Al's of Hampden / Pizza Boy Brewing

Al's of Hampden / Pizza Boy BrewingAl's of Hampden / Pizza Boy Brewing
Al's of Hampden / Pizza Boy BrewingAl's of Hampden / Pizza Boy Brewing
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

2240 Millennium Way
Enola, Pennsylvania, 17025
United States

(717) 728-3840 | map

Mon-Wed: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Thu-Sat: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Sun: 11:00am - 9:00pm
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
2018 Shamrock Shuffle 5K AleAmerican IPA753.8905-23-2018
220 Pound NapAmerican IPA5.163.8307-23-2017
2nd Place LIME IPAAmerican IPA6.1243.8902-27-2015
60 Day Sour Project (Saison Yeast / Red Wine Barrel)Wild Ale5.274.2712-20-2014
A Handmaid's AleAmerican IPA033.8210-28-2018
À L’Abri De La Tempête Collab BeerBière de Garde7.8123.5308-06-2014
A Very Important Thing To BrewAmerican IPA033.9109-11-2018
Abascio-Cell (Base)Wild Ale4.5774.2408-15-2017
Abascio-Cell (Blush)Wild Ale6404.1407-13-2016
Abascio-Cell (Colombard)Wild Ale6383.8601-19-2017
Abascio-Cell (Mixed Grapes)Wild Ale6504.1705-23-2017
Abascio-Cell (Pinot Grigio)Wild Ale6514.1206-20-2017
Abascio-Cell (Zinfandel)Wild Ale6434.0708-03-2016
Afternoon Delight (Blueberry)Wild Ale5.21411-28-2016
AlicanteWild Ale614.1109-23-2019
Amoré SharkImperial IPA10.5134.1601-16-2017
Angel Of DeathAmerican Strong Ale13.9163.5111-24-2015
Angel Of Death (Toasted Coconut)American Strong Ale13.984.0212-19-2014
Angel Of Death - Bourbon Barrel AgedImperial IPA13.914.2508-06-2014
Apple Bottom LagerAmerican Lager6.543.8210-20-2018
ApricotfunkerWild Ale6664.4302-05-2017
Arck Angel (Bacon)Imperial IPA13.953.7802-16-2015
Arck Angel - BlueberriesImperial IPA13104.0810-27-2017
Arctic TrashWild Ale623.4707-08-2018
Azazel (Chocolate Mint)American Imperial Stout13214.1103-03-2015
Azazel (Guajillo Chili)American Imperial Stout13304.1405-22-2015
Ballet IPAImperial IPA9.173.6809-16-2014
Ballet IPA W SasparillaImperial IPA9.123.0209-16-2014
Bartlett Kaminski (brewed with pears)Saison1163.8507-28-2018
Bean Dream (Vanilla Bean) / Vanilla Milk PorterAmerican Porter6.314.2511-06-2014
Bell's Old Cream Stout (Nitro)American Stout00009-25-2014
Bender's BarleywineAmerican Barleywine10163.6804-22-2016
Bender's Barleywine (Bourbon Barrel Aged)American Barleywine1153.9504-04-2016
Bird BrainWild Ale6474.1203-04-2017
Black Farmhouse AleSaison6273.9305-22-2015
Black SourWild Ale6483.902-25-2018
Blackberry Coffee LatteAmerican IPA763.5904-30-2018
Blackberry/Blueberry Sour AleWild Ale6.5173.9407-09-2017
Blackout CakeAmerican Imperial Stout1164.2611-08-2018
Bleurbon BerryFruited Kettle Sour6574.305-24-2016
BollocksAmerican IPA713.8304-05-2020
Both Barrels BarlywineAmerican Barleywine11244.0202-27-2015
Boysenberries Are My Jam!Fruit and Field Beer513.6701-09-2019
Bright ClubAmerican IPA714.0410-07-2018
Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale5.293.9908-06-2014
