Odell Brewing Company

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Odell Brewing CompanyOdell Brewing Company
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20,845 Ratings
Odell Brewing CompanyOdell Brewing Company

Type: Brewery, Bar

800 East Lincoln Ave.
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524
United States

(970) 498-9070 | map

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DougweiserAmerican Adjunct Lager?14-
Bock For MoreAmerican Adjunct Lager5.1013.77-
Odell Levity Amber AleAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.004003.79-
Regal RedAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.3014.35-
Runoff Red IPAAmerican Amber / Red Ale6.507944.05-
Amber RecluseAmerican Amber / Red Ale?43.77-
Stone BarnAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.4083.97-
Cocoa JoeAmerican Amber / Red Ale?14.04-
Fir Na TineAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.3013.25-
Head For The HillsAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.7023.94-
Summer CampAmerican Amber / Red Ale?33.67-
Mac's 6430 Red AleAmerican Amber / Red Ale7.2023.25-
Extra Special RedAmerican Amber / Red Ale9.1000-
Powder DayAmerican Amber / Red Ale6.6014-
Green Skin Barrel Aged LagerAmerican Amber / Red Lager?13.5-
Ay Dos Mijos Mexican LagerAmerican Amber / Red Lager?14-
Jumpin’ Juniper Red AleAmerican Amber / Red Lager?00-
Jumpin’ Juniper Red AleAmerican Amber / Red Lager?14.1-
India Barley WineAmerican Barleywine9.70794.01-
Woodcut No. 8 - Barleywine Oak Aged BarleywineAmerican Barleywine10.30683.91-
Mountain Standard Double Black IPAAmerican Black Ale8.108684.21-
Dr. AculaAmerican Black Ale10.20663.85-
Creme Brulee Mountain StandardAmerican Black Ale9.5023.63-
Cover Up Black IPAAmerican Black Ale8.1073.68-
Barrel Aged Mountain StandardAmerican Black Ale10.60533.95-
Mountain StandardAmerican Black Ale8.1014.13-
Pedal PusherAmerican Blonde Ale?32.94-
Legal Pad Session AleAmerican Blonde Ale5.0023.62-
Golden AleAmerican Blonde Ale?53.61-
Old Town Ale OG Light AleAmerican Blonde Ale5.0033.34-
Meyer Lemon BlondeAmerican Blonde Ale?53.66-
LimitlessAmerican Blonde Ale6.4014-
Mishiwaka AleAmerican Blonde Ale5.6023.95-
SMaSh #58 Hoppy BlondeAmerican Blonde Ale5.0073.84-
SMaSH #29 Hoppy BlondeAmerican Blonde Ale5.0013.69-
Old Chicago’s Hop-backed Blonde AleAmerican Blonde Ale5.4013.53-
Tall Tale Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale?23.23-
Wayward SoulAmerican Brown Ale6.0043.5-
PecOzzy Ozbrown Pecan BrownAmerican Brown Ale7.5023.42-
Loose ToolAmerican Brown Ale6.5023.88-
Big Cookie A La ModeAmerican Brown Ale6.8073.83-
Way BackAmerican Brown Ale5.6000-
Dr Rich's Mahogany AleAmerican Brown Ale6.6033.88-
Willy McCoy’s Hoppy Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale?13.67-
Odell OC Big Cookie A LA ModeAmerican Brown Ale6.8023.76-
Settle Down BrownAmerican Brown Ale6.50163.86-
CrusherAmerican Dark Wheat Ale6.7013.75-
Odell Double IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?134.14-
Double NinjaAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?14.35-
Myrcenary Double IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.302,9024.28-
Peach Mango MyrcenaryAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?13.66-
Pond Hopper Double Extra Pale AleAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.502023.9-
Wooden SidecarAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.5094.28-
Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.006023.82-
Ales For ALSAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.30103.79-
Funky Wooden MyrcenaryAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?14.25-
Barrel Thief Oak Aged DIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.401424.06-
Mango Ginger MyrcenaryAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.3013.6-
MyrcenarioAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.00514.09-
Myrcenary Double IPA W/cranberry And SerranoAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.3033.91-
5 Year Ryed - Double Rye IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?24.05-
Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA With Vanilla & HazelnutsAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?24.04-
Oak Aged Imperial IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.4014.24-
Ales For ALS 2015American Double / Imperial IPA10.4024.64-
Barrel Robber Barrel Imperial IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.3014.43-
Odell Beyond IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00113.98-
ElephunkAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.90654.04-
Fee Fi Fo FumAmerican Double / Imperial IPA11.10154.17-
Parlor CityAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.4014-
Doug's Double Trouble PilsnerAmerican Double / Imperial Pilsner?23.85-
Odell Double PilsnerAmerican Double / Imperial Pilsner8.104423.85-
Wooden Owl Oak PilsnerAmerican Double / Imperial Pilsner8.1014.67-
Keller PilsAmerican Double / Imperial Pilsner?73.47-
Doble BuhoAmerican Double / Imperial Pilsner11.2014-
Imperial StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout7.10773.81-
Odell Cask Espresso Imperial StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout?14.13-
Cup Of JoeAmerican Double / Imperial Stout8.1024.04-
Bourbon Barrel StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.503493.92-
Oak Aged StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout10.0014.22-
Brewer's Republic StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout10.3044.12-
Ignorance Is BlissAmerican Double / Imperial Stout16.5044.23-
Dead Men TNTAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.0000-
ReunificationAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.1000-
Stealing 3rdAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.4033.81-
Barrelly LegalAmerican Double / Imperial Stout8.8014.25-
Bull Proof (Bourbon Barrel Stout)American Double / Imperial Stout?00-
Viking IPAAmerican IPA?14.32-
Kenny The IPAAmerican IPA7.0000-
Odell IPAAmerican IPA7.003,1274.27-
Aggie AleAmerican IPA?13.92-
Wooden ElephantAmerican IPA?194.36-
Mango Habanero IPAAmerican IPA7.0063.75-
Alpenglow Lavander IPAAmerican IPA?33.94-
Peach IPAAmerican IPA?43.8-
Hand Picked IPAAmerican IPA7.00243.73-
HenriAmerican IPA7.0014.33-
Perle White IPAAmerican IPA5.501343.81-
Wooden Elephant Oak-Aged IPAAmerican IPA?24-
Magic Beans Black Coffee IPAAmerican IPA7.0023.65-
Iron Shin IPAAmerican IPA8.6013.75-
Steep IPAAmerican IPA7.5014-
Serrano Pineapple IPAAmerican IPA?24.44-
IPA With Blueberrys And JalapenosAmerican IPA?14-
Rawah Rye IPAAmerican IPA6.80643.89-
Swift Water Blood Orange IPAAmerican IPA?12.59-
Ryes Of The GnomeAmerican IPA7.9014.45-
Splice Session IPAAmerican IPA4.80253.97-
Brett IPAAmerican IPA5.5000-
Food For ThoughtAmerican IPA5.8000-
Strawberry/Kiwi St. LupulinAmerican IPA6.5000-
Hooked On HydroponicsAmerican IPA7.7000-
One True Red IPAAmerican IPA6.4053.51-
Lone Comet Single Hop IPAAmerican IPA6.50233.93-
Today IPAAmerican IPA6.9013.77-
Roy Farms IPAAmerican IPA6.3014-
Single Hop Citra IPAAmerican IPA6.50164.04-
Mustache Malt LiquorAmerican Malt Liquor8.3011.77-
Movin' OnAmerican Malt Liquor9.8033.32-
Odell Cutthroat Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?313.8-
Town Pump Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.10563.59-
Hand Picked Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.00143.6-
Vintage PersistenceAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?13.98-
St. LupulinAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.501,1154.07-
Captain O'MericaAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?14-
ProofAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.8013.58-
Firkin 23American Pale Ale (APA)?12.68-
WHOPper Wet Hop Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.1054.05-
House RemodelAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0014.5-
Pale MuleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.5034.32-
7272American Pale Ale (APA)4.4023.9-
Sesh-BrauAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5012.89-
