Kane Brewing Company

Kane Brewing CompanyKane Brewing Company
Kane Brewing CompanyKane Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

1750 Bloomsbury Ave
Ocean, New Jersey, 07712
United States

(732) 922-8600 | map

Kane Brewing Company is a craft brewery located on the coast of New Jersey. The brewery was founded by homebrewer, Michael Kane, in August of 2011. Our focus is on American style and Belgian influenced ales. All our handcrafted beers are unfiltered and brewed locally in out custom built four-vessel brewhouse located in Ocean in Monmouth County. Our beers are self-distributed and available on draft at restaurants and bars throughout New Jersey.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
10th AnniversaryImperial IPA8.264.2510-07-2021
11th Anniversary Quadruple IPAImperial IPA1163.8610-23-2022
12th Anniversary Barrel Aged Imperial Coconut StoutAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.5109-30-2023
2920 - Triple Barrel AgedBelgian Dark Strong Ale14.434.6302-26-2023
3650Belgian Dark Strong Ale1254.301-14-2022
3653American Imperial Stout12.5134.4709-03-2023
4015American Strong Ale13.834.2810-13-2023
4018American Imperial Stout13.194.4310-29-2023
4380Belgian Dark Strong Ale1514.5610-09-2023
4383American Imperial Stout054.5311-25-2023
A Bird to Explore All Shores (White Label - Rum Maple Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout10.894.504-07-2023
A Night To End All DawnsAmerican Imperial Stout12.26314.4109-05-2023
A Night to End All Dawns (2020) Mexican Vanilla Beans, graham cracker, coconutSweet / Milk Stout024.4402-20-2022
A Night To End All Dawns (2021) - Banana PancakeAmerican Imperial Stout12.7104.2307-10-2023
A Night to End All Dawns (2021) Coconut & VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout12.744.5303-27-2022
A Night to End All Dawns (2021) Madagascar & Mexican Vanilla Beans and Rook CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout12.754.5405-12-2023
A Night To End All Dawns (2022) - BrunchAmerican Imperial Stout12.334.5708-19-2023
A Night To End All Dawns (2022) - Coconut MacaroonAmerican Imperial Stout12.344.4803-04-2023
A Night To End All Dawns (2022) - Old Rip Van Winkle Double Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout14.444.5801-01-2023
A Night To End All Dawns (2022) - Triple VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout12.354.3609-16-2023
A Night to End All Dawns (German Chocolate Cake)American Imperial Stout12.514.1808-14-2022
A Night To End All Dawns - Amburana Double BarrelAmerican Imperial Stout12.224.6405-10-2023
A Night To End All Dawns - Triple Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout12.824.4606-06-2022
A Night To End All Dawns - Triple Barrel ChocolateAmerican Imperial Stout15.634.607-11-2022
A Night To End All Dawns Double Barrel Scotch & MoscatelAmerican Imperial Stout13.224.0508-28-2021
A Night to End All Dawns: Banana, Peanut Butter, & GranolaAmerican Imperial Stout12.484.3401-08-2022
A Night To End All Dawns: Bananas Foster French ToastAmerican Imperial Stout12.424.5610-31-2021
A Space To FillImperial IPA8.4194.3211-25-2020
Across The GalaxyAmerican Pale Ale4.8194.1206-21-2018
Almond DreamAmerican Imperial Stout11.374.2412-17-2020
Aloha Shirt (2020-)New England IPA7.174.3708-18-2023
Amarillo Single Hop IPAAmerican IPA6.614.1903-05-2022
