Cascade Brewing / Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub

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Cascade Brewing / Raccoon Lodge & BrewpubCascade Brewing / Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub
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14,354 Ratings
Cascade Brewing / Raccoon Lodge & BrewpubCascade Brewing / Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub

Type: Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

7424 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Portland, Oregon, 97225
United States

(503) 296-0110 | map

Dining Room:
Mon-Sat 11:30am - 10pm
Sun 11:30am - 9pm

Mon-Fri 4pm -11pm
Sat 10am - 11pm
Sun 10am - 10pm

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DieterAmerican Wild Ale13.5023.88-
Cascade Straight BourbonicAmerican Wild Ale13.5054.63-
Cherry Bourbonic PlagueAmerican Wild Ale13.001094.19-
Cherry QuadQuadrupel (Quad)12.7564.18-
Cherry VladAmerican Wild Ale12.70174.13-
Date VladAmerican Wild Ale12.5014.1-
Pumpkin SmashAmerican Wild Ale12.501273.99-
Cascade Anti Vlad the ImpalerQuadrupel (Quad)12.5013.56-
Tawny PortAmerican Wild Ale12.5064.11-
Cascade Vlad The Imp AlerAmerican Wild Ale12.307204.27-
Chocolate Boubonic PlagueAmerican Wild Ale12.00134.2-
Bottleworks XIVAmerican Wild Ale11.951394.29-
Pre-BourbonicAmerican Wild Ale11.67144.1-
Vanilla Bourbonic PlagueAmerican Wild Ale11.6624.72-
Cascade Bourbonic PlagueAmerican Wild Ale11.505924.25-
Cointeau (bourbon)American Wild Ale11.3524.12-
Cascade Chocolate BourbonicAmerican Wild Ale11.30114.21-
Yarley WhineAmerican Barleywine11.3024.51-
Stumptown BourbonicAmerican Porter11.2013.62-
Tangerine DreamAmerican Wild Ale11.102344.11-
Blueberry Bourbonic PlagueAmerican Wild Ale11.0083.82-
Diesel #2American Double / Imperial Stout11.00124.4-
Cherry DieselAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.0074.11-
Cascade Anti Bourbonic PlagueAmerican Porter11.0014.31-
Shrieking VioletLambic - Fruit11.00314.07-
Agent De L'OrangeAmerican Wild Ale10.8022.62-
L’Agent OrangeAmerican Wild Ale10.78113.83-
Saison GrandSaison / Farmhouse Ale10.7024.44-
Shrieking Violet BlueberryFruit / Vegetable Beer10.70643.97-
Lemon DropAmerican Wild Ale10.60154.09-
Caramel CrumbAmerican Wild Ale10.5024.69-
Twisted JulepAmerican Wild Ale10.5064.08-
Rum Runner MissionAmerican Barleywine10.5024.23-
Primordial NoirAmerican Wild Ale10.5023.83-
Barrel Aged Karma Citracide DIIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.4014.42-
Double Dunk'n Punk'n AlePumpkin Ale10.4024.03-
Barrel Aged Habanero Karma Citracide DIIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.4014.25-
Manhattan NWAmerican Wild Ale10.303284.27-
Date NightQuadrupel (Quad)10.2034-
Cinnamon Rum RunnerAmerican Wild Ale10.2014.25-
Happy HolidatesAmerican Wild Ale10.2024.23-
Sang RoyaleAmerican Wild Ale10.1224.45-
CocoCaBonicAmerican Wild Ale10.1014.28-
Vriendshapsblend (Friendship Blend)American Wild Ale10.0054.1-
Bourbon Chocolate RedAmerican Wild Ale10.0054.13-
GingersnapAmerican Wild Ale10.00423.89-
2013 Vintage DieselAmerican Double / Imperial Stout10.0014-
Vintage DieselAmerican Double / Imperial Stout10.0034.25-
Sour DieselAmerican Double / Imperial Stout10.0023.62-
