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100 Chapel Dr
Monett, Missouri, 65708-9370
United States

(417) 635-1104

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Added by MarzenMan on 12-08-2008

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Photo of BaylorPaul
4.85/5  rDev +5.4%

Another gem find from BA! Would never have known of this oasis in the boondoggles of SW Missouri on the way to visit relatives.

Being from Texas, this was a nice Christmas Beer Haul with beers we cannot get in the Lone Star State. Founders, Schlafly, Bell's!

Service was exceptional and looks like they have a nice selection of meats, wine, and liquor. I, however, was transfixed on obtaining Breakfast Stouts to enjoy on a cold Texas day in January (i.e. around 50 degrees!).

Like previous reviewers indicated, a true oasis in a small SW Mizzou town. Thank you Connoisseurs for a nice late Xmas gift from Beer Santa!

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Photo of SKMO
4.35/5  rDev -5.4%

OK, so you rate beer according to style.... Right? It doesn't matter if you actually like it, maybe you have no clue what the beer is supposed to taste like. Just because you do not like it, does not mean it's a "D minus" Belgium Strong Pale, you just don't appreciate the taste. So you rate it according what you find tasty, maybe Coors Light Horse Piss is what you consider good beer. And then the best Heavy Belgium Pale in the world is going to get low marks in Your Book. Not fair, and pretty much a useless beer review.

Same way with beer stores. It is all RELATIVE. That is, relative to what else is available. In this case, there is no other purveyor of ANY quality beer between Springfield and Joplin Missouri. Zero, nada, zilch. Connoisseurs is a moderate sized brewed malt oasis in the Sahara Desert of beerdom between these two larger towns.

So I am going to give these guys some pretty high marks. Definitely an A for effort. Keep in mind this is Monett Missouri, and 99.9% of anything you find anywhere else within 30 miles is going to be an A/B,M,C piss-water product. They stock some solid quality brews, including Founders, Boulevard Smokestack series, O'Fallons, Schlafly's (3 you would expect in MO), Unibrue, Bell's, and a smattering of common Europeans.Plus lots of others I was not familiar with. Nothing crazy or over the top, but it's pretty easy for me to hit the place once every 10 days and walk out with a nice plump brown bag of quality brew. Some La Fin Du Monde, and some Founders Breakfast Stout, and some Dopples, and I am happy and good to go.

They do have some odd labels. I am no real beer expert, but there is some shelf space taken up by weird brands that I must assume are micros bought/distributed by A/B, M, C that the distributors foist off as "craft" beers. Probably some diamonds to be found in there, but I'm not going to get too adventurous and plunk much money down on a pilsner when I can see half a dozen labels assured of providing a beergasm.

Prices are really fair. Maybe a tad higher than high volume places, but I have never found a bottle that was not well within the "sell by" date.

They also have a pretty good selection of wines, cheeses, and liquors, and fresh seafood. Not that I am an expert on any of this, I tend to get tunnel vision on the beer. But I can tell you this place is immaculate clean and there are always a couple other customers in there and nobody is "shopping", everybody is buying something. They also have wine and beer glassware!

Maybe the best part of the store is Marty, who seems to be the "chief cook and bottle washer" and always has time to talk. Always smiling. He can definitely talk beer, and I can't speak for him, but I think if you are somewhat local and need a favorite brew, he will get it stocked for you if he can.

I think I am pretty lucky to have this place to shop. There are thousands of towns this size all over the Midwest with absolutely nothing on the rack other than A/B,M & C. If you are anywhere in the neighborhood swing by here and buy some beer. Or cheese. Or wine. Or seafood. Or Deli stuff.

Good store, great people. Reminds me why I like this part of the universe.

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Photo of MarzenMan
4.6/5  rDev 0%

This review will probably never matter to anyone but if you find yourself in the small town of Monett, MO you're in for a treat. I mean this place is awesome even for a town of 50,000 and here it is in Monett at only 6,000. Anyway to the review.

This is a beer/wine/cheese/meat and seafood store. They specialize in high end items and have a pretty incredible beer selection (not as good as the Brown Derby Wine Center but seriously the only thing even near that level in SW MO). They tend to have about 6 or 7 full lines of dom craft (New Belgium, Boulevard, ODells,Rogue etc) and a ton of imports (Unibroue, Ayinger, Delerium, Duvel, Chimay, etc.) They will also order you virtually anything that you don't see. The only thing that they don't have are limited series beers like Boulevard Smokestack. This place is absolutely amazing and we are very lucky to have it in the boonies.

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Connoisseurs in Monett, MO
Place rating: 4.6 out of 5 with 3 ratings
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