Hill Farmstead Brewery

Hill Farmstead BreweryHill Farmstead Brewery
Hill Farmstead BreweryHill Farmstead Brewery
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

403 Hill Rd
Greensboro Bend, Vermont, 05842-8813
United States

(802) 533-7450 | map

Hill Farmstead has a small bottle shop that carries offerings from other breweries in addition to bottles and growlers of their own offerings.

Hill Farmstead is the culmination of travel and insight, of friendship and explorations, and if realizing a sense of one's place. Upon the hand hewn land of our forebears, we honor eight generations of Greensboro ancestry by thoroughly engaging with our heritage and with our distinctive beers. This offering is our effort to revive, diversify, and prolong the memory of the Hill Farmstead.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
Aaron (Double Barrel - Bourbon/Ruby Port)American Barleywine0254.6908-26-2023
Abner Is EnlightenmentAmerican IPA6.8104.2910-11-2013
Abner Without PrincipleAmerican IPA6.55194.1907-05-2014
Anna BalatonSaison054.4905-26-2022
Anna MontmorencySaison027401-01-2023
Anna PlumSaison6.5234.4410-30-2023
Anna Valiquette (Red Raspberry, Blackberry Pomace & Black Currant Juice)Saison6.5134.3206-26-2023
Anne - Yellow RaspberrySaison0154.7703-14-2023
Apollo Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.2174.4103-10-2014
Art PlumSaison7.4424.6105-08-2023
Art: 2013 (Bottled Still)Saison044.7709-24-2018
Arthur (Blue Label)Saison054.5301-16-2018
Arthur - Styrian GoldingSaison6474.1908-16-2019
Being & TimeWild Ale0574.5911-15-2019
Beyond Good And Evil (Maple Syrup Barrel)American Imperial Stout0874.4803-30-2021
Birth Of Tragedy: Akmel NuriAmerican Porter0374.5104-18-2019
Birth of Tragedy: Cinnamon & Cacao NibsImperial Porter0314.5308-26-2023
Birth Of Tragedy: Coffee Collective Finca Vista Hermosa Natural and AlakaImperial Porter11214.4311-04-2022
Birth Of Tragedy: KochereImperial Porter11524.6302-09-2023
Cascade Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.2994.1404-07-2016
Civil Disobedience #1Saison7724.1205-12-2016
Civil Disobedience #10Saison01494.5709-26-2017
Civil Disobedience #11Saison01264.607-19-2019
Civil Disobedience #12Saison0554.0801-16-2018
Civil Disobedience #13Saison0654.5808-08-2022
Civil Disobedience #14Saison01344.4711-15-2019
Civil Disobedience #15Saison92644.5212-22-2021
Civil Disobedience #16Saison01314.2106-06-2022
Civil Disobedience #17Saison01294.4509-27-2019
Civil Disobedience #18Saison0724.4210-29-2022
Civil Disobedience #19Saison01054.411-26-2023
Civil Disobedience #2Saison4.5623.6911-17-2017
Civil Disobedience #20Saison0404.0904-23-2020
Civil Disobedience #21Saison0554.3710-29-2022
Civil Disobedience #22Saison0574.4209-07-2020
Civil Disobedience #23Saison0334.5912-29-2022
Civil Disobedience #24Saison0554.3512-29-2022
Civil Disobedience #25Saison0344.512-29-2022
Civil Disobedience #26Saison6374.3512-29-2022
Civil Disobedience #26.5Saison544.3309-24-2019
Civil Disobedience #27Saison0244.3907-04-2023
Civil Disobedience #28Saison6174.2612-29-2022
Civil Disobedience #29Saison6194.4602-14-2023
Civil Disobedience #3Saison6.5814.0112-03-2017
Civil Disobedience #30Saison0154.4712-29-2022
Civil Disobedience #4Saison81814.1112-16-2017
Civil Disobedience #4.5Saison6194.4105-12-2016
Civil Disobedience #5Saison6.51244.4212-24-2018
Civil Disobedience #6Saison03344.3805-25-2023
Civil Disobedience #7Saison01734.3404-22-2018
