Evil Twin Brewing


446 Kent Ave
Apt 14A
Brooklyn, New York, 11249-5921
United States

(347) 526-8925 | map

Notes: Beers are brewed at / by another brewery. Office location. Not open to the public.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
120 Days Dry Aged Stout - Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial17.5184.4202-25-2022
120 Days Dry Aged Stout - Barrel-Aged - CoconutStout - American Imperial17.5124.5401-01-2022
90 Days Dry Aged StoutStout - Sweet / Milk9524.0303-03-2022
Anyone Have Any Thoughts On What An Empty New Haven Train Car Means?Pilsner - German533.8210-09-2020
Ashtray HeartSmoked Beer8.94973.7705-13-2020
Aún Más A JesúsStout - American Imperial126004.2405-11-2022
Aún Más A Jesús - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial12193.8509-23-2021
Aún Más A Jesús - Brandy Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial12914.1703-18-2020
Aún Más A Jesús - Port Wine Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial12164.2104-12-2022
Aún Más Café JesúsStout - American Imperial128804.2703-03-2022
Aún Más Chili JesúsStout - American Imperial123494.2101-02-2022
Aún Más Todo JesúsStout - American Imperial122974.1602-26-2022
Before, During & After Dinner BlendStout - American8134.0704-29-2022
Bible BeltStout - American Imperial1313.2204-14-2022
Big Ass Money StoutStout - American Imperial17.2964.0211-28-2021
Big Ass Money Stout 3Stout - American Imperial17.21064.3106-19-2021
Bikini BeerIPA - American2.74483.5702-16-2022
Blue RaspberryIPA - American6193.8601-01-2022
Blueberry Jelly Donut Even More JesusStout - American Imperial12124.1101-25-2022
Bozo BeerStout - American Imperial17.23754.2305-07-2021
BushidoSour - Berliner Weisse4323.9505-13-2020
Christmas Eve At A New York City Hotel RoomStout - American Imperial108273.9504-02-2022
Christmas Eve at a New York City Hotel Room: Royal Suite EditionStout - American Imperial12144.3403-12-2022
Citra Sunshine SlackerIPA - American4.57033.8808-03-2021
ColaHerb and Spice Beer522.5805-15-2022
Continental Breakfast Sour - Yoghurt VersionSour - Fruited Kettle Sour7.524.1411-21-2021
Decadent Delight IIStout - American Imperial11.7304.1205-22-2020
Devil ChildBarleywine - English12.424.0705-07-2022
Double Barrel JesusStout - American Imperial128234.505-16-2022
Double DoubleDubbel6.413.4603-06-2022
El Raval Hipster AlePale Ale - American5.5143.7602-09-2020
ET Left Home 1Wild Ale794.4705-18-2021
ET Left Home 2Wild Ale733.7106-23-2021
ET Left Home 3Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour794.2203-28-2022
ETA Six Hours? No Problem. I’m Sure You’re Hamptons Party is Totally Worth The DriveIPA - New England7104.0405-23-2020
Even More 8 LB 6 OZ Newborn Infant JesusStout - Sweet / Milk5503.703-26-2022
Even More Bible BeltStout - American Imperial131994.2602-09-2022
Even More Coco JesusStout - American Imperial124234.1412-24-2020
Even More Daily ServingsSour - Fruited Kettle Sour724.6902-12-2021
Even More HydraSour - Fruited Kettle Sour713.604-23-2022
Even More JesusStout - American Imperial122,2494.2903-06-2022
Even More Jesus - Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial121204.3505-05-2022
Even More Little Tiny Baby JesusStout - Oatmeal7623.8804-05-2021
Even More Pecan Pie JesusStout - American Imperial121844.0712-13-2020
Even More XmasStout - American Imperial12214.2305-16-2022
Every Day, Once A Day, Give Yourself An IPAIPA - New England91404.0205-17-2020
Excuse Me, Do You Speak French Toast?Stout - American Imperial13194.1809-27-2021
FalcoIPA - American79923.8801-11-2022
Femme Fatale BlancBrett Beer61774.0101-24-2021
