The Fridge


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The FridgeThe Fridge

Type: Bar, Eatery

534 N Mulberry St
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603-2923
United States

(717) 490-6825 | map

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Added by Hophead101 on 08-30-2011

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Reviews by orangesol:
Photo of orangesol
4/5  rDev -2.4%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 4.5

Stopped in here on opening day to check this new place out. I don't know why, but I thought this place was going to be a bit bigger than it really is. Upon entering you notice the bar area with all the pizza's laid out and the menu's / draft boards hanging on the wall. The space is a little on the small side but it still has plenty of tables and area's to sit and enjoy your pizza and beer. They don't have any TV's or anything like that, just some music playing for background noise.

As far as the quality goes, all of my beers were served in the correct glasses and the pizza toppings were top notch. They had some nice artwork hanging on the walls to help spruce the place up. The service was pretty good. They seemed to have a pretty good knowledge of the beers they were serving but you could still tell it was opening day. Some of the beers, most notable the nitro breakfast stout, took quite a bit of time to pour, almost five minutes for mine. They also could have cut their line in half if they took the time to ask if anyone was just getting another beer. Instead, you had to wait in the same line with the people looking to eat, thus making the line quite long at times. Once they get some of this stuff ironed out I am sure it will be much better.

The beer selection was pretty good. They have six draft lines running plenty of quality offerings and even more bottles, from all over the world. From belgians to Alesmith Speedway Stout to the local favorites from Troegs and Stoudts. They even have a whole section of the cooler dedicated to just CANs. As far as the prices go, they are a bit high. $9 for a bomber of Troegs Perpetual IPA? I love that beer but that is not gonna happen. $3 for a slice for pizza isn't too bad in my book, mostly because of the ingredients used, but I can see why some people might not want to pay that much. That doesn't mean the pizza isn't worth it tho, because it absolutely is. I got two slices; one was prosciutto, figs, provolone, and beet greens and the other was sausage, tomato, peppers, and fontina cheese; and they were both excellent. I also wanted to try the pesto and pistachio but I was just too stuffed at that point.

Overall, I look forward to seeing how this place grows and changes in the future. I enjoyed my first visit quite a bit and I will stop in again for sure. If you are in the area I would stop by and check it out.

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Photo of NeroFiddled
4.11/5  rDev +0.2%
vibe: 3.75 | quality: 4.25 | service: 4 | selection: 4.25 | food: 4

The Fridge.... how do I love The Fridge? Let me count the ways!

Basic, simple concept in a kind of weird triangular shaped building - I'm not sure anyone could have come up with a better use for it! There are a few seats outside, and as you enter there's a counter with fresh baked flatbreads (they call it pizza), and a row of 8 glass door coolers to the left. Each beer is clearly marked with a price, and you just grab it and bring it up to pay for it, and at that point you can get a glass if you'd like (and I'd always recommend you drink from a glass, even if it is The Alchemist's Heady Topper!). I should also point out, there are 10 taps of pretty good stuff available as well.

The decor is fairly basic and sparse, which is what you want in a small space, except for the decorative antique cast-iron stove that's a centerpiece fronted by brown leather chairs. I'd imagine in fall and winter you'd want to gather 'round as it can probably get fairly cool in there. The floor is grey concrete, and the walls are reddish-orange and yellow, and it all ties together nicely. There also appears to be some local art available for sale hanging on the walls.

Back to the beer, there's also about 8 feet worth of shelving that holds specialty bottles, both large and small, for sale at reasonable prices, especially given the size of the place.

Finally, music rounds it out. The sound system is neither too loud nor too soft, and clear. Put it all together - great "pizza", great beers, a clean basic space, and great music make it a great place to hang out.

