Tree House Brewing Company

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Tree House Brewing CompanyTree House Brewing Company
28,213 Ratings
Tree House Brewing CompanyTree House Brewing Company

Type: Brewery, Beer-to-go

29 Sturbridge Rd
Charlton, Massachusetts, 01507
United States

(413) 523-2367 | map

We offer retail sales of our fresh, carefully crafted beer to go in refillable swing-top bottles. We have peanuts. They are salty and delicious and free.

Added by DigitalNate on 03-28-2012

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4th Anniversary Double ShotAmerican Double / Imperial Stout8.40894.6-
AftermathAmerican Double / Imperial Stout9.0044.32-
All That Is And All That Ever Will BeMilk / Sweet Stout6.501504.52-
Alter EgoAmerican IPA6.802,1104.56-
Awesome Autumn AleHerbed / Spiced Beer8.90263.86-
BbbrightttAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.80414.36-
BearAmerican Brown Ale6.402584.07-
Beginner's MindAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.2000-
Beneficiaries Of ChanceAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.30194.49-
Blend OneAmerican Double / Imperial Stout?124.66-
Blood Orange Eureka W/ CitraAmerican Blonde Ale4.1000-
BrightAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.809774.4-
Bright W/ CitraAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.804444.45-
Bright W/ NelsonAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.802864.37-
Bright W/ Simcoe & AmarilloAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.802114.27-
CadenceAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.40304.24-
CatharsisAmerican Porter7.40364.27-
CriteriumAmerican IPA7.00204.23-
Curiosity EightAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.20454.45-
Curiosity EighteenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00664.49-
Curiosity ElevenAmerican IPA7.80284.48-
Curiosity FifteenAmerican IPA7.10754.31-
Curiosity FiveAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.40354.56-
Curiosity FortyAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.20774.32-
Curiosity Forty FourAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.80304.53-
Curiosity Forty OneAmerican IPA6.70454.3-
Curiosity Forty ThreeAmerican IPA7.10424.28-
Curiosity Forty TwoAmerican IPA6.80444.31-
Curiosity FourAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.60174.3-
Curiosity FourteenAmerican IPA6.801394.51-
Curiosity NineAmerican IPA7.00314.48-
Curiosity NineteenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90214.49-
Curiosity OneAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.40174.13-
Curiosity SevenAmerican IPA7.00424.28-
Curiosity SeventeenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.30314.52-
Curiosity SixAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.40314.31-
Curiosity SixteenAmerican IPA6.20594.41-
Curiosity TenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.10354.6-
Curiosity ThirteenAmerican IPA6.60984.52-
Curiosity ThirtyAmerican IPA7.00784.31-
Curiosity Thirty EightAmerican IPA6.90704.41-
Curiosity Thirty FiveAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.80474.55-
Curiosity Thirty FourAmerican IPA6.70644.48-
Curiosity Thirty NineAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00824.32-
Curiosity Thirty OneAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.80794.46-
Curiosity Thirty SevenAmerican IPA6.60894.38-
Curiosity Thirty SixAmerican IPA6.70974.45-
Curiosity Thirty ThreeAmerican IPA7.00904.33-
Curiosity Thirty TwoAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.001054.59-
Curiosity ThreeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.40224.24-
Curiosity TwelveAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.30334.49-
Curiosity TwentyAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00634.49-
Curiosity Twenty EightAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.801104.53-
Curiosity Twenty FiveAmerican IPA7.001004.37-
Curiosity Twenty FourAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.40814.37-
Curiosity Twenty NineAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90744.38-
Curiosity Twenty OneAmerican IPA6.50974.34-
Curiosity Twenty SevenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.001404.62-
Curiosity Twenty SixAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.50994.26-
