Washington Commons

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Type: Bar

748 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11238
United States

(917) 407-3144 | map

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Added by blgianbeer on 06-24-2009

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Reviews by dragonWhale:
Photo of dragonWhale
3.16/5  rDev -16.6%
vibe: 3 | quality: 3.5 | service: 2.5 | selection: 3.5

Well, it had been a year since I'd enjoyed the setting of Washington Commons. My dear friends live in the area, and upon my yearly Brooklyn visit, we of course made a stop there.
Last year, I had some great times here and they had some really good beer on tap, I remember Mad Elf and WorldWide Stout specifically, probably the Old Speckled Hen and some Bluepoint Toasted Lager. For some reason that beer is all over the place in NYC. This year, the selection was a little less exciting. I had hoped to get an Ommegang Adoration, but it was tapped out. The bartender appeared clueless as I asked him what was on tap in its place, mumbling something about the distributor comes tomorrow and something about the last in line. I have no idea what he was blathering about and I'm not sure he did either. He seemed to have very little knowledge of the beer menu and of beer in general. Not the experience I'd had last time. I ended up with a Carolus Noel, which was awful, so I had to pour a bit of Kwak in there to dilute the anise because I was not pouring out an $8 12 ozer. Prices seemed a little higher than last year. I guess that's universal.
The place itself is odd. They have a back patio now, but it was cold as my heart, so I did not enjoy the outdoors. They have a decent sized bar and some cool tables, apparently a full liquor bar. Unfortunately, there's a lot of totally blank wall space which some local kid would surely love to put a mural on. That would be sweet. It looks like some effort was put in, just not enough. A giant TV hangs over the bar, looming with strange movies and conversation gobbers.
Anyway, I really enjoyed this place last year, this year was a little less enjoyable. Maybe it was just an off night. Will change review if experience changes in the future.

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More User Reviews:
Photo of pamml
4.24/5  rDev +11.9%

Photo of samuelcole
3/5  rDev -20.8%

Photo of beenitty
3.01/5  rDev -20.6%
vibe: 4 | quality: 3.5 | service: 2 | selection: 3

Spotted this place via beermenus.com because I'm typically chasing down rare offerings.

Stopped in this place after 10pm on a Saturday night. Pretty crowded, but made my way to the bar with me + 3 friends and the night didnt start off well.

Took a look at the beer menu and noticed that the offerings on the sheet were different than the taps. Quick turnover Im sure, so I asked about one of the offerings and got a reponse that was ridiculous..

" I dont know ?!" While shrugging...very similar to the experience of another reviewer. Basically he acted like why would I be asking him (the bartender) about the beers on tap. Didn't really seem like he was having a bad day, just seemed annoyed at a question he's probably asked 100 times a day. Incredible.

However, I luckily I was familiar with Keegans and got their Joe Mama Stout which is awesome. So that cheered me up a bit and we went about our night.

They have decent offerings of your usual tasty craft brewers. Mostly belgians on the night I was there. Nothing insane, and I dont recall exactly what I saw to make me come there in the first place.

After about an hour or so the place cleared out and we stayed there until about 130am. They have a few tables so we got to enjoy ourselves and if they had a bit more variety (on tap and bottles) I think I'd be more enthusiastic about this place.

Overall I can only say that the place is average. Average offerings, Below Average Service. I've had worse, I've had better. If not for the Joe Mama I probably would have left after one beer. However, the four of us drank had about 3-4 beers each, including a round of Rocheforts to celebrate an engagement all for ~90$, which is decent for 4 ppl at a beer bar. I cant really reccomend it unless they tap something you just cant get anywhere else. Thats proabably the only reason I would ever come back.

There are alot of better places to go in BK.

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Photo of stricklandia
4.13/5  rDev +9%
vibe: 3 | quality: 3.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5

I'm not about to try to top Slander's loquacious review, but to put it plainly and briefly: those of us lucky enough to have this place in our neighborhood are very happy! Great craft beer selection that changes regularly is made even better by great prices. Typically about $5 a glass, the beers are $2 cheaper than that during happy hour (before 8 pm). Yes, that's right, Green Flash, Stone, Old Speckled Hen, Bear Republic, Victory, and some various Belgians whose names I can't remember, much less pronounce, all about $3 each during happy hour!

The place opened their newly designed back patio earlier in the summer, and it rocks. Very ample seating with lots of mini-tables, picnic tables and bars. Several awnings and large umbrellas in case of rain. A large tree overhanging it to provide greenery.

Staff is extremely friendly, and they have teeny tiny little mugs to give you tastings of anything you'd like to try before buying. Also, shortly after the place opened, I went there alone, without realizing I was out of cash. I ordered a beer, and when they poured it for me, I realized my mistake. When I said I'd run out to the ATM, the bartender told me not to worry, enjoy my beer, and go to the ATM when I'm done. I could easily have stiffed them by not returning after I left to hit the ATM (of course I didn't), so good beer karma points to them.

