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427 B 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11215
United States

(718) 965-1196

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Added by alerievay on 04-27-2008

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Photo of DrinkSlurm
4.53/5  rDev -2.8%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4

Came here for a quick bite to eat and a brew on New Years Eve.
First thing I must point out is that this isnt a "bar" as it is a restaurant. I was under the impression it was a chill bar and when we walked in, we realized it was much more fancy. We were dressed in sort of "fun" new years costumes, and felt way out if place...but the, im assuming owner, didnt blink an eye and sat us immediately. He was super nice and accompdating. I almost felt like appologizing for looking like an wacko...
Moving on...
Its very small with 3 or 4 communal tables; each seating about 8 people. The selection isnt huge, but very good! We had a Hill Farmstead Everett and Maine Mean Old Tom. Both excellent brews by the way...they also maintained a great bottle list.
We also ordered a cheese plate, which was very good as well.
The prices were a bit high. Beer on tap ranged from like $8 to $12 and I would say bottles were anywhere from about 30% to 50% more than you can buy in the store.
Overall, really nice place, with great service, and great selection...but very high prices. Still worth stopping by if they continue to have Hill Farmstead on tap.

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Photo of Burnsy22
4.2/5  rDev -9.9%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4 | service: 5 | selection: 3.5

The atmosphere in this place was great, a modern farmhouse feel complete with dim lighting, wooden tables, and cozy seating. The staff was very friendly and know their beers and selection well. They seem to have a rotating selection of some very rare craft brews. I was pleasantly surprised to see many of their selection are of breweries/brews I've never heard of. They also have a tasting sized glass, so trying out a bunch of different beers is easier both on your liver and on your wallet. However, over all, the prices are still New York prices, which is to say that everything is expensive.

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Photo of sholland119
4.05/5  rDev -13.1%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 3.5

Gonna have to say that this place, while very good, is in no way deserving of the top spot for BA Places in NY. We had alovely brisk walk from the Brooklyn Museum, arriving at 5:30 on a Saturday evening.

I was quite surprised by how small this was. Three tables of communal seating, overstuffed with 8 stool per table, where 6 would have been comfortable.

Tap list is small, with about 7 nice taps and one soda (!). JW Lees Harvest was a nice tap surprise; not sure I have ever seen it on tap before.

Menu is small with 4 snacks and a three course tasting/a la carte menu. Radishes with butter and sea salt were a revelation; pickled peanuts not so much.

Service was quite nice. I'd stop back again if I were in the neighborhood. Very glad that we did not make a special trip out for this.


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Photo of slander
4.68/5  rDev +0.4%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 5

Another from the list long overdue, and so I apologize, but honestly, I’m hardly ever about these days and they deal a 5PM Slope opening, not exactly where I play. It’s time, make it happen, yeah yeah. Saturday, then, on their doorstep at opening. Ooh, foodies, back to back...

Unassuming store front on 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. A single room, smaller than my first apartment. 3 hightops in a row adorned with fat candles in glass to one side with seating for 8 tightly (meet new people, share space) on red backless metal stools and then the service bar and shoebox kitchenings to the back of the house.

Brick wall to one side with a coat hook bar, and dried flowers or something overhead in a row alongside drop quart mason jar lamps from the painted plank wood ceiling sporting a pair of spinny fans. The not so far wall is painted darkish, with a large horizontal mirror on center, and jarred all sorts of somethings shelved below, dehydrated fruits & veggies and the like used for foodings here. A wood shelving unit past there with bottled selections and more, not on the menu, (Brooklyn & Alesmith 750’s, Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien magnums, De Struise Black Albert, Mikkeller barrel aged Black Hole, oh, 3 vintages of the Oerbier Reserva, how nice, but are you sitting on any ‘02’s? Yeah, I thought so. Pwned!) To the rear, a slight wood box marble topped bar space. Glassware dangling overhead and racked to one side, and pull butcher paper rolls above for the easy table setting change. Boards with taps & feature bottles listed atop.

3 taps on a lunch box tower, the handles being pieces of an old food mill (Bayerischer Bahnhof White Ale Interpretation, Hopfenstark Kamarad Friedrich Imperial Stout, and He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA), and a single handpump alongside (Birra del Borgo Gina, which she is correct, tastes like drinking a pizza, must be the thyme).

