Paddy's American Grille

Bar, Eatery

27 International Dr
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03801-6856
United States

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Photo of SevaTse
SevaTse from New Hampshire

1.68/5  rDev -45.6%
vibe: 1.5 | quality: 1.5 | service: 2.5 | selection: 1 | food: 2

Not sure why this is on here. I work at Pease, so oftentimes work birthdays/going away parties/etc take place there(not by my choice, as it is a few feet away from RedHook).

As it is located in an office section, it does appear that majority of the visitors are office parties/people meeting after work. Except for people around the bar or the pool junkies, many of the visitors don't seem to stay too long and get on their way after one or two drinks, thus giving the place all the ambiance of an airport terminal bar.

The food is passable, though it is nothing to rave about. As far as the drink selection is concerned, however, the place has a mug program, where one can have a personal mug. Now why would a place that sells mostly BMC would do that is beyond me, but nevertheless that's what goes on.

As i've mentioned earlier, the beer selection leaves you wishing for much more. My guess is the place's location and constant, probably guaranteed, traffic from office workers/pool enthusiasts provides enough business that they don't feel that appealing to a beer nut is important.

On a recent visit when I asked the employee to tell me what they have she listed the standard BMC stuff and figured that should do it, forgetting to mention their only claim to quasi-decency at the time(Redhook IPA).
The selection(BMC+Stella/Sam/ONE redhook beer) is not anymore extensive than say TGI Friday's or an Applebee's down the street. Go here if you must play pool or need to watch a game, but your beer needs can be met more adequately at RedHook next door or, to a much greater extent, Portsmouth Brewery downtown.
I will also attest to the business with big bottomed glasses and high foam mentioned in other reviews.

May 16, 2009
Photo of drocpsu
drocpsu from New Hampshire

2.98/5  rDev -3.6%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 3 | service: 2.5 | selection: 3 | food: 3.5

I visit Paddy's somewhat frequently to play pool with friends. As a restaurant/sports bar, I like it. They have a lot of tvs with games and news on, and they have a bunch of pool tables, which is great. I've ordered food a few times there and it seems like pretty standard faire. Overall, I'd say the food is average. What really gets me there is the beer. The tap selection is pretty average. Standard BMCs, as well as Sam Adams Lager and Seasonal, Guinness, Widmer Hefeweizen, and a few various others. They pretty much have 2 draft sizes. ~20oz and a 12oz. The 20oz beers seem to range from $6-$6.50, but yet they still charge $5-5.50 for the 12oz. This bothers me to no end. For one, the prices seem expensive. But the small difference between the prices almost forces you to always go for the larger size. On top of that, on numerous occasions, either my friends or I would get beers that came back with 1.5" of head on top, effectively cutting at least a couple more ounces off of what seemed like an already expensive beer. However, what bothers me the most about this place is their false advertising. They advertise 16oz Sam Adams drafts for $4.50 (as of this writing) for happy hour. It actually seemed like a decent price, until they brought me out the "16 oz" beer in a Sam Adams lager tulip glass. I know this glass perfectly holds a 12oz bottle with the right amount of head on it, because I use one at home all the time. When I asked about it, they basically just said that there's nothing they could do about it.

So overall, I still think the place is alright, but their attitude to their beer pricing/sizing has put me off somewhat.

Mar 20, 2009
Photo of lordofthewiens
lordofthewiens from New Mexico

3.5/5  rDev +13.3%
vibe: 4 | quality: 3.5 | service: 4 | selection: 3 | food: 3

Make no mistake about it, this place is first and foremost a sports bar. There's TVs all over the place, even in the booths. There's a huge TV at one end. Also, for the non-TV fan, there's eight pool tables. The decor is neat but nondescript. Four booths, lots of tables, a U-shaped bar that seats 15 to 20 people.
There wer 11 taps when I was there, mostly macros. Two SA taps, the lager and a seasonal. Longhammer IPA and Widmer Hefe. Fifteen bottles, all macros.
The food was OK, but I thought it was a bit pricey for the amount and quality. Service was quite good.
So, go to Paddy's on a Sunday for some football (they even have the NFL Network), but don't expect to be overwhelmed by the beer or by the food.

Nov 28, 2007
Photo of bewareOFpenguin
bewareOFpenguin from Massachusetts

4.05/5  rDev +31.1%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 4

A sports bar, located just past the Redhook Brewery, this is a great place to meet and watch sports. It use to be the officers club on the old base. It has at least 15 regulation pool tables and too many tv's to count. Even the booths have tv's. The beer selection is standard, the food very good. It has a side room for those not interested in the game. On sunday, EVERY game is on. This place is a definite stop for the sports junky.

Oct 17, 2002
Paddy's American Grille in Portsmouth, NH
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