Brown Ale (Honey)American Brown Ale663.810-26-2014
BubbliciousBelgian IPA8.5173.7412-23-2014
BumblephuqBelgian Dark Strong Ale10173.7208-06-2014
California Über HellesKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.3143.9808-06-2014
Calvin’s 3rd ChristmasImperial IPA8.2113.9302-04-2018
Calvin’s New YearAmerican Amber / Red Ale6.624.0904-12-2019
Camp CounselorNew England IPA6.660011-13-2020
Cherry HawbakerImperial IPA7.443.4904-15-2018
Chocolate & NutsAmerican Porter5193.9808-06-2014
Chocolate Porter (Pappy Van Winkle W/ Egg Nog)American Porter1454.1112-05-2014
Chocolate Porter (Pappy Van Winkle)American Porter14224.5908-31-2015
Chocolate Sour AleWild Ale5.5113.1411-22-2014
Chocolate SteelAmerican Stout6.514.0412-21-2014
Citra American IPAAmerican IPA6.4214.2912-07-2014
Citra American IPA (Wet Hop)American IPA6.5134.1712-05-2016
Citra IPA Wet HoppedAmerican IPA6.524.3210-15-2014
Citrus Flip - GrapefruitAmerican IPA7.943.9505-02-2017
Citrus Flip - Orange ZestedAmerican IPA6.843.9705-02-2017
CitrusTITSImperial IPA9.6134.0402-27-2015
CobblerCream Ale6.813.9901-20-2015
Cobbler (Hop Test #1)Cream Ale6.81411-22-2014
Coconut Cream AleCream Ale5113.6906-05-2015
Coconut Cream Ale W Cocoa NibsCream Ale513.7508-06-2014
Collab - 12 Brewery CollabImperial IPA994.1807-23-2017
Cool WaterAmerican IPA4.523.5809-02-2018
Crucial BarbecueSaison4113.9410-28-2016
Death By 1000 PaperCutsAmerican IPA6.543.6907-19-2019
Deer Creek SaisonSaison564.0904-01-2015
Die Schone (The Beautiful One - w/Huell Melon Hops)American IPA7.523.7601-03-2019
Dissin' TerrySaison10284.0508-08-2017
Dollars For DiabetesWild Ale5454.3402-27-2015
Double Bean DreamAmerican Porter8.5173.8307-10-2017
Double Citra PilsImperial Pilsner7.854.0108-23-2020
Dream BeanAmerican Porter60008-23-2014
Dub 56 Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale4.8253.8206-26-2020
Eternal Sunshine (Citrus)Wild Ale5.2144.204-04-2016
Eternal Sunshine (Lemons)Wild Ale5.2474.1110-28-2015
Eternal Sunshine (Tangerine)Wild Ale5.654.1602-04-2018
Faceplant IIPAImperial IPA894.1408-15-2014
Fantastic 5 CollabAmerican Strong Ale1093.8502-27-2015
Frontside Lipslide (Mangoes)Imperial IPA10.563.9307-01-2017
Frontside Lipslide (Orange Zest, Amarillo And Citra)Imperial IPA1024.201-01-2015
Funky ApplesauceWild Ale6.2393.9506-15-2018
George JeffersonSchwarzbier6.8123.8610-18-2014
GeuzskiWild Ale6144.2804-02-2018
Golden SourWild Ale3.71474.2611-21-2019
GooseberriesWild Ale744.1308-27-2018
Grapefruit IN UR IPA (Galaxy Dry Hopped)American IPA5.624.3512-29-2014
Grapefruit IN UR IPA (Habanero)American IPA5.623.8201-23-2015
Grasslands Farmhouse Ale - White Wine BarrelsSaison734.0211-30-2021
Grasslands Saison (Grenache Grapes / Cherry Wood)Saison8.2253.9208-13-2015
Grasslands Saison (Spinach)Saison4.71408-06-2014
Grasslands Saison (Tropical White Wine)Saison4.7214.0607-19-2015
Hail MaryAmerican Strong Ale1043.4301-22-2017
Harvest DelightWild Ale2.7374.0110-14-2019