And bottles, 2 dozen +1. A few US entries (Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela, Bruery Autumn Maple, Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious, Cigar City Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout, Pretty Things Baby Tree), and the rest are imports. I won’t lie, some (all) of them are pricey (Oerbier for $14, Rochefort 10 for $17, the priciest item is the De La Senne Wadesa #1 for $43, with Birrifico Barley BB Dexi close on its heels at $42, and Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus bringing up the rear at $41. The menu lists them by name, bottle size, ABV and a light description. De Dolle Oer Bier, dark, dry, licorice, tart, raisins, wood, spice, fall (Fall? Really? It tastes like autumn? Mmm, well perhaps); Bayerischer Bahnhof Berliner Weisse, lemon zest, hazy, delicious, dishwater (but not in a bad way); okay, 1 more, Harviestoun Ola Dubh, 16 year highland park, char, heather, peat, oil, cocoa, elegant (replace elegant with poison, me thinks). You get the idea.

Foodwise, we dealt off the $25 for a 3-course dinner menu (there being snacks otherwise and cheese plate & chocolate as post dessertings.). Each course holds 3 options from which to build your make-a-meal.

Ben kicked us off with a snack of radishes with butter & sea salt. I’m not a known rabbit, but having dabbed the butter and just a touch of sea salt, I got my radish on and it wasn’t unpleasant.

I started with the white bean puree with red chilis & toast. The white bean puree was excellent, the red chilis were not the baby tomatoes sliced that I knew they weren’t, and the toast was like buttery or spread with goodness. I’m not like a dip guy but I gone ‘et it all. Ben started with the roasted beets with smoked sardines, sour cream & dill. Now, I grew up with the grandparents parking a jar of Borscht whenever they visited and then leaving that crap behind for me to have to look at indefinitely, so I’m of the no goddamn beets for me mindset, but in the spirit of try new things adventure, I will sample. As suspected, beets are beat, but Ben liked ‘em.

Next up, I had the caramelized bacon with roasted fingerling potatoes & chives. The slab bacon was solid and the fingerlings were wonderful, with their slight chiving. Ben had the butter beans with bacon, scallions & mayonnaise on bread. Having forked on it, I can say that it was good, but clearly I won round 2.

We both wound down with the butterscotch pudding with cocoa nib brittle. The butterscotch pudding was amazing and damn that super salty brittle was money. Holy crap.

Started with a Bayerischer Bahnhof White Ale Interpretation (nice & light, a bit coriander heavy), then we split a t’Gaverhopke Zingende Blondine, and then the Cigar City Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout, uncarbonated (paired quite nicely with the cocoa nib brittle butterscotch pudding).

We rolled in for the 5PM opening so the crowd was light until filling in some. But it’s a comfortable house, as tight as it was. Good beer, great food. Pricey as all fuck, but this is why we work. Server was excellent and likes her Jeff Buckley, so I guess I love her now. I’d totally go back. Excellent place, better with a sponsor.

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Photo of DrDogbeer
4.22/5  rDev -9.4%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4 | food: 3.5

Stopped in for a quick couple of beers and an app with my wife on a recent trip to NYC. Luckily got the last two seats at one of the three communal tables. Only 24 seats in the place so space is at a premium. They were having their "harvest fest" with 3 casks of J.W. Lees harvest ales, so the menu was not as it usually is. Just some meat and cheese plates were available, not the usual 3 course menu that it shows on the website. That was a bit of a let-down. I had a Harviestoun Ola Dubh 18 on tap. It was delicious. A bit pricey, though, at $10 for a 6 oz. pour into a small wine glass. We split some cheese & toast- eh. I then had a J.W. Lees from the beer engine (they had 2 others via gravity casks) and it was a bit past its prime. I believe it was the fourth day on cask. That was a bit disappointing. The bottle list was very well put together with prices that seemed ok, maybe a bit high, but what I would pretty much expect. The server was very attentive and very nice. She seemed to know her stuff. Very neat location and a very good idea for a different bar. Would love to go back again for a cozy dinner with a few friends.