My only complaint, the only thing keeping me from giving this place top marks, is the very unfortunate noise factor. The acoustics seem to amplify the ambient noise, and then they add loud music to the mix. We sit on the patio anytime we go, because if we try to sit inside, we have to shout at each other to be heard, or simply stare at each other and sip our beers. Sadly, this place will be a summer/fall hangout for me if they can't do anything about that. I hope that they'll consider keeping the volume down, and/or throwing up some curtains or something on the walls to absorb some of the noise.

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Photo of slander
4.36/5  rDev +15%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4

And one more on the Sunday deep Brooklyn tour before, well, okay, they'll be more Brooklyn but in our usual haunts points north. Another place I'm to see, owned by the guys who have that other place they love so much (and wouldn't you if your block and a half away local had a great happy hour and free crack popcorn?) Another neighborhood that hasn't come up just yet but starts with a good bar. I spy a little place on the corner with easy easy parking for me, as it should be...

3 sided wood bar seats 18 or so, with some bar counterage in the front windows & a slight, small piece on the far wall off from the bar. Who leans there and why? Also some adjacent tables in the other front corner where we will put up, we just don't know it yet. Big windows on both corners. Some brick play & beige walls, black ceiling, and a brown I-beam support and matching corner of the bar. It's sharply done, although above the bar on the ceiling, there's some sort of drawing of how I describe what an unshaven Ben looks like to others; basically a Tribble with a face, seemingly out of place.

Tiered booze on the barback counter, and more on the mantle below a large framed horizontal mirror, I can see a few bottled beers there as well; a single Victory Wild Devil 22 and an Arrogant Bastard Jéroboam, otherwise I think the bottles may be of the suck. Angled above in the corner, a single flat screen currently showing "12 Monkeys". No, Ben, I don't know why Maddie Stowe is not in more stuff. Yes, Ben, she should be. They've also got a tambourine hanging behind the bar for situational rhythm (This was just a test. Had this actually been a ching-a-ching, ching-a-ching emergency...) Drop buttercup lamps over the bar and some twirling top lamps scattered about amidst the spinning ceiling fans.

Side, or rear room as it is, holds a ½ dozen tables running to the rear, with a clock on the corner telling no good time at all. Through and to a real cool backyard, I mean, real fucking cool. Spacious, and angled slightly funny ha ha, with benchings along the perimeter down both sides and fore & aft. A handful of crappily made spoolesque tables with street lamp set ups, and wickerage chairings around baby end tables with tucked in butt pails below. A bunch of 'em are located under the giant Gaffel Kolsch canopy sitting dry while I scribble my notes in my book bleeding in the goddamn it's time to go back inside rain. Oh, and on the back wall, check this out, they've got this fountain turned on and off remotely, water suddenly pouring in a steady stream from 7 tap handles like they've just been thrown open, into a bathtub basin below behind a bench there; never seen that one before. It's a good yard, semi covered by umbrella and tree cover, and made cavernous by the tall buildings all around it.

Back inside at the aforementioned tables now beginning to fill up as people look to escape the rain, it seems they're now showing the Big Lebowski (the dude abides). Taking in and outside some, I can see we're right across the street from the cop shop, housed in this stylish old building on the corner of Grand & Park. Let us not go there.

16 taps over 2 copper length towers of 8 on the bar. More than ½ of them good micros regional (Blue Point Blueberry Ale, Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA, Ithaca White Gold, Smutty Shoals Pale Ale), and beyond (Hoppin' Frog IPA, Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti, Avery Collaboration not Litigation, Shmaltz Coney Island Lager, Stone Arrogant Bastard), and the remainder a smattering of imports Belgian, German & UK (Kwak, Gulden Draak, Goffel Kolsch, Weihenstephaner, Old Speckled Hen, Guinness), plus an obligatory cider (Woodchuck). The no brainer Ithaca White Gold was tasty as all hell; we were rippin' through them dangerously at 8%. For my second beer, I switched up to the Smutty Shoals Pale Ale as it'd been a while since I'd had one. It was pleasant and easy drinking. I should revisit more often when out and about.

Rachael tending, she's good shit and her response to Ben's call for tambourine accompaniment was prompt and flawless. Tap selection could be a little more exciting on the import side or downed there some to up the craftside count, but there's enough there to pick through, and they have some turn, so the beer's fresh and clean. Good, comfortable house, not so common in Prospect Heights. I could spend some Sundays here, barking in the back yard.

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Photo of blgianbeer
4.66/5  rDev +23%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4

Fairly new beer bar in Prospect Heights. Front room is very spacious and filled with giant windows. Feels like being outside with excellent views of the intersection. Bar is horseshoe shaped and they have about 20 beers on tap. There are plenty of tables in the front area and in the back on the way out to the patio. Patio could probably fit 50 or more people and is more like a beer garden. No taps outside but it's a short walk to the bar. Well lit exterior with plenty of shade if needed. Wood benches and plently of tables/chairs. Ideal for groups small and large.

Regular draft selections seem to include Pauwel Kwak and Green Flash West Coast IPA. Sunday they also had Victory Wild Devil, Rogue 2008 Imp Porter et al.

Service was fast and cheerful. Highly recommended bar for a Friday night out or an afternoon beer after hanging out at Prospect Park.

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Washington Commons in Brooklyn, NY
Place rating: 3.79 out of 5 with 7 ratings
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