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Distiller's OutletDistiller's Outlet

Type: Store

12329 Poway Rd
Poway, California, 92064-4218
United States

(858) 748-4617 | map

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Added by magictrokini on 08-08-2009

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Photo of BillRoth
4.64/5  rDev +1.3%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5

Finally made it DO while on one of my every once in awhile Beer Safaris in San Diego county with my SD based son. Met Dave after many phone calls but no visits. Place was just as great as I had hoped. Not huge but exceptionally good selection. Grabbed more than a few west coasters for the trip back to east coast. Really enjoyed talking beer with Dave. Special guy. Clearly knows his stuff, big passion...and just great guy. What's more to love.

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Photo of d3brewing
4.97/5  rDev +8.5%
vibe: 4.75 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Awesome place, amazing selection, great customer service. Best craft beer shop in san diego. The place is a little run down but they're in process of fixing it up and you wouldn't expect the find this jem in this strip mall but the selection is amazing. I shouldn't say this but if you're anywhere in SD county you need to come here.

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Photo of Haywire
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Just moved to the area and was trying to find the best place in town. The minute I entered the door, the guys working the counter were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The selection of beers available were top notch. So glad this place is right down the road.

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Photo of Robineveryone
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Simply Sublime, Dave is incredible, his beer selection borders on ridiculous. I drink motor oil and sours, he has a sick collection, and new arrivals in all the time. His collection of Almanacs, Russians, and specialty imperials is wonderful. Greatfully it is only 2 miles from my house.

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Photo of MjBrewhouse
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Visiting San Diego from Idaho so I thought I'd check out some bottle shops while I'm in town, my friend had mentioned Distillers Outlet in Poway, being that I was staying near by I thought I'd have a look. Wow the selection and service was awesome. I started talking to David who was a big help, he is super friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoy Barrel aged stouts so he pointed me in the direction of a few really nice ones.Overall great experience, if you are in the area or even if you aren't Distillers Outlet is worth seeking out.

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Photo of bkinney
4.86/5  rDev +6.1%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5

This place is by far the best bottle shop around in terms of service. These guys really know their stuff. You can tell how passionate they are about their product and they never gouge, even on extremely rare beers. It's a bit smaller of a place so their selection is not as great as some other places, but they somehow almost always have what I am looking for. Keep in mind that they also keep a lot of stuff in the back, so don't be afraid to ask about any particular brews.

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Photo of tbonematt
4.66/5  rDev +1.7%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.75 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5

Great beer store with a pretty solid selection. The owner of the store was super nice, friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. He even went out of his way to hook me up with some special beers from the back even though I'm not a regular and I was visiting from out of state. Definitely worth a visit.

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Photo of DreTheProphet
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

So you would never really think to go to Poway, but this place changes that! This spot is one of the best bottle shops in San Diego. These guys are super nice, and very knowledgeable. They aren't just some dudes selling beer, they respect the craft and you can count on them to get you what you're looking for. If you're not sure what you want, just tell them the style you like, and they will make sure you leave happy.

You can find all of the great Cali stuff here, Russian River, Almanac, Hangar, Ballast Point, Alpine, etc. etc. They also have some hard to find items as well. The selection is outstanding. As far as pricing goes, they have some of the fairest prices on the market. That's not to say that you won't leave without spending a ton of money, but that's just because of the crazy selection.

If you're looking for something they don't have (which is rare), just ask them and they will do their best to get it for you.

If you're in San Diego, or here just for vacation, you need to go and check these guys out! I've said it before, they are some of the best dudes out there, and you will be happy you went.

Now excuse me while I go re-up on some delicious craft beer.


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Photo of dietbeers
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Went to distillers outlet for the first time and had amazing service. They had a relatively hard to grab bottle in stock at a good price. Better yet the owner never stops smiling and is really helpful with his advice on things to try. Also the team updates their instagram regularly so its easy to see new bottles in stock. I will definitely be returning!

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Photo of es1
4.51/5  rDev -1.5%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5

I've spent most of my life in NYC with access to some great bottle shops, as most know the sheer quantity of beer shipped to Manhattan is quite large. That being said, no bottle shop I've been to on the east coast can rival this place. They have just the right amount of variety and everything they carry is of great quality. You could literally walk in there blindfolded, pick a bomber off the shelf, and would not be disappointed. The real value, however, is the staff and specifically David who is clearly a beer geek through and through. I went in to quickly look around and wound up talking to him for an hour and spent almost $100. Highly recommend stopping in this shop if you are in the area, and absolutely make a point of talking to David, you will not regret it.