Banana KingdomAmerican Imperial Stout9.564.3506-13-2021
Banana RoyaleSweet / Milk Stout10.224.2112-24-2022
Barn DoorSaison5.4233.9306-23-2018
Barrel-aged Cognac Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1224.3507-10-2021
Barrel-Aged French Toast StoutAmerican Imperial Stout12.384.3404-10-2023
Beach SwellAmerican IPA6.624.1510-22-2021
BiscottiAmerican Imperial Stout1014.2411-16-2019
Black Tie OptionalBrut IPA6.4214.0409-15-2019
Black Tie RequiredBrut IPA6.8193.9102-27-2020
Blue HotelAmerican IPA7.5364.1301-09-2022
Blue RampAmerican IPA7.424.1706-18-2023
Board SwapAmerican IPA7.344.0910-30-2022
Boardwalk SliceAmerican IPA7.214.2410-01-2023
Boardwalk TwistAmerican Imperial Stout9.5124.4906-19-2022
Bourbon Barrel Aged Brownie Sugar Adjunct MagikAmerican Imperial Stout12.854.3709-15-2021
BoxxAmerican IPA6.8174.2510-19-2022
Brew Jersey Northern HemisphereAmerican IPA6.714.1801-29-2023
Brew Jersey Southern HemisphereAmerican IPA6.724.2701-29-2023
Brighten The CornersNew England IPA7.5274.1403-19-2021
Brighter LightAmerican Blonde Ale6.2103.9108-11-2020
Carousel HouseImperial IPA8134.0710-08-2023
Cascade Single Hop IPAAmerican IPA6.614.2903-05-2022
Chocolate Coconut BiscottiAmerican Imperial Stout1364.3909-19-2023
Chocolate Coconut Biscotti - 2023 Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1314.5507-07-2023
Chocolate SupremeSweet / Milk Stout10.214.2501-15-2023
Christian PatrickAmerican Imperial Stout10.9484.2804-30-2020
Christian Patrick - Rum Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout1274.5403-04-2018
Citra Green LinesAmerican IPA6.564.1910-01-2023
Citra PunchAmerican IPA7.694.210-18-2021
Cloud CoverWitbier4.81483.704-10-2023
Cloud Cover - Blood OrangeWitbier4.624.5506-19-2021
Cloud Cover - RaspberryWitbier5.1134.0709-23-2018
Coastal GlowVienna Lager4.983.6506-06-2021
Coastal ParadoxAmerican IPA6.234.0803-09-2020
Coastal PlainVienna Lager5.4183.9804-27-2022
Coastal TwilightAmerican IPA6.224.0102-04-2021
Coconut CreemeeryAmerican Imperial Stout10.254.304-23-2023
Colorless RainbowNew England IPA7.364.0402-16-2022
Cookie Jar SuperstarAmerican Imperial Stout10.884.0202-07-2022
Coolship 11°Czech Pale Lager4.314.2405-20-2023
Corduroy LinesNew England IPA8.4594.1311-30-2023
Cosmic DreamingNew England IPA6.554.1703-03-2022
Cosmic EffectImperial IPA7.824.1403-03-2022
Cosmic JuiceAmerican Pale Ale4.214.4411-26-2021
Counter CurrentImperial IPA824.2704-26-2020
Cove At RaglanAmerican IPA6.8344.0601-23-2021
Crystal SeaNew England IPA6.844.1409-27-2022
Digital SeaAmerican IPA7.2134.0808-30-2021
Do I Even Like Eggnog?New England IPA7.423.9512-18-2021
Donut ShackAmerican IPA7.1173.8811-10-2022
Double Barrel Amburana Wooden CleatAmerican Barleywine12.944.4602-12-2023
Double Cryo OverheadImperial IPA8.233.9711-20-2023
Double Double Cask (2023)American Barleywine12.8104.608-13-2023
Double Double WrappedAmerican Imperial Stout12.824.4305-31-2023
Double Dry Hopped SBXImperial IPA8.444.2303-19-2023
Double Galaxy Party WaveNew England IPA7.834.2805-30-2023
Double Head HighImperial IPA8.2104.1406-04-2023
Double RippleImperial IPA8.8104.1909-12-2021
Drift LineAmerican Brown Ale5.81243.9512-22-2022
Drift Line - CoffeeAmerican Brown Ale6.2104.2611-16-2015
Drift WoodAmerican Brown Ale6.3454.1110-05-2017
Driftwood - Apple Brandy Barrel-AgedAmerican Brown Ale1474.4510-08-2022
