Best Damn Beer Shop (Krisp Beverages + Natural Foods)


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Best Damn Beer Shop (Krisp Beverages + Natural Foods)Best Damn Beer Shop (Krisp Beverages + Natural Foods)

Type: Store

1036 7th Ave
San Diego, California, 92101-5302
United States

(619) 232-6367 | map

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Added by SidVicious619 on 07-27-2009

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Photo of Yetiman420
4.4/5  rDev +0.5%

On a Sunday - Monday period in Mid October, I did a tour of San Diego breweries, brewpubs and beer stores. All the bottle shops I visited received A+ ratings with a significant number of reviews. My goal was primarily Russian River brews (Pliny, Blind Pig, Supplication) and then WC IPA's that I can't get in Ohio (Alpine, Kern River).
The places I visited in order of ranking...

1. 3 Way tie - KnB Wine Cellars, Beverages 4 Less, Best Damn Beer Shop
2. Holiday Wine Cellar
3. Olive Tree Marketplace
4. Pizza Port Bottle Shop

The crazy thing about BDBS is that's located in the city with a bit of riff raff hanging around outside and people mostly buying cheap "ice" beers.

I was blown away when they had all the brews I was looking for and Alpine Nelson. This would be the stop to make if you were in town for a conference and didn't have a way to make it to surrounding bottle shops. They had everything and more that the other bottle shops had.

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Photo of aBeerSupreme
4.85/5  rDev +10.7%

Visited this place while I was in SD for the day, and was pleasantly surprised at what an exceptional selection they had. Its actually located in a place called Super Jr. Market in downtown San Diego.

The selection included a vast array of west coast beers, especially complete was their selection of local to SD brews too. Also, they carried a great selection of Belgians and some hard-to-finds.

Service was great too, I met Sid, who was re-stocking at the time and he suggested some IPA's he thought I'd be interested in, as well as showing me their very complete selection of Lost Abbey, which I pilfered. Sid was great. I'm still a newbie in my career, so his sage advice was a huge help. Prices were very reasonable, too! I'd say if you're in the area, stopping by would be a must! You won't be sorry.

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Photo of hawkmoon666
4.45/5  rDev +1.6%

Very nice beer selection in this market in downtown SD. I knew there were good American beers somewhere, I just didn't know where to look for them - until now. No offense but in the US what you usually find on tap and in regular stores is almost without exception pure crap. At the Best Damn Beer Shop though you can fill your fridge with quality beer so that you never again have to settle on a dreadful Coors Light - at least at your home.
I know nothing about the American market but they have a pretty wide selection of local beers from the SD area here as well as some from the rest of the US. There's also an interesting selection of beers from the Old Continent that I reckon must be really hard to get down here but, being European myself, I wasn't really interested in that.

A guy from the shop helped me with my shopping and gave me advices on what to buy among the local beers. I've tasted some of what I bought and he obviously knew what he was talking about, very good stuff. He was also kind enough to cut 50% off the price of the "best damn beer shop" t-shirt he saw me buying at the counter.

Honestly, if you live in the SD area there is no reason why you shouldn't do all your beer shopping here. Actually, there's plenty of reasons why you should. Beer shops in the US are quite different from what I am used to but this one is definitely fine. And you can sense the love that is being put in it, which is a big plus.
Also, prices are very, VERY reasonable but I am European and I am used to be ripped off. Anyway there's some very good quality here and well worth the money.

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Photo of theghost3
4.2/5  rDev -4.1%

This is a little market with a deli and a killer beer selection. It's actually called the "Super Junior Mart" and it's just north of Broadway on 7th. Don't be confused with the "Super Discount Mart" on the corner. I would recommend going during the day because the area around it can be a little seedy with the winos and panhandlers even in the morning.

The beer is located along the right side of the store towards the back and in a cooler on the back wall. The cooler in the back is all BMC. There's a cooler facing the right side with lots of goodies in bombers, sixers, and 12-packs. There are also beers on shelves across from and beside this cooler.

