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Production listing for Crooked Stave beers. Looking to visit? Check out the Denver and Fort Collins Taprooms. (The RiNo Taproom is permanently closed.)
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
10 Year Anniversary Big 'OL StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1114.1804-24-2021
10 Year Anniversary Vienna LagerVienna Lager4.843.9707-07-2021
5 Golden RingsWild Ale7.613.7703-22-2021
AppleationWild Ale624.3405-16-2022
Aprés PilsGerman Pilsner543.6408-08-2023
Apricot Petite SourWild Ale5494.1810-10-2016
Apricot SponWild Ale5.914.2411-02-2022
Apricot Vibe (Bottled 2019)Wild Ale6.814.203-11-2023
Aussie SummerAmerican IPA6.843.8508-08-2023
Autumn Surette Provision SaisonSaison6.21183.7904-10-2021
Baby BearWild Ale6.4114.0910-03-2019
BatonnageWild Ale834.1108-05-2019
Batonnage Sur LeesWild Ale6.314.2407-27-2022
Beast and BarleyAmerican Barleywine1063.507-20-2023
Berry BrambleWild Ale4.513.7504-09-2023
Bianca Blackberry Wild Wild BrettBrett Beer6184.2304-22-2022
Bianca Double Blueberry Almond Cake Wild Wild BrettFruited Kettle Sour6.59412-12-2022
Bianca Peaches & Cream Wild Wild BrettWild Ale6.8134.2402-19-2023
Bianca Raspberry Wild Wild BrettBrett Beer6534.3711-21-2019
Biere De GardeBière de Garde784.0209-15-2018
Blueberry DripSweet / Milk Stout10.513.7801-12-2023
Blueberry OriginsWild Ale7.5824.2207-02-2022
Camera ObscuraAmerican Imperial Stout1314.509-02-2023
Chocolate Silly CybiesBelgian Dark Strong Ale863.7403-25-2021
Cinnamon HorchataAmerican Stout7.833.8603-21-2023
Citra Exploratory DDH IPANew England IPA71407-01-2019
Coffee Baltic PorterBaltic Porter8.51344.104-08-2023
Coffee StoutAmerican Stout513.8211-21-2021
Colorado Reserva Goldbar ApricotWild Ale064.0810-05-2019
Colorado Reserva Palisade Peach (Sauvignon Blanc Barrel)Wild Ale7.1524.2712-10-2021
Colorado Wild SageWild Ale7.214.4709-01-2023
Colorado Wild Sage Brett SaisonSaison7.21294.0401-28-2023
Colorado Wild Sage Mountain SaisonSaison7.2275409-13-2020
Compagno AltoGerman Pilsner5.334.1303-23-2021
Compagno Alto DiamantGerman Pilsner5.314.1205-04-2021
Continuum IIAmerican Imperial Stout13.414.408-17-2022
Continuum IIIAmerican Imperial Stout14.524.1209-18-2023
Crooked CultureHelles4.51310-13-2021
Crooked RoadsSaison5.744.0502-12-2019
Cup of CocoaAmerican Brown Ale814.7505-04-2021
Dark Mexican LagerSchwarzbier5.223.9901-06-2023
Dark Sour BlueberryWild Ale7.434.1304-09-2023
Dark Sour RaspberryWild Ale7.384.0808-07-2023
DDH SourWild Ale4.514.0705-30-2020
Do You Even Zest?!Imperial IPA7.5703.9707-16-2021
Doomsday ClockAmerican Imperial Stout13.723.8904-02-2023
Double NelsonNew England IPA813.8106-12-2020
Down UnderNew England IPA7.524.0701-19-2023
Drip LineAmerican Stout5143.4507-22-2021
Earl GreySaison553.3607-30-2022
Excelsior ChaiWild Ale834.0903-08-2023
Experimental IPA #06297American IPA023.7208-31-2017
Farewell OriginsWild Ale724.2411-02-2022
FestbierFestbier / Wiesnbier693.8411-23-2022
Flor d'LeesWild Ale543.7605-29-2020
FramboiseWild Ale5.5114.2206-06-2021
FrambullesWild Ale6.41412-13-2022
Fresh Ground BrownAmerican Brown Ale813.5110-16-2022
Fruity StripesFruited Kettle Sour4.523.7505-04-2023
Funk RacismWild Ale8.713.8504-24-2023
Garden BiereWild Ale5.283.4408-08-2023
German Chocolate CakeFruited Kettle Sour10.813.9610-21-2021
Get the Funk Out (2019 GABF Gold Medal Winning Blend)Wild Ale6.243.9905-20-2022
Get The Funk Out Vol. 4Lambic6.313.2501-15-2023
Ghost WorldAmerican Imperial Stout11.3114.1605-25-2023
Gift of Time (Stout Month Edition)Russian Imperial Stout13.214.1501-25-2023
Gift of Time IllusionAmerican Imperial Stout13.514.504-20-2021
