Kane Brewing Company

Kane Brewing CompanyKane Brewing Company
Kane Brewing CompanyKane Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

1750 Bloomsbury Ave
Ocean, New Jersey, 07712
United States

(732) 922-8600 | map

Notes: Kane Brewing Company is a craft brewery located on the coast of New Jersey. The brewery was founded by homebrewer, Michael Kane, in August of 2011. Our focus is on American style and Belgian influenced ales. All our handcrafted beers are unfiltered and brewed locally in out custom built four-vessel brewhouse located in Ocean in Monmouth County. Our beers are self-distributed and available on draft at restaurants and bars throughout New Jersey.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
10th AnniversaryIPA - Imperial8.264.2510-07-2021
3650Strong Ale - Belgian Dark1254.301-14-2022
3653Stout - American Imperial12.5104.4803-30-2022
A Night To End All DawnsStout - American Imperial12.26244.4103-27-2022
A Night to End All Dawns (2020) Mexican Vanilla Beans, graham cracker, coconutStout - Sweet / Milk024.4402-20-2022
A Night To End All Dawns (2021) - Banana PancakeStout - American Imperial12.774.203-07-2022
A Night to End All Dawns (2021) Coconut & VanillaStout - American Imperial12.744.5303-27-2022
A Night to End All Dawns (2021) Madagascar & Mexican Vanilla Beans and Rook CoffeeStout - American Imperial12.734.5805-02-2022
A Night To End All Dawns - Triple Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial12.814.3502-14-2022
A Night To End All Dawns - Triple Barrel ChocolateStout - American Imperial15.614.6101-15-2022
A Night To End All Dawns Double Barrel Scotch & MoscatelStout - American Imperial13.224.0508-28-2021
A Night To End All Dawns Triple Barrel Red WineStout - American Imperial014.4908-14-2021
A Night to End All Dawns: Banana, Peanut Butter, & GranolaStout - American Imperial12.484.3401-08-2022
A Night To End All Dawns: Bananas Foster French ToastStout - American Imperial12.424.5610-31-2021
A Space To FillIPA - Imperial8.4194.3211-25-2020
Amarillo Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.614.1903-05-2022
ApiaryFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.41333.8412-01-2020
Banana KingdomStout - American Imperial9.564.3506-13-2021
Barrel-aged Cognac Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial1224.3507-10-2021
Barrel-Aged French Toast StoutStout - American Imperial12.364.2802-03-2020
Beach SwellIPA - American6.624.1510-22-2021
BierhalleLager - Märzen5.5183.8410-12-2021
Black Tie RequiredIPA - Brut6.8193.9102-27-2020
Blue HotelIPA - American7.5364.1301-09-2022
Blueberry IslandIPA - New England6.314.2109-08-2021
Boardwalk TwistStout - American Imperial9.5114.4611-28-2021
Bourbon Barrel Aged Brownie Sugar Adjunct MagikStout - American Imperial12.854.3709-15-2021
BoxxIPA - American6.8104.205-19-2022
Brighten The CornersIPA - New England7.5274.1403-19-2021
Brighter LightBlonde Ale - American6.2103.9108-11-2020
Cascade Single Hop IPAIPA - American6.614.2903-05-2022
Christian PatrickStout - American Imperial10.9484.2804-30-2020
Citra PunchIPA - American7.694.210-18-2021
Cloud CoverWheat Beer - Witbier4.81433.705-06-2022
Cloud Cover - Blood OrangeWheat Beer - Witbier4.624.5506-19-2021
Coastal GlowLager - Vienna4.983.6506-06-2021
Coastal ParadoxIPA - American6.234.0803-09-2020
Coastal PlainLager - Vienna5.4183.9804-27-2022
Coastal TwilightIPA - American6.224.0102-04-2021
Colorless RainbowIPA - New England7.364.0402-16-2022
Cookie Jar SuperstarStout - American Imperial10.884.0202-07-2022
Corduroy LinesIPA - New England8.4574.1303-24-2022