Driftwood - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Brown Ale14.6304.3611-27-2023
Driftwood - Cognac Double Barrel AgedAmerican Brown Ale14.124.4906-18-2023
Driftwood - Red Wine Bourbon Barrel AgedAmerican Brown Ale11.684.3411-12-2023
Driftwood - Rye Barrel-AgedAmerican Brown Ale13.774.5109-03-2021
Dripping MapleAmerican Imperial Stout13124.404-07-2023
Dropping Fruit - Apricot, Cara Cara Orange, Passion FruitBerliner Weisse6.514.3807-11-2021
Dropping Fruit - Blueberry & RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour663.8403-06-2021
Dropping Fruit - Passion Fruit, Guava, TangerineFruited Kettle Sour6.824.1511-26-2020
Dropping Fruit - Pineapple, Tangerine, Coconut, NutmegFruited Kettle Sour614.2108-13-2023
Dropping Fruit Pie - Cherry, Graham CrackerFruited Kettle Sour7.434.0303-16-2022
Dropping Fruit Pineapple MangoFruited Kettle Sour6.724.0207-10-2021
Drowned in CoffeeAmerican Stout1244.4410-16-2023
Dry Hopped KellerbierKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.414.1611-05-2022
Eastern SkyAmerican IPA7.8124.1510-23-2022
El Dorado PunchNew England IPA6.8104.0109-03-2020
Electric TideAmerican IPA773.8212-28-2021
EnigmaImperial IPA844.2801-27-2020
Epic OverheadImperial IPA10.224.3807-24-2023
Epic Party WaveImperial IPA9.854.2301-09-2022
Epic Wind SwellNew England IPA9.524.3705-22-2022
Evening BellImperial Porter9.21044.2304-14-2022
Evening Bell - Barrel-AgedImperial Porter11.8334.3810-15-2022
Evening Bell - Double Barrel Old Rip Van WinkleAmerican Imperial Stout15.214.8511-30-2022
Evening Bell - Maple Wood Barrel-AgedImperial Porter12.544.406-06-2020
Evening Bell - Rye Barrel AgedImperial Porter13.244.5108-08-2023
Exposed CoastNew England IPA6.474.1311-16-2020
Extra SneakyAmerican Pale Ale634.0406-05-2023
Faded HorizonNew England IPA7.624.4904-18-2021
Fall Saints - Rum Barrel-AgedFruit and Field Beer1034.1602-22-2018
Fallen SaintsAmerican Strong Ale11124.1210-05-2019
Falling TideAmerican IPA574.2606-23-2018
Field and OakFruit Lambic614.2509-05-2023
First PeakAmerican Pale Ale5.2124.1812-09-2017
First ReefAmerican IPA7.8334.3212-24-2022
Flannel WetsuitNew England IPA7.374.0712-17-2022
Flipping PancakesEnglish Barleywine13.234.3703-10-2022
Fresh Hot CoatAmerican IPA663.8509-29-2022
Galaxy PunchAmerican IPA721409-15-2022
Ghost RainbowAmerican Pale Ale553.9111-30-2020
Golden FeelingsCream Ale5.5113.9507-10-2023
Granola BrunchImperial Porter9.244.1806-01-2022
GrayscaleAmerican Stout4.253.8511-21-2018
Green LinesAmerican IPA6.524.4101-11-2023
Ground CloudsNew England IPA624.1902-19-2023
HarrowBière de Garde7.218405-09-2017
HawthorneAmerican Strong Ale1424.4808-13-2022
Head HighAmerican IPA6.69974.2611-26-2023
Head High - 10th Anniversary BatchAmerican IPA6.644.3403-13-2022
Head High - 11th Anniversary BatchAmerican IPA6.834.3610-10-2022
Head High - 12th Anniversary BatchAmerican IPA7.224.2210-01-2023
Head High - Double Dry-Hopped With CalypsoAmerican IPA6.674.2205-25-2016
Head High - Double Dry-hopped With El DoradoAmerican IPA6.684.3908-31-2018
Head High - Double Dry-Hopped With GalaxyNew England IPA6.5834.401-30-2022
Head High - Double Dry-Hopped With Lemon DropAmerican IPA6.554.3707-29-2015
Head High - Double Dry-Hopped With MandarinaAmerican IPA6.524.2902-25-2018
Head High - Double Dry-Hopped With NelsonAmerican IPA6.524.1204-28-2014
Head High Batch 3000American IPA6.644.2803-31-2022