T'art LarranceAmerican Wild Ale9.9013.63-
Cherie D'AmourAmerican Wild Ale9.8043.73-
Cascade Cherry Lemon QuadQuadrupel (Quad)9.7534.02-
Cascade The VineAmerican Wild Ale9.738914.21-
Cascade Drie Zwarte Pieten Sang NoirFlanders Red Ale9.5084.38-
FigaroAmerican Wild Ale9.505144.19-
Cinnamon QuadQuadrupel (Quad)9.5054.19-
Brambleberry QuadAmerican Wild Ale9.4054.09-
Cascade Sang RoyalAmerican Wild Ale9.359074.38-
Sang NoirAmerican Wild Ale9.301,7594.45-
Regina CherryAmerican Wild Ale9.3024-
Cascade Foudre #1American Wild Ale9.201014.18-
Fodure #1American Wild Ale9.2024-
Cran-apple CrispAmerican Wild Ale9.2014.23-
Vitis NonleAmerican Wild Ale9.1000-
Vitis NobleAmerican Wild Ale9.1074.12-
Bourbon Barrel Aged Bipolar IIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.0011.75-
Pre-DieselAmerican Double / Imperial Stout9.0023.19-
Bourbon Barrel QuadQuadrupel (Quad)9.0073.17-
Barrel Aged BruinFlanders Oud Bruin9.00234.07-
Baltic PorterBaltic Porter9.0063.91-
Cascade Spiced Cherry BlondeFruit / Vegetable Beer9.0014.69-
Ale Of Two CitiesAmerican Barleywine9.0014-
Orange SorbetAmerican Wild Ale9.00113.82-
Grey MonkAmerican Wild Ale9.0063.75-
Concorde Grape - LiveAmerican Wild Ale9.0023.51-
Shiro Plum Live BarrelAmerican Wild Ale8.9014.24-
Karma CitraAmerican IPA8.9093.1-
Karma Citracide DIIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.9093.78-
Holler Mountain TripleTripel8.9014.75-
FramboozledAmerican Wild Ale8.9014.5-
80 Shilling Sour Scottish AleAmerican Wild Ale8.8812.86-
Diesel Imperial StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout8.80594.32-
Helga The HammeredHerbed / Spiced Beer8.80113.92-
Cascade Bain De BruggeBelgian Strong Dark Ale8.75114.02-
FrostkillerWinter Warmer8.7563.56-
Forces UnknownAmerican Wild Ale8.7034.34-
FringeSaison / Farmhouse Ale8.7013.98-
Way Bad Billy Double Blond BockMaibock / Helles Bock8.7014.15-
Maraschino CherryAmerican Wild Ale8.6073.92-
HumidorAmerican Porter8.6024.52-
Cascade NoyauxAmerican Wild Ale8.509544.39-
PaterAmerican Amber / Red Ale8.50174.3-
KriekblancAmerican Wild Ale8.5014.1-
Oaked KriekAmerican Wild Ale8.5014-
SupracotAmerican Wild Ale8.50304.28-
Belgian Tempter TripelTripel8.5000-
Bombshell BlondeBelgian Strong Pale Ale8.5014-
Cascade Apricot AleAmerican Wild Ale8.501,7634.34-
Bourbon Belgium QuadAmerican Wild Ale8.5014-
Cascade Cuvée Du JongleurAmerican Wild Ale8.411194.13-
Sang Du ChêneAmerican Wild Ale8.30374.16-
McShagger Smoked ScotchScotch Ale / Wee Heavy8.3053.87-
Kentucky PeachAmerican Wild Ale8.30274.47-
Nectarine DreamAmerican Wild Ale8.3074.15-
Mixed PlumAmerican Wild Ale8.3014.24-
Saison De GardeSaison / Farmhouse Ale8.3073.88-
Bahri Date BainAmerican Wild Ale8.2524.15-
Funky Fresh Hop (Cascade Hop)American Wild Ale8.2014.49-
Funky Fresh Hop (Crystal Hop)American Wild Ale8.2033.81-
Habañero Honey TamarindAmerican Wild Ale8.2023.68-
Cascade Kriek AleFlanders Red Ale8.201,1664.23-
BlueberriationAmerican Wild Ale8.2013.92-
Blackcap RaspberryAmerican Wild Ale8.133024.14-
Cerise NouveauAmerican Wild Ale8.121424.09-
Luckië CharmsAmerican Wild Ale8.11184.39-
Apple Crisp A La ModeAmerican Blonde Ale8.10124.07-
Strawberries And CreamAmerican Wild Ale8.10104.12-
