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ShopRite Wines & SpiritsShopRite Wines & Spirits

Type: Store

478 Bloomfield Ave
Caldwell, New Jersey, 07006-5402
United States

(973) 226-8400 | map

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Reviews by RonfromJersey:
Photo of RonfromJersey
3.35/5  rDev -7.7%

Good selection of micros and imports. The usuals and the occassional happy surprise. Turnover seems satisfactory. Would be nice to hear "can I help you" sometime. Worth a visit if your in the area.

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Photo of MacMalt
3.65/5  rDev +0.6%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 3.75 | service: 3.5 | selection: 3.75

This is a large bottle store located in suburban Caldwell, NJ. It has a large selection of wine and a decent selection of beer, mostly the "usual suspects." The establishment is well-lighted, airy, and the staff is generally helpful.

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Photo of ArkyVaughan
3.5/5  rDev -3.6%

Photo of muskiesman
3.75/5  rDev +3.3%

Photo of Tom-sjbrewing
4.25/5  rDev +17.1%

Photo of NJBeer265
3.5/5  rDev -3.6%

Photo of MAN615
4/5  rDev +10.2%

Photo of RobDB
4.14/5  rDev +14%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 4 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4.25

I have been frequenting this liquor store for many years but only for the past year or so for craft beer. Their selection has improved over the past 12 months. They carry Founders, Stone, Firestone Walker, Sixpoint, Brooklyn, Smuttynose, Troegs, Victory, etc. I can always find a new beer that I have not had before whether it be in a 4/6 pack or bomber. Prices are reasonable. Many seasonal beers from different breweries can be found at the end caps near the beer coolers with the other warm beers along the whole beer aisle to the right of the store. The coolers are stocked with a mix of craft and macrobrews, making everyone happy.

Service is typically non-existent but the shelves are stocked and layout easy to maneuver so not much need for it.

This is a good go-to store and I recommend it. It may not have all of the hard-to-find beers but it is consistent and prices comparable and sometimes even cheaper than the better stocked bottle shops in the area.

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Photo of BeerdedEric
3.59/5  rDev -1.1%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4 | service: 2.5 | selection: 4

My buddy and I were going to Cloverleaf to get a few brews and some dinner. He needed a pack of smokes so we went into ShopRite Liquors, which is right up the street from Cloverleaf.

I wasn't planning on seeing a huge selection of craft beer but I did want to see what they offered. I walked around and saw a six pack shelf and wasn't impressed. I walked toward the cooler, I noticed some decent offerings and a whole other section of beer.

Stone, Oskar Blues, Shmultz, local beer and beer I never heard of or can get my hands on from other stores I frequent. I was more impressed than what I was anticipating; I thought ShopRite was going to be a average beer store selling macro.

They also have a self service walk-in cooler, which really shocked me. Although, mostly macro beer was in there, they did have a decent section of craft and Microbreweries kept cold. They appear to keep it well maintained as I saw two workers push forward and stock up the cooler.

As far as service, it was lacking; no one asked if we needed help. My buddy asked a question, the worker took out his phone, looked at it and had no clue what he was talking about as far as beer. Oh well, I've had and seen worse customer service, won't mention any names; just read my beerfly reviews.

This is definitely an above average place. Stop on by before Cloverleaf, stop on by if you're in the area. I'm thinking I might go out of my way at least once to visited this store again.

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Photo of TheManiacalOne
3.5/5  rDev -3.6%

Visited on 9/23/2010. It's fairly spacious store but the craft beers are kind of spread out along the back wall and on the back ends of a few of the aisles. This store seemed to have a little bit more cooler space than most, but there wasn't much space outside of the coolers devoted to craft beer other than a couple of end caps and half of one short aisle. As far as selection goes there was the normal group of larger craft beers but there was not much for local representation. They had Cricket Hill, Erie & some Flying Fish and that was about it. It's worth stopping by for convenience or if (like me) you're not from the area and are looking for a few new beers.

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Photo of BirdFlu
3.7/5  rDev +1.9%

As someone else said, this place is pretty big with a massive wine selection. The beer selection is pretty good.. it's not as impressive as some other places within a half hour distance (or 10 mins in the case of wine and beverage depot in Totowa), but for its immediate area they have a decent selection.. you should be able to find at least something to enjoy there, but nothing rare or special probably.. lots of the normal better-than-average stuff: dogfish, victory, delirium etc.. but ive never seen anything rare or limited from any of those places even. It seems fairly on par with other shop rite liquors selections.. good but not great.

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Photo of dsa7783
3.9/5  rDev +7.4%

A huge liquor super-store on a major avenue in the state, this place has a huge beer selection with just about every big name you can mention and dozens of hard-to-find samples... They have a great seasonal selection with many gift-pack offerings... copped a nice Hobgoblin gift set for $5.00 which included a decorated case, a Hobgoblin pint-glass, and a 16.09 ounce brew... also scored a Duvel four-pack with a classic Duvel cup for about $13.00. They have a nice single-beer offering and the quality is great... The service basically sucks, as you'll never find anybody willing to help you or ask you if you need help finding anything... the manager just sits in his booth all the time and stares at you uncaringly... the cashiers are pretty nice though, and are eager to give you their opinion on a particular brew... Definitely a solid place...

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Photo of treehugger02010
3.5/5  rDev -3.6%

I went here a week or so ago with a buddy of mine.
Quality: Decent, nothing to outstanding, just above average.
Service: Nobody came up to my buddy or myself to ask us if we needed anything, but nobody was rude or the like.
Selection: Certainly above average but certainly not a beer only store. They also had wine and spirits, and it did seem like most of their service was from the wine and spirits business.
Value: Everything seemed pretty cheap, nothing seemed unreasonable, but then again this is a bit different than Pa, especially Philly.
Don't drink and review.