Head High Batch 4000Imperial IPA834.3207-07-2023
Heirloom - White Wine Barrel-AgedWild Ale6.254.3307-31-2017
Hidden CoveAmerican IPA6.664.2105-23-2021
Hit the CoastImperial IPA8.254.1503-13-2023
Hollow SeaCzech Dark Lager5.5184.0205-26-2023
Holy NightsAmerican Imperial Stout10.7504.4306-14-2023
HopLab: El DoradoAmerican IPA8.4224.1801-30-2017
HopLab: Mosaic And SimcoeAmerican IPA6.824.3108-12-2017
HopLab: MotuekaAmerican IPA7.4134.1512-14-2016
HopLab: Simcoe SessionAmerican IPA4.9144.0202-03-2017
HopLab: WaimeaAmerican IPA6.8134.3206-06-2016
Imperfect WaveAmerican IPA724.2508-14-2022
Imperial Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With MosaicImperial IPA8.434.402-25-2018
Imperial Stout - Vanilla Beans, Marcona Almonds, Haitian Cacao, And Toasted CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout1014.1209-01-2019
IndicatorsNew England IPA7.4574.2204-22-2023
Indicators - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA7.484.2305-15-2019
Inside the MixImperial IPA7.634.2304-02-2021
Invisible BarrierAmerican IPA6.414.1902-22-2020
Iridescent BeachAmerican IPA7114.2711-24-2023
Irish StoutIrish Dry Stout4.224.0203-18-2023
Jumping RainbowsImperial IPA8144.1903-15-2023
KellerbierKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.414.2909-30-2023
KellerpilsGerman Pilsner514.2309-30-2023
Ležák 12°Czech Pale Lager4.533.8908-15-2023
Lonely HighwayAmerican IPA7.334.1806-30-2019
Lunchbox HeroAmerican Imperial Stout11.3234.2411-28-2021
Lunchbox Hero - Bourbon Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.4712-08-2021
MalusBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.51513.7812-27-2021
Mandarina PunchImperial IPA9.8174.2506-22-2019
Maple CreemeeryAmerican Imperial Stout1064.3303-14-2023
Mexican BrunchImperial Porter9.26124.5509-24-2023
Mexican Brunch - Bourbon Barrel-AgedImperial Porter11.4764.5208-13-2023
Mexican ChocolateImperial Porter9.254.4511-25-2021
Mexican Chocolate - Barrel AgedImperial Porter12.834.5103-09-2022
Mexican DessertImperial Porter9.2254.3609-09-2023
Mexican Dessert - Barrel AgedImperial Porter12.844.6202-14-2022
Midnight EclipseImperial IPA8.514.2402-19-2021
Monmouth GoldHelles4.854.0708-25-2023
Monochrome SunriseAmerican Pale Ale6.464.0412-30-2020
Morning BeanImperial Porter9.2454.3907-21-2023
Morning Bean - Bourbon Barrel AgedImperial Porter11.954.5102-26-2022
Morning BellImperial Porter9.24944.3202-12-2023
Morning Bell - Barrel-AgedImperial Porter9.21054.3510-02-2022
Morning Bell - ChocolateImperial Porter9.274.5709-13-2018
Morning Mocha - Barrel AgedImperial Porter11.864.4907-14-2023
Morning Mocha HazelnutAmerican Porter044.609-17-2023
Morning RaysAmerican IPA623.8805-06-2023
Mosaic PunchNew England IPA6.6354.4706-29-2020
Moutere Single HopAmerican IPA7.714.2501-08-2023
Moutere Small Batch IPANew England IPA7.714.4501-08-2023
Multicolored MirrorsBlack IPA7.264.0107-14-2023
Nautical LinesImperial IPA7.914.2504-07-2021
NectaronImperial IPA7.744.3509-20-2020
Nelson Sour IPANew England IPA6.524.2308-14-2022
Neon GlowAmerican Lager4.483.6508-14-2022
Neon LimeAmerican Lager4.424.0709-08-2021
New England Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.914.1210-16-2021
Night SwimmingHelles5.6213.9107-23-2022
Nightmare At SeaAmerican Imperial Stout1274.1109-05-2020
Object PermanenceEnglish Barleywine13.3834.3503-07-2023