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Photo of henkster
4.78/5  rDev +2.6%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4.5

I'm fortunate enough that this establishment is within walking distance of where I live. I'm also lucky enough to have been to some great beer bars in the US and Europe (Kulminator, Bruges Beertje, several in Bamberg...). I would put this place right up with any of them.

It starts with the very welcoming atmosphere that is fostered by the owners. Everyone that enters is greeted, and you'll quickly have a menu in front of you, followed by an offer to try any of the 3 drafts [March 2011 update - draft list is expanded to 6 + 1 cask] and 1 cask selections (which are very frequently rotated). The bottle list consists of 20+ well-chosen (and usually uncommon) selections. There are also several bottled beers which you can buy by the glass.

Relative to my friends (although maybe not relative to some of the experts on this site), I consider myself fairly knowledgable about beer. One of the main reasons I love Beer Table is that I have usually never tried (or possibly heard of) 80% of that day's draft/bottle selections. For example, on my visit last night, the draft selections were: Mikkeller/Revelation Cat Cream Ale; Schlenkerla Fastenbier; Nøgne Ø Imperial Dunkelwit; and BFM B.A.T.S.(cask). I was familiar with each of these breweries, but had never tried any of these particular beers. I also have never encountered them at any other beer bar. I ended up with the Nøgne Ø, which was fantastic. For my second beer, I had a bottle of Beersel Lager (brewed for Drie Fonteinen by de Proef). Trust me, you find something here that you have never had...and it will be great.

Even for New York (or, more specifically, Brooklyn), Beer Table is expensive. The drafts typically range from $7-$12+; bottles can range up to $100+ for aged/rare beers. So, it would be hard to make this your daily watering hole. But, if you're looking for a special treat, and you really appreciate great beer, this is well worth it.

Regarding the food, the menu is fairly limited. I have only had several of the appetizer selections (the pickled eggs, with sea salt, are my favorite). However, everything is prepared with care, and has always been great.

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Photo of nickd717
4.33/5  rDev -7.1%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4 | food: 4.5

A nice beer bar owned by a married couple, Justin and Tricia, who are awesome people. They have an ever-changing bottle selection organized from lightest to most intense with some really interesting stuff on the list. Service is great - Justin will discuss beers with you and is really knowledgeable. Haven't tried the food but I hear it's solid.

My one complaint is that it's pretty damn expensive. Bottle prices can be really steep and when I've been there, tap prices have been at least $7. I appreciate the interesting list, but I'm not going to shell out $90 for a bottle.

This place is TINY. Seating is only for about 20 people, and there's not much standing room. Nice atmosphere though nonetheless.

Haven't been back since early 2008, but I'm still on the e-mail list and I hear their beer dinners are awesome.

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Photo of Nickls
4.58/5  rDev -1.7%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5

(From notes)

Stopped in after a show in Prospect Park, and there were still quite a few people in the place and it was busy even though it was just past 10pm on a Tuesday night.

Sat at one of the several communal style tables, and it was a bit cozy with a full table, and any cozier would have a bit cramped. Characterized by wood, exposed brick, interesting bottles lining the high shelves. Pretty neat feel.

The service was outstanding, and I have to say that this is the best informed and knowledgeable staff that I have encountered at any beer-related establishment that I've ever visited. Really world class in this department, and one didn't have to 'pay' for this knowledge with delayed or slow service.

The tap selection was small, but very interesting and a few rare brews. It was interesting that you could purchase beer by the glass as this saves you from having to buy one of their very expensive 750ml bottles.

Overall, this is a great place and I would consider more frequent visits, but it's just really damn expensive, which is the only drawback in my mind. Highly recommended.