Cosmic DreamingIPA - New England6.554.1703-03-2022
Cosmic EffectIPA - Imperial7.824.1403-03-2022
Cosmic JuicePale Ale - American4.214.4411-26-2021
Counter CurrentIPA - Imperial824.2704-26-2020
Cove At RaglanIPA - American6.8344.0601-23-2021
Digital SeaIPA - American7.2134.0808-30-2021
Do I Even Like Eggnog?IPA - New England7.423.9512-18-2021
Donut ShackIPA - American7.1163.901-06-2022
Double Double CaskBarleywine - American15.7784.6305-08-2022
Double Head HighIPA - Imperial8.264.0803-03-2022
Double RippleIPA - Imperial8.8104.1909-12-2021
Drift LineBrown Ale - American5.81213.9510-14-2021
Driftwood - Apple Brandy Barrel-AgedBrown Ale - American1464.4609-11-2021
Driftwood - Bourbon Barrel-AgedBrown Ale - American14.6254.3804-23-2022
Driftwood - Red Wine Bourbon Barrel AgedBrown Ale - American11.624.3803-27-2022
Driftwood - Rye Barrel-AgedBrown Ale - American13.774.5109-03-2021
Dripping MapleStout - American Imperial1554.3502-13-2022
Dropping Fruit - Apricot, Cara Cara Orange, Passion FruitSour - Berliner Weisse6.514.3807-11-2021
Dropping Fruit - Passion Fruit, Guava, TangerineSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.824.1511-26-2020
Dropping Fruit Pie - Cherry, Graham CrackerSour - Fruited Kettle Sour7.434.0303-16-2022
Dropping Fruit Pineapple MangoSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.724.0207-10-2021
Eastern SkyIPA - American7.8114.1502-20-2021
El Dorado PunchIPA - New England6.8104.0109-03-2020
EnigmaIPA - Imperial844.2801-27-2020
Epic Party WaveIPA - Imperial9.854.2301-09-2022
Epic Wind SwellIPA - New England9.514.3905-17-2022
Evening BellPorter - Imperial9.21044.2304-14-2022
Evening Bell - Barrel-AgedPorter - Imperial11.8324.3804-27-2022
Evening Bell - Maple Wood Barrel-AgedPorter - Imperial12.544.406-06-2020
Exposed CoastIPA - New England6.474.1311-16-2020
Faded HorizonIPA - New England7.624.4904-18-2021
First ReefIPA - American7.8324.3205-31-2021
Flannel WetsuitIPA - New England7.344.1401-15-2022
Flipping PancakesBarleywine - English13.234.3703-10-2022
Galaxy PunchIPA - American7194.0208-30-2021
Ghost RainbowPale Ale - American553.9111-30-2020
Golden FeelingsCream Ale5.510408-17-2021
Granola BrunchPorter - Imperial9.234.2801-16-2022
HawthorneStrong Ale - American140012-17-2021
Head HighIPA - American6.69764.2605-20-2022
Head High - 10th Anniversary BatchIPA - American6.644.3403-13-2022
Head High Batch 3000IPA - American6.644.2803-31-2022
Hidden CoveIPA - American6.664.2105-23-2021
Hollow SeaLager - Schwarzbier5.5154.0401-10-2021
Holy NightsStout - American Imperial10.7474.4404-09-2022
IndicatorsIPA - New England7.4544.2210-29-2021
Inside the MixIPA - Imperial7.634.2304-02-2021
Invisible BarrierIPA - American6.414.1902-22-2020
Iridescent BeachIPA - American6.774.1805-17-2022
Jumping RainbowsIPA - Imperial8124.212-06-2020
Lunchbox HeroStout - American Imperial11.3234.2411-28-2021
Lunchbox Hero - Bourbon Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial13.524.4712-08-2021
MalusStrong Ale - Belgian Dark9.51513.7812-27-2021
Mexican BrunchPorter - Imperial9.26044.5502-08-2022
Mexican Brunch - Bourbon Barrel-AgedPorter - Imperial11.4724.5203-09-2022
Mexican ChocolatePorter - Imperial9.254.4511-25-2021
Mexican Chocolate - Barrel AgedPorter - Imperial12.834.5203-09-2022
Mexican Dessert - Barrel AgedPorter - Imperial12.844.6202-14-2022
Midnight EclipseIPA - Imperial8.514.2402-19-2021
Morning BeanPorter - Imperial9.2414.3805-19-2022
Morning Bean - Bourbon Barrel AgedPorter - Imperial11.954.5102-26-2022
Morning BellPorter - Imperial9.24864.3205-01-2022
Morning Bell - Barrel-AgedPorter - Imperial9.21044.3512-25-2020