Femme Fatale KabosuBrett Beer61293.7610-22-2020
Femme Fatale Yuzu PaleBrett Beer63694.102-05-2021
Fire Drink With Me The SequelSour - Fruited Kettle Sour8.513.8405-30-2021
Gingerbread StoutStout - Russian Imperial1214.2912-23-2021
Granny Smith's Delicious Gala Macintosh Apple StreuselWild Ale7114.0705-05-2020
GrapeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour543.902-11-2022
Greenhouse Black LagerLager - European Dark4.7533.9502-16-2022
Hae HaeStout - American Imperial1243.6408-07-2021
Hipster AlePale Ale - American5.57113.6201-11-2022
Hot Toddy-IshBarleywine - English10363.6312-07-2020
HÆHÆStout - American Imperial1213.5906-11-2021
I Actually Wish It Had Snowed More This WinterSour - Gose5.543.7502-16-2022
I Always Felt Closer To IPAs Than I Did To PeopleIPA - Imperial91194.1711-20-2021
I Always Felt Closer To IPAs Than I Did To People - Double Dry-HoppedIPA - New England7.51454.1604-11-2020
I Always Look Forward To My Daily Commute On I-95IPA - Imperial1174.1305-08-2021
I Love You With My StoutStout - American Imperial121,4144.1509-19-2021
I Plan On Writing An Epic Poem About This Gorgeous IPAIPA - American7384.204-17-2020
I'd Like A Triple, Grandiose, Extra Sweet, Cookies N' Cream, Caramel Macchiato, Cappuccino PleaseStout - American Imperial1224.305-07-2022
Imperial Biscotti Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial11.51504.3606-19-2021
Imperial Biscotti BreakStout - American Imperial11.54,5324.3404-03-2022
Imperial Biscotti Break - Raspberry UmamiStout - American Imperial11.5764.1304-03-2021
Imperial Biscotti Break Natale - Pretty Please With A Cherry On TopPorter - Imperial11.59944.1403-07-2021
Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut BreakStout - American Imperial11.55684.3311-20-2021
Imperial Doughnut BreakPorter - Imperial11.51,7154.1901-16-2022
Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake BreakStout - American Imperial10.57224.2501-28-2022
Imperial Simcoe SlackerIPA - American7.52163.8606-11-2020
Imperial Wedding Cake BreakPorter - Imperial11.5474.1901-30-2021
In Fructus VeritasSour - Fruited Kettle Sour614.1604-22-2022
IPA Is Like A Beautiful Melody, Only The Lyrics Are Messed UpIPA - New England60005-13-2022
IPA Is Not A Problem To Be Solved, But A Reality To Be ExperiencedIPA - Imperial1094.2705-27-2021
IPA Is The Dizziness Of FreedomIPA - American6124.0508-26-2021
IPA KolataIPA - Imperial81223.9306-16-2020
Irish-ish Coffee StoutStout - American Imperial10.31324.1801-11-2022
It's Like I'm Having The Most Beautiful IPA And The Most Terrible Nightmare At OnceIPA - Imperial10.5314.3702-02-2020
James BeerSour - Berliner Weisse3.51453.9309-25-2020
Justin BlåbærSour - Berliner Weisse4.51,0313.906-15-2020
Key Lime PieIPA - American7473.7704-14-2022
Kiwi Coconut FizzSour - Fruited Kettle Sour594.1305-28-2020
Lemon MeringueSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6123.7603-22-2022
Lil' BPorter - Imperial11.51,3054.1702-12-2022
Liquid Double FudgeStout - American Imperial124584.0104-23-2022
Lost SoulsIPA - New England71644.1204-04-2020
Low LifePilsner - German5.53773.6504-10-2022
Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake BreakStout - American Imperial10.51054.3704-12-2022
Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial14.624.1709-01-2021
Michigan Maple JesusStout - American Imperial124574.3703-29-2021
Mission GoseSour - Gose43894.1207-23-2020
Modern HipsterIPA - American783.9202-01-2022
Modern IPAIPA - American62733.909-04-2021
Molotov CocktailIPA - Imperial121,4543.9302-16-2022
Molotov HeavyIPA - Imperial17.21583.903-23-2021
Molotov LiteIPA - Imperial8.51,1233.9907-18-2020