You will find a great selection of West Coast beers from Alpine, Port Brewing, Lost Abbey, Sculpin, Stone, Karl Strauss, Deschutes, Hair of the Dog, Green Flash, Marin, Alesmith, Kern, Speakeasy, Hair of the Dog, and Russian River (Supplication, Consecration, and Damnation when I was there). There was also a decent selection from Belgium and from the Midwest and Northeast U.S. represented by breweries such as Goose Island, Allagash, and DFH.

I was happy to find some older vintages of Port Older Viscosity as well as Mikkeller Black Hole and almost everything from Lost Abbey and Alesmith. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't any RR Blind Pig and there weren't more seasonal/limited beers from Deschutes or Hair of the Dog. But overall, a nice selection; better than I expected after reading the reviews of this place. A little pricey on some of the beers, but it is downtown San Diego.

No one ever asked if I needed help, but the checker did at least place each bottle I purchased in a separate paper bag.

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Photo of ZX6Chris
5/5  rDev +14.2%

I know this store is in a rough spot downtown and I'm not gonna ding them for that.

First time I went there becasue I saw a coupon in the Reader. Each time I went back was because of their amazing beer seleciton. They have very top notch bottles so take alot of money when you go.

They have some very awesome bottles and the guys there are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Every time I go Sid takes as much time as he can talking to me about beer. He obviously knows what he's doing and his inventory proves it.

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Photo of kaseydad
5/5  rDev +14.2%

Best Damn Beer Shop

Came to SD on business and the first day I went searching for this gem. I had no vehicle so I hiked about 12 long, hot blocks and went into a corner market and was totally disappointed. It was hot and muggy inside and basically had only the basic beer selection. Dumbfounded and disappointed I went outside and discovered I was in the wrong "super" market. I crossed the street and entered the correct market, Super Jr. Market, and though I was hot and sweaty, I was in heaven. I was completely blown away by the selection this shop has. Totally unassuming store front houses and incredible array of thirst-quenching beverages.

Groceries are on the left and middle. Stay to the right to experience the beer sanctuary. This place has something for every beer nut. Way too many to list but it is a top notch selection. I was in a stupor about what to buy long enough that a real awesome dude (forgot his name) came by to see if I needed help. I proceeded to banter back and forth on the quality and quantity he had in stock. He was very appreciative of the compliments and gave me a number of recommendations. The store was busy and he even came back to help me with my selection process after manning the register.

I decided on bombers of Sculpin and Lil Sumpin Extra, a sixer of Hop Devil and a foursome of Double Dog. The awesome dude rang me out really quick and I mentioned I was heading back to the Omni Hotel and he said he could call me a cab. Way cool! I took him up on the offer and brought my booty back to the hotel and it was party time.

I absolutely highly recommend this great store. It is a little hard to find but well worth the effort especially if you are near the Gaslamp District. You will not be disappointed.

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Photo of armock
4.65/5  rDev +6.2%

One of the only reasons I went to this place was because it wasn't far from my hotel and the glowing reviews of the place here. If a stranger told me to go to this place I would have kept driving this is a you can't judge the book by its cover type of place. After finding a place to park and avoiding the bums on the way in I made it to beer heaven. Sid wasn't there but I was greeted by his brother who is just as cool about talking beer and making recommendations on beer. I picked out fifteen different beers exceeding my beer suitcase limits some. Sids brother even offed up a free shirt but only had larges left and those just don't work with my extra large gut so he hooked me up with a tart lambic that I drank that night and it was good. This is a must stop location for the best bottles in San Diego.

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Photo of ike4tay45
5/5  rDev +14.2%

Stopped in this past week while I was in San Diego on business. Killer selection, reasonable prices, and a great staff. Sid took over 40 minutes to bs with my buddy and I about beer, hooked us up with a couple shirts, and let us know of other stores and bars to hit while in town. Overall great experience. Definitely a must try. They also have a pretty good deli in the store. A solid selection of sandwich's and heat and serve food. Picked up a decent sandwich for $3.50(which was a special, tuesday and thursday is half price sandwich's).

Highly recommend.