Morning Mocha - Barrel AgedPorter - Imperial11.854.4806-13-2021
Morning Mocha HazelnutPorter - American034.6501-01-2022
Mosaic PunchIPA - New England6.6354.4706-29-2020
Nautical LinesIPA - Imperial7.914.2504-07-2021
Neon GlowLager - American4.473.6308-06-2021
Neon LimeLager - American4.424.0709-08-2021
New England Pale AlePale Ale - American5.914.1210-16-2021
Night SwimmingLager - Helles5.6203.9101-03-2022
Nightmare At SeaStout - American Imperial1274.1109-05-2020
Object PermanenceBarleywine - English13.3814.3501-26-2021
Object Permanence - Armagnac Barrel AgedBarleywine - English11.534.3905-30-2021
Object Permanence - White PortBarleywine - English1134.4706-26-2021
Open WaterIPA - Imperial10.453.8210-25-2020
Outer ReefIPA - Imperial10.7103.8612-27-2020
OverheadIPA - Imperial8.26244.3105-15-2022
Overhead - Dry-Hopped With MosaicIPA - Imperial8.2194.4208-28-2021
Painkiller SourSour - Berliner Weisse7.124.2511-23-2021
Party WaveIPA - New England7.41694.3504-24-2022
Party Wave - Double Dry-HoppedIPA - American7.2184.311-29-2021
Pastel RaindropsPale Ale - American6.843.9105-17-2022
Peppermint Mocha Morning BellPorter - Imperial9.274.3205-30-2021
Phantasm EffectIPA - New England6.574.102-20-2022
Phantasm EffectIPA - New England6.51411-07-2021
Picture In Reverse - Bourbon Barrel-AgedOld Ale13.2324.2906-08-2021
Picture In Reverse - Double Barrel-AgedOld Ale13.254.3408-21-2021
Picture In Reverse - Rye Barrel-AgedOld Ale12.684.3601-04-2020
Porcelain SaucersKölsch5.4143.9208-20-2021
Port OmnaStout - American5.81584.0804-13-2022
Port Omna (Blueberry Cinnamon Maple 2021)Stout - American Imperial8.814.1904-21-2021
Port Omna (Cinnamon Roll Frosting) (2021)Stout - Sweet / Milk8.814.4304-17-2021
Port Omna (Fluffernutter) (2021)Stout - Sweet / Milk8.814.2504-25-2021
Port Omna - Caramel, Coconut, & CacaoStout - American8.834.2603-28-2021
Port Omna - Chocolate Cheesecake (2022)Stout - Sweet / Milk8.344.1704-10-2022
Port Omna - Macadamia Nuts & Cacao Nibs (2022)Stout - Sweet / Milk8.324.0904-14-2022
Port Omna - Peanut Butter and Cacao Nibs (2022)Stout - Sweet / Milk8.31404-07-2022
Port Omna - Peanut Butter and Cocoa Nibs (2021)Stout - Irish Dry8.834.0604-03-2021
Port Omna - Peanut Butter Cup (2022)Stout - Sweet / Milk8.324.1703-31-2022
Port Omna - Peppermint & VanillaStout - American8.864.1604-30-2021
Port Omna - Vanilla, Cinnamon, & Coconut (2022)Stout - Sweet / Milk8.314.2504-08-2022
Port Omna Macadamia Nut FudgeStout - Sweet / Milk8.334.1403-31-2022
Port Omna Rice PuddingStout - Sweet / Milk8.334.5803-20-2022
Purple MountainIPA - American7.234.1107-28-2021
Radiant CoastIPA - American6.844.0704-13-2022
Reef? There's A Reef?IPA - New England714.2505-03-2021
Retractable SkegIPA - Imperial884.0307-21-2020
RipplePale Ale - American4.61704.0901-09-2022
Saturday Night LightsStout - American Imperial11.3204.3404-22-2022
Saturday Night Lights - Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial12.2114.202-05-2022
SBX (Imperial Sneakbox)IPA - Imperial8.4784.3408-13-2021
Sea SummitIPA - New England7.20003-24-2022
Sea SummitIPA - Imperial7.223.8404-10-2022
Second ReefIPA - Imperial8.6164.1806-28-2020
Shadow EffectIPA - New England7.424.2607-18-2021
Shadow SeaLager - Schwarzbier7.884.1703-27-2021
Shell KingIPA - American7.624.1411-05-2021
Shifting SquallStout - American Imperial11.524.4704-06-2021
SideshorePilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.4203.8207-10-2021
Simcoe PunchIPA - New England6.814.0910-16-2021
Single Cask - Barrel OnePorter - Imperial12.824.4503-20-2022
Single FinBlonde Ale - Belgian5.41483.8109-04-2021