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Photo of bhalter8
4.6/5  rDev -1.3%
vibe: 4 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4 | food: 4.5

Stopped in at Beer Table when my wife and I headed to Brooklyn to visit Brooklyn Brewery. I am very glad I did, the Beer Table is a fun, and unique, place to visit. A great find for anyone who really enjoys beer, and even those who don't, as we took a friend, who lives in NYC and had never been there, but she loved it, as well. Atmosphere is warm and welcoming, but sorta hard to mingle due to the arrangement of the long tables. The warm atmosphere is primarily due to our server, she was incredibly knowledgeable, while not being overbearing, and offered samples of almost anything on tap. The tap list is rather short, but stocked with some unique rarities (Belgian selections were very impressive). The bottle list is equally impressive, and longer, but very pricey. The food is superb, with our server happy to make recommendations, but also allowed us to play around with different beers, and appetizers. The food is rather light, it seems, so coming here prior to heading to a restaurant in the area would be a great beginning to an evening. In the end, Beer Table is a very cool, different place, if you make it Brooklyn, definitely stop by for a brew or two. A nice change of pace from the types of beer bars that are simple walls of taps.

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Photo of Damian
4.75/5  rDev +1.9%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4 | food: 5

After hearing so many good things about Beer Table, my father and I decided to stop here on a recent visit to the city. The bar looks somewhat unassuming from the outside, but the interior is rather interesting. Similar to Spuyten Duyvil, this place has a very "country-ish, old time-y" look and feel to it. The wood tables are thick and unfinished. Mason jars serve as shades for light bulbs that dangle from the ceiling. The decor can be classified as being both rustic and chic.

We visited Beer Table on a Saturday night and, to our surprise, the place was not very crowded. Luckily, we were able to grab seats at one of the four row-style tables. Aside from the interesting decor, two other things that quickly got my attention were the beer list and the prices. I consider myself to be an uber beer nerd but many of the selections on the tap and bottle lists definitely had me stumped. The four taps were all pouring beers by Hopfenstark, a tiny brewery from Montreal that, according to our server, produced some amazing brews. The bottle list was quite extensive (it contained approximately fifty beers) of which I only recognized a handful. It was apparent that this place likes to carry only rare and/or unusual offerings. While some may consider this pretentious, I found it intriguing. In addition to taps and individual bottles, Beer Table also does single pours of "big" bottles. On the night we visited, the bottles included Cantillon Saint Lamvinus and Lou Pepe Gueuze and Oak Aged Balthazar.

Nearly as shocking as the selection were the prices. Ten ounce pours of the Hopfenstark ales were $14. The Saint Lamvinus was $20 a glass and the Lou Pepe was $18. My Oak Aged Balthazar was a relative bargain at a mere $12. The individual bottles were also outrageously priced. The priciest bottle was a 2006 Xyauyù, which was going for $106. Ouch.

While the prices at Beer Table might be steep, the service more than compensated for the markup. When my father asked about the tap selections, our server brought us sample pours of each of them. I even got a sample pour of the Lou Pepe Gueze and the Oak Aged Balthazar, before I decided on the latter. Our waitress was incredibly friendly and attentive to our every need. It seems like stellar service is definitely part of their shtick here.

My father and I also tried some of the items on the menu. Both were terrific. Beer Table makes a number of small, appetizer-sized small plates, including a few that are pickled. The pickled fennel with orange zest was outstanding, and it paired perfectly with my father's Bos Keun. We also sampled the malt gelato, which was made by a local company called Il Laboritario del Gelato. It was unquestionably one of the best frozen concoctions of any sort I have ever tried.

Beer Table may not be most people's idea of any everyday beer bar, but it is definitely worth an occasional visit. Thank you Justin and Jenny for making an already terrific weekend that much better. And an extra thanks to Justin for that additional treat on the way out. You guys rock.

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Photo of m1ked
4.55/5  rDev -2.4%
vibe: 4 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4 | food: 4

This was the first beer spot my wife and I hit up on our first day of living in Brooklyn. We both like beer & food...I'm more the beer geek and she is more the foodie. So this place was able to appease us both. This place is small, luckily for us it was off peak hours. I imagine you end up talking to your table neighbors which is a good thing...most of the times. The service was excellant. a young lady who was very knowledgable withour out being pretentious....very laid back. As mentioned in other posts...they have hard to find/rare beers....mostly belgians. Obviously just being on this site & posting puts me in the beer geek category...with that being said I recognized about 1/4 of their listings...which I thought was cool. is way pricey (for me). The apps look good, we had some spicey pickled items...they were good. They do a prix fixe plus beer pairing on tuesdays...I would like to check that out some day. All in all, a small cool rare expensive beer bar with food and great service. I recommend you check it out.