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Photo of ocmpoma
5/5  rDev +14.2%

visited on 30 Mar 2010

An aptly named establishment. I recently moved into San Diego proper from Carlsbad, and was lamenting the loss of Pizza Port's Bottle Shop, which was only a half-mile from my old apartment. The nearest decent beer store to me now is the Servall, which is not bad, but no Bottle Shop.

So, after perusing BeerFly (how I love BeerFly!), I decided to head downtown. Not a bad walk, although if I'm a planning a large haul I'll have to drive or wait until I get a bike.

I was not let down. My wife and I found the market, and wandered back to check out the beer. I was extremely impressed. Other reviewers have noted that small size; and the 'shop' is really one aisle of the market and some coolers in the back. We ignored the coolers, as they were all mainstream stuff. So, no, this isn't BevMo with its many shelves of sixers and cases. But not one inch of shelf space in this place is wasted. Belgian, German, UK, US Craft, it's there. Lots of stuff I haven't heard of or have dreamt of buying. Tons of bombers and 750s. And all of it top-notch.

Sid was there, and spent plenty of time talking to us about the beers he had, what we liked and what would be good to try. It was difficult to walk out with only the four bottles we snagged. We signed up for the mailing list, too, and unless I'm very short on time, I fully intend to bypass anything closer to me and head straight to Sid's. It actually is the best damn beer shop I've yet seen.

 1,466 characters

Photo of pwoods
4.85/5  rDev +10.7%

Sid is running a top notch beer store here. It's tucked away in a Super J Market with a few bums running around outside, but the beer is the focus here. Everything you could possibly want from SD with everything from RR that is available to the city. Plenty of the better brews available from around the country. The space is a bit limited but the quality of what's on the shelves and the coolers holding the IPAs and more is top notch. I spent so much that Sid tossed in a nice t-shirt. Prices were just fine.

Keep up the great work, bro!

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Photo of mactrail
2.96/5  rDev -32.4%
vibe: 2 | quality: 2 | service: 3 | selection: 4.5

This place is rightfully esteemed as a place with a remarkable selection of California and Belgian beers. There is a fair amount from other microbreweries around the country though they tend to be the widely distributed ones like Allagash. But short on common ones like Dogfish Head. They do specialize in the strongest, rarest, and most expensive, so if you are swinging for the fences this is the place.

On the other hand, this is definitely not my favorite place due to the ever-present bums. You have filthy guys wandering the aisles, odiferous punks ahead of you in line buying wine or half pints, schizo maniacs glaring at you over their shopping carts at the door, and festive winos hanging on the sidewalk with bags and bottles.

Did I mention the dogs?

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Photo of Johnny4ipa
5/5  rDev +14.2%

As noted by others the place is a bit disguised as a little inner city market. I dropped .25 in the meter and headed into the shop for my 15 minutes of beer hauling. I walked in, grabbed a basket, & found my way to the back right corner of the store. There you will find craft beer heaven. A very nice guy was assisting a few guys as they loaded up with their baskets. He asked if I needed help and my stubbornness denied as I was reading and searching my way around their selection. After the two other customers left the friendly owner asked if I needed any help again and he noticed a blind pig in my basket. He then asked me if I had any interest in Pliny the Elder. He introduced himself as Sid and wow was he a nice guy. The tidal wave of local brews from the shelves and rare brews from the back room ( not on shelves ) started pouring into my cart with his knowledgeable assistance. I left with a free shirt & bottle of "to the 9's" thanks to Sid. What a great experience and highly recommended for anyone in the SD area!

The only buzz kill was coming back to the car to find a $ 30 parking ticket. 15 minutes is not enough time in this store.

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Photo of bargerking
4.3/5  rDev -1.8%

This is in Super J's Market on 7th street on the left of a one way street. Metered parking so bring you quaters.