Civil Disobedience #8Saison0914.205-02-2017
Civil Disobedience #9Saison0874.3909-03-2016
Civil Disobedience 2020Saison6154.3812-29-2022
Civil Disobedience Cherry CrabappleSaison0153.0501-27-2023
Civil Disobedience CitrusSaison0794.0212-03-2023
Civil Disobedience PearSaison0304.4908-04-2019
Civil Disobedience PlumSaison0324.5502-11-2023
Columbus Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.2474.104-28-2015
Damon (Double Barrel Aged)Russian Imperial Stout01494.5807-07-2023
Damon (Double Barrel Aged) (2016)Russian Imperial Stout0374.709-29-2023
Damon - Kieni (Coffee Collective)American Imperial Stout0214.7104-12-2023
Damon: El DesarrolloAmerican Imperial Stout0264.6601-29-2020
Damon: Finca Buena VistaRussian Imperial Stout10.5234.5705-31-2023
DaybreakAmerican Imperial Stout10.53324.1603-23-2021
Daybreak (Orange Liqueur Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout10.32254.1403-22-2021
Difference & Repetition - Simcoe, CometAmerican IPA674.204-02-2020
Difference & Repetition 11American IPA634.2910-22-2019
Difference & Repetition 5American IPA6344.2808-04-2019
Difference & Repetition 6American IPA6224.1410-13-2019
Difference & Repetition 7American IPA6224.2710-05-2018
Difference & Repetition 9American IPA6.2124.3711-03-2019
Dorothy (2010)Saison6114.3801-09-2014
Dorothy (2014)Saison75664.1411-06-2016
Earl W/ Cacao & VanillaAmerican Stout7.254.4312-02-2018
Edith: Coffee Collective - AlakaSaison684.0303-18-2023
Edward (cask Dry Hopped W Amarillo)American Pale Ale5.2154.3310-22-2014
Edward (cask Dry Hopped W Citra)American Pale Ale5.2194.7110-22-2014
Edward (cask Dry Hopped W Newport)American Pale Ale5.214.0204-06-2016
Edward (cask Dry Hopped W Simcoe)American Pale Ale5.2154.2810-22-2014
Edward (RRBC Hops)American Pale Ale5.224.2412-19-2020
Elaborative #1Wild Ale6.52864.3309-16-2023
Elaborative #2Wild Ale61784.2307-04-2018
Elaborative #3American Imperial Stout11864.2801-29-2023
Elaborative #5Wild Ale01224.4206-03-2023
Ephraim, Society And SolitudeImperial IPA9.05214.3407-05-2014
Everett (Lactose & Kieni Coffee)American Porter7.514.4806-26-2018
Everett Porter (cask W/ Vanilla Beans)American Porter7.544.4205-29-2018
Excursions #1American IPA6.23074.2806-30-2016
Excursions #2American IPA6.1814.2610-22-2015
Excursions #4American IPA6.31154.0406-09-2017
Excursions HBC 692American IPA6104.2107-19-2019
Excursions: Idaho 7New England IPA6104.1811-01-2019
Excursions: TriumphNew England IPA6.584.0611-28-2019
Fear And Trembling (Bourbon)Baltic Porter9.3964.1902-24-2020
Fear And Trembling (French Oak Cabernet)Baltic Porter9.3884.1608-21-2018
Festival of Farmhouse Ales Blend 2019Saison654.4411-15-2019
Flora - BlueberrySaison52864.4901-12-2022
Flora - Satsuma MandarinSaison52294.5509-16-2016
Flora Blue/BlackSaison02534.3207-05-2019
Flora Blueberry/Black Currant/Raspberry/CherrySaison0464.2908-26-2023
Flora Blueberry/RaspberrySaison6.2113.9502-18-2021
Flora Cherry/RaspberrySaison5274.5706-29-2022
Flora Cuvée (2012)Saison0614.6201-27-2019
Flora Cuvée (2015)Saison054.6203-14-2023
Flora Peach/PearSaison5664.5301-14-2022
Florence Wheat Saison (Stainless)Saison0184.1205-07-2016
FosterBlack IPA6.52284.1209-23-2023
Fresh Hop IPA: Columbus 2019New England IPA6.20009-18-2019
Friendship & DevotionAmerican IPA61254.3202-18-2015
Friendship & ReunionAmerican IPA61204.3110-24-2017
Genealogy - Coffee Collective Akmel NuriAmerican Imperial Stout1034.6408-23-2020