Hazleton AlienBelgian IPA7.5153.6407-15-2014
Hazy Fuckboi JuiceImperial IPA953.8709-08-2023
HBW-2016Imperial IPA10.2113.4612-28-2016
Hide The BannanaAmerican Imperial Stout9104.1711-12-2015
Holy-FAmerican Pale Wheat Beer593.8808-06-2014
Holy-F Nugget Dry HoppedAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.61408-06-2014
Hop Test #1Imperial IPA9173.3812-04-2013
Hop Test #1 (3rd Place)American Strong Ale553.2710-13-2014
Hop Test #1 (Allergic Reaction)American IPA7193.6112-23-2014
Hop Test #1 (Alphonso Mango)Imperial IPA8203.9302-27-2015
Hop Test #1 (Boo Berry)Cream Ale8.4134.0401-07-2015
Hop Test #1 (Chocolate & Nuts Bock)Bock694.1209-11-2016
Hop Test #1 (Citra IPA)American IPA6.5144.0207-21-2017
Hop Test #1 (Cobbler - Pecans And Cinnamon)Cream Ale6.873.9705-14-2015
Hop Test #1 (Cobbler)Cream Ale6.8143.6905-14-2015
Hop Test #1 (Columbus DIPA Batch 2)Imperial IPA8.51408-06-2014
Hop Test #1 (Columbus DIPA)Imperial IPA9.9103.8712-09-2014
Hop Test #1 (Comb Over Honey Wheat IPA)American IPA6.5113.8308-17-2015
Hop Test #1 (Deez Nugs)Imperial IPA7.843.8601-24-2018
Hop Test #1 (Defribrillator)Doppelbock974.0605-13-2017
Hop Test #1 (Double IPA W/ Raspberries)Imperial IPA853.9409-30-2017
Hop Test #1 (Earl Grey IPA)American IPA6.273.4612-13-2014
Hop Test #1 (Gabagool W/ Capocollo)American Porter7.583.5110-31-2015
Hop Test #1 (Galaxy IPA)American IPA7.5224.0105-18-2015
Hop Test #1 (Galaxy Pale Ale)American Pale Ale5.2104.0806-01-2015
Hop Test #1 (Galaxy/Warrior IPA)American IPA613.7508-06-2014
Hop Test #1 (Ginger Red Ale)American Amber / Red Ale7.863.6406-08-2015
Hop Test #1 (Hoppy American Stout - Vietnamese Coffee)American Stout5.564.0308-27-2015
Hop Test #1 (Hoppy American Stout)American Stout5.5183.9404-01-2015
Hop Test #1 (Laced Ball)American Pale Wheat Beer4.534.0208-11-2017
Hop Test #1 (Lemon Mint IPA)American IPA6.5103.3709-15-2014
Hop Test #1 (Little Cream Soda)Cream Ale3.863.9306-04-2016
Hop Test #1 (Mango - Troy & Brad)Imperial IPA9.5174.206-17-2014
Hop Test #1 (Mental)American IPA793.8908-04-2014
Hop Test #1 (Muscat Farmhouse IPA)American IPA8144.0605-08-2015
Hop Test #1 (Nugget)American IPA6.3103.8502-14-2016
Hop Test #1 (Nut Brown Ale W/ Toasted Pecans)American Brown Ale6.3133.9506-11-2015
Hop Test #1 (Oatmeal Brown)American Brown Ale683.9310-30-2016
Hop Test #1 (Red Saison)Saison7.6143.8609-25-2015
Hop Test #1 (Scotch Ale)Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy7.143.8304-29-2015
Hop Test #1 (Scotch Bonnet & Nuts)Imperial IPA9.963.5708-06-2014
Hop Test #1 (Simcoe)American IPA6.783.6810-13-2014
Hop Test #1 (Snipa Claussenii)Wild Ale12263.6206-22-2015
Hop Test #1 (Spandex Banana Hammock)Hefeweizen643.7905-02-2017
Hop Test #1 (Spanish Dynamite!)American Pale Ale4.2183.410-09-2015
Hop Test #1 (Stakem)Black IPA8.7103.6208-06-2014
Hop Test #1 (Stoop-ified Trans-Susquehanna Pale Ale)American Pale Ale6.843.4804-04-2016
Hop Test #1 (Summit DIPA)Imperial IPA8.913.7508-06-2014