Object Permanence - Armagnac Barrel AgedEnglish Barleywine11.534.3905-30-2021
Object Permanence - White PortEnglish Barleywine1134.4706-26-2021
Open WaterImperial IPA10.453.8210-25-2020
Outer ReefImperial IPA10.7103.8612-27-2020
OverheadImperial IPA8.26324.3112-01-2023
Overhead - Double Dry-Hopped With CitraImperial IPA8.214.3502-21-2018
Overhead - Dry-Hopped With MosaicImperial IPA8.2194.4208-28-2021
Painkiller SourBerliner Weisse7.124.2511-23-2021
ParhelionImperial IPA9.4793.9308-05-2017
Party WaveNew England IPA7.41754.3508-12-2023
Party Wave - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA7.2184.311-29-2021
Pastel RaindropsAmerican Pale Ale6.873.9405-26-2023
Peppermint Mocha Morning BellImperial Porter9.284.312-22-2022
Peppermint Morning MochaImperial Porter9.224.5902-12-2023
Phantasm EffectNew England IPA6.584.0902-20-2022
Picture In Reverse - Bourbon Barrel-AgedOld Ale13.2324.2906-08-2021
Picture In Reverse - Bourbon Double BarrelOld Ale1614.5607-18-2022
Picture In Reverse - Double Barrel ScotchOld Ale16.154.4509-26-2022
Picture In Reverse - Double Barrel-AgedOld Ale13.264.3708-21-2022
Picture In Reverse - Mead Barrel-AgedOld Ale13.234.2411-28-2018
Picture In Reverse - Rye Barrel-AgedOld Ale12.684.3601-04-2020
Polotmavé 13°Czech Pale Lager5.424.0310-09-2023
Porcelain SaucersKölsch5.4143.9208-20-2021
Port OmnaAmerican Stout5.81634.0807-14-2023
Port Omna (Blueberry Cinnamon Maple 2021)Sweet / Milk Stout8.814.1904-21-2021
Port Omna (Cinnamon Roll Frosting) (2021)Sweet / Milk Stout8.814.4304-17-2021
Port Omna (Fluffernutter) (2021)Sweet / Milk Stout8.814.2504-25-2021
Port Omna - Bourbon Barrel AgedSweet / Milk Stout9.824.104-28-2023
Port Omna - Caramel, Coconut, & CacaoSweet / Milk Stout8.834.2603-28-2021
Port Omna - Chocolate Cheesecake (2022)Sweet / Milk Stout8.344.1704-10-2022
Port Omna - Chocolate Walnut BrownieSweet / Milk Stout8.124.2803-08-2023
Port Omna - Double CoconutSweet / Milk Stout8.124.3803-07-2023
Port Omna - Macadamia Nut FudgeSweet / Milk Stout8.334.1403-31-2022
Port Omna - Macadamia Nuts & Cacao Nibs (2022)Sweet / Milk Stout8.324.0904-14-2022
Port Omna - Moon PieSweet / Milk Stout8.124.3703-06-2023
Port Omna - Peanut Butter and Cacao Nibs (2022)Sweet / Milk Stout8.31404-07-2022
Port Omna - Peanut Butter and Cocoa Nibs (2021)Sweet / Milk Stout8.834.0604-03-2021
Port Omna - Peanut Butter Cup (2022)Sweet / Milk Stout8.324.1703-31-2022
Port Omna - Peppermint & VanillaSweet / Milk Stout8.864.1604-30-2021
Port Omna - Rice PuddingSweet / Milk Stout8.334.5803-20-2022
Port Omna - Roasted Walnuts & Cacao Nibs (2023)Sweet / Milk Stout8.114.1404-30-2023
Port Omna - Vanilla, Cinnamon, & Coconut (2022)Sweet / Milk Stout8.314.2504-08-2022
Pub AleEnglish Pale Mild Ale3.424.1512-24-2022
Pumpkin Chai LatteAmerican IPA7.353.9512-29-2022
Pumpkin Spice Morning BellImperial Porter9.274.2503-12-2022
Purple MountainAmerican IPA7.234.1107-28-2021
Radiant CoastAmerican IPA6.844.0704-13-2022
Raspberry Anniversary AleAmerican Strong Ale12.424.0709-24-2019
Reef? There's A Reef?New England IPA734.4210-01-2023
Retractable SkegImperial IPA8124.0608-24-2023
RiomaggioreEuropean Pale Lager5.283.8806-19-2023
RippleAmerican Pale Ale4.61714.0910-05-2022
River BreakAmerican Blonde Ale5.253.8902-28-2018
RiwakaAmerican IPA7.384.1611-08-2020
SabroImperial IPA7.734.1811-26-2020
