Urban Family Brewing Co.

Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

4441 26th Ave W, Ste A
Seattle, Washington, 98199
United States

(206) 861-6769 | map

Notes: 2014 update: No longer a brewpub, now a production brewery with a tasting room.

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
Absolute VirtueWild Ale6.514.2110-13-2019
Again & AgainFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.933.5909-20-2018
Aggressive SwirlingIPA - American7.513.8309-08-2019
AgronomyWheat Beer - Witbier5.4183.8411-16-2020
Always Make WavesIPA - New England5.514.3905-03-2022
Ancient AliensIPA - American6.713.504-10-2018
Ancient HarvestIPA - American643.6708-19-2018
Aprium DreamWild Ale6.334.0312-04-2018
Aristocratic FantasyFarmhouse Ale - Saison553.8806-19-2018
AtriumPale Ale - American5.923.6207-08-2018
Baby CakesPale Ale - American6.433.5206-03-2014
Balaton & BingWild Ale6.543.7203-08-2018
Barrel Aged Voices UndergroundFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.2194.1508-16-2019
Beary BlastSour - Fruited Kettle Sour613.8407-03-2022
Beer Pretzel MoneyIPA - Imperial813.9607-27-2018
Bells & WhistlesFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.323.7501-21-2018
Best Laid PlansIPA - American7103.7909-26-2016
Best Of Both WorldsFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.544.2308-03-2018
Best TimesLager - Helles433.6804-15-2022
Beyond The PineIPA - American7.523.701-27-2017
Blackberry HarvestWild Ale4.5243.9505-17-2018
Bless this ZestIPA - New England714.2504-28-2019
Blind TygerWild Ale5.893.8708-23-2020
Bottleworks 22 AnniversaryStout - American Imperial13.524.3807-03-2022
Bottleworks 22 Year Anniversary (Port Barrel)Stout - American Imperial13.534.311-15-2021
Briar HeartWild Ale6.5144.1809-11-2021
Buffalo StanceIPA - Imperial823.504-10-2018
Burner PhoneIPA - American7.313.0803-08-2018
Citra DrankIPA - American6.933.6707-22-2018
Citra MistIPA - American6.220012-16-2017
Citron NoirFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.8253.8201-18-2020
Cloud FallIPA - American5.823.8806-16-2020
Clouds Of Pale GoldFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.3284.0211-06-2018
Common MisconceptionIPA - American7.213.6107-11-2019
ConjureWild Ale623.6712-04-2020
Cross-Cutting RelationshipsPilsner - German5.313.9303-19-2022
CrossroadsIPA - American6.533.8705-03-2019
Crown & KeyWild Ale844.2206-10-2020
Curse BreakerSour - Fruited Kettle Sour783.8602-12-2022
Dark HymnWild Ale7.544.2401-28-2021
Dark PerennialWild Ale6.544.1706-04-2018
Darker My LoveWild Ale7123.7910-07-2018
Death To CerealStout - Sweet / Milk6.641003.7511-16-2020
Delicious AmbiguityWild Ale5413.9406-20-2021
Delusions Of GrandeurIPA - American5.743.8403-05-2022
Dessert BarakaStout - American Imperial9.30006-26-2018
DownpourIPA - American6.314.1408-02-2018
Dragon's WrathSour - Fruited Kettle Sour7.563.9402-25-2022
DualityWild Ale824.0602-24-2018
Edge of OblivionSour - Fruited Kettle Sour613.9904-15-2022
Efflorescent HeartbeatFarmhouse Ale - Saison5133.8511-21-2019
El SeguettoStout - American5.414.205-15-2022
Extended FamilyIPA - American6.843.7612-20-2016
Fancy Sauce: DaleFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.2174.0912-12-2015
FenrirIPA - American71409-08-2019
Flooded HeartWild Ale6.723.7512-26-2017
Foeder JawnLager - American3.513.7203-20-2022
Fog MachineIPA - American7.213.7512-31-2017
Forbidden SorceryWild Ale753.6203-05-2022
Forever HomeIPA - American70006-26-2018
Forgotten RelicsIPA - New England6.813.9609-02-2021
Fruit ForwardIPA - New England712.3912-14-2018
Fruit SnacksIPA - American7.123.8201-29-2018
Fun at CampIPA - New England7.113.7504-28-2019
Funk DropPale Ale - Belgian5.513.5805-31-2018