Glitch In The System (DDH Strata)New England IPA6.224.206-10-2021
Gucci MangoAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.253.7909-21-2020
Hop SavantAmerican IPA6.77564.0507-18-2021
Hop Savant (2016 Blend)American IPA033.8106-03-2019
Hop Savant - AmarilloAmerican IPA7904.1101-11-2017
Hop Savant - CentennialAmerican IPA7524.208-21-2017
Idaho 7American IPA6.223.5605-27-2021
IPAAmerican IPA61514.0302-20-2021
Juicy - East Coast StyleNew England IPA6.2203.8308-22-2023
Juicy - New England StyleNew England IPA6.21401-18-2022
Juicy - New West Coast StyleAmerican IPA6173.9102-20-2023
Juicy - West Coast StyleAmerican IPA6.2253.7308-07-2023
Juicy EastNew England IPA633.8308-30-2023
Juicy WestAmerican IPA674.0608-30-2023
Just PeachyWild Ale4.524.0408-07-2023
Keller KolschKölsch4.533.5210-10-2016
Key Lime Tau (2π)Wild Ale6.281554.0501-22-2023
Kohia NelsonNew England IPA6.213.412-23-2021
Koko LocoAmerican Barleywine13.534.3303-01-2023
L'Brett D'ApricotWild Ale6723.9902-28-2023
L'Brett D'BlueberryWild Ale6664.1305-02-2022
L'Brett D'CherryWild Ale61664.111-12-2020
L'Brett D'OrWild Ale54174.302-27-2022
L'Brett D'Or - Dry HoppedWild Ale51294.3308-04-2019
L'Brett D'RaspberryWild Ale51074.2710-03-2020
Lakeview LagerHelles4.524.0611-09-2021
Later GatorAmerican Imperial Stout1374.2705-06-2023
Lemon GingerFruited Kettle Sour4.51404-25-2022
Leopold Brothers SentienceWild Ale11.2204.2905-31-2015
Mama Bear's Sour Cherry PieWild Ale72714.304-09-2023
Mama Bear's Sour Cherry Pie Harvest 2016Wild Ale623.8806-21-2019
Mama Bear's Sour Cherry Pie Harvest 2017Wild Ale723.8806-21-2019
Mama Bear's Sour Cherry Pie Tawny Port (2017)Wild Ale6.3233.9301-19-2020
Mandarin Dream IPANew England IPA673.7707-10-2020
Maple Bourbon StoutAmerican Imperial Stout14.644.4104-30-2022
Maple Peach Short StackWild Ale8.614.0606-06-2022
Marble Mountain IPAAmerican IPA6.533.9312-19-2022
Member Berries RieslingWild Ale654.2505-04-2021
Member Berries SyrahWild Ale7.5334.1903-09-2019
Member Berries TemperanilloWild Ale7.624.1504-10-2020
Mexican LagerAmerican Adjunct Lager4.713.7510-03-2023
MingleWild Ale6.513.9412-20-2022
Missing Link (Old Tom Gin Barrel)Wild Ale6.4213.7605-16-2022
Mojave BlondeAmerican Blonde Ale523.9605-26-2023
Mojito SourWild Ale5.613.808-07-2023
Molly's Strawberry Shortcake Pastry SourFruit and Field Beer50011-24-2020
MotifWild Ale8.921084.0411-16-2020
Motif Reserva - SherryWild Ale734.1802-05-2018
Mountain RainAmerican IPA6.253.5907-28-2021
New Beer New MeAmerican Pale Ale3.524.0206-29-2021
New Zealand PilsnerGerman Pilsner5.4273.9508-31-2023
Nightcap MidnightWild Ale9.114.2103-09-2022
Nightmare On BrettBrett Beer9.666344.3705-06-2023
Nightmare On Brett - CherryBrett Beer9.661084.3401-10-2021
Nightmare On Brett - Leopold Brothers Maryland Rye WhiskeyBrett Beer9.67374.3307-18-2021
Nightmare On Brett BlackberryBrett Beer014.0508-08-2023
Nightmare On Brett Dark Sour Ale Double Barrel Aged In A Single Laws Four Grain Whiskey BarrelBrett Beer9.6714.0110-31-2021
Nightmare On Brett RaspberryBrett Beer9.661354.4305-29-2022
Nightmare On Brett Sour Cherry (VSOP Cognac Barrel)Brett Beer9.6734.2703-16-2023
Nightmare On StoutAmerican Imperial Stout13.534.0502-11-2023
Oculus DexterWild Ale8.913.7107-21-2023
OriginsWild Ale6.56294.2607-11-2023
Origins - Bourbon Barrel AgedWild Ale0194.2404-23-2017
Papa Bear’s PeachyBluesWild Ale5.533.9504-17-2023
Passion Tropical SourFruit and Field Beer423.8603-13-2021
Passionfruit Petite SourWild Ale52794.1905-05-2021
PatitoSweet / Milk Stout8.364.0604-27-2022
Peach IPAAmerican IPA6.223.808-24-2023
Peach PitFruit Lambic8.913.8305-27-2022