Cascade Pater ProjectAmerican Wild Ale8.10444.39-
Imperial Wheat IPAAmerican Pale Wheat Ale8.1043.71-
Cascade Sang RougeAmerican Wild Ale8.063574.26-
Mango DangoAmerican Wild Ale8.0024.41-
Cascade Beck BerryAmerican Wild Ale8.00263.89-
Apple PieAmerican Wild Ale8.00193.84-
Cascade Nightfall BlackberryAmerican Wild Ale8.00604.24-
Cascade Gold YellerAmerican Wild Ale8.0094.12-
SweetartzAmerican Wild Ale8.0054.06-
Spiced Fruit BlendFruit / Vegetable Beer8.0084.17-
Cascade CranberryAmerican Wild Ale8.002074.02-
Peach CobblerAmerican Wild Ale7.9013.79-
One Way or AnotherAmerican Wild Ale7.90114.15-
Wicked RedAmerican Wild Ale7.8064.2-
White RaspberryAmerican Wild Ale7.8094.09-
Peaches And CreamAmerican Wild Ale7.8013.56-
Aviation TartiniAmerican Wild Ale7.8033.79-
Cascade ElderberryAmerican Wild Ale7.753624.07-
Elderberry CrispAmerican Wild Ale7.75113.74-
Napoleon CherryAmerican Wild Ale7.7024.25-
Sour CitraAmerican Wild Ale7.7024.3-
Blueberry EspressoAmerican Wild Ale7.6073.93-
FramblancAmerican Wild Ale7.60424.26-
Champagne MangoAmerican Wild Ale7.5000-
Lemon-A-PeelAmerican Wild Ale7.5073.68-
Cascade Champagne MangoAmerican Wild Ale7.5014.31-
Honey Ginger LimeAmerican Wild Ale7.501854.19-
Busta Nut BrownAmerican Brown Ale7.5023.71-
Citrus SunriseAmerican Wild Ale7.5014.08-
Mouton RougeFlanders Red Ale7.5094.28-
Pink BelliniAmerican Wild Ale7.5024.25-
Vintage RedFlanders Red Ale7.5023.89-
Darkest Day CDAAmerican Black Ale7.5073.85-
Cascade Cherry Gold YellerAmerican Wild Ale7.5044.07-
Barrel 323American Wild Ale7.5014.47-
Q-Cumbersome WheatAmerican Wild Ale7.5024.08-
Bourbon Barrel Aged Fruit BlendAmerican Wild Ale7.50114.06-
Dark Day IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.5073.85-
MarzipanFruit / Vegetable Beer7.5063.62-
Oude RougeFlanders Oud Bruin7.5073.77-
Lacto AmericanAmerican Wild Ale7.5033.73-
Strawberry LemonadeAmerican Pale Wheat Ale7.4014.41-
Frite GauloisAmerican Wild Ale7.40134.12-
Cascade StrawberryAmerican Wild Ale7.395043.98-
Cascade Blauw Van Der Jon BerryAmerican Wild Ale7.3353.9-
Cascade Blueberry AleAmerican Wild Ale7.339054.13-
HoneycotAmerican Wild Ale7.30114.18-
Sour LimeAmerican Wild Ale7.2513.4-
Pink Pixie StixAmerican Wild Ale7.2544.21-
Blackcap Black Raspberry ReserveAmerican Wild Ale7.25134.24-
TangerineAmerican Wild Ale7.2454.42-
Sparkling VineAmerican Wild Ale7.2014.03-
Crazy NavelAmerican Wild Ale7.20234.15-
Peche FumeAmerican Wild Ale7.2014-
Montmorency Cherry EssenceAmerican Wild Ale7.2043.65-
Suimo AmaimoAmerican Wild Ale7.2024.27-
Cocoa Ginger SnapHerbed / Spiced Beer7.1433.76-
Gin GimletAmerican Wild Ale7.1063.94-
Thai One OnAmerican Wild Ale7.1014.41-
Grapefruit LimeAmerican Wild Ale7.1063.73-
Melon MelangeAmerican Wild Ale7.1014.39-
Apple TartAmerican Wild Ale7.0074.26-
Cascade Mouton RougeFlanders Red Ale7.00104.06-
Funk In The TrunkAmerican Wild Ale7.0024.2-
Defroster Winter AleScottish Ale7.0093.58-
BoysenberryAmerican Wild Ale7.0074.16-
Cascade Blackberry AleAmerican Wild Ale7.001604.01-
Cascade Glueh Kriek Spiced Mulled Sour Cherry AleHerbed / Spiced Beer7.00114.01-
Baked BlackberryAmerican Wild Ale7.0024.23-
Vitis MeloniusAmerican Wild Ale7.0013.89-
O-rye-onRye Beer7.0013.63-