Loose LeafAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.505073.65-
Press Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.4023.43-
Wooden NickelAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.4053.85-
Wolf PickerAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.501473.93-
Obvious Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?13.27-
JauntAmerican Pale Ale (APA)7.601143.68-
6th GenerationAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.9013.75-
Exp. #1 Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.8023.59-
Exp. #2 Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.2023.41-
Trellis Garden AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)8.701023.92-
FOCOllaborationAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.70443.8-
Kitchen Sink AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0033.79-
Pale MaryAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5013-
It's About TimeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0013-
Exp. #3 Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?13.69-
Exp. #4 Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?13.94-
Hitched Summer SolsticeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.6013.98-
Old Town Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?13.95-
Altruistic Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.8043.59-
Exp. Hop #6 Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.6023.76-
Exp. Hop #5 Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.9023.86-
Precision Decision Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.3014.25-
Chrome DomeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.8024.03-
Drumroll APAAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.302823.89-
Hoops DroppaAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.8014.01-
Drums Into SpaceAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.7000-
Nothing Is ImpossibrewAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.4000-
Panther PickerAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.3000-
Flagship Hop Shop Mosaic Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.7043.74-
Exp. Hop #11American Pale Ale (APA)4.6013-
Timberline Tart Golden Hoppy TartAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5053.71-
Hand Picked Fresh Hop PaleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.7043.79-
Blushing SunAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0013.73-
Mosaic Hop ShopAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.7013.75-
RuptureAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.001554.15-
First Class LemongrassAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.4013.99-
Ochenta Y SeisAmerican Pale Lager5.6000-
Hose HeadAmerican Pale Lager5.4000-
Odell Easy Street WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Ale4.605853.85-
Orange Blossom Honey AleAmerican Pale Wheat Ale?23.98-
Snowriders AleAmerican Pale Wheat Ale4.8053.97-
Chili Easy Street WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Ale?13.34-
Curry WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Ale?13-
Hillbilly HefeweizenAmerican Pale Wheat Ale?13.25-
Meyer Way Lemon WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Ale?113.68-
Down The HatchAmerican Pale Wheat Ale5.6053.75-
Odell Easy Street UnfilteredAmerican Pale Wheat Ale4.6023.12-
Odell Cutthroat PorterAmerican Porter5.101,2544.07-
Avant Peche Imperial PorterAmerican Porter9.501233.82-
Coconut Milk PorterAmerican Porter?104.12-
Fish In A BarrelAmerican Porter8.7033.69-
Cranberry Oatmeal PorterAmerican Porter5.0074.24-
Leopold Fernet Barrel Aged Cutthroat PorterAmerican Porter5.50113.95-
AmusteAmerican Porter9.301573.87-
Fernet Aged PorterAmerican Porter9.802133.85-
Caramel PorterAmerican Porter6.3013.17-
Crème Brulee PorterAmerican Porter4.50104.03-
Wicked Underbite Imperial PorterAmerican Porter10.8054-
West Coast Storter Coffee PorterAmerican Porter8.0014.03-
Creme Brulee Cutthroat PorterAmerican Porter5.2000-
West Coast ShorterAmerican Porter8.0000-
Odell Cutthroat Porter NitroAmerican Porter7.0074.07-
