Brouwerij Huyghe


Brusselse Steenweg 256
Melle, 9090

+32 (0)92 52 15 01 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
AmbrelHerb and Spice Beer6.233.3301-25-2022
ArteveldeBelgian Dark Ale5.7203.3102-09-2022
Artevelde Grand CruBelgian Dark Strong Ale7.3893.5701-17-2023
AverbodeBelgian Pale Strong Ale7.51033.7505-28-2023
Bavo Pils (aka Oysterman Lager)German Pilsner4.213.5909-02-2021
BeauJardin FramboiseFruit and Field Beer3.573.8604-11-2017
Beaujardin RougeberriesFruit and Field Beer4.5123.8812-04-2016
Belgo WitWitbier513.5608-15-2019
Bière Du Corsaire Cuvée SpécialeBelgian Pale Strong Ale9.4183.0410-11-2020
Black StoutBelgian Dark Strong Ale913.1507-27-2009
Blanche Des NeigesWitbier5363.3403-06-2020
BobelineBelgian Pale Strong Ale8.593.405-11-2015
Bobeline Black LabelBelgian Dark Strong Ale8.511.5804-01-2016
Bobeline ChristmasBelgian Pale Ale713.2903-14-2016
Bolivar BlondBelgian Pale Strong Ale7.572.8711-03-2014
Bolivar BrownBelgian Dark Ale7.563.1403-05-2016
Campus GoldBelgian Pale Ale6.2143.3710-22-2014
Campus PremiumEuropean Pale Lager5122.608-24-2022
DeliriaBelgian Pale Strong Ale8.52063.9305-29-2023
Delirium ArgentumBelgian IPA71933.8502-11-2023
Delirium Black Barrel AgedBelgian Dark Strong Ale11.8544.1905-14-2023
Delirium NocturnumBelgian Dark Strong Ale8.53,0694.0206-03-2023
Delirium Noël (Christmas)Belgian Dark Strong Ale102,1793.8905-20-2023
Delirium Noël - Bourbon Barrel AgedBelgian Dark Strong Ale1054.1111-27-2019
Delirium RedFruit and Field Beer87413.6406-04-2023
Delirium StrongBelgian Pale Strong Ale8.524.0909-09-2017
Delirium TremensBelgian Pale Strong Ale8.56,3174.1306-04-2023
Delirium Ultimum 1999Tripel913.6711-01-2022
Dju Dju BananaFruit and Field Beer3.611.1701-21-2014
Dju Dju Mango BeerFruit and Field Beer3.61303-23-2018
Dju Dju PassionFruit and Field Beer3.612.3507-18-2022
Dju Dju Premium Palm LagerFruit and Field Beer5.21303-08-2012
Duc D’Havré (Seigneur De Tourcoing) Biere BlondeBelgian Blonde Ale6.223.0910-09-2018
Duinen TripelTripel9593.8406-07-2020
Dulle GrietBelgian Pale Ale5.823.5505-26-2017
Floris AppleFruit and Field Beer3.61203.6105-25-2021
Floris CactusFruit and Field Beer0243.4308-12-2022
Floris ChocolatFruit and Field Beer4.2402.8112-10-2021
Floris FraiseFruit and Field Beer3.6193.308-12-2022
Floris FramboiseFruit and Field Beer3.7973.704-09-2022
Floris KriekFruit and Field Beer3.5443.1108-03-2022
Floris MangoFruit and Field Beer3.6323.1108-12-2020
Floris NinkeberryFruit and Field Beer3.5293.4607-11-2016
Floris PassionFruit and Field Beer3.6303.3801-21-2022
Floris PearFruit and Field Beer023.3507-11-2016
Floris PêcheFruit and Field Beer344.0307-11-2016
Floris Wit-BlancheWitbier5233.6805-26-2021
Florisgaarden AppleFruit and Field Beer3.5233.3405-26-2015
Florisgaarden Chocolat GardenbeerBelgian Dark Ale4.2202.7512-02-2010
Florisgaarden GriotteBelgian Pale Ale363.3402-09-2009
Florisgaarden NinkeberryFruit and Field Beer3.9223.5704-27-2009
Frubee BananaWitbier0102.8212-27-2009
Frubee StrawberryWitbier082.810-23-2009
Glutaner Sorghum-Based Premium PilsenerEuropean Pale Lager4.761.9712-02-2010
Golden Girl PilsEuropean Pale Lager512.4907-18-2022
La BouffonneBelgian Pale Strong Ale9183.603-01-2021
La Cervoise Des AncêtresTripel8.533.1701-12-2020
La GuillotineBelgian Pale Strong Ale8.54153.9304-10-2023
La Mère NoëlBelgian Pale Strong Ale8.5263.5207-18-2022
Loteling BlondeBelgian Blonde Ale7.612.7501-24-2022
Lowlander Belgian PilsnerGerman Pilsner4.213.6509-22-2022
M&S Belgian Wheat BeerWitbier4.573.6808-30-2018
Marks & Spencer Belgian Blond BeerBelgian Blonde Ale6.513.5610-22-2016
Marks & Spencer Belgian Cherry Wheat BeerFruit and Field Beer3.563.7104-04-2015
Marks & Spencer Belgian TripelTripel8.523.4912-22-2015
Marks & Spencer Belgian Winter BeerBelgian Dark Strong Ale8.523.4409-05-2014
Oxfam BlondGruit / Ancient Herbed Ale7.523.1802-22-2010
ParanoiaBelgian Blonde Ale5.653.5707-30-2022
Poiluchette Blonde Cuvée Du ChâteauBelgian Pale Strong Ale7.552.9808-30-2014
Rubbel Sexy LagerAmerican Adjunct Lager582.4905-26-2021
St. Idesbald AmberBelgian Pale Ale70011-29-2022
St. Idesbald BlondBelgian Blonde Ale6.50011-29-2022
St. Idesbald DonkerDubbel80011-29-2022
St. Idesbald TripelTripel90011-29-2022
Ten Duinen RousseDubbel783.6407-18-2022
Tesco's Finest Belgian Abbey BeerTripel6.573.4911-01-2013
Tesco's Finest Belgian Wheat BeerWitbier4.953.4406-05-2014
Van Diest Früli Strawberry BeerFruit and Field Beer4.15133.5105-17-2023
Verlinden Special BlondLow-Alcohol Beer1.511.6408-25-2017
Villers Oud VieilleDubbel793.3304-21-2019
Villers TrippelTripel8.5223.8412-24-2014
Volga 8.8°Belgian Pale Strong Ale8.833.4204-24-2016
Volga La RougeFruit and Field Beer8.312.7502-18-2014

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