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Photo of dexterdonatus
4.72/5  rDev +1.3%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4

In essence, it seems without boundaries that I speak of this place prior to any comments as might first be prescribed by the infamous "Slander." It seems as though folks are waiting just outside the door, with their hands cupped to their ears and heads tilted into the wind, as if asking for advice... Where art thou, monsieur Slander? In due time, he shall turn up and offer some sense, in which case, he just might need to see some Eastwood movie, first ("Per un pugno di dollari"?).

But as it was, it was only me, and a fellow I am rarely accustomed to "imbibing" with. Sir Lawrence Lackaday was present, too, making his rules, as he is known to do. Don't do this, he says, and then draws a picture for needless emphasis. Yes, yes, etiquette and Emily Post and then with all those unnecessary what-have-you's. Am I to criticize, unless, for instance, a comma should go astray? As can commonly be expected, Sir Lackaday only brought with him foreign currency. So it was "I" who was left with the tab. Less modest than what might be deemed typical, for two, but well worth it... 'in a way.'

It was at this point, or just prior, when I asked Lawrence if he was supposed to be somewhere else, as he appeared more fidgety than usual. He said that he had been scheduled for a 'session.' Meaning... well, upon prying into his affairs he said: "When your sponsor goes on a 'bender', your only real duty is to make sure he does it right." Feeling something like a character from a Hunter S. Thompson novel, I nodded, raised my glass, and made sure I followed Lawrence's method of silent toasting, which is habitually met with a rigid glance into one's fellow drinker's eyes.

Ah. Yes. So there we were. Pleasant as it was. Learning as we were: this beer, and that... a couple BFM's (a bon chien, indeed), a couple cans of Oskar Blues Gordon Ale (for the sake of bohemia), and, if I am not mistaken, multiple samples of Samichlaus (I forget who it was that said, 'Please, another round of these'). I believe we were learning; that was the ultimate goal: to learn, and nothing more.

Then our thoughts diverted, as is usual, and it was noted that the windows were closed--this due to the relative climate for the day. But they could just as easily be opened if the taste upon one's finger put towards the wind was met with the right flavor. We sat there, adjacent to others. Listening, situated, as the place is arranged (and aptly named); a layout perfect for eavesdropping and, well, pretending not to partake in an activity so lowly. Lawrence informed me, no more than five minutes into one of our latest 'tours,' that he was certain he heard a fellow adjacent to him say "pray tell." He immediately went into a short-lived diatribe upon archaic language, and then informed me that it is with good reason 'the expression' is not "the woolly mammoth in the room." It was by way of this notion that I was able to reasonably infer a meaning from such a self-evident revelation: ...that a more modest hairdo is generally requisite when midst a recession.

Then Lawrence finished his pint of... what was it again? "Carry on," he said. Which meant he sought another, though well out of his wits as he was.

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Photo of DefenCorps
4.68/5  rDev +0.4%
vibe: 5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4.5

Mad props to RblWthACoz for pointing me in the this direction.

Beer table is a tiny, tiny place, with three communal tables, a small bar area and a rather intimate vibe. The owner and his wife are on hand to bus tables, take orders and make recommendations. Like the others have noted, this is a place where they think long and hard about the menus and their beer. A small tap selection (3+1 cask) and an excellent bottle list to complement an eclectic food menu. I really like the idea of selling some beers by the glass as well. While I didn't get to eat much, I was glad to try the dehydrated lotus root (interesting) and a rather excellent plate of olives.

Where this place falters, imo, is price. $11 pours of cask beer? Ouch. This is expensive, even for the neighborhood and almost outrageously so, but the entire experience is worth it. Excellent, attentive and friendly service, no pretentiousness and a great menu are always worth checking out. I'm not going back until I'm no longer on a student's budget.

