The Kernel Brewery

The Kernel BreweryThe Kernel Brewery
The Kernel BreweryThe Kernel Brewery
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

Unit 11, Dockley Road Industrial Estate
London, England, SE16 3SF
United Kingdom

0775 7552636 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A London PorterEnglish Porter5.523.9805-15-2013
Baltic PorterBaltic Porter7.384.0812-03-2022
Bière De SaisonSaison4.6143.6105-25-2021
Biere de Saison (Single Barrel) Tuscan Red WineSaison4.613.9404-25-2020
Biere de Saison ApricotSaison4.633.8810-15-2022
Biere De Saison AuxerroisSaison5.413.8905-31-2020
Bière De Saison CentennialSaison5.124.1205-18-2019
Bière De Saison CitraSaison4.943.3802-26-2021
Bière de Saison Columbus CentennialSaison5.414.0604-09-2020
Bière De Saison DamsonSaison4.654.112-22-2019
Biere De Saison Finchcocks 7Saison5.313.8910-19-2019
Biere de Saison PacificaSaison5.313.504-30-2022
Biere De Saison QuinceSaison4.743.8907-21-2022
Biere de Saison RaspberrySaison4.733.7712-22-2019
Bière De Saison Red CurrantSaison614.2105-18-2019
Bière de Saison Small Damson CitraSaison4.924.0611-11-2021
Biere De Saison Sour CherrySaison5.533.6907-18-2022
Biere De TableSaison4.7133.6205-09-2017
Bière De Table (Hersbrucker)Saison3.813.7511-12-2013
Bière De Table Barrel AgedSaison4.6113.7608-11-2014
Bitter Simonds 1880English Bitter6.51403-09-2023
Breakfast StoutAmerican Imperial Stout9.324.3604-04-2012
Brown AleEnglish Brown Ale6133.7710-01-2021
Brown Ale CentennialAmerican Brown Ale5.323.9310-21-2022
Brown Ale MeridianAmerican Brown Ale5.613.8112-01-2022
Dry Stout Bramling CrossIrish Dry Stout4.813.502-27-2017
Dry Stout CentennialIrish Dry Stout4.40011-27-2018
Dry Stout Centennial MosaicIrish Dry Stout4.413.8404-05-2020
Dry Stout Centennial SimcoeIrish Dry Stout4.814.2107-22-2022
Dry Stout CitraIrish Dry Stout4.734.2602-25-2016
Dry Stout El DoradoIrish Dry Stout4.333.6504-16-2018
Dry Stout GalaxyIrish Dry Stout6.533.9602-04-2018
Dry Stout MosaicIrish Dry Stout4.483.905-09-2020
Dry Stout Simcoe MosaicIrish Dry Stout4.814.0809-14-2021
Dry Stout Vic SecretIrish Dry Stout4.613.802-21-2021
Dry Stout Wai-Iti MotuekaIrish Dry Stout4.713.0811-12-2020
DunkelMunich Dunkel4.433.8910-30-2022
Export India PorterEnglish Porter6.31023.9805-06-2023
Export India Porter Bramling CrossEnglish Porter5.824.1204-05-2014
Export India Porter Cascade Apollo AmarilloEnglish Porter614.1910-08-2015
Export Stout DamsonEnglish Stout7.133.607-22-2022
Export Stout London 1840 Barrel AgedForeign / Export Stout9.353.9602-07-2019
Export Stout London 1890Foreign / Export Stout7.41464.204-06-2023
Foeder Beer (Centennial)Belgian Pale Ale4.724.0407-13-2022
Foeder Beer (Chinook Mandarina Bavaria)Wild Ale4.613.9402-08-2020
Foeder Beer (Nelson Sauvin)Wild Ale4.723.7503-11-2020
Foeder Beer MosaicBelgian Pale Ale4.714.1206-13-2020
Foeder Beer TaihekeWild Ale513.5502-26-2021
Foeder Kveik Pale Ale CitraAmerican Pale Ale4.713.902-24-2021
Foeder LagerBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.813.8907-17-2020
Grisette (Huell Melon)Grisette4.633.4603-11-2023
Grisette (Mandarina Bavaria)Grisette4.723.2507-18-2022
