOld Ale19.114.26-
PB & ThursdayStout - American Imperial19.8864.17-
Peanut CarterStout - American Imperial12.324-
Pecan Pie In The SkyStout - American Imperial10.9314.21-
Pie HappyOld Ale16.1114.3-
Piña Colada Pale AlePale Ale - American5.313.61-
Pistachio MustachioStout - American Imperial10.374.11-
Poached FigBarleywine - English13.294.3-
Portified Black TuesdayStout - American Imperial17.924.56-
Purple SnowFruit and Field Beer8.4733.99-
Quad KissesQuadrupel (Quad)13.164.37-
Raisin BrainBarleywine - American11.233.84-
RauchbierLager - Rauchbier7.324.16-
Retour Au TravailPale Ale - Belgian5.924.05-
Rice & BeansBlonde Ale - American7564.09-
Ride That Banana SplitBock - Weizenbock14.164.03-
RoggenbierRye Beer - Roggenbier5.644-
Ruekeller: HellesLager - Helles5.2604.07-
Ruekeller: MarzenLager - Märzen / Oktoberfest6.373.89-
Ruekeller: PilsnerPilsner - German5.774.09-
Rye Saison With TarragonFarmhouse Ale - Saison8.813.5-
Saison BretonFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.414.34-
Saison Des FêtesFarmhouse Ale - Saison9.113.92-
SaixonFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.713.56-
Sapsicle: TropicalWheat Beer - Wheatwine10.114.52-
Sapsicle: Berry WhiteWheat Beer - Wheatwine10.2214.6-
SchwarzbierLager - Schwarzbier5.644.13-
ScotsmanScotch Ale / Wee Heavy9.923.99-
Seasonal FaireFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.513.81-
SemanticsBarleywine - English8.213.75-
Shake This: Apricot SmoothieFruit and Field Beer6.344.01-
Shake This: Coconut SmoothieBlonde Ale - American6.154.02-
Shake This: CranberryFruit and Field Beer6.133.92-
Shake This: Mango LassiBlonde Ale - American6.623.76-
Shake This: Mango SmoothieFruit and Field Beer6.524.3-
Shake This: Orange SmoothieBlonde Ale - American5.354.27-
Shake This: Strawberry SmoothieFruit and Field Beer6.443.95-
Shake This: Watermelon SmoothieBlonde Ale - American6.5924.03-
Shard Of DarknessWild Ale9.723.96-
Share This: Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial13.5284.17-
Share This: CoffeeStout - American Imperial114094.21-
Share This: Mexican Hot ChocolateStout - American Imperial11.123.51-
Share This: Mint ChipStout - American Imperial10.5573.74-
Share This: OCStout - American Imperial111424.11-
Small Batch Hoarders: Black Tuesday IslayStout - American Imperial19.213.45-
Small Batch Hoarders: Mash & Maple GrindBarleywine - English15.654.42-
Small Batch Hoarders: Oh, My Cherry!Barleywine - American13.734.38-
Small Batch Hoarders: Xmas Spiced AnniversaryStrong Ale - English1600-
Small Batch Hoarders: Grain In, Grain OutStout - American Imperial14.814.43-
Small Batch Hoarders: Will It?Tripel13.714.24-
Small One-Ders: Back To The BasicsStout - American Imperial14.734.24-
Small One-Ders: John LemonWheat Beer - Wheatwine14.153.96-
Smart BlondBlonde Ale - American4.913.78-
So Happens It's DessertStout - American Imperial1514.44-
So Happens It's Moos-DayStout - Sweet / Milk11.754.03-
So Happens It's Organic ChemistryStout - American Imperial11.9224.11-
So Happens It's TuesdayStout - American Imperial157824.25-
So Happens It's Tuesday - CoffeeStout - American Imperial14.7684.3-
So Happens It's Tuesday - S'moresStout - American Imperial15204.26-
So Happens It’s Tuesday - MoléStout - American Imperial15154.3-
So TastyPilsner - German4.913.9-
SoieOld Ale17134.21-
Soie ReserveOld Ale1714.54-
Squirrel!Porter - Baltic964.05-
Sticky BunsOld Ale15.4254.31-
Sticky ChunkStout - American Imperial14124.29-
Still Black TuesdayStout - American Imperial18.214.32-
Still VindictiveStout - American Imperial15.844.4-
Strawberry Cream PuffFruit and Field Beer13.534.14-
Summer BittersBitter - English4.313.61-
Summer WitWheat Beer - Witbier5.534.11-
Sundae SapWheat Beer - Wheatwine12.753.89-
Sundae SundayStout - American Imperial17.2234.26-
Sweet LibertyStout - American Imperial9.563.76-
Tart of DarknessSour - Flanders Oud Bruin6.613.5-
The ArchetypeStrong Ale - American14.6114.32-
The GardenerLager - Light4.914-
The RutherfordsStout - American Imperial15.100-
The SpiceStout - American Imperial10.214-
Thomas RutherfordStout - American Imperial14.224.35-
Three's CocompanyStout - Sweet / Milk11.3114.26-
TikiPale Ale - Belgian6.863.77-
Trade WindierTripel8.363.88-
Trade WindsTripel8.11,1603.93-
Traditional BockBock - Traditional7.124.01-
Traditional London-style Brown PorterPorter - English3.923.84-
Vermont Sticky MapleStout - American Imperial11.31794.22-
Vietnamese Iced CoffeeStout - American Imperial10.314.02-
Wee Heavy CoconutsScotch Ale / Wee Heavy12.5404.37-
Wee So HeavyScotch Ale / Wee Heavy1314.22-
WeizenbockBock - Weizenbock8.924.2-
Western SkylinePale Ale - American5.464.01-
WetherBock - Weizenbock10.9264.15-
White ChocolateWheat Beer - Wheatwine13.81,3714.23-
White Chocolate - CherriesWheat Beer - Wheatwine14.2624.31-
White Chocolate - RaspberryWheat Beer - Wheatwine13.1104.21-
White Chocolate MilkshakeWheat Beer - Wheatwine14.514.3-
White Chocolate WarmerWheat Beer - Wheatwine14164.19-
White ChristmasWheat Beer - Wheatwine16.614.5-
White MochaWheat Beer - Wheatwine16.31024.11-
White OakWheat Beer - Wheatwine11.51,3493.94-
Why Wait For Wednesday?Stout - American Imperial12.114.5-
Wisdom & WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.614.02-
With A Baseball BatStout - American Imperial8.313.81-
Woodshop QuadQuadrupel (Quad)12.114.29-
Yaya's Famous Raspberry Cheesecake StoutStout - American Imperial9.664.15-
Yeastern AirlinesPale Ale - American5.644.15-
You Asked For ItStout - American Imperial16.2294.27-
¡Pink Snow!Fruit and Field Beer8.13254.02-
The Bruery in Placentia, CA
Brewery rating: 4.26 out of 5 with 31063 ratings