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Photo of mikeyv35
4.86/5  rDev +4.3%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5

Was browsing on BA and happened upon The Beer Table's website which said that they had bottles of Xyauyu 2006 - I was sold to say the least. Drove up and down 7th avenue in Brooklyn 5-6 times passing this small venue on numerous occasions. Finally, after asking enough Brooklynites I walked into this very small quaint beer bar. The atmosphere was soothing and tranquail with it's dark setting, candlelite tables, brick artsy architecture, and the sounds of jazz playing in the background. The bottle selection was not as elaborate as I would have expected, but it was loaded with hard-to-find rarities and gems. If your looking for a huge selection you go to a Greek Diner, but if your looking for a fine dining experience you go to a spot in Manhattan that only needs to offer 4-5 entree choices because they are all absolutely amazing. Bad analogy, but you get the idea. To be thorough, my friend and I split and sipped on 3 different JW Lees vintages, BFM Cuvee Alex Le Rouge, De Dolle Dulle Teve (The Mad Bitch), and finished w/ Xyauyu 2006 and a sip or two of Xyauyu 2005. The service was inpecable, as the two hosts (Sarah and Jennifer) were not only charming and accomodating, but sophisticated, full of personality, and extremely knowledgeable about their beer. Sarah and Jennifer went out of their way to go into the cellar and dig up some brews that were not even posted on the beer list. The only knock on this fine establishment would be the price which was expensive but usual for Park Slope Brooklyn. However, this was a great experience and treat that I would highly recommend to my fellow BAs - I never mind opening the wallet when it comes to sharing great brew with good people. Cheers to The Beer Table for a job well done - and a new regular customer acquired!

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Photo of RichThatchr
4.72/5  rDev +1.3%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4

This tiny bar in Park Slope won my immediate admiration with the owners' super friendly and personal touch while providing some of the most unusual top grade beers and ales that I had tasted recently. Defying the usual expectations, Justin and his wife came to every table like you were their personal guests and anything they had was yours. The magical selection was not like the the complete A to Z one might find at the Gingerman, but it had profound nuances to explore. This was beer geek heaven in a tiny space and its tables were arranged community style..

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Photo of soulgrowl
4.68/5  rDev +0.4%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4.5

The proprietors of Beer Table have really happened upon a brilliant concept and executed it beautifully. It wasn't what I expected - I thought that the food and beer menus would be somewhat smaller, and more coordinated with one another, putting more of an emphasis on specific, carefully chosen pairings. This isn't to say that as a beer-and-food experience Beer Table is in any way a disappointment; it was just different from what I thought it would be. It seems to me that the strategy behind the restaurant is to offer a very rounded selection of esoteric beers that tend to accompany food well ("food beers" if you will) along with a somewhat more focused menu of food that would tend to link up well with beer ("beer food"). Beer Table encourages experimentation - they basically give you a very nice toolbox to work with, but you draft the blueprints yourself. And of course, if you want it, friendly and knowledgeable guidance is always offered with enthusiasm.

So basically, guests are allowed to play around with beer and food instead of being told what to pair with what - and what fun this is! Or at least, it would be a lot more fun if I could have actually afforded more than one beer and one dish here. The obscure, world-class beers on offer start at about $10 and work their way up to astronomical prices, though food is much more reasonable. After a delicious plate of butter beans and a gruit (an excellent match, by the way), I had blown my dinner budget.

The atmosphere is laid back and friendly, and surprisingly not at all pretentious. It is, however, a bit cramped and too dark - I like to be able to see the $20 beer I'm drinking in order to appreciate it fully. I also felt that some beers were served a touch too cold. But overall, it's a great place, even if it's a place I'd like to visit more than I'm fiscally or geographically able. Recommended, especially to the beer geek-foodie crowd.

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Photo of beersolicitor
4.95/5  rDev +6.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5 | food: 4.5

Beer Table is close enough that I always want to head over, but just far enough that the excursion takes some planning. It is well worth the trip every time.

Justin and his wife Tricia, the owners, are celebrating BT's 1-year anniversary this week with an expanded Tuesday night dinner (as far as I know, they only serve a full dinner on Tuesdays). The rest of the week features smaller snacks. In addition to the rotating keg/cask selections, each day features a menu of ~30 bottles, arranged from most approachable to most complex. Like the taps, the bottles rotate pretty frequently. Each time I've visited, I've described a style of beer or flavor I'm craving. Without fail, Justin's suggestions blew me away.