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Photo of peterdactyl
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Every beer enthusiast within a 20+ mile radius of Distillers Outlet needs to check this place out. Don't be turned off by the weird location in a strip mall in Poway. This place is like Disneyland for beer nerds. Both David and Derek are super knowledgeable about beers and can assist any palate. Don't be surprised if you find rare one-offs here. You can follow them on Instagram (http://instagram.com/distillersoutlet) to hear about new releases. During Christmas time a 12 day of Christmas promo where he releases amazing rarities once a day. AWESOME. TRULY AWESOME PLACE.

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Photo of ragingviking13
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Visited san diego and looked up beer stores on BA. 20 minute drive was well worth it. Met Dave . He was willing to discuss beers he would recommend. Being from minnesota, I plan on sending Surly to trade for the west coast selections. I will be back at distillers assoon as I get back to SD with Surlys in hand. customer service was above and beyond. If you are looking for service and knowledge of beer, this is the place.

 423 characters

Photo of VeganUndead
4.94/5  rDev +7.9%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

The selection at this place is incredible, even better when you're looking to trade rather than buying. If you want a place on the west coast where the people know their stuff and have it available for you, this is your spot. Cheers David! Thanks for the hook-up.

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Photo of Nefarious
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

I've been frequenting this amazing bottle shop for well over a year now. I've become good friends with the owner, and the only place I shop for beer aside from his store, is at a brewery. David has great knowledge of every beer style, and he always points me in the right direction when i don't know what to drink. He frequently gets in rare beers from my favorite breweries all around the US. If he doesn't have it in stock, he will get it if you ask!

I've spent countless hours in the back talking beer, and oogling at his rare beers on display. Love this place, and even when I move to San Marcos, I'll still be making the drive down frequently!

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Photo of Doajaq77
4.4/5  rDev -3.9%
vibe: 5 | quality: 4 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4.5

This is the first time I have ever been here. I was told that this is a awesome shop for a beer lover. From the outside and it's location in a strip mall you would never think they would have as much beer as they do. Plus the fact they have a lot of trade only bottles. Customer service was awesome. They bend over backwards to have me leave with a smile on my face. I would definitely suggest visiting this place if your ever in San Diego area. I would also suggest you bring some bottles to trade, something special.

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Photo of DoubleJ
4.39/5  rDev -4.1%
vibe: 4.25 | quality: 4.25 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4.5

A six mile drive from Ballast Point to a liquor store may sound outrageous to some, but considering I was visiting San Diego County for the day and was seeking the best, the drive was welcomed. Ironically, the store doesn't have the name "beer" in it, so why would I check it out for beer? Well, much has been said about Distiller's Outlet in a short time, and that indicator is often a very good sign. Although it's located in a non-descript strip mall, once I was inside I felt that the drive was worth it.

The interior was clean and the bottles were dust-free. Not only were there a fairly large quantity of varieties, kept on the store floor and in the fridges, but some of the bottles I spotted were of the rare variety. San Diego is represented well, as names like Saint Archer and Coronado deck the shelves. Almanac, Hair of the Dog, lots of Mikkeller, and perhaps the single largest collection of Midnight Sun bottles that I've come across at a store in California. Bottles are stickered appropriately with prices.

At checkout, I got into a short, but good conversation with beer without the guy at checkout. For a selection like this, good service is a plus to accommodate the "higher end" bottles. Despite that, the prices are fair to what you would find at other stores. Certainly a very good choice for one stop shopping of beer

 1,344 characters

Photo of Threatski
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Distillers is a gem of a bottleshop tucked away in Poway, California. I've known shop owner David for awhile now and he always takes care of me when Iam looking for something rare. I love to chop it up with David about new beers and Brewery releases. He is knowledgeable and will always give you some great suggestions for whatever you're looking for. This spot gets an A+ in my book of bottleshops in San Diego.


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Photo of Goofydeer
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Stopped in on the recommendation of Derrik during our recent trip to San Diego from North Texas. This place is no joke. Selection is insane, but if there is something you don't see, just ask. David inquired what we were into and came with some fresh Pliny. Rows and rows of local and national gems. Also coolers full of additional choices. Pricing is more than fair for the quality of beer they carry. They also have a nice selection of liquor, though I didn't spend much time checking it out. Cannot wait to get back out to southern California to hit this place up again. Awesome crew...awesome spot. If you can't find what you are looking for here, it isn't available. Cheers!