Hop Test #1 (Warriors Code)Belgian Pale Ale6123.511-28-2014
Hop Test #1 (White Peach IPA)American IPA6123.9602-27-2015
Hop Test #1 (Wonder Whine)American Barleywine12.5113.5808-15-2016
Hop Test #1 (Zythos)American IPA663.7608-06-2014
Hopgasm (Amarillo)Imperial IPA8.483.4405-04-2013
Hopgasm (Citra)Imperial IPA8.4213.9810-31-2014
Hopgasm (Sunset Over Yakima)Black IPA10103.9708-06-2014
Hoppy Fields KolschKölsch5.593.8108-06-2014
Hoppy Fields Kölsch (Sorachi Ace Dry Hop)Kölsch5.533.8705-04-2013
Hopricot Grove Apricot Wheat AleAmerican Pale Wheat Beer4.8133.6105-13-2016
Hoptart 1.2Wild Ale6413.9202-28-2015
Hoptart 2.0 (Chardonnay)Wild Ale4.5314.2102-27-2015
Hoptart 3.0 (Colombard)Wild Ale4.5774.2302-27-2015
Hopvision (Comet)American Pale Ale713.7906-17-2018
Hopvision (Wai-iti)New England IPA633.4910-04-2019
Hopvision - SabroAmerican IPA623.8403-19-2022
Hopvision-AmarilloAmerican Pale Ale544.1402-21-2020
Hunny MoneyAmerican IPA5.213.910-12-2019
I'll Have Another IPAImperial IPA853.7707-01-2020
Ice Dreamz Raspberry (Raspberries & Lactose)Fruit and Field Beer50005-17-2019
IntangibleWild Ale6554.4902-27-2015
JourneymenAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.573.5310-13-2014
Just The Tidbits (Just To See How It Feels)American IPA7.873.9808-27-2018
Kaesar-Haffner (German White IPA)American IPA6.283.4207-22-2014
Kanye ZestAmerican IPA6.2143.709-08-2016
Kiwi Sour AleWild Ale5.3313.8703-01-2015
Late Summer PaleAmerican Pale Ale493.8402-27-2015
Layers of RomanceWild Ale6.543.8604-14-2019
LegenDAIRY - PlumsAmerican IPA6.263.9310-09-2017
Lemon Pepper SaisonSaison4.214.2507-19-2015
Lime IPAAmerican IPA6.113.7508-06-2014
Liquid CUREageAmerican IPA753.907-08-2018
Low Hanging Fruit (w/Apricot)Fruited Kettle Sour7.264.0611-08-2018
Maintenance BrauKölsch013.7203-03-2019
Mango BombImperial IPA13.9483.7109-15-2018
Mango SourerFruited Kettle Sour6.2704.207-15-2018
Mayan HopocalypseAmerican Barleywine13.992.9308-06-2014
McBride's WitWitbier5.583.9310-05-2014
Midnight DelightWild Ale5.5294.102-27-2015
Mirror Of ConfusionWild Ale853.8203-07-2017
Monica LupulinskiImperial IPA973.9107-23-2017
Mowery's Hammerin' HolidayAmerican Porter663.8506-13-2018
NEONAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.373.6208-06-2014
NuggetAmerican IPA6.313.7509-25-2014
Old School AmberAmerican Amber / Red Ale553.5708-06-2014
Olden TimesCream Ale5.383.712-11-2020
OrangatangWild Ale5.2283.8608-06-2014
Orangatang W Lemon ZestWild Ale5.21408-06-2014
Orange Cinnamon Sour AleWild Ale5.2173.806-27-2015
PA MellowNew England IPA614.2112-20-2018
PAPPYAmerican Imperial Stout10.5273.6712-16-2014
Pappy W CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout10.51408-06-2014
Peach LunaAmerican Amber / Red Lager5.353.4405-04-2013
PeachfunkerWild Ale6504.3411-01-2017
Peanut ButthurtAmerican Stout843.9509-22-2017
PermasmileWild Ale51774.501-01-2023
Permasmile (Single Barrel - Peach)Wild Ale534.5502-07-2013
Permasmile - BlueberryWild Ale653.6805-11-2018