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Photo of yergermeister
3.95/5  rDev -3.7%
vibe: 3.75 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 3.75

Photo of jbaker67
4.1/5  rDev 0%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.25 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 4.25

Photo of madelf66
4.59/5  rDev +12%
vibe: 4.75 | quality: 4.75 | service: 4.25 | selection: 4.5 | food: 5

Photo of PorterThwarter
3.71/5  rDev -9.5%
vibe: 3 | quality: 3.5 | service: 4 | selection: 4

Photo of curmudgeon236
3.85/5  rDev -6.1%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 3.5 | service: 4 | selection: 4.5 | food: 3.25

Wonderful selection of bottles and drafts, always go "ooooohhhh" when perusing the coolers. Good choices for drafts. Have not explored much of the menu, but was not overly impressed by the pricey reheated 'artisan' pizza slices... but face it... it's all about the beer, and they deliver in spades!

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Photo of ShanePB
3.76/5  rDev -8.3%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 3.5 | service: 4.25 | selection: 4 | food: 3

Photo of Edwin3781
4.56/5  rDev +11.2%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.25 | food: 4.5

Photo of PA-Michigander
3.26/5  rDev -20.5%
vibe: 3.25 | quality: 3.5 | service: 3 | selection: 3.25

I've been in this store three times and won't go back. They definitely get some hard to get bottles but their prices are always far more expensive than I see elsewhere. Also bottles of Maine Brewing Co are always far past their best by dates.

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Photo of intobenme
4.49/5  rDev +9.5%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4.25 | service: 5 | selection: 4.25 | food: 4.5

Photo of Craft_Imperial
4.16/5  rDev +1.5%
vibe: 4.25 | quality: 4 | service: 4.25 | selection: 4.5 | food: 3.5

Photo of dodge408
4.75/5  rDev +15.9%
vibe: 4.25 | quality: 4.75 | service: 5 | selection: 5 | food: 4

Great place and cozy atmosphere. Parking lot is tiny so get there early. A very impressive line of beer, hundreds to be honest. A bit pricey but I understand and respect that they risked alot to achieve where they are at. The food is good but not much of a selection. They do take pride in using local crops and produce which is awesume. They always have several varities of house made pizzas and always have free water. Great place to socialize with friends and family. I would consider this a must visit kind of place for any beer lovers within 100 miles or so. I drive 180 miles round trip...completely worth it! Oh, and excellent service from everyone there

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Photo of Yellolab2010
4.34/5  rDev +5.9%
vibe: 4.25 | quality: 4.25 | service: 4.25 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4.5

Photo of Rizzy17
4.5/5  rDev +9.8%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4.5

Photo of DaveHack
4.41/5  rDev +7.6%
vibe: 4.25 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4.25 | food: 4.5

Photo of Knapp85
4.4/5  rDev +7.3%
vibe: 4.25 | quality: 4.25 | service: 4.25 | selection: 4.75 | food: 4.5

Photo of 6s_N_7s
4.03/5  rDev -1.7%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4.5 | food: 3.5

Highest priced beer for the area, usually a great selection though. Food is alright, but limited to pizza and some other snacks.

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Photo of JNForsyth
4.5/5  rDev +9.8%

Great selection, gets extremely busy at times though. Never tried the food but it looks good.

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Photo of leroybrown10
4/5  rDev -2.4%

Photo of newbeeraday
4/5  rDev -2.4%

Photo of dbl_delta
4.25/5  rDev +3.7%

Outstanding selection of bottles at reasonable prices. Food looked good but I had just had lunch. It's a half block from the office so I'll definitely be back!

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Photo of Renegawam
4/5  rDev -2.4%

Photo of pwoody11
4/5  rDev -2.4%

Photo of MarkGamber
4.5/5  rDev +9.8%

I live about 15 minutes from here and, being a seaon ticket holder for the local baseball team which is across the street from The Fridge, I'm here fairly often during baseball season. There's always something good on tap and there's a great selection of bottles and cans to choose from, too. The prices are a bit steep compared to other bottle shops I've visited and the food is ok but service is very good and the atmosphere is always interesting. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

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The Fridge in Lancaster, PA
4.1 out of 5 based on 61 ratings.
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