Half BrickRye Beer4.61407-24-2021
Hopfenweisse CitraHefeweizen5.214.0805-12-2023
Huell MelonAmerican Pale Ale5.613.7507-13-2017
Imperial Brown Stout (Red Burgundy)American Imperial Stout10.233.9612-08-2015
Imperial Brown Stout London 1856Russian Imperial Stout9.91204.2204-21-2023
Imperial StoutRussian Imperial Stout12.523.9304-12-2011
India Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale5.643.904-18-2019
India Double Porter Centennial ColumbusEnglish Porter7.414.3510-25-2019
India Double Porter Citra GalaxyEnglish Porter7.854.2409-13-2019
India Double Porter Ekuanot Huell MelonEnglish Porter6.823.9605-28-2021
India Double Porter Mosaic Nelson Sauvin SabroEnglish Porter7.343.8702-08-2023
India Double Porter Mosaic SabroImperial Porter7.524.3709-16-2021
India Pale Ale (Citra Vs. Amarillo)American IPA6.933.9609-03-2014
India Pale Ale (Citra, Zeus, Simcoe)American IPA014.1110-22-2015
India Pale Ale (Ella, Enigma, Mosaic)American IPA713.605-09-2023
India Pale Ale (Enigma)American IPA6.813.9407-24-2020
India Pale Ale (Mosaic Amarillo)American IPA6.91408-15-2020
India Pale Ale (Mosiac Simcoe)American IPA7.424.1604-06-2016
India Pale Ale - Black RyeAmerican IPA7.454.0209-12-2012
India Pale Ale - Nelson Sauvin CentennialEnglish IPA7.243.7106-19-2021
India Pale Ale - Nelson Sauvin SimcoeAmerican IPA6.834.1507-27-2015
India Pale Ale - Vic SecretEnglish IPA7.413.6912-20-2018
India Pale Ale Amarillo Citra SummitAmerican IPA6.943.5809-22-2014
India Pale Ale BlackBlack IPA6.8174.0608-16-2018
India Pale Ale CentennialAmerican IPA7103.6904-23-2021
India Pale Ale Centennial AmarilloAmerican IPA6.983.8504-03-2020
India Pale Ale Centennial MosaicAmerican IPA7.244.2910-04-2018
India Pale Ale Centennial Mosaic CitraAmerican IPA7.314.0411-04-2018
India Pale Ale Centennial Mosaic MotuekaAmerican IPA6.934.0502-08-2014
India Pale Ale Centennial Mosaic SimcoeAmerican IPA713.7508-01-2017
India Pale Ale Centennial MosiacAmerican IPA7.254.2410-24-2015
India Pale Ale Centennial SimcoeAmerican IPA7.254.0501-22-2016
India Pale Ale Centennial Topaz StellaAmerican IPA7.444.3503-09-2013
India Pale Ale Chinook Amarillo Nelson SauvinAmerican IPA6.844.1105-28-2016
India Pale Ale Chinook ColumbusAmerican IPA7.113.9408-15-2015
India Pale Ale Chinook Mandarina BavariaAmerican IPA6.924.0309-20-2017
India Pale Ale Chinook, Simcoe, AmarilloAmerican IPA7.513.9211-30-2018
India Pale Ale CitraAmerican IPA6.2714.1201-23-2020
India Pale Ale Citra Ahtanum GalaxyAmerican IPA7.334.0108-23-2014
India Pale Ale Citra AmarilloAmerican IPA6.934.0810-23-2020
India Pale Ale Citra ChinookAmerican IPA714.6612-30-2014
India Pale Ale Citra ColumbusAmerican IPA6.813.4510-06-2018
India Pale Ale Citra Jester ChinookAmerican IPA7.214.2409-22-2018
India Pale Ale Citra MosaicAmerican IPA6.884.1608-22-2016
India Pale Ale Citra Mosaic CenntenialAmerican IPA6.614.0609-04-2022
India Pale Ale Citra Mosaic ZeusAmerican IPA6.913.7908-13-2017
India Pale Ale Citra SimcoeAmerican IPA6.944.0407-22-2015
India Pale Ale ColumbusAmerican IPA7.1154.0702-19-2021
India Pale Ale Columbus/Motueka/StellaAmerican IPA7.124.108-18-2013