Permasmile Batch 2Wild Ale6.334.4212-27-2017
PilsnerGerman Pilsner4.863.608-06-2014
Pine-Apple SourWild Ale6373.9202-27-2015
Pizza Party With Sabatini's: Stone Fruit IPAAmerican IPA713.6607-01-2020
Plum SourWild Ale4.5624.3407-02-2017
Polar VortexAmerican Imperial Stout9224.0411-24-2017
Pomegranate Rose-Hip Sour AleWild Ale5.2184.0106-05-2015
Profiles of the FutureAmerican IPA763.9208-11-2018
Pump TrackAmerican Pale Ale5.863.9112-14-2017
Punk'in Disorderly (Bourbon Barrel W/ Marshmallow Fluff)Pumpkin Beer663.8806-17-2014
Punk'in Disorderly (Rum Barrel)Pumpkin Beer624.1512-02-2013
QuadQuadrupel (Quad)11.312408-06-2014
Raspberry Cream AleCream Ale573.7303-13-2014
Raspberry SourWild Ale384406-19-2016
Raspberry Sour (2015)Wild Ale6.2424.305-07-2017
Raspberry Sour AleWild Ale6.583.9901-17-2017
Red AleAmerican Amber / Red Ale584.0602-27-2015
Regifted (with Walnuts, Dates, and Cinnamon)Cream Ale10.264.0504-09-2019
Reoccuring NightmareImperial IPA8.4124.0507-08-2018
Rickity Cricket (Espresso Brown Ale)American Brown Ale5.914.3408-17-2018
Royal Tannin BombWild Ale4.5443.9909-19-2014
Rye FawkesNew England IPA6.7104.307-04-2019
Sabatini's Pizza Party (Stonefruit IPA)American IPA723.9307-08-2018
Sargeant RomanceAmerican Imperial Stout873.8809-02-2017
SereniTEACream Ale5.5113.8706-27-2016
Shaking The TreeFruit and Field Beer7.5123.9801-22-2017
Shamrock Shuffle 5K IPAAmerican IPA6.954.0304-25-2019
Singular CTZAmerican IPA7.81404-08-2016
Smoked PorterSmoked Porter6.5163.8312-09-2019
Smoked Porter W Lapsang Souchoug TeaSmoked Porter6.51408-06-2014
Smurphs BloodWild Ale5.8783.9109-26-2015
Solid Gold Bock (Apple Brandy Barrel)Bock5.3213.6306-17-2014
Sour AppleSaison6.5343.8607-15-2014
Sour BrownFlanders Red Ale5.563.9508-06-2014
Sour ChardonnayWild Ale5.38406-17-2014
Sour Spandex, Glitter and EgosAmerican IPA623.9712-27-2018
Spandex, Glitter And AmigosAmerican IPA613.5908-20-2017
Stainless Sour Series (Pineapple)Wild Ale7.3144.1311-25-2018
Straight Up Hefe (Watermelon)Hefeweizen4.2163.9609-11-2014
Straight Up Hop JuiceImperial IPA1013.7508-06-2014
Sturdy PilsImperial Pilsner8.653.607-23-2017
Sun KissedAmerican Imperial Stout8183.8404-26-2016
Sunny Side Up (Base Beer)American Imperial Stout11433.9511-13-2023
Sunny Side Up (Chocolate Mint & Vanilla)American Imperial Stout9.523.9907-23-2017
Sunny Side Up (Cocoa Nibs/coffee/vanilla Beans)American Imperial Stout1164.6105-04-2013
Sunny Side Up (Guajillo, Chile & Cinnamon)American Imperial Stout9.5574.3505-01-2017
Sunny Side Up (I <3 U)American Imperial Stout9.136402-27-2015
Sunny Side Up (Maple Bacon Doughnut)American Imperial Stout9.524.2611-07-2017
Sunny Side Up (Vietnamese Coffee)American Imperial Stout9.5154.507-16-2023
Sunny Side Up - Little Amps! (Ancho, Chipotle, Ghost Pepper)American Imperial Stout9.554.0804-13-2017
Sunny Side Up - Little Amps! (Bourbon Barrel - Chipotle, Cinnamon, Vanilla)American Imperial Stout9.544.2707-20-2016