Saturday Night LightsAmerican Imperial Stout11.3224.3510-31-2022
Saturday Night Lights - Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout12.2124.2706-29-2022
SBX (Imperial Sneakbox)Imperial IPA8.4814.3411-23-2022
Sea ChangeAmerican Pale Ale4.4964.1211-10-2019
Sea DreamImperial IPA8.264.2306-18-2023
Sea Dream (Idaho 7, Amarillo, Strata)Imperial IPA8.224.1301-17-2021
Sea SummitImperial IPA7.233.9508-04-2023
Second ReefImperial IPA8.6174.1805-22-2022
Shadow EffectNew England IPA7.424.2607-18-2021
Shadow SeaSchwarzbier7.884.1703-27-2021
Shell KingAmerican IPA7.624.1411-05-2021
Shifting SquallAmerican Imperial Stout11.564.1607-05-2023
Shifting Squall (2022-)American Imperial Stout924.4703-04-2023
Shore VibrationsImperial IPA824.2411-24-2023
SideshoreBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.4233.8610-07-2023
Simcoe PunchNew England IPA6.814.0910-16-2021
Simple SaintsBelgian Dark Ale8.264.0203-25-2018
SimplicityBelgian Pale Strong Ale8.7563.9311-21-2019
Single Cask - Barrel OneImperial Porter12.864.4905-14-2023
Single FinBelgian Blonde Ale5.41483.8109-04-2021
Skeleton CoastAmerican IPA7.334.0207-11-2019
Small Batch Belgian TripelTripel9.214.3209-11-2021
Small Batch Cream AleCream Ale5.513.8804-15-2023
Small Batch Session IPAAmerican IPA3.714.0509-11-2021
Small Batch Sour IPANew England IPA7.814.4607-10-2021
SneakImperial IPA10.294.2904-15-2023
Sneak BoxAmerican Pale Ale5.43374.3107-14-2023
Sneakbox - Double Dry Hopped w/ CitraAmerican Pale Ale5.434.3408-09-2021
Sneakbox - Double Dry Hopped w/ Citra, Nelson, & HBC 586American Pale Ale5.434.1808-11-2021
Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With #692American Pale Ale5.434.2508-10-2020
Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With EkuanotAmerican Pale Ale5.4184.1708-22-2020
Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With EnigmaAmerican Pale Ale5.414.3708-31-2019
Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With GalaxyAmerican Pale Ale5.4134.2111-29-2018
Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With Galaxy And CitraAmerican Pale Ale5.434.3711-04-2018
Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With WaimeaAmerican Pale Ale5.414.2102-27-2019
SolitudeBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.81343.9101-11-2019
Speciál 13°Bohemian / Czech Pilsner5.4134.2411-25-2023
Stacking Casks #5English Barleywine13.664.3110-06-2021
Stacking Casks #6English Barleywine15.574.3301-02-2022
Stacking Casks #7English Barleywine1614.5507-27-2022
Stacking Casks #8English Barleywine14104.506-24-2023
Stacking Casks #9American Imperial Stout12.514.4804-16-2023
Stained GlassAmerican IPA6.743.9806-30-2020
Standing TideNew England IPA7.444.0703-24-2022
StrataAmerican IPA744.2701-05-2020
Summer MoonAmerican IPA7.8104.1807-18-2021
Summer PlansImperial IPA7.654.1910-23-2021
Summer Plans (Winter Version)Imperial IPA7.614.301-27-2021
Summer ResetHelles6.614.3507-10-2021
Summer ShareNew England IPA7.834.2808-03-2023
Sunday BrunchImperial Porter9.28574.5510-30-2023
Sunday Brunch - Bourbon Barrel-AgedImperial Porter111284.5709-27-2023
Sunday Brunch - Bourbon VanillaImperial Porter12.274.4403-13-2022
Sunday Brunch - Rye Barrel AgedImperial Porter11.3104.3911-25-2023
Sunrise IslandImperial IPA8.484.3110-22-2023
Swim FinAmerican IPA7.2113.9210-19-2022