India Pale Ale Double S.C.C.A.N.S.Imperial IPA10.164.3111-11-2012
India Pale Ale El DoradoAmerican IPA753.9707-25-2017
India Pale Ale Enigma ChinookAmerican IPA6.943.7404-18-2015
India Pale Ale EXP 431 HBC 366American IPA6.813.9510-11-2016
India Pale Ale GalaxyAmerican IPA6.9133.9608-06-2021
India Pale Ale Galaxy CitraAmerican IPA7.213.7504-01-2018
India Pale Ale Galaxy El Dorado SabroAmerican IPA7.133.5103-12-2021
India Pale Ale Galaxy EnigmaAmerican IPA6.924.1107-23-2019
India Pale Ale Galaxy Nelson SauvinEnglish IPA7.233.6806-26-2020
India Pale Ale MosaicAmerican IPA6.8433.8705-01-2023
India Pale Ale Mosaic Citra AmarilloAmerican IPA714.2505-26-2018
India Pale Ale Mosaic Galaxy El DoradoAmerican IPA7.214.1609-04-2017
India Pale Ale Mosaic Zeus EquinoxAmerican IPA7.143.5812-04-2015
India Pale Ale Mosaic, Simcoe, Vic SecretAmerican IPA7.21402-09-2019
India Pale Ale Motueka Pacific JadeAmerican IPA7.213.7206-23-2013
India Pale Ale Nelson SauvinAmerican IPA7194.0407-13-2022
India Pale Ale Nelson Sauvin HBC 431American IPA71404-20-2020
India Pale Ale PolarisAmerican IPA6.423.8107-27-2016
India Pale Ale S.C.A.N.S.American IPA6.844.1602-10-2017
India Pale Ale S.C.C.A.N.SAmerican IPA7154.1305-09-2023
India Pale Ale SimcoeImperial IPA7.9194.210-27-2017
India Pale Ale Simcoe AmarilloAmerican IPA6.724.110-30-2014
India Pale Ale Simcoe Citra US 366American IPA7.213.0805-21-2017
India Pale Ale Simcoe MagnumAmerican IPA6.924.0110-14-2015
India Pale Ale Simcoe OlicanaAmerican IPA7.513.7511-13-2018
India Pale Ale Simcoe SticklebractAmerican IPA6.613.9305-07-2016
India Pale Ale StellaAmerican IPA7.564.0612-18-2014
India Pale Ale SummitAmerican IPA733.7704-15-2015
India Pale Ale TaihekeAmerican IPA7.414.509-17-2021
India Pale Ale TalusAmerican IPA7.11405-17-2023
India Pale Ale TopazAmerican IPA623.6806-23-2013
India Pale Ale US 366American IPA733.6711-20-2014
India Pale Ale Vic SecretAmerican IPA744.1512-08-2018
India Pale Ale ZeusAmerican IPA763.608-29-2016
India Pale Ale Zeus SimcoeAmerican IPA6.814.0811-03-2018
IPA (Citra Nelson Sauvin Galaxy)American IPA6.914.4104-23-2016
IPA (Double 4C)Imperial IPA9.622.902-17-2014
IPA Black VBlack IPA7.234.2910-07-2012
IPA Black VIBlack IPA6.333.8508-18-2013
IPA Borefts RyeAmerican IPA7.514.3501-26-2012
IPA CSCAmerican IPA7.154.3908-14-2013
IPA London Brick Red RyeAmerican IPA7.353.7311-13-2013
Kernel DunkelMunich Dunkel4.623.7112-09-2020
London Brick (collaboration Red Rye Ale)Rye Beer7.3213.9111-29-2022
London Brick Red Rye AleRye Beer6.243.9205-09-2019
London Damson SourBerliner Weisse2.353.7310-12-2015
London SourWild Ale3.8223.5806-10-2015
London Sour Barrel AgedWild Ale4.213.9507-20-2016
London Sour Damson (4.1%)Wild Ale4.153.705-21-2017
London Sour RaspberryBerliner Weisse2.3143.7909-11-2021
London Sour Red Wine BarrelBerliner Weisse2.363.9805-28-2016
London Sour White Wine BarrelBerliner Weisse2.3123.8905-28-2016
Multi-Grain IPA GalaxyAmerican IPA6.51409-16-2020
NewbarnsAmerican Pale Ale4.512.9308-27-2020
Pale Ale - TaihekeAmerican Pale Ale5.334.1205-08-2023
Pale Ale (Ahtanum Cascade Citra)American Pale Ale5.113.603-29-2013