Sunny Side Up - Little Amps! (Caribbean Christmas Edition)American Imperial Stout11.5264.3302-27-2015
Sunny Side Up - Little Amps! (Habanero & Cinnamon)American Imperial Stout1143.6907-22-2014
Sunny Side Up - Little Amps! (Pappy Van Winkle)American Imperial Stout13.2264.5908-22-2015
Sunny Side Up - Little Amps! (Vietnamese Coffee Bourbon Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout9.5274.3205-22-2018
Super FastAmerican Pale Ale483.9107-23-2017
Swinglebeer - Passionfruit Oat IPAAmerican IPA6.3114.0607-28-2017
SwingleBeer - Pineapple IPAFruit and Field Beer513.8305-09-2017
SwingleBeer - Pineapple LagerAmerican Lager5.673.4312-26-2020
SwingleBeer - Smoked BeerSmoked Beer4.2123.7101-12-2017
SynchronicityBelgian IPA7.4113.8310-13-2014
Test Batch #10 AmberAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.963.1308-06-2014
Test Batch #2 PilsImperial Pilsner5.153.3208-06-2014
Test Batch #8 LagerAmerican Amber / Red Lager3.583.6512-04-2013
Test Batch #9 PaleBelgian Pale Ale5.992.9212-04-2013
Test Batch #9 Pale W Cherry WoodBelgian Pale Ale5.913.508-06-2014
Test Batch PorterAmerican Porter5.453.9108-06-2014
Test Batch WitWitbier4.543.202-07-2013
Thai Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale6.694.0909-24-2016
The Hardest Part IPAAmerican IPA6.5163.7504-01-2015
The PitsAmerican IPA6.5313.8702-06-2015
The StrangerAmerican IPA764.0103-07-2017
Toadal DevastationEnglish Barleywine11.2194.1312-19-2014
Together WeatherAmerican Pale Ale2.8163.8903-31-2016
Together Weather (Wet Hop)American Pale Ale2.643.3310-19-2014
Together Weather - Orange Zest StoutOatmeal Stout5.814.304-14-2019
Tumerica (IPA brewed wirh turmeric)American IPA7.623.9107-16-2018
ÜberDuperMurren (Triple Dry Hopped W/ Simcoe & Columbus)Imperial IPA9.5124.1103-30-2016
ÜberMurren (Cascade & Columbus Dry Hopped)Imperial IPA9.5134.0503-30-2016
ÜberMurren (Citra & Amarillo Dry Hopped)Imperial IPA9.5334.1105-12-2016
ÜberMurren (Habanero W/ Falconer's Flight)Imperial IPA063.604-04-2016
Unwerthy OriginalCream Ale6.3123.8612-22-2014
Vasbinder Collab BeerImperial IPA9.583.602-19-2015
Washed UpAmerican Porter8.5133.7604-01-2017
Washed Up (Chipotle And Guajillo Peppers)American Porter8.513.811-28-2016
Washed Up (Peanuts & Chocolate)American Porter8.554.0701-22-2017
West Shore DIPAImperial IPA8.613.7508-06-2014
West Shore IPA (Chipotle)American IPA6.533.4708-25-2013
West Shore IPA (Double Dry Hopped)American IPA6.5164.0105-26-2015
West Shore IPA Double Dry Hopped (Cascade)American IPA6.5134.1606-10-2015
WET Shore IPAAmerican IPA6.5193.9201-17-2017
Whatever, ForeverAmerican Blonde Ale654.1811-20-2017
While Supplies LastAmerican Pale Ale5.533.7403-31-2021
Winter FarmhouseSaison7.373.8904-09-2016
Wissler's WoodAmerican Imperial Stout014.501-25-2016
Zesty EnterpriseSaison4.3253.6412-23-2014

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Al's of Hampden / Pizza Boy Brewing in Enola, PA
Brewery rating: 3.92 out of 5 with 4908 ratings