I took a group of friends with mixed beer tastes/experiences to BT for my birthday recently. They were unsure at first, but when Justin explained that he had been dreaming about the release of one of that night's tap brews "for years" my friends were sold. "Anyone who has that much passion about his product has my support" was the general consensus.

Go to BT. Make an afternoon of it. You definitely don't want to rush. And save room for beer cheese (cheese magically whipped with beer and spread on sliced bread) and malt gelato.

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Photo of apintofknowledge
5/5  rDev +7.3%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Behind a narrow, relatively anonymous storefront, step inside to find a modern but cozy, warm and welcoming space with brick and wood walls, a few long solid wood tables, mason jar lamps, and wood shelves filled with obscure and wonderful beers. Above the "bar" (which is an open window to the tiny kitchen) there is a constantly updated roll of brown paper listing the three taps, one cask, and three beers by the glass available each evening.

A welcoming host leads you to available seats at the communal tables, and helps guide you through the bottle list if you like (and while the descriptions on the menu are spot-on, a little extra background on these amazing finds is always interesting). Small samples of any of the draught or by the glass beers are offered if you have interest.

The communal tables make the Beer Table much more condusive to conversation than a typical "bar", both with your companion(s) as well as with the fellow parties around you. Sharing your thoughts on your favorites or new discoveries on the beer list makes the experience all that more enjoyable.

Your tab could add up very quickly, but the beers here are the kind you sip, savor and linger over, and can certainly be shared, so this place is about quality and savoring, not downing pint after pint.

Among the selections are rare, intriguing and exotic Italian beers that defy conventional styles; aged rare finds from England; French Ciders; Belgian Sours; and smokey German Lagers. The Birreria le Baladin Xyauyù I enjoyed at the end of the evening as a 3 ounce pour in a wine glass was unlike any beer I've ever tried (closest maybe to Utopias, but different)... still, strong, thick, sherry-like, it was a wonderful nightcap.

I've yet to find a better or nicer or warmer place for savoring some of the most interesting beer finds you'll ever see in a single place. Truly special, and well worth a special trip to a place that any beer advocate would wish was in their neighborhood.

If only Beer Table was around back when I lived in Park Slope, I would have been very happy and very broke! I'll be back!

 2,101 characters

Photo of RblWthACoz
4.95/5  rDev +6.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5 | food: 4.5

Walked in at the start of the night when there was no crowd (I don't really like packed bars. I like to be able to chill.) Great vibe on the inside. Very warm and personal. I felt like I was in someones home. Everything was set up perfectly with the minimal amount of beers on tap/by the glass listed on the far wall. Bottle menu listed things available from mild to most intense. I think Schlenkerla Helles was at the top and Peche Mortel at the bottom. There are plenty of goodies here to choose from. You'll have no problem finding something.

Food was listed on the back. Quite the variety with that as well. I did the snail plate which was pretty tasty.

Quality of beer was flawless. There is such an attention to proper detail here and it clearly shows in the beer.

Service was relaxed, attentive, and sincere.

The prices are higher, yes. But I don't really get what the big deal is. There are so many thousands of bars in the NYC/Brooklyn area where you can get a beer. But hardly any of them are delivering such a high quality experience where you are guaranteed to have everything right everytime you get it. So the there are plenty of alternatives to take advantage of besides here. Bottom line is that The Diamond still reigns supreme as my anyday bar (it's much closer), but Beer Table is an excellent once in a while choice for a superior beer experience (when I'm read to take the trip over to Park Slope).

 1,427 characters

Photo of JohnQVegas
4.83/5  rDev +3.6%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4.5

I live close enough to Beer Table that my wife and I go there on a regular basis. There are several things that keep us going back, notably the fact that Justin, Tricia, and Jenny are some of the most gracious and likable people that I've ever met. I've learned to trust Justin's descriptions more than any other bartender in the city.

As for the beer, at 3 taps/1 cask, it's a small selection. However, the lines are kept immaculately clean and the beer insanely fresh because of the limited selection. I've never had a beer there that wasn't perfect in terms of presentation and freshness. The bottle selection is usually in the 25 bottle range, and wildly eclectic - the owner has a fondness for very tiny european breweries from Italy, Belgium, etc. that you haven't heard of yet. The most seasoned beer geek will likely not know of at least 1/3 the bottle list.