Pale Ale (Amarillo Centennial)American Pale Ale5.513.9402-18-2015
Pale Ale (Amarillo Zeus)American Pale Ale5.133.6909-08-2015
Pale Ale (Amarillo)American Pale Ale5.684.1706-23-2017
Pale Ale (Amarillo, Centennial, Loral)American Pale Ale5.323.9206-30-2017
Pale Ale (Amarillo, Ella, Centennial)American Pale Ale5.413.7511-20-2014
Pale Ale (Cascade Centennial)American Pale Ale5.413.7705-19-2019
Pale Ale (Cascade Chinook Citra)American Pale Ale5.323.3801-28-2023
Pale Ale (Cascade Mosaic Nelson Sauvin)American Pale Ale5.323.9903-12-2016
Pale Ale (Cascade Pacifica Simcoe)American Pale Ale5.813.502-09-2014
Pale Ale (Cascade Stella Tomahawk)American Pale Ale5.513.8511-15-2013
Pale Ale (Cascade)American Pale Ale5.113.8506-30-2018
Pale Ale (Centennial Enigma Nelson Sauvin)American Pale Ale5.41307-05-2018
Pale Ale (Centennial Enigma)American Pale Ale5.423.9502-28-2021
Pale Ale (Centennial Mandarina Bavaria Mosaic)American Pale Ale5.623.7506-17-2017
Pale Ale (Centennial Mosaic)American Pale Ale5.564.1708-10-2015
Pale Ale (Centennial)English Pale Ale5.7123.9907-01-2018
Pale Ale (Centennial+Chinook)American Pale Ale5.563.7808-25-2015
Pale Ale (Centennial+Citra)American Pale Ale5.533.9701-26-2015
Pale Ale (Centennial, Simcoe)American Pale Ale5.283.9402-18-2017
Pale Ale (Chinook Zeus Citra)American Pale Ale5.314.1403-11-2016
Pale Ale (Chinook)American Pale Ale5.263.7602-18-2021
Pale Ale (Citra Apollo Chinook)American Pale Ale5.31411-22-2014
Pale Ale (Citra Azacca Mandarina Bavaria)American Pale Ale5.52408-14-2020
Pale Ale (Citra Cascade Centennial)American Pale Ale5.413.9412-24-2019
Pale Ale (Citra Centennial)American Pale Ale5.613.9204-19-2020
Pale Ale (Citra Galaxy Mosaic)American Pale Ale714.0805-01-2018
Pale Ale (Citra Galaxy Summit)American Pale Ale5.414.1212-01-2013
Pale Ale (Citra Mosaic)American Pale Ale5.423.6702-03-2017
Pale Ale (Citra Motueka)English Pale Ale5.123.9207-19-2022
Pale Ale (Citra Simcoe Centennial)American Pale Ale5.633.8901-28-2015
Pale Ale (Citra Simcoe Polaris)American Pale Ale5.413.7509-10-2014
Pale Ale (Citra Simcoe)American Pale Ale5.434.0909-15-2015
Pale Ale (Citra Zeus)American Pale Ale5.124.1103-13-2019
Pale Ale (Citra, Huell Melon)American Pale Ale5.123.7507-10-2016
Pale Ale (Citra, Zeus, Summit, El Dorado)American Pale Ale5.423.5411-20-2016
Pale Ale (Columbus + Citra )American Pale Ale51407-12-2012
Pale Ale (Columbus Amarillo Mosaic)American Pale Ale5.223.7808-16-2015
Pale Ale (Columbus Amarillo Simcoe)American Pale Ale5.31402-26-2021
Pale Ale (Columbus Simcoe)American Pale Ale5.424.0810-15-2014
Pale Ale (Columbus Tomahawk Zeus)American Pale Ale5.413.3503-02-2013
Pale Ale (Columbus)American Pale Ale5.354.0205-12-2020
Pale Ale (Ella Mosaic)American Pale Ale5.313.9605-18-2019
Pale Ale (Ella, Mandarina Bavaria)American Pale Ale5.514.0302-13-2017
Pale Ale (Galaxy Mosaic)English Pale Ale5.41407-29-2020
Pale Ale (Galaxy Simcoe Centennial)American Pale Ale5.513.511-20-2014
Pale Ale (Green Bullett)American Pale Ale5.21402-09-2019
Pale Ale (HBC 638)American Pale Ale4.813.9410-02-2022
Pale Ale (Idaho 7)American Pale Ale5.11409-04-2022