This was a great find but its kind of on the shady part of town. A lot of rough/homeless looking people roaming the streets. Many of them entering the store. Not a big deal for me as I was by myself but I could see where some people could get uncomfortable. Especially if you have $100+ of beer chillin in the trunk. The store itself is a little bit old but well kept. As you walk in you have a wall full of liquor on your right and just a few steps ahead is the stash. Huuuuge selection! Lost Abbey, Port, Mikkeller, RR, Alpine (was out of Pure Hopiness though), Nogne, Old Dubh, Alesmith, La Roja, DFH (WWS, Chicory Stout, and the usuals), Victory, and a good selection of Belgians and Sours. There was only one girl in the store working the register so I can't really chime in on service. Pricing was on par and not bad at all. Overall, not the best part of town but selection overules any negetives. A great find and well worth the visit.

 1,057 characters

Photo of JeremyinUtah
4.5/5  rDev +2.7%


My buddy and I went in and were immediately helped by one of the two brothers who run the beer dept. Prices here are great, and selection is fantastic. Plenty of microbrews, including a good selection of Belgians, west coast brews, and other specialty items not found at the larger chain stores. You would never know this place is a beer store, as the outside looks like an inner city grocery store, but the selection is impressive. Prices are better here than at Bev4less in Santee. We did a multi-hour comparison between BDBS and Bev4less, and this place was cheaper by about $1 to $4 per bottle.
We got lots of great advice, lots of great beer and lots of great deals!
We left with a good vibe from the place, had a great chat with both brothers, and got a free sour brew, in addition to the great other brews we got. Note- the sour brew was one of the worst sours we had ever had, can't remember the name (EDIT: Girarden Black 1882 gueuze..thanks Sid.)

Overall, a great place to check out if you are in the San Diego area. We will be back and load up big time and drive back to Utah!

 1,133 characters

Photo of Zerkseez
4.65/5  rDev +6.2%

I've been to sd many times and have usually settled for a vendor that will have your expected labels, Russian river, green flash, lost abbey/port, etc (I.e. Bevmo , local liquor stores) . I after asking around I was turned onto BDBS and called on my way out west to check if they had any Pliny and was greeted by the infamous Sid. Although they were out of the elder he informed me that he would put together a grab bag of rare reserves that might be of interest me. Upon entering the store I observed the attention to detail and focus of the craft beer selection. Once I found Sid he guided me to the side and revealed a box of his greatest hits. Aside from a few he put together a bad ass selection which grew three fold when I inquired for some limited bottles. All in all great service, proud knowledgable staff, well thought out beer selection and a true sense of respect for th product! Prices are what can be expected from my picks but if your going for sessions, they offer a great brands from lawn mower beer to wild ales! In short if you're looking for a solid spot to snag your Belgian and west coast favorites make the drive down town and hit up BDBS!

 1,163 characters

Photo of radshoesbro
4.7/5  rDev +7.3%

i seem to always find some sort of gem when i hit up super junior's! being the only good beer shop in downtown san diego they completely deserve their moniker of "best damn beer shop!" sid is a great guy that is knowledgable about his product, and seems to be getting a lot of the harder to find beers quicker than some of the other places around town. they've got a good selection of locals and belgians with many of the beers refrigerated.

if you're around downtown san diego, this is your place! it comes highly recommended!

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Photo of gabeerfan
4.2/5  rDev -4.1%

We sort of stumbled onto this place based on a couple of BeerFly reviews on our visit to S.D.
It can be a little confusing to find this place, it's not so much a beer store as an aisle in a little grocery store on 7th and Broadway. There seemed to be plenty of street parking in front of the store. It is not the best area of downtown, but I didn't feel unsafe going to this store.
The selection was quite good. Most of the usual suspects along with Coronado, The Bruery, Lost Abbey, etc. Prices seemed pretty reasonable based on some other places we visited. Service seemed pretty good. There were two guys buying a couple of cases of macros and seemed to get good attention from the staff. The only assistance we needed was to get a price on The Bruery's new fall beer. It had been put on the shelves that day and the price tags hadn't been put on yet. The price was found quickly and politely. Overall, I liked this place and will visit again when we go back to S.D.
Definitely worth a stop.