Molotov Surprise - GrapefruitIPA - Imperial12724.0603-28-2021
Molotov Surprise - PassionfruitIPA - Imperial12223.6605-16-2020
More or Less EvilPale Ale - American523.7405-10-2020
Most Men Pursue IPA With Such Breathless Haste That They Hurry Drinking ItIPA - American794.1101-25-2022
My Smalltown Has Been So Much More Charming Ever Since They Put In New Boutique CondosIPA - New England10.5154.1604-04-2021
Nasty TrunksIPA - American6.5513.8407-18-2020
No HeroStout - Oatmeal72163.903-14-2020
NOMADer WEISSESour - Berliner Weisse45133.9110-11-2021
OFYMDStout - American Imperial12.81034.1912-25-2020
Old Fashioned Lemonade IPAIPA - American71813.8806-14-2020
Once You Label IPA, You Negate IPAIPA - Imperial873.9407-07-2021
Orange SodaFruit and Field Beer583.5301-17-2022
Pink PineappleIPA - American7163.6404-05-2022
Poetry Is What Gets Lost In TranslationIPA - New England7274.0402-20-2021
RacedayIPA - American6223.7402-21-2020
Raspberry Jelly Donut Even More JesusStout - American Imperial12114.1802-24-2022
Retro IPAIPA - American61523.5803-02-2020
Retro Series Lil' BPorter - Imperial11.524.0405-04-2022
Retro Series Soft DKStout - American Imperial10.434.3704-06-2022
Rhubarb Compote SourSour - Berliner Weisse4363.9609-20-2020
Ryan And The Beaster BunnyFarmhouse Ale - Saison76183.804-01-2022
Sanguinem AurantiacoWild Ale3.25953.801-11-2022
Scandi NoirStout - American Imperial12234.1504-08-2022
Soft DookieStout - American Imperial10.47504.0403-11-2022
Some People Are Immune To Good AdviceStout - American Imperial10.7864.3802-06-2022
Some People Are Immune To Good Advice Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial10.764.2501-10-2022
Soul MadeIPA - New England7914.102-17-2021
Sour BikiniIPA - American34803.9308-05-2020
Sour Pepper Cherry Vanilla FloatSour - Fruited Kettle Sour614.5802-17-2021
Strawberry Jelly Donut Even More JesusStout - American Imperial1284.0803-13-2022
TGI OktoberLager - Festbier / Wiesnbier613.502-16-2022
That’s The Kind Of IPA That Makes You Wish You Spoke A Little FrenchIPA - Imperial11154.0807-10-2020
The Great NorthernBarleywine - American12.514.2403-12-2022
The Great NorthernStout - American Imperial1423.8205-18-2021
The Pure And Simple IPA Is Rarely Pure And Never SimpleIPA - New England4.5313.7408-17-2020
The Soup Superior IPA - PomegranateIPA - New England7.8304.0309-05-2020
Therapeutic TepacheWild Ale5.513.8402-21-2020
This Must Be Where IPAs Go When They DieIPA - New England7504.204-05-2020
To Dare Is To Lose One’s IPA Momentarily. Not To Dare Is To Lose OneselfIPA - Imperial1033.7308-22-2021
To The Milky Way & Back - Kcab & Yaw Yklim Eht OtIPA - Imperial914.2310-10-2021
UnstouttdStout - American Imperial10563.9710-05-2021
Wake Up And Smell The GoseSour - Gose6.524.0209-07-2020
We Named This Beer Something CatchyPale Ale - American5.533.8510-31-2020
We Named This Beer X Æ A-XIIIPA - New England884.1604-09-2021
Wet DreamBrown Ale - American62203.7705-06-2021
What Even Is Blue Raspberry Anyway?IPA - American743.3107-09-2021
What Our Age Lacks Is Not Reflection, But IPAIPA - Imperial883.7909-19-2021
Where Words Fail, IPA SpeaksIPA - Imperial824.203-27-2022
Will This Belgian Style Beer Deserve Your Respect?Strong Ale - Belgian Pale1223.8404-11-2022
YangIPA - Imperial109043.8101-11-2022
YinStout - American Imperial101,0633.9601-11-2022
Yin & YangPorter - Imperial104534.0202-16-2022
You're In The Jungle Baby!Stout - American Imperial122173.9410-30-2021
Your IPA Is Crazy, But It's Not Crazy Enough To Be TrueIPA - New England8.573.9805-16-2022

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