Curiosity Twenty ThreeAmerican IPA7.001284.45-
Curiosity Twenty TwoAmerican IPA7.001894.61-
Curiosity TwoAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.20194.21-
DavidAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00924.59-
Dirty Chocolate - EcuadorAmerican Stout7.80224.35-
Dirty WaterAmerican Blonde Ale3.90474.02-
DomestiqueAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00244.28-
DoppelgangerAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.001,4204.6-
Double ShotAmerican Stout7.609154.55-
Double Shot - VanillaAmerican Stout7.60124.73-
Double Shot - 3rd Anniversary BlendAmerican Stout8.201054.55-
Double Shot - AlmondAmerican Stout7.60144.29-
Double Shot - BlackberryAmerican Stout7.6064.34-
Double Shot - BlueberriesAmerican Stout7.6000-
Double Shot - Bourbon Vanilla BeanAmerican Stout7.80144.54-
Double Shot - Burundi BukeyeAmerican Stout7.60824.58-
Double Shot - Burundi Mpanga KiremaAmerican Stout8.70654.51-
Double Shot - Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsAmerican Stout7.60154.51-
Double Shot - Chopped BrowniesAmerican Stout7.6014.43-
Double Shot - Chopped OrangesAmerican Stout7.60134.41-
Double Shot - Christmas (2017)American Stout8.50414.61-
Double Shot - Cinnamon RollsAmerican Stout7.6084.63-
Double Shot - CoconutAmerican Stout7.6094.25-
Double Shot - Colombian El JordanAmerican Stout8.60324.64-
Double Shot - Columbia El NovadoAmerican Stout7.60704.51-
Double Shot - Columbia La PrimaveraAmerican Stout7.60234.54-
Double Shot - Costa Rica Montes De OroAmerican Stout8.70744.62-
Double Shot - Costa Rica Santa RosaAmerican Stout8.70634.55-
Double Shot - Dark Cherries And Cocoa NibsAmerican Stout7.60134.59-
Double Shot - Double Coffee And Maple SyrupAmerican Stout7.6024.83-
Double Shot - El Salvador PeaberryAmerican Stout7.60824.53-
Double Shot - Elias Benata SundriedAmerican Stout7.60264.44-
Double Shot - Ethiopia YirgacheffeAmerican Stout7.60124.51-
Double Shot - Finca El Injerto Bourbon CoffeeAmerican Stout7.6054.71-
Double Shot - Finca El Puente HondurasAmerican Stout7.60214.58-
Double Shot - Gracenote Kenya IratiAmerican Double / Imperial Stout7.60454.48-
Double Shot - Ground CardamomAmerican Stout7.6074.44-
Double Shot - Guatamala CandelariaAmerican Stout7.60114.48-
Double Shot - Guatamala Finca De DiosAmerican Stout7.60154.51-
Double Shot - Guatemala Bella VistaAmerican Stout8.50754.53-
Double Shot - Hair BenderAmerican Stout7.60164.62-
Double Shot - HazelnutsAmerican Stout7.6000-
Double Shot - Kenya KarimikuiAmerican Double / Imperial Stout9.10644.55-
Double Shot - Mixed BerriesAmerican Stout7.60114.55-
Double Shot - No Coffee (Base Beer Only)American Stout7.6000-
Double Shot - Sumatra MandhelingAmerican Stout7.803794.55-
Double Shot - Verve Panama Elida Estate NaturalAmerican Stout7.60384.62-
Double Shot W/ Cappuccino TiramisuAmerican Stout7.60104.7-
Double Shot W/ Chocolate And CherriesAmerican Stout7.6014.12-
Double Shot W/ Chocolate And OrangesAmerican Stout7.6000-
Double Shot W/ CoconutAmerican Stout7.60114.78-
Double Shot W/ Double CoffeeAmerican Stout7.60104.49-
Double Shot W/ Exotic Spice BlendAmerican Stout7.6000-
Double Shot W/ Hazelnut PralineAmerican Stout7.6000-
Double Shot W/ Madagascar Vanilla BeanAmerican Stout7.60114.6-
Double Shot W/ Mexican Vanilla BeanAmerican Stout7.6094.49-
Double Shot W/ Mixed BerriesAmerican Stout7.6044.15-
Double Shot W/ Pumpkin SpicesAmerican Stout7.6000-
Double Shot W/ Unsweetened Dutch Process Cocoa Powder, Hand MixedAmerican Stout7.6000-
Double Shot- Batch 500American Stout8.601204.6-
DoublegangerAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.204644.69-
DrivetrainOatmeal Stout7.30404.16-
East HillAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.20104.33-
Echelon FiveBelgian Pale Ale4.7044.11-
Echelon FourBelgian Pale Ale4.30143.87-
Echelon OneAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.20174.35-
Echelon SixAmerican Pale Wheat Ale4.3074.28-
Echelon ThreeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.60284.36-
Echelon TwoAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.40214.23-
Eureka W/ CitraAmerican Blonde Ale4.108614.28-
Eureka W/ EquinoxAmerican Blonde Ale4.10254.08-
Eureka W/ GalaxyAmerican Blonde Ale4.103244.22-
Eureka W/ MosaicAmerican Blonde Ale4.102924.21-
Eureka W/ NelsonAmerican Blonde Ale4.102514.19-