 994 characters

Photo of skrosch
5/5  rDev +14.2%

Super Jr./The Best Damn Beer Shop is quite the find in San Diego. It's on 7th ave just North of Broadway, between Broadway and C. Sid really knows his beers and has the place stocked with a great selection. Lots of hard to find beers, Belgian, San Diego, Local California and other great micros: Ale Smith, Russian River, Ballast Point, Stone, Avery, Port Brewing, Dogfishhead, Lagunitas, etc., etc.

I've scored quite a few beers here that I have been looking for... Definitely worth a trip if you are in downtown San Diego.

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Photo of suzyqueue
5/5  rDev +14.2%

As has been mentioned, the store is hidden in this small, unassuming grocery store (Super Junior Market), which I had been going to for a few years to pick up beer and snacks for our office parties. However, I noticed a few months ago that their selection of local craft beers and hard to find imports had expanded significantly and they had quite an impressive selection. Then, in April, I went in and was able to find a 4-pack of Dogfish Head's ApriHop, which had been sold out in other stores in the area already.

Well, a week ago I went in needing a six pack for a party that I was going to. I met Sid and he was extremely knowledgeable and recommended the Pizza Port 3rd Anniversary (Double IPA) Ale as well as a Lambic that I hadn't tried yet. I also purchased a bottle of Older Viscosity for a good price. I believe this store has the best selection of beers in downtown and probably one of the most impressive in the San Diego area. Sid was a very good guy and really knows and loves his beers. He also mentioned that if I was looking for a specific beer, he should be able to get it in. I would recommend everyone in SD stop by the Best Damn Beer Shop!

 1,162 characters

Photo of ScottCoffee
4.65/5  rDev +6.2%

I just got chance to stop by the Best Damn Beer Shop on 7th in downtown San Diego. I have to say I'm mightily impressed.

The place only started stocking a large selection of beer about three months ago, so if you'd stopped before be sure to go back. It's inside a small market, but they've removed an aisle of sheleves to add a long beer cooler. A growing selection of about 350 beers is on the self. This is by far the largest I've found downtown and on par with the big boys like Bevmo.

The real reason I love this place however are guys in charge---two brothers with an obvious passion for beer. I met one of the two while he was stocking the shelves...I was looking for a bottle of Pliny the elder or Bling Pig from russian river. There was none on the shelf, but when I asked if thaey carried it a smile came across he face of a fellow beer nut. "I don't have it on the shlef for sale, but I've got a few bottles in tha back"---a private supply he was willing to share.

We talked beer for about a half hour and it was clear this fellow was dedicated to getting a quality stock on the shelf...and he was willing to help a fellow beer seeker with both sage advice and a few bottles from his personal stash.

In retrospect this is easily my favorite beer store in San Diego...the selection is good, but the service make this a place I will make a regular stop on my never ending search for beer.

 1,404 characters

Photo of snosage22
4.65/5  rDev +6.2%

The best damn beer shop is a bit hard to find as it is in the super Jr market, however it was worth the search. The best damn beer shop had all of the local craft brewers, such as Russian river, ballast point, alesmith, lost abbey, and many more, as well as having a good selection of everything else. I must say a thank you to BA SidVicious619 who works there and was more than helpful recommending good beers, calling other stores when I couldn't find Pliney the Elder, and even hooked me up with a beer. This was definitely one of the better beer stores I went to while in San Diego.

 586 characters

Photo of PLsnatch
4.3/5  rDev -1.8%

I live in the OB area of San Diego and was looking for a new place to find real beer. Glad I found BDBS. Best selection of quality beers I have found in the downtown and beach area, although I have not checked out everywhere. From foreign to local and everywhere in between they have a good sampling of most major styles and reasonable prices. For example, their bottles of Ballast Point brews run about $1 cheaper than elsewhere. As I was talking to Sid (owners son responsible for their greatness) a distributor cruised in and I got the first bottle of Russian River Temptation! Thanks Sid!

 592 characters

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Best Damn Beer Shop (Krisp Beverages + Natural Foods) in San Diego, CA
4.38 out of 5 based on 118 ratings.
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