Future SelfPale Ale - American5.913.7511-17-2017
Galactic CaravanIPA - American7.413.7511-02-2019
Galactic TideIPA - New England614.0201-17-2021
Galaxy DeathIPA - Imperial10.30011-15-2017
Game BreakerIPA - New England71406-04-2021
Gentleman CallerWild Ale6133.9705-13-2017
Gold SoundzBrown Ale - American6.90011-15-2017
Grade AStout - Sweet / Milk813.5902-28-2020
Grapefruit Citra DrankIPA - American7.523.707-27-2018
Guava DawnSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.2144.0408-18-2021
GuavasicleIPA - American853.8409-20-2018
Heart Of GoldIPA - American6.213.7502-06-2017
Heart Of StoneWild Ale5.5363.9506-28-2022
Heel TurnIPA - New England7.40004-27-2019
Heroic OriginsWild Ale5.713.9502-13-2022
Herr Kinski's Blackberry Thought FormsWild Ale593.9708-28-2017
Hex GrisetteFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.61406-16-2020
Hex Grisette With LemonFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.613.9201-25-2021
HexaploidFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.293.6811-12-2017
High NoonPale Ale - American4.713.6505-31-2018
Hoppy MagnoliaFarmhouse Ale - Saison7354.0206-18-2020
Huzzacca!Pale Ale - American5.523.7507-22-2018
Hygee SeasonPorter - Baltic713.501-15-2022
Illuminated MouthPale Ale - American5.80009-01-2015
Imagined HistoryFarmhouse Ale - Bière de Garde7.583.8711-10-2018
Indoor PhysiqueStout - American Imperial1414.4703-08-2021
Inherent ChillIPA - New England7.80006-16-2020
Island CrusherWild Ale6.283.9911-26-2020
Juice FountainIPA - American6.53406-16-2020
JuicenadoIPA - Imperial8.42409-20-2018
Karate ChurchPale Ale - American5.813.7502-24-2018
Keeper of the LightIPA - American6.51402-25-2022
Killer QueenWild Ale613.9705-06-2020
Kubrick Faked the Moon LandingIPA - American6.823.909-07-2019
Lady Of The NightWild Ale6.19764.0205-07-2019
Last TrainPorter - Imperial1143.6902-24-2018
Launch LoopIPA - Imperial8.214.2506-16-2020
Lawn DartsIPA - Imperial923.6204-13-2018
Lemon StrikeWild Ale6.514.5108-18-2019
Lifted & LoweredIPA - Imperial8.20004-27-2019
LimesicleIPA - American5.5323.8709-29-2017
Low Hangin' FruitIPA - Belgian6.973.8306-14-2014
Lunar CausticIPA - Imperial8.543.7504-30-2014
Mage FightIPA - Imperial8.583.906-29-2018
Magic SkeletonIPA - New England6.223.8509-07-2019
Magnolia Redux AzaccaFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.543.9705-15-2018
Magnolia Redux SimcoeFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.574.107-10-2018
MangiferaWild Ale4.593.7811-13-2017
MangosicleIPA - American6.824.2312-03-2017
MantraWild Ale884.0609-23-2021
Mass DriverIPA - New England7.813.505-10-2020
Mental GymnasticsIPA - New England7.113.0306-08-2019
Mild ChildMild Ale - English Dark5.31406-18-2014
Moon StoneWild Ale7.533.8903-05-2021
More With HoneyFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.912404-15-2017
Mosaic of SimplicityIPA - American7.623.6204-13-2018
Neck BeardBrown Ale - Belgian Dark5.433.5201-04-2018
Neutral ZoneIPA - American6.123.8509-20-2017
New DelusionIPA - American6.113.7502-06-2017
New QuestWild Ale524.203-09-2022
New Year's RevolutionIPA - Imperial833.8502-24-2018
Night CakeStout - Sweet / Milk923.9706-16-2020
NillasicleIPA - Imperial8.313.7508-27-2017
NTMWild Ale6.662412-28-2021
NW NectarFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.323.5602-17-2018
OatedIPA - American4.523.4509-12-2017
Oatmeal StoutStout - Oatmeal5.30001-03-2014
Objects They CarriedIPA - New England723.3804-03-2022
Of Both WorldsFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.453.9207-09-2019
Okay, GreatPale Ale - American613.8908-18-2021
OracleWild Ale7.513.7703-13-2019
Orchard ReflectionWild Ale6.764.0102-24-2018