Symphony At Sea - Cacao & CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout13.824.5208-13-2023
Symphony At Sea - Old Fitzgerald Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout14.734.411-23-2023
Symphony At Sea - Weller Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout1424.4611-27-2023
Technicolor SunsetAmerican IPA6.173.8210-01-2022
TenthAmerican Imperial Stout12114.4406-27-2023
The Great Maple (Amburana Double Barrel)American Stout9.80005-15-2022
The Great Maple (Maple Double Barrel)American Imperial Stout12.564.402-18-2023
The Sea Stares Back IIIImperial IPA834.4306-08-2021
The Time Has ComeAmerican Imperial Stout14.444.2802-14-2022
The Time Has Come - Granola, Cinnamon, & CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout14.444.3112-30-2021
The Time Has Come - Honey VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout14.344.5702-01-2022
Third ReefImperial IPA10.51264.3202-25-2020
Through The Empty SpaceOatmeal Stout617407-29-2022
Tiny ShellsAmerican Pale Ale4.4234.0405-27-2021
Tomorrow is Already Here (2020)American Imperial Stout1264.5403-10-2022
Tomorrow Is Already Here (2021)American Imperial Stout13.144.4504-16-2022
Tomorrow Is Already Here (2022)American Imperial Stout10.214.501-01-2023
Triple SwellImperial IPA10.334.2311-23-2021
TrippleImperial IPA10.544.2401-29-2021
Turtle’s BoardImperial IPA7.874.0611-22-2023
Velvet HandExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.3163.9806-23-2022
Vengeful HeartAmerican Barleywine10.31374.1406-08-2021
Vengeful Heart - 2021American Barleywine1344.408-20-2021
Vengeful Heart - Bourbon BarrelAmerican Barleywine15.534.4511-25-2022
Vermont Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.914.2910-16-2021
Vibrant ReflectionsNew England IPA6.854.109-20-2023
Výčepní 10°Czech Pale Lager424.0707-05-2023
WaimeaImperial IPA824.3208-11-2020
Waimea ProImperial IPA864.1506-04-2022
Waimea PunchAmerican IPA7.2444.1807-21-2020
Waimea Single HopNew England IPA7.714.1705-06-2023
Waist HighAmerican IPA4.610405-27-2023
Washed AshoreAmerican Imperial Stout12.4114.6302-07-2022
Wave of SoundNew England IPA7.734.101-01-2023
Wave TankImperial IPA8214.1212-01-2020
Wax CombAmerican IPA7214.0909-11-2022
Weekend In BavariaMunich Dunkel5.233.9305-13-2021
Weekend In PragueCzech Pale Lager4.514.1706-17-2023
West Coast PilsGerman Pilsner5.913.9702-12-2023
Whale PondAmerican Blonde Ale5133.9505-24-2021
Wheat BoxAmerican Pale Ale5.834.3201-02-2022
Where’s the Afterparty?American IPA7.273.9901-06-2022
WhitehallAmerican IPA7.2254.1701-15-2022
Whole Leaf MagicImperial IPA7.9243.9711-30-2023
Wind SwellImperial IPA8.2734.2511-10-2022
Window PaineAmerican IPA6.884.1403-09-2022
Window to NowhereImperial IPA7.864.0802-13-2021
Winter DaydreamDoppelbock7.294.1104-22-2023
Winter Daydream - Barrel LageredBock7.914.405-06-2023
Winter Daydream - Barrel Lagered w/ AmburanaBock814.5209-30-2023
Wooden CleatEnglish Barleywine1454.5811-06-2022
Wooden Cleat - Chestnut Double Barrel AgedEnglish Barleywine13.574.4307-08-2023
Wooden Cleat Bourbon Triple Barrel AgedEnglish Barleywine13.224.503-30-2023
Wooden Cleat Single Barrel BourbonEnglish Barleywine10.734.4403-25-2023
Year's EndAmerican IPA7.264.2502-05-2023
Yellow ButtercupImperial IPA820410-23-2022

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Kane Brewing Company in Ocean, NJ
Brewery rating: 4.23 out of 5 with 9782 ratings