Genealogy - Coffee Collective Finca Vista Hermosa NaturalAmerican Imperial Stout1074.4707-18-2022
Genealogy - Coffee Collective KieniAmerican Imperial Stout10114.3209-16-2021
Genealogy - Coffee Collective San FerminAmerican Imperial Stout10204.5707-15-2022
Genealogy Of Morals (Madeira Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout10.66964.2204-15-2018
Genealogy Of Morals - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout10.77034.5101-02-2023
Genealogy Of Morals - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - Duver RojasAmerican Imperial Stout1094.1411-14-2022
Genealogy of Morals - Coffee Collective BlendAmerican Imperial Stout10224.409-17-2022
Genealogy of Morals - Coffee Collective: Akmel NuriAmerican Imperial Stout0444.4712-17-2021
Genealogy Of Morals - Finca Vista Hermosa Huehuetenango GuatemalaAmerican Imperial Stout10254.4209-17-2022
Genealogy Of Morals - Rum Barrel-Aged - Duver RojasAmerican Imperial Stout10164.3602-16-2020
Genealogy Of Morals - Rum Barrel-Aged With Akmel Nuri’s Ethiopian CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout10174.5110-30-2022
Genealogy Of Morals: Coffee Collective Buena Vista & Cacao NibsAmerican Imperial Stout10174.4112-26-2021
George - Coffee Collective KieniAmerican Brown Ale5.5104.1911-24-2019
Gin ClaraGrisette4624.4911-20-2017
Harlan Autumn Smoke EditionAmerican IPA614.4212-25-2010
Hill Farmstead / Blaugies Le SarrasinSaison03564.6103-01-2022
Iced Coffee StoutAmerican Imperial Stout15144.6701-13-2013
JimBlack IPA7.51194.2611-10-2017
JimmyBlack IPA101294.2809-04-2015
Leaves Of Grass - July 4, 2015Saison4.5484.1910-21-2022
Leaves Of Grass: April 16, 2016Saison0204.2306-29-2019
Leaves Of Grass: December 30, 2016Saison0214.2509-16-2023
Leaves Of Grass: December 4, 2015Saison0704.0602-24-2019
Leaves Of Grass: December 6, 2017Saison6254.4107-06-2020
Leaves Of Grass: DubbelDubbel6194.1108-29-2020
Leaves Of Grass: Hops Not HateSaison0154.3709-28-2022
Leaves Of Grass: January 15, 2016Saison0444.106-07-2023
Leaves of Grass: January 25, 2019Saison0124.2707-13-2021
Leaves Of Grass: January 28, 2016Saison0264.1606-07-2023
Leaves Of Grass: July 15, 2016Saison0214.2201-13-2020
Leaves Of Grass: July 16, 2015Saison0664.2206-07-2023
Leaves Of Grass: July 25, 2016Saison0274.106-07-2023
Leaves Of Grass: July 31, 2017Saison0174.1306-07-2023
Leaves Of Grass: June 7, 2016Saison0254.1706-07-2023
Leaves Of Grass: March 10, 2016American Brown Ale0334.0309-29-2023
Leaves Of Grass: March 2, 2017Saison0144.2501-28-2023
Leaves Of Grass: May 2, 2016Saison0354.0112-13-2019
Leaves Of Grass: Northern KiwiSaison0124.2509-16-2023
Leaves Of Grass: November 22, 2015Flanders Oud Bruin0433.6906-07-2023
Leaves Of Grass: September 16, 2016Saison0354.3206-07-2023
Leaves Of Grass: September 18, 2015Saison0204.306-07-2023
Life Without Principle #1American Blonde Ale4.9674.1212-30-2014
Life Without Principle #2American Blonde Ale4.9594.0603-11-2015
Life Without Principle #3American Blonde Ale5.5894.2603-22-2015
Madness & Civilization #7American Imperial Stout0824.3902-02-2023
Madness & Civilization #1American Imperial Stout93404.4404-12-2023
Madness & Civilization #10American Imperial Stout0754.4906-04-2022
Madness & Civilization #11American Imperial Stout0634.4502-15-2023
Madness & Civilization #12American Imperial Stout0204.4804-28-2023
Madness & Civilization #2American Imperial Stout01464.4812-07-2018