Small Batch Belgian TripelTripel9.214.3209-11-2021
Small Batch Session IPAIPA - American3.714.0509-11-2021
Small Batch Sour IPAIPA - New England7.814.4607-10-2021
SneakIPA - Imperial10.254.4107-02-2021
Sneak BoxPale Ale - American5.43274.3203-15-2022
Sneakbox - Double Dry Hopped w/ CitraPale Ale - American5.434.3408-09-2021
Sneakbox - Double Dry Hopped w/ Citra, Nelson, & HBC 586Pale Ale - American5.434.1808-11-2021
Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With #692Pale Ale - American5.434.2508-10-2020
Sneakbox - Double Dry-Hopped With EkuanotPale Ale - American5.4184.1708-22-2020
Stacking Casks #5Barleywine - English13.664.3110-06-2021
Stacking Casks #6Barleywine - English15.574.2901-02-2022
Stained GlassIPA - American6.743.9806-30-2020
Standing TideIPA - New England7.444.0703-24-2022
StrataIPA - American744.2701-05-2020
Summer MoonIPA - American7.8104.1807-18-2021
Summer PlansIPA - Imperial7.654.1910-23-2021
Summer Plans (Winter Version)IPA - Imperial7.614.301-27-2021
Summer ResetLager - Helles6.614.3507-10-2021
Sunday BrunchPorter - Imperial9.28484.5505-18-2022
Sunday Brunch - Bourbon Barrel-AgedPorter - Imperial111074.605-10-2022
Sunday Brunch - Bourbon VanillaPorter - Imperial12.274.4403-13-2022
Sunday Brunch - Rye Barrel AgedPorter - Imperial11.394.3911-25-2021
Sunrise IslandIPA - Imperial8.444.1808-07-2021
TenthStout - American Imperial1284.5103-12-2022
The Great Maple (Amburana Double Barrel)Stout - American9.80005-15-2022
The Great Maple (Maple Double Barrel)Stout - American12.514.3405-17-2022
The Sea Stares Back IIIIPA - Imperial834.4306-08-2021
The Time Has ComeStout - American Imperial14.444.2802-14-2022
The Time Has Come - Granola, Cinnamon, & CoconutStout - American Imperial14.444.3112-30-2021
The Time Has Come - Honey VanillaStout - American Imperial14.344.5702-01-2022
Third ReefIPA - Imperial10.51264.3202-25-2020
Through The Empty SpaceStout - Oatmeal615403-03-2022
Tiny ShellsPale Ale - American4.4234.0405-27-2021
Tomorrow is Already Here (2020)Stout - American Imperial1264.5403-10-2022
Tomorrow Is Already Here (2021)Stout - American Imperial13.144.4504-16-2022
Triple SwellIPA - Imperial10.334.2311-23-2021
TrippleIPA - Imperial10.544.2401-29-2021
Velvet HandBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.3143.9903-22-2022
Vengeful HeartBarleywine - American10.31374.1406-08-2021
Vengeful Heart - 2021Barleywine - American1344.408-20-2021
Vengeful Heart - Bourbon BarrelBarleywine - American15.514.3503-27-2022
Vermont Pale AlePale Ale - American5.914.2910-16-2021
Waimea PunchIPA - American7.2444.1807-21-2020
Waist HighIPA - American4.663.9905-11-2022
Washed AshoreStout - American Imperial12.4114.6302-07-2022
Wave TankIPA - Imperial8214.1212-01-2020
Wax CombIPA - American7174.0211-07-2021
Weekend In BavariaLager - Munich Dunkel5.233.9305-13-2021
Whale PondBlonde Ale - American5133.9505-24-2021
Wheat BoxPale Ale - American5.834.3201-02-2022
Where’s the Afterparty?IPA - American7.273.9901-06-2022
WhitehallIPA - American7.2254.1601-15-2022
Whole Leaf MagicIPA - Imperial7.9213.9701-07-2020
Wind SwellIPA - Imperial8.2704.2503-04-2022
Window PaineIPA - American6.884.1403-09-2022
Window to NowhereIPA - Imperial7.864.0802-13-2021
Winter DaydreamBock - Doppelbock7.284.104-24-2022
Wooden CleatBarleywine - English1434.5908-11-2021
Wooden Cleat - Chestnut Double Barrel AgedBarleywine - English13.554.501-10-2022
Year's EndIPA - American7.254.2502-26-2022
Yellow ButtercupIPA - Imperial8183.9911-16-2020

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Kane Brewing Company in Ocean, NJ
Brewery rating: 4.23 out of 5 with 8333 ratings