StoutAmerican Stout?13.89-
Coffee Meeting StoutAmerican Stout7.2013.68-
Bourbon Barrel Stout With Coffee And Cocoa NibsAmerican Stout?43.93-
Mash Of The TitansAmerican Stout8.3094.62-
State Tree StoutAmerican Stout7.5023-
FloatAmerican Stout6.5033.13-
Skeletor Blueberry/Jalp StoutAmerican Stout9.3024.2-
Nasiatka's Kopoba Milk StoutAmerican Stout5.7013.5-
Sweet Destroyer Toffee StoutAmerican Stout8.0014.25-
You Serious Clark?American Stout7.5013.49-
Spicy Cupcake StoutAmerican Stout6.4014.36-
Theo's StoutAmerican Stout?24.02-
Odell Extra Special Red AleAmerican Strong Ale8.00713.98-
Woodcut No. 2 - Oak Aged Golden AleAmerican Strong Ale11.00884.16-
Woodcut No. 3 - Oak Aged Crimson AleAmerican Strong Ale11.001053.95-
Footprint RegionAleAmerican Strong Ale9.501983.84-
Woodcut No. 6 - Oak Aged American AleAmerican Strong Ale10.001124.03-
Mountain Standard Reserve 2009American Strong Ale8.5063.68-
Footprint RegionAle (11 States)American Strong Ale9.60903.79-
Oak Haven Whiskey Peach AleAmerican Strong Ale8.20263.85-
FriekAmerican Wild Ale6.507554.1-
ShenanigansAmerican Wild Ale9.101333.75-
SaboteurAmerican Wild Ale10.002933.88-
Odell DeConstruction Golden AleAmerican Wild Ale10.502754.02-
Flagship In OakAmerican Wild Ale5.5024.01-
Sour Olde AleAmerican Wild Ale?13.65-
HiverannoAmerican Wild Ale9.50603.63-
The RevolutionAmerican Wild Ale8.9013.97-
Footloose Golden SourAmerican Wild Ale8.00123.95-
Stoop Slammer Sour MashAmerican Wild Ale5.3023.79-
EllipsisAmerican Wild Ale9.7013.5-
The WandererAmerican Wild Ale11.2013.75-
Dark PassengerAmerican Wild Ale?83.79-
Fifty NinerAmerican Wild Ale10.001093.75-
Wooden TuskAmerican Wild Ale?84.08-
Boyz In The Wood Boysenberry SourAmerican Wild Ale?23.5-
Brazzle Sour Golden RaspberryAmerican Wild Ale5.402234.21-
Idaho Wild Geese CaptureAmerican Wild Ale7.3014.41-
Piña AgriaAmerican Wild Ale6.501864.07-
Green CoyoteAmerican Wild Ale5.20323.82-
Zard-Alu Sour ApricotAmerican Wild Ale6.80604-
Zard AluAmerican Wild Ale6.8053.86-
59erAmerican Wild Ale10.0000-
Crossover Sour BlondeAmerican Wild Ale7.10424.01-
Dark TheoryAmerican Wild Ale7.50593.86-
Sunny RainAmerican Wild Ale6.00323.86-
Pyrus And PrunusAmerican Wild Ale9.00233.91-
Camp GalzinAmerican Wild Ale4.6023.75-
Ten PacesAmerican Wild Ale6.50113.98-
Brett PorterBaltic Porter8.5023.86-
Baltic PorterBaltic Porter5.9023.3-
HellaHOPterBelgian IPA8.1044.12-
Forebearance Belgo IPABelgian IPA6.4033.7-
Belgian StyleBelgian Pale Ale6.2000-
Hoppinbier Hoppin BierBelgian Pale Ale?14-
Old C's Golden AleBelgian Pale Ale5.7013.62-
Johnny CashmereBelgian Pale Ale5.5014.06-
Fly BallBelgian Pale Ale5.6000-
Odell/Liftbridge Peaks And PrairiesBelgian Pale Ale6.0043.98-
De OogstBelgian Strong Pale Ale?00-
Mellow Yellow BelgoBelgian Strong Pale Ale8.0013.73-
King AlbertBelgian Strong Pale Ale10.2023.77-
Tree House Apricot TartBerliner Weissbier5.5063.74-
Men In BockBock?23.9-
Chili TrekChile Beer6.1023.95-
Papa's PilsnerCzech Pilsener5.1014-
331 Club PilsnerCzech Pilsener?14-
DoyleBock DoppelbockDoppelbock10.4014.3-
Pro-Am DortmunderDortmunder / Export Lager6.0023.3-
Dunkle Rye-ZenDunkelweizen7.0013.99-
House That Beer BuiltEnglish Brown Ale5.1014-
British IPAEnglish India Pale Ale (IPA)6.5024.05-
5 Barrel Pale AleEnglish Pale Ale5.208923.81-
Fresh Hop EPAEnglish Pale Ale?23.37-
Public HouseEnglish Pale Mild Ale6.0013.28-
Nitro Cutthroat PorterEnglish Porter5.0043.91-
Stretch LagerEuro Pale Lager5.4013.5-
Laura’s BitterExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)?13.5-
Odell ESBExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)?13.5-
The MeddlerFlanders Oud Bruin8.903004.02-
Charlie's Sour BrownFlanders Oud Bruin6.0013.68-
Flemish GiantFlanders Red Ale6.60243.64-
Peach AleFruit / Vegetable Beer?00-
Mad Farmer AleFruit / Vegetable Beer7.0044.05-
Hop Collins: Basil Cucumber AleFruit / Vegetable Beer?23.73-
Haven & Hale Peach AleFruit / Vegetable Beer7.0053.07-
POG Slammer Tropical AleFruit / Vegetable Beer5.4023.23-
Washington's Cherry TreeFruit / Vegetable Beer?14-
RubyliciousFruit / Vegetable Beer?23.76-