Peach SponWild Ale6.214.1205-07-2023
Peaches of ImmortalityWild Ale5.613.7305-11-2021
Peachy SourWild Ale4.563.7607-30-2022
PersicaWild Ale62274.4312-25-2022
Persica (Sauvignon Blanc - Harvest 2016)Wild Ale684.3601-12-2020
Petite Sour - BlueberryWild Ale4.54714.2309-28-2023
Petite Sour - Tart CherryWild Ale4.51094.0111-11-2020
Petite Sour CassisWild Ale6163.9706-21-2019
Petite Sour PeachWild Ale4.51004.0103-10-2023
Petite Sour PlumWild Ale4.534.111-21-2021
Petite Sour RaspberryWild Ale5.52684.1206-22-2022
Petite Sour Sweet CherryWild Ale4.5293.9411-11-2020
Pomegranate Petite SourWild Ale5.5394.2510-09-2016
Private Reserve #188American Imperial Stout12.514.405-20-2022
Private Reserve BA Imperial Stout (Angel's Envy, Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace)American Imperial Stout13.51408-07-2023
ProgenitorWild Ale6.23704.1605-27-2023
Progenitor#5Wild Ale534.1302-01-2017
Pure Guava Mosaic IPAAmerican IPA624.3307-05-2017
Pure Guava Petite SourWild Ale5.5983.5510-26-2018
Pure SPONGueuze624.306-22-2022
Raspberry DreamWild Ale614.2507-24-2022
Raspberry OriginsWild Ale72454.3207-26-2021
Riwaka Resurgence IPAAmerican IPA6.224.1509-05-2022
Rustic PeachWild Ale6.523.7511-01-2021
Salvador CybiesBelgian Dark Strong Ale9644.1507-14-2022
Scorpion BowlAmerican IPA6.214.0705-24-2023
Scoville StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1193.9909-26-2023
Select #1American IPA5.3114.1108-10-2016
Select #3American Porter933.4511-16-2016
Señor CybiesBelgian Dark Strong Ale8.423.9112-16-2022
Serenata NotturnaWild Ale122384.2312-18-2022
Serenata Notturna (Laws Secale Rye)Wild Ale120008-26-2021
Serenata Notturna - BlueberryWild Ale12914.2307-24-2022
Single Hop EXP06297 IPAAmerican IPA6.733.9707-08-2020
Single Hop MosaicAmerican IPA023.5508-31-2017
Single Hop NelsonNew England IPA6.224.0511-28-2021
Sour IPAWild Ale0104.0912-20-2019
Sour RitaFruited Kettle Sour4.544.1308-08-2023
Sour RoséWild Ale4.52444.0606-24-2023
Sourless IPAAmerican IPA6173.8310-13-2019
Southern CrossAmerican IPA5.853.9609-16-2023
Spectrum MosaicAmerican IPA6.513.8711-22-2021
St. Bretta (Spring)Brett Beer5.53664.1301-08-2023
St. Bretta Citrus SaisonBrett Beer5.8993.8912-18-2022
St. Bretta Citrus WildbierBrett Beer5.8264.106-04-2020
Stay the Funk InLambic6.394.0507-24-2023
Sun PrinceImperial IPA7.833.0903-13-2021
Sun ShowerWitbier4.61406-01-2023
Sunny Chai'd BrownAmerican Brown Ale713.502-23-2022
Surette Provision SaisonSaison6.21,3584.1807-04-2023
Surette Reserva BlueberryWild Ale6.2234.0205-02-2022
Surette Reserva Gin BAWild Ale914.2404-12-2021
Surette Reserva Peach Whiskey Barrel AgedSaison71204.1901-23-2020
Surette Reserva Prunus PersicaWild Ale6.2554.2703-19-2023
T'Oats IPAAmerican IPA054.1309-24-2017
The Hemperor's New ClothesHerb and Spice Beer6.524.1304-22-2018
The Hills Have EnvyAmerican Imperial Stout12.584.1304-02-2023
Toasted Coconut StoutAmerican Stout6.573.9909-21-2022
Trellis BusterImperial IPA7.81394.0507-01-2022
Two Tickets To ParadiseSaison4.8143.8805-07-2019
UtkaAmerican Imperial Stout963.6805-28-2022
Vanilla Milk StoutSweet / Milk Stout6.533.7112-22-2022
Vieille Artisanal SaisonSaison4.21,017408-03-2023
Vieille Artisanal Saison Double Dry HoppedSaison4.2574.0610-29-2015
Vieille Dry Hopped MotuekaSaison4.2273.9804-12-2015
Von PilsnerKellerbier / Zwickelbier51563.9811-09-2022
Way Out WestAmerican IPA6.263.7102-19-2022
WildcatAmerican Imperial Stout12.624.1408-15-2023
Yuzu GuruNew England IPA5.813.7410-12-2022

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Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project in Denver, CO
Brewery rating: 4.01 out of 5 with 11972 ratings