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Photo of mikesgroove
3/5  rDev -17.4%

Used to live literally right down the street from here. Havent been there in about 6 months, when I last visited family, but being that I went literally every other day for a couple years I can pretty accuratly depict this place. Its your normal shop rite liquors, and if you are from Jersey you know what that is, but for everyone else. Picture your typical food store, but next to it a seperate, and unassuming liquor store. Now inside they really are not very knowledgable counter staff, however the selction is always worth a peak. Pretty much everything from the northeast, victory, allagash, etc..and a good mix of midwest and even the rare west coast brews get in. Some fairly intresting Belgians and imports are always a hit. If you need some brew its a good place to stop as prices are always decent. Doesnt have the selection of some places, but in a pinch always works.

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Photo of maddogruss
4/5  rDev +10.2%

Went there the otehr day with my friends and was more impressed with the selection there than how I thought I would have been. As soon as I walked in there was an 8-pack of bottles from all over the world on sale. Included beers from major places like Germany and England but there were also some from India and Peru that I had never seen before. The service there is very helpful; they were very good at pointing me and my friends towards the beers that we wanted and even helped explain some of the differences between types of beers to my friends. The value of the beers is fairly reasonable; the 8-pack sampler from around the world cost $14 but I felt that was a decent deal for a sampler pack of imports. I also bought a Saranac APA for $6, so I believe reasonable is a fair estimate. I am definitely going to hit this place up again.

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Photo of apintofknowledge
3.43/5  rDev -5.5%
vibe: 4 | quality: 3.5 | service: 3 | selection: 3.5

Exploring more beer destinations in my soon-to-be home of Northern NJ, and very happy to find this establishment. I first discovered ShopRite Liquor with their store in Parsippany, and found a good selection at a good price. With both stores about equidistant from my new home, I will certainly be frequenting the West Caldwell store with their somewhat better selection.

Newly renovated interior, with nice displays for wine, and even a private wine room. But what about the beer? Well, while the macros are there, more shelf space and cooler space is given over to a nice variety of micros. There was even a cooler case specifically for summer seasonals. Plenty of good relatively local brews on-hand: Weyerbacher, Troegs, Flying Fish, Ramstein, Ommegang, Brooklyn, and even Heavyweight! Lots of other good domestics such as Dogfish Head, Anchor, Smuttynose and Clipper City (but no Rogue or Stone?). As for imports, almost every Samuel Smith's variety was on hand, many by the single bottle, and some by the six-pack. Other British beers (Fullers, Youngs, etc.) were on hand, as well as several Belgian brews and German wheat beers. Also, a few Unibroue varieities are now carried.

My only complaint was seeing far-out-of-date winter seasonals on-sale at discounted prices. Be weary of any such sales, since unless you know the brewery and their seasonal beers, you may not know that this discounted beer is a seasonal that was brewed more than six months ago... unfortunately, not enough breweries date their beer these days, and not all customers know that "ABC" brewery only brews their "XYZ" beer in winter.

Otherwise, their prices are reasonable to very good, and the selection is one of the best I've found in the area. Will be back often!

Re-Review December 2011:
Having reviewed this 6 years ago, after just moving to the area, I've come to realize there are much better places nearby both in terms of beer selection and service. Not a bad stop if you are in the immediate area, but this is really a good wine & liquor store with an above average beer department, not a true beer destination.

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Photo of Dantes
3.65/5  rDev +0.6%

For a long time, this was the main game in town. This particular outlet (as well as the one in East Hanover) is owned by the same family that own the Shop-Rite supermarkets in these towns. Also, they have renovated this location and doubled the floorspace (unfortunately little has been turned over to beer). One warning: parking, though ample, is a pain; and it's one-way off Bloomfield Avenue.

Quality: One rarely finds out of date beers here, and the selection is well rotated. The newly renovated store is much cleaner and better-lit than before.

Service: Service is friendly and pretty accommodating. Recently, they ordered the Royal Oak and Thomas Hardy’s for me, although they expressed some concern about how expensive these would be. Going years back, they would order cases of Fullers and Youngs for me as well. Sometimes, the younger kids aren’t very helpful, but they are willing to get the manager or assistant manager. One advantage is that prices are pretty competitive if they have it.

Selection: Again, singles are pretty limited to the bigger bottles (750’s, bombers, and 500/550ml UK bottles). They used to offer some mix-and-match, but I believe they’ve discontinued this. They handle the major microcrafts and Euros, but don’t expect to see the more esoteric Belgian, German, or UK offerings. They handle Heavyweight, but don’t get much more exotic than DFH, Victory, Ommegang, etc. They’ve never really carried Unibroue, despite my mentioning it a few times (everyone else in the area does).

Backwash: Not amazing, but serviceable and convenient.

07/04 update: Things are looking up quite a bit here. New management and a big physical expansion has opened this place back up to better beer. After dipping their toe in with an order of Royal Oak for me, that sold well; the manager has become more willing to try some new stuff. The Unibroue section is expanded, there are more bombers of things like Avery and Weyerbacher (Heresy), and he's going to start re-ordering Rogue bombers. He also told he he tried to stock the Smutty Big Beers, but hasn't been able to get an allocation. I've also directed him to BA (he likes the new shelf-talkers). I hope BA's in the area will stop by and support his efforts.

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ShopRite Wines & Spirits in Caldwell, NJ
3.63 out of 5 based on 17 ratings.
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