Madness & Civilization #3American Imperial Stout0694.1904-22-2018
Madness & Civilization #4American Imperial Stout01263.7809-24-2016
Madness & Civilization #8American Imperial Stout01114.2310-21-2021
Madness & Civilization #9American Imperial Stout0854.3507-05-2023
Madness & Reason #1American Imperial Stout064.7407-24-2016
Madness & Reason #2American Imperial Stout0104.6808-24-2018
Madness & Reason #3American Imperial Stout044.1206-03-2018
Madness & Reason #5American Imperial Stout064.3105-31-2023
Madness & Reason #6 - Via NitroAmerican Imperial Stout914.8806-09-2019
Madness & Reason #7American Imperial Stout10204.4112-22-2019
Madness & SolitudeImperial IPA10.5874.2101-03-2018
Madness And Civilization #5American Strong Ale0754.3806-02-2023
MimosaWild Ale102014.403-15-2022
NorImperial IPA9.21604.4802-24-2015
Oude Camino (Blend #2)Saison0253.8308-05-2019
Oude Camino?Saison084.1211-09-2014
Pacifica Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.533.8610-14-2012
Phenomenology Of FloraSaison794.0710-01-2013
Phenomenology Of SpiritSaison6.52564.3311-29-2021
Phenomenology Of Spirit (2010)Saison71144.2404-07-2023
Phenomenology Of Spirit (2014)Saison0394.1401-23-2021
Phenomenology Of Spirit (2018)Saison0123.9211-04-2020
Poetica 1German Pilsner4.8494.4501-16-2023
Rakau Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.2103.8301-09-2014
Residency 1Saison0154.4803-02-2019
Residency 2Saison0174.5406-29-2023
Residency 3Saison0194.3705-31-2023
Residency 4Saison0114.4705-10-2019
Self Reliance #1American Pale Ale5.1724.1101-02-2019
Self Reliance: Czech SaazAmerican IPA6244.2805-28-2023
Self Reliance: GalaxyAmerican IPA0134.3603-28-2021
Self Reliance: German CascadeAmerican IPA6144.1305-09-2022
Self Reliance: German-Grown AmarilloAmerican IPA6114.2405-08-2023
Self Reliance: Hallertau MittelfrühAmerican IPA6164.2904-10-2021
Self Reliance: HBC-522American IPA084.2703-15-2022
Self Reliance: HBC-586American IPA654.1307-09-2021
Self Reliance: Nelson SauvinAmerican IPA6194.3608-20-2022
Self Reliance: PacificaAmerican IPA684.2603-17-2022
Self Reliance: RiwakaAmerican IPA0184.4304-08-2022
Self Reliance: Southern CrossAmerican IPA0114.3306-20-2022
Self Reliance: Vic SecretAmerican IPA0134.2703-18-2022
Six YearsFlanders Red Ale0664.3206-29-2022
Society & Solitude #1Imperial IPA83154.2605-14-2020
Soignee - CherrySaison5124.2406-12-2021
Soignee - Raspberry/Cherry/Northern KiwiSaison0214.4101-22-2021
Song of SpringAmerican Pale Ale4.2113.8805-29-2022
Sorachi Ace Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.594.4301-09-2014
Summit Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.4223.9601-09-2014
The Legitimacy Of FloraSaison0204.6309-29-2016
The Myth Of SaisonSaison7254.1906-10-2013
Works Of Love 2013: De MolenAmerican Imperial Stout01304.3610-18-2020
Works Of Love 2013: Sante Adairius Rustic AlesSaison01434.5208-13-2021
Works Of Love 2015: Cigar City 2015Wild Ale0274.3107-07-2020
Works Of Love: Anchorage 2015Wild Ale5.7824.2809-09-2022
Works Of Love: Anchorage 2016 (Mandaerina Bavaria)Saison0984.4607-01-2022
Works Of Love: Cigar City BrewingFlanders Oud Bruin0444.0505-27-2023
Works Of Love: Tired HandsSaison0914.2810-29-2023
Works of Love: Tired Hands (Farm Ghosthands)Saison0284.2209-17-2023

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Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro Bend, VT
Brewery rating: 4.3 out of 5 with 59548 ratings