 678 characters

Photo of cr0mster
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Great beer selection at good prices. Many not so common beers and they get the rares in when they come out as well. Both Dave and Derek are super friendly and passionate about the beer they sell which I can't say about some of the other beer shops in SD. These guys get it and really want to make sure they have good product and that they can help you determine what is good if you don't know going in. Top notch place that I will be going to over and over now that I know it is there.

 485 characters

Photo of dwagner003
4.68/5  rDev +2.2%
vibe: 3.75 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Living in San Diego, I've been to a lot of stores with a great craft beer selection, and I always have the same feeling each time. Owners stock the shelves, and forget about their inventory. Expired beers, old, warm IPAs, bottles sitting in the sun, etc. There isn't an overwhelming sense that they value what they are offering, or that they understand the average CRAFT beer buyer. We care about shit like that, and so does Distiller's Outlet. They just get it. They are beer guys first and businessmen second. Their primary concern is having the best, and freshest selection possible, and treating you more like a friend than a customer.

This place is off the charts in terms of selection. I found myself walking down the aisles, shaking my head. Each shelf offered something more amazing than the last. It's a great experience.

David is an incredibly nice dude who is happy to help any way he can. He's obviously incredibly knowledgeable.

This place blew my mind. Amazing selection, fair prices and great customer service. What more could you want? They've made a repeat customer out of me, and I hope to pay them a visit again soon.

 1,140 characters

Photo of eddiesd123
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Distiller's Outlet is definitely "the" bottle shop in North County. Every time a new release comes out, they've got it on shelves the day of. Prices are reasonable, and the selection is tremendous. David, the owner, is a great guy to talk to about beer. He knows his stuff, and is constantly getting in hard-to-find stuff to put on the shelves. If you're from the area, there's no excuse to not make this your go-to place. If you're coming in from out-of-town, this should be one of your stops for bottle selections.

 516 characters

Photo of Luckytiki
4.87/5  rDev +6.3%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.75

In a somewhat rundown shopping center, but it's Poway so it can't be that bad! Store is well kept and organized. I never feel like I'm going to knock anything over or have a hard time finding something. Selection and quality is always very good here- I've been able to pick up some things that I couldn't get elsewhere and in general this place can be counted on to have the new and special releases along with most other things distributed (and not distributed) to San Diego.

Where DO really stands out is service. David will always do his best to find the hard to get stuff for you and won't take you to the cleaners. More importantly you can tell David cares about craft beer, he's always willing to talk beer and share his opinions- he's not just there to talk up the most expensive thing he has or show off that rare beer that he won't let you have unless you way over pay (You all know who I'm talking about). I always feel good about my experience after leaving with a bunch of goodies.

If you live near the store it should be your regular store and if you're passing through San Diego it's definitely worth stopping by.

 1,130 characters

Photo of jgrummm
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Man! What can i say? Dave is the man! I found about him and his IG from my buddy Chris. Although I've never been in the store (only have talked via text and IG) it feels like its my regular place. Dave has expanded my craft beer knowledge tremendously and boy i cant wait to go when I'm in Cali next winter! Highly recommended for visits,trades and just plan ol beer talk!

 372 characters

Photo of addison511
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

Distillers Outlet is hands down the best place to buy beer in San Diego. David is the biggest beer enthusiast and store owner I have ever met. He definitely cares about his customers and treats them right. It seems like every time someone walks through the door he knows them and is having a familiar conversation with them. That to me shows customer loyalty. Distillers Outlet always has the newest available local SD beers as well as rare and hard to find gems. David takes the time to source great beers for his customers which I appreciate. I recommend this place to all my friends and will continue to come here as long as I am into beer (which might be for the rest of my life).

 684 characters

Photo of JonnyUps
5/5  rDev +9.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 5

I'm not going to lie ... if you shop here, expect to drop some cash. I definitely do. Don't tell my wife.

Hands down, the beer selection is the BEST.

First things first, this place has an incredible selection. The owner seems to have a great relationship with his distributers, and gets a fair amount of some pretty hard to get brews. Even better, the owner also gets the regular stuff that you want to be able to find fresh. He always tells me he's a hop head, so come here for good IPAs.

Also, if you're into trading, this might be a good place for you to make some connections. Just saying. I'm not necessarily into trading yet, but I've found things here that I know people across the country would want.

All in all, I will drive to Poway for this place. It's a good 20 minute drive from home and it's one of my most visited shops in north county.

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Distiller's Outlet in Poway, CA
4.58 out of 5 based on 75 ratings.
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