Raspberry Beer Eh?Fruit / Vegetable Beer4.6013.54-
Comes And GoseGose5.80433.69-
How Gose ItGose4.2023.99-
Brombeere Blackberry GoseGose4.802883.75-
Hopfer HefeweizenHefeweizen?14-
Hopfen Hoppy HefeweizenHefeweizen?22.63-
Heartland WheatHefeweizen4.6013.54-
Ze BolshevikHerbed / Spiced Beer?13.9-
Weiss VersaHerbed / Spiced Beer6.5024.25-
Extra Special GingerHerbed / Spiced Beer6.8023.45-
CinnSationHerbed / Spiced Beer6.5033.91-
Thick As ThievesIrish Dry Stout4.4043.79-
Ride On KolschKölsch?13.87-
DougwiserLight Lager5.4000-
Nail KnotLight Lager5.20273.72-
MaibockMaibock / Helles Bock?24.02-
HellesbockMaibock / Helles Bock6.4013.93-
High MaintenanceMaibock / Helles Bock5.7012.8-
Woodcut No. 4 - Oak Aged Double Marzen-Style LagerMärzen / Oktoberfest11.001073.93-
OomPah OktoberfestMärzen / Oktoberfest5.8053.56-
Odell OktoberfestMärzen / Oktoberfest6.101883.74-
Copper TopMärzen / Oktoberfest7.0000-
Chocolate OarMilk / Sweet Stout8.7044.17-
Nibs & BeansMilk / Sweet Stout?23.64-
Lugene Chocolate Milk StoutMilk / Sweet Stout8.509584.08-
Wooden CowMilk / Sweet Stout8.5034.18-
Udderly CherryMilk / Sweet Stout?93.54-
Dark Side Of The MooMilk / Sweet Stout?43.95-
3rd Udder Chocolate Milk StoutMilk / Sweet Stout8.1034.08-
Send It StoutMilk / Sweet Stout6.2024.23-
Donny: Goodnight Sweet Prince NitroMilk / Sweet Stout?14.34-
Whiskey Barrel Aged LugeneMilk / Sweet Stout10.50374.06-
Odell Harvest Hemp LagerMunich Dunkel Lager?13.72-
Munich HellesMunich Helles Lager?13.75-
G' McLaughlin's Oatmeal StoutOatmeal Stout6.0023.52-
Gramps Oatmeal StoutOatmeal Stout6.40713.87-
Odell Curmudgeon's NipOld Ale?264.17-
Woodcut No. 1 - Oak Aged AleOld Ale10.60694.14-
Angry RobinOld Ale9.2000-
Reprize Old AleOld Ale9.8014.04-
StalwortOld Ale10.40253.97-
FalAle PumpkinPumpkin Ale6.3033.65-
Oh My GourdPumpkin Ale7.4063.41-
Woodcut No. 5 - Oak-Aged Belgian Style Quad AleQuadrupel (Quad)11.301013.86-
Mutual RespectRussian Imperial Stout9.5033.92-
Woodcut No. 7 Russian Imperial StoutRussian Imperial Stout12.501194.02-
Choice City 10th Anniversary Imperial Stout Pappy Van WinkleRussian Imperial Stout11.0084.25-
Jolly RussianRussian Imperial Stout13.302144.26-
SoProRye Beer7.7013.96-
Saison CoupleSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.2012.03-
MonarchSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.1013.12-
CelastrinaSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.501243.9-
Hop FountainSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.3034.01-
WellspringSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.60933.79-
Soulless Black SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.3073.18-
Nature's NectarSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.2013.89-
The French (Hop) ConnectionSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.30183.75-
Blood Orange SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.40143.8-
Prop CultureSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.10483.97-
Peak & PlainsSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.1000-
Kiwi Strawberry SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.2000-
Shelly SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale5.4000-
Dirty DrinkerSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.0013.94-
Black Biere LagerSchwarzbier?00-
180 Shilling AleScotch Ale / Wee Heavy9.601753.96-
Black Cherry 90 ShillingScotch Ale / Wee Heavy?13.75-
Odell 90 Shilling AleScottish Ale5.301,8063.89-
Oak Aged 90 ShillingScottish Ale5.5094.03-
Hoppy ScottScottish Ale5.3033.67-
Wee Willie WinkieScottish Ale8.3033.54-
Smoked AmberSmoked Beer5.5013.7-
Odell WheatwineWheatwine11.3014.02-
Odell Isolation AleWinter Warmer6.008003.92-
Peanut Butter & Jelly Isolation AleWinter Warmer6.0013.7-
Quick WitWitbier?43.61-
Quick Wit Belgian WheatWitbier5.4013.08-
Frere Jacques Chamomile WitWitbier4.5013.75-
Zombie WitpocalypseWitbier6.0033.91-
Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins, CO
Brewery rating: 3.86 out of 5 with 20,845 ratings
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