Imperial English IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.0024.02-
Cascade Sloe-ji BerryAmerican Wild Ale6.9023.81-
Funky Fresh Hop (Cashmere Hop)American Wild Ale6.9013.57-
Funky Fresh Hop (El Dorado Hop)American Wild Ale6.9013.81-
Honey Ginger RyeAmerican Wild Ale6.9054.4-
Cascade PomegranateAmerican Wild Ale6.80114.09-
Pits-Burgh PunchAmerican Wild Ale6.8013.53-
Bump N' RindAmerican Wild Ale6.8044.33-
Rose City SourAmerican Wild Ale6.8054.07-
Almond AmarettoAmerican Wild Ale6.7044.25-
Saison MinuitSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.70123.57-
L'orange Du JourAmerican Wild Ale6.7024.37-
Autumn IpanoxAmerican IPA6.7043.75-
Cascade C'est DangueBelgian Pale Ale6.7014.1-
Saison RougeSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.7063.39-
Saison FumeSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.6593.75-
Sour Red Ale BaseAmerican Wild Ale6.6014.21-
Sour Blonde Ale BaseAmerican Wild Ale6.6013.96-
Sour Wheat Ale BaseAmerican Wild Ale6.6013.83-
Mai BockerenaMaibock / Helles Bock6.6024.25-
SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.6033.77-
Candied CantaloupeRye Beer6.5093.97-
Medusa's HazeAmerican Wild Ale6.5014.19-
Live Key Lime PieAmerican Wild Ale6.5074.01-
Hyper HopAmerican IPA6.5022.64-
ColumcoeAmerican Wild Ale6.5014.21-
Pineapple WheatAmerican Wild Ale6.5043.85-
Vienna DelightVienna Lager6.5024.15-
Cascade Spring IpanoxAmerican IPA6.5043.81-
Cascade Black Cap RaspberryAmerican Wild Ale6.50494.22-
Vriendschaps IIAmerican Wild Ale6.4024.09-
Saison De La MaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.40153.69-
Grapefruit WheatAmerican Wild Ale6.4034.01-
12 Step IPAAmerican IPA6.4023.87-
Dunk'n Punk'n PorterAmerican Porter6.3053.55-
Flanders RedFlanders Red Ale6.3014.22-
Bad Billy Blond BockMaibock / Helles Bock6.2013.08-
Cafe SqueezeAmerican Wild Ale6.2013.81-
Black LightAmerican Wild Ale6.2014.29-
SlamarilloAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.2022.53-
Drunken Haze ISPAEnglish Pale Ale6.2023.61-
Razz HandsAmerican Wild Ale6.2024.17-
PlumcotAmerican Wild Ale6.1024.63-
Oblique Black And White Coffee StoutAmerican Strong Ale6.10603.97-
Gose De MayoGose6.1033.83-
Passivation PorterAmerican Porter6.1013.63-
Cascade Summer Solstice IPAAmerican IPA6.00183.7-
Berry GoseGose6.0024.02-
Cocoa RojoAmerican Wild Ale6.0044.19-
Sun Kissed IPAAmerican IPA6.0023.67-
Strawberry CreamAmerican Wild Ale6.00243.96-
Cherry Spiced GoseGose6.0054.12-
Spicy BlondWitbier6.0012.07-
Cascade PorterAmerican Porter6.0064.08-
Cascade Winter GoseGose6.00303.98-
Spring BockBock6.0023.36-
Oblique Coffee Blonde AleAmerican Blonde Ale5.9084.33-
Oblique Coffee PorterAmerican Porter5.9084.16-
Scarlet FeverAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.9033.75-
Fresh Hop PorterAmerican Porter5.90103.58-
RyePAAmerican IPA5.8053.42-
Old Salt IPAAmerican IPA5.80103.53-
Raccoon Lodge IPAAmerican IPA5.8023.16-
Test Drive IPAAmerican IPA5.7044.04-
Cascade IPAAmerican IPA5.70223.74-
Alt Haus RauchAltbier5.7013.5-
RedAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.7043.69-
Lil' Bo PeatScottish Ale5.6023.67-
Barrel Aged Stagger Lee StoutAmerican Wild Ale5.4024-
Immaculate DeceptionEnglish Strong Ale5.4013-