Orchard Reflection 2Wild Ale5.723.909-20-2018
OriginatorIPA - Imperial8.243.9609-20-2018
Paradise LostIPA - American6.564.3501-24-2017
Particle BeamIPA - New England60005-19-2020
Party TricksIPA - New England7.514.2609-08-2019
PeacharilloWild Ale6.263.8207-24-2019
PerpetuationWild Ale5.994.2301-12-2021
Phantasm ExpressIPA - New England7.524.0205-18-2022
PillowWheat Beer - American Pale5.70007-30-2017
Pineapple MilkshakeIPA - New England5.5343.7807-03-2017
PollinatorIPA - Imperial813.7509-20-2018
Posi-VibesIPA - American73409-20-2018
PreservationWild Ale6.5114.1304-13-2022
Primitive ToolsIPA - American6.71412-01-2017
ProspectorBlonde Ale - American91402-24-2018
Pulp ControlIPA - American6.644.0206-12-2017
Puncheon Blend: Stone FruitWild Ale7.513.6407-14-2021
Repo ManPale Ale - American5.913.7511-27-2017
Riot JuiceIPA - Imperial813.6505-31-2018
RubyWild Ale5.853.9912-06-2017
Rustic RoadFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.563.7604-02-2020
RyuPorter - American6.413.6305-31-2018
Sacred ArrowSour - Fruited Kettle Sour874.0904-17-2021
Saison 1100Farmhouse Ale - Saison6.543.701-23-2022
Saison MagnoliaFarmhouse Ale - Saison783.5108-11-2018
Second to SunriseIPA - New England713.8603-15-2020
Shadow MemoriesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour613.6409-11-2021
Shark DankIPA - New England7.243.9208-17-2019
Singularity: Golden RaspberryWild Ale7.514.2506-13-2020
Small Island IPAIPA - American5.733.6707-24-2017
Smoke Beer ErrydayFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.523.6201-25-2014
Solar StormWild Ale733.8702-09-2021
Sour BogWild Ale5.5133.807-15-2019
Special RelativityIPA - New England6.514.0707-11-2020
Spelt It Dealt ItFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.623.8712-10-2014
Squad GoalsIPA - American62412-04-2017
Squeegee PartyIPA - American6.733.7507-22-2018
Star ChartsIPA - New England60007-15-2020
Star DeathIPA - Imperial10.264.2809-20-2018
Stegosaurus Sock HopPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.213.9906-15-2022
StratosphereIPA - American71410-10-2020
StrawbarbWild Ale984.1209-30-2021
Strawberry Rhubarb SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison643.8803-21-2018
StrawberrysicleIPA - New England7.32404-23-2022
Stygian BräuIPA - New England713.8410-23-2021
Style GuidelinesIPA - Imperial833.9210-11-2017
Summer on JupiterLager - Vienna514.3204-09-2022
Survival KitIPA - American713.7512-17-2017
Tessellate: 5Wild Ale6.614.506-21-2020
The Flowers Are SleepingFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.8143.7807-02-2017
The LadyWild Ale6.234.203-09-2019
The MadamWild Ale883.9304-25-2018
The StuffIPA - Imperial9.724.2510-13-2021
Through The Eyes Of BabesFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.89173.8307-04-2017
Time CrisisIPA - Imperial1023.8807-29-2018
Tropic HeartWild Ale7173.9903-05-2022
Uphill Both Ways PorterPorter - American524.0503-21-2022
Urban TropicIPA - American6103.7506-12-2017
Vernal BloomWild Ale6.534.1310-22-2020
Vernal BlossomWild Ale7.514.3511-08-2020
Violet TempestWild Ale743.8105-17-2020
Vitality IPAIPA - New England6.513.6707-20-2021
Voices UndergroundFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.9223.8107-25-2021
Void DwellerIPA - New England713.6807-27-2021
Wheat Pale AleWheat Beer - American Pale5.423.2104-19-2015
World TreeIPA - New England6.814.2409-08-2019
Yacht RocketSour - Fruited Kettle Sour613.1302-13-2021
Zeek & DestroyIPA - Imperial863.9102-25-2022
Zeek & Destroy (Fresh Hop)IPA - New England814.2310-22-2021
ZestedWild Ale62411-11-2017

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Urban Family Brewing Co. in Seattle, WA
Brewery rating: 3.88 out of 5 with 1132 ratings