Fall LineAmerican Pale Lager5.00153.99-
ForerunnerAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.20404.42-
Give Me TruthAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.80654.51-
Give Me Truth - Vanilla BeanAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.50154.74-
Good MorningAmerican Double / Imperial Stout8.401,0334.78-
Good Morning - Bourbon (Madagascar) Vanilla BeansAmerican Double / Imperial Stout8.4084.69-
GreenAmerican IPA7.602,6304.59-
HarmonyAmerican IPA6.60954.33-
HazeAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.202,3364.58-
Hold On To SunshineMilk / Sweet Stout7.601614.59-
HustleAmerican Porter7.80914.15-
ImpermanenceAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.0014.5-
In PerpetuityAmerican IPA6.706774.58-
JJJulius W/ CitraAmerican IPA6.8094.5-
JJJuliusssAmerican IPA6.803614.68-
Juice MachineAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.206204.7-
Juice Machine (2014 EBF)American Double / Imperial IPA9.801174.43-
JuliusAmerican IPA6.803,9674.66-
Julius (cask Dry Hopped W/ Citra And Amarillo)American IPA6.80164.51-
Julius W/ CitraAmerican IPA6.8064.34-
Julius W/ Nelson & AmarilloAmerican IPA6.8000-
King JJJuliusssAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.403994.73-
King JuliusAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.307924.74-
Le PelotonAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.80354.43-
Lights OnAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.601,0544.36-
Lights OutAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.401684.45-
Little DittyAmerican Wild Ale5.60144.45-
Little Ditty 2Saison / Farmhouse Ale6.2054.55-
LucidSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.40834.2-
Lucid W/ PeachesSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.4000-
MaAmerican Amber / Red Ale7.303274.1-
Maillot JauneAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.00294.12-
Merry MintAmerican Stout7.2043.77-
MetacognitionSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.80223.83-
Moment Of ClarityMilk / Sweet Stout7.7064.85-
Native FiveSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.00254.41-
Native FourSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.00214.34-
Native OneAmerican Wild Ale6.30854.33-
Native ThreeAmerican Wild Ale6.50404.3-
Native TwoAmerican Wild Ale4.50594.24-
Old ManExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.402023.89-
PacerAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.80114.37-
PercolationAmerican Stout7.30294.33-
Present MomentAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.401404.24-
Pride & PurposeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.101274.26-
SapAmerican IPA7.001,2554.33-
Single ShotMilk / Sweet Stout6.403864.37-
Single Shot W/ Vanilla BeanMilk / Sweet Stout6.402124.46-
SnowtoberAmerican Porter6.60374.01-
Somewhere, Something Incredible is Waiting to Be KnownMilk / Sweet Stout7.90544.63-
Space & TimeAmerican Double / Imperial Stout8.80874.12-
SssapppAmerican IPA7.00614.43-
StriderAmerican IPA7.10174.3-
Super SapAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.901924.47-
TessaAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.10164.19-
That's What She SaidMilk / Sweet Stout5.606724.22-
That's What She Said W/ MintMilk / Sweet Stout5.6011-
That's What She Said W/ Vanilla BeanMilk / Sweet Stout5.6024.74-
TornadoAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.604104.2-
Trail MagicGerman Pilsener5.20964-
Trail Magic W/ NelsonGerman Pilsener5.2084.32-
TrailbreakerKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.40444.06-
TransitionAmerican Wild Ale6.50214.12-
TravelerSaison / Farmhouse Ale?00-
TraverseMärzen / Oktoberfest5.80273.97-
Triple ShotAmerican Double / Imperial Stout9.002694.6-
Triple Shot- Vanilla BeanAmerican Double / Imperial Stout?534.63-
TruthAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.30224.87-
VagabondAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90414.49-
Very GreenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.607804.68-
Very HazyAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.606874.72-
YAHHHRRRGGG!American Double / Imperial IPA8.201084.56-
Tree House Brewing Company in Charlton, MA
Brewery rating: 4.44 out of 5 with 28,213 ratings
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