The food is excellent also, though very much a small plate establishment. It's really nice, fresh, often home made cheeses, sausages, dried foods, veggies, etc. Definitely worth a sampling.

In short, it's not cheap, but it's one of my favorite beer bars in the city, simply because of the relationships the owners create with their customers. Well, and the fantastic beer.

 1,242 characters

Photo of Sixpoint
4.88/5  rDev +4.7%
vibe: 4 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Ok, so let's look at this from a marketing/niche/business angle: in a city of 9 million people with dozens of "beer bars" is there a single bar that delivers an boutique, intimate and 100% customized customer service experience with outstanding and esoteric selection of beer? In other words, is there an equivalent "beer bar" to a "wine bar"

Nope. Well, not until BEER TABLE that is. Ask and ye shall receive. And you will be guaranteed to not finder a more exotic selection of beer than any other bar in NYC, save Spuyten Duvil at the moment. However, with its smaller numbers and owner/operator vibe, the Beer Table currently trumps all other beer bars in terms of customer service and education. The proprietors (husband/wife team) are there to answer and advise and provide guidance for all questions regarding beer...

The selection and service and boutique nature is reflected in the price point. A party of four hanging out and chilling and having 2-3 beers a piece will easily spend over $100, perhaps as much as $200 when the night as done.

You determine the value - this is NYC

 1,091 characters

Photo of dieselboy914
4.9/5  rDev +5.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5 | food: 4

Well the previous review does a decent job describing the place, but I'll try to add to it.

It's owned, run, and maitained by a young married couple and just recently the two-person staff has been complimented by the husband's sister. The bottled selection is extensive for an establishment of this size, and sliding into a stool can be a little bit of a challenge without looking clumsy, but once you sit down, you don't want to get up...

The taps change very very frequently and are listed on their own website, with email updates.

The Cheese selection is equally unique, though i know nothing of cheese.

The descriptions are great, with most beers being normally priced for Park Slope at $6-8 per bottle, with some going into the teens, and some beers that have accrued years going into the 40s 50s and 60s. These must be special but out of my price range...

Will definitely come back, but probably better to go on a weeknight, when it's slightly less crowded. Though I truly do appreciate the jazz soundtrack. Justin(co-owner) was super helpful, and his service was prompt. He really seemed to care.

Anyways, defintely worth a visit.

 1,143 characters

Photo of Billolick
4.64/5  rDev -0.4%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 defines "boutique" several ways including the following:

4. of, designating, or characteristic of a small, exclusive producer or business: one of California's best boutique wineries.

This tiny place is a "boutique" specializing in fine and hard to find beer, all in a cozy, very small location. It cant be more then 15 feet wide and perhaps 30-35 feet from back to front. There is a 2 seater bar, three or four communal tables, with clumsy mettle stools, and a window "seating area" that consists of a wooden ledge about 10 inches deep. Good luck finding space to relax in when this place is crowded. (It would take about 15 people to create a "crowd" here). Its dark, the athmosphere is cool and sophisticated, with jazz playing at a reasonable volume.Large windows looking out on the park slope hipsters and baby stroller walkers.When I visited with the wifey we found offerings available for places like:Birra Del Bargo, Regenboom, De dolle, Drie Fontenen,Super Baladin, Allagash, JW Lees and a host of others, as I recall about 30 bottled selections, 3 or 4 on tap and a nice Dupont Pommeau cask. They provide a nice beer info sheet with descriptions ("Moss, Spring,chocolate, earth") and prices. Yeah the prices are pretty wild, for example, the Allagash Interlude (750 mil) was going for $48, yes FORTY EIGHT bucks!?! This place is operated and staffed by a very knowledgeable, friendly and personable couple. Worth a visit, to try an amazing beer, you have never heard of, not a place for a session, cuz most selections are wildly expensive. I paid $12 for an 11.2 ounce Belgian bottle. Nice place for a nightcapper or as part of a romantic date. An interesting addition to the Bklyn/NYC beer scene

 1,732 characters

Beer Table in Brooklyn, NY
Place rating: 4.66 out of 5 with 23 ratings
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