Pale Ale (Kohatu)American Pale Ale5.213.8109-26-2019
Pale Ale (Mandarina Bavaria)American Pale Ale5.413.9904-23-2020
Pale Ale (Mosaic Zeus Apollo)American Pale Ale5.224.304-03-2018
Pale Ale (Mosaic Zeus)American Pale Ale5.643.9206-05-2015
Pale Ale (Mosaic)American Pale Ale5.1284.0809-30-2018
Pale Ale (Mosaic, Citra, Centennial)American Pale Ale5.413.810-01-2019
Pale Ale (Mosaic, Motueka, Galaxy, Vic Secret)American Pale Ale5.413.7607-12-2022
Pale Ale (Nelson Sauvin Citra Mosaic)American Pale Ale5.413.9707-01-2018
Pale Ale (Nelson Sauvin Citra Vic Secret)American Pale Ale5.213.4903-01-2022
Pale Ale (Nelson Sauvin Mosaic HBC 431)American Pale Ale5.31404-19-2020
Pale Ale (Pacifica Waimea)American Pale Ale5.333.6502-01-2014
Pale Ale (Polaris Apollo Columbus)American Pale Ale5.433.4610-22-2014
Pale Ale (Red Burgundy Barrel Aged)American Pale Ale5.30006-01-2014
Pale Ale (Simcoe Amarillo Mosaic)American Pale Ale5.334.0609-28-2013
Pale Ale (Simcoe Amarillo VS)American Pale Ale5.423.8709-10-2015
Pale Ale (Simcoe Centennial Nelson Sauvin)American Pale Ale5.314.1410-20-2015
Pale Ale (Simcoe Mosaic Cascade)American Pale Ale5.423.6207-20-2015
Pale Ale (Simcoe Nelson Sauvin)American Pale Ale5.414.0105-01-2023
Pale Ale (Simcoe)English Pale Ale5.494.0605-11-2018
Pale Ale (Stella Topaz Zeus)American Pale Ale5.514.3402-20-2013
Pale Ale (Sticklebract Zeus)English Pale Ale5.21408-15-2020
Pale Ale (Sticklebract)American Pale Ale5.343.8203-04-2016
Pale Ale (Tomahawk Simcoe Centennial)American Pale Ale5.423.9605-11-2014
Pale Ale (Vic Secret + Galaxy)American Pale Ale5.31412-25-2017
Pale Ale (With Oats) Mosaic Vic SecretAmerican Pale Ale4.413.9309-18-2022
Pale Ale (Zeus)American Pale Ale5.413.7905-18-2017
Pale Ale - Amarillo CascadeAmerican Pale Ale4.933.9310-30-2014
Pale Ale - Citrus ZeusEnglish Pale Ale5.533.906-19-2019
Pale Ale - Simcoe EnigmaAmerican Pale Ale5.213.9408-15-2019
Pale Ale Cascade SimcoeAmerican Pale Ale5.214.6111-19-2015
Pale Ale Citra Amarillo ChinookAmerican Pale Ale5.424.406-10-2016
Pale Ale Enigma MosaicAmerican Pale Ale5.21412-23-2019
Pale Ale Finchcocks #7American Pale Ale5.314.3905-19-2019
Pale Ale Mosaic ChinookAmerican Pale Ale513.8310-27-2017
Pale Ale Motueka CCCAmerican Pale Ale4.92406-21-2015
Pale Ale SouthAmerican Pale Ale4.71412-29-2013
Pale Ale Taiheke Nelson Sauvin SticklebractAmerican Pale Ale5.413.9110-01-2019
Pale Ale WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.21412-29-2013
Pils EllaGerman Pilsner5.233.4909-19-2021
Pils LorienBohemian / Czech Pilsner513.511-05-2022
Pils TaihekeGerman Pilsner5.114.2607-12-2022
PorterEnglish Porter5.934.2104-15-2015
RedEnglish IPA624.1604-15-2012
Scanners IPAAmerican IPA6.914.512-28-2013
Stella For BreakfastEnglish Stout6.21401-06-2012
StoutForeign / Export Stout6.634.1904-16-2016
Table BeerAmerican Pale Ale3.2643.9604-02-2023
Table Beer MosaicAmerican Pale Ale3.113.2506-17-2017
Vatted Porter 1864English Porter7.223.1712-04-2022

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The Kernel Brewery in London, GB2, United Kingdom
Brewery rating: 3.92 out of 5 with 1342 ratings