Stagger Lee StoutAmerican Stout5.4033.58-
Irish StoutIrish Dry Stout5.3013.75-
SeshsimillaAmerican IPA5.2013.64-
Celtic CopperAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.2063.21-
Cascade Summer GoseGose5.00874.11-
Irish BreakfastIrish Dry Stout5.0014.45-
Cascade Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.00113.01-
Wonder RedAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.0013.5-
Summer PaleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0013.7-
Cascade Autumn GoseGose5.00204.22-
Portland AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.00253.17-
RaspberryFruit / Vegetable Beer5.00143.82-
Spruced Up BlondeHerbed / Spiced Beer4.9923.01-
Black Snout StoutAmerican Stout4.9023.1-
Lil' Big RedAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.9043.69-
Dry StoutIrish Dry Stout4.8063.55-
Lipsmacker GoseGose4.8014-
Wee Ane Scottish AleScottish Ale4.7514-
Kellarman Red Pale AleAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.7013.5-
FNG IPAAmerican IPA4.7033.35-
Red Eye RyeAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.7073.41-
Tequila Tepache GoseGose4.7014.21-
Cascade Frite GaloisSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.60253.91-
Frite GaloisAmerican Wild Ale4.60153.96-
Cascade Spring GoseGose4.50253.81-
Razberry WheatFruit / Vegetable Beer4.50583.56-
CreamsicleFruit / Vegetable Beer4.2513.75-
Ring Tail Pale AleAmerican Blonde Ale4.2023.45-
Franken'ly BerryAmerican Wild Ale?14.17-
Cherry Pre-dieselAmerican Double / Imperial Stout?13.5-
OPAAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?23.27-
Barrel Aged Bing CherryLambic - Fruit?44.21-
Tom CollinsAmerican Wild Ale?73.67-
Pay Czech IPAAmerican IPA?143.65-
Mar's Moon BrewAmerican Blonde Ale?13.25-
Wild ElderberryAmerican Wild Ale?34.33-
Five Barrel ThreadAmerican Wild Ale?14.8-
Blonde AleAmerican Blonde Ale?14-
Fall AppleSaison / Farmhouse Ale?13.55-
Weizen #3Kristalweizen?13.35-
Hopfen KopfAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?43.85-
WolfberryAmerican Wild Ale?53.25-
Honeyed CombsAmerican Wild Ale?53.77-
Ghost Hole AleAmerican IPA?13.65-
IPAAmerican IPA?303.6-
Cascade Pas D'AnglaisBelgian IPA?14.25-
Sour ScotchAmerican Wild Ale?33.12-
2011 Kriek Blend With BourbonFlanders Red Ale?14.32-
Barrel Aged Oblique Black And White Coffee StoutAmerican Stout?14-
Port ReserveAmerican Wild Ale?84.04-
Scotch IPAAmerican IPA?13.03-
Under RyederRye Beer?23.38-
Sour WitAmerican Wild Ale?154.24-
Black Sheep StoutAmerican Stout?12.94-
Elderberry Blond LiveAmerican Wild Ale?24.11-
Black IPAAmerican Black Ale?23.26-
White Cherry VelvetAmerican Wild Ale?34.08-
Portland PunchAmerican Wild Ale?73.98-
Cascade Funk IIAmerican Wild Ale?34.21-
Cinnamon Truffle ChocolateAmerican Wild Ale?34.33-
Live RhubarbAmerican Wild Ale?24.12-
Secret Agent OrangeAmerican Wild Ale?14.14-
Tropic Of CascadiaAmerican Wild Ale?23.86-
Imperial IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?14.12-
Cherry Bourbon Double Red W/BourbicideAmerican Wild Ale?24-
Cascade Brewing / Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub in Portland, OR
Brewery rating: 3.92 out of 5 with 14,354 ratings
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