Kirin Brewery Company, Limited


10-1, Shinkawa 2-chome, Chuo-ku
Tokyo-to Tokyo-shi, 104-8288

+81-3-5540-3411 | map
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
Akiaji - Autumn BrewMärzen6223.109-17-2021
BittersWild Ale913.6108-04-2019
Grand Kirin Amber AleAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.523.9901-21-2017
Grand Kirin BittersweetAmerican Amber / Red Lager5.523.4508-29-2015
Grand Kirin BrownyEuropean Dark Lager6.51307-31-2014
Grand Kirin Cloud SaisonSaison513.7906-08-2017
Grand Kirin Dip Hop IPLIndia Pale Lager (IPL)7.563.6405-14-2017
Grand Kirin Dip Hop Weizen BockWeizenbock522.8801-22-2017
Grand Kirin Galaxy Hop 2016 Session IPAAmerican IPA4.5103.3711-11-2018
Grand Kirin IPAEnglish IPA5.5143.603-06-2021
Grand Kirin IPLIndia Pale Lager (IPL)633.4902-21-2020
Grand Kirin Izayoi No Tsuki 2016 Calypso IPAAmerican IPA5.514.5205-14-2017
Grand Kirin JPLJapanese Rice Lager663.502-20-2020
Grand Kirin Mild RichAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.50009-24-2014
Grand Kirin Rich Malt & Dip HopEuropean Pale Lager653.0303-24-2016
Grand Kirin The AromaEuropean Pale Lager5.583.208-01-2015
Grand Kirin White AleWitbier5.563.3107-13-2020
Hon KirinHapposhu633.0308-08-2023
Honkaku Karakuchi MugiHapposhu543.1909-06-2015
Hop FruityAmerican Pale Ale5.522.6410-29-2014
IchiLow-Alcohol Beer00003-28-2023
Ivon Legacy BeerJapanese Rice Lager513.1303-25-2019
Kirin Bar BeerJapanese Rice Lager4.5112.3210-23-2020
Kirin Brau MeisterJapanese Rice Lager5.593.412-09-2019
Kirin Classic LagerJapanese Rice Lager4.5662.8708-01-2020
Kirin DeluxeAmerican Adjunct Lager633.0406-23-2014
Kirin EnjukuHapposhu6103.0503-04-2015
Kirin Enjuku KuroHapposhu653.1404-01-2009
Kirin FreeLow-Alcohol Beer052.9705-08-2016
Kirin Fuyu KirinHapposhu512.512-13-2014
Kirin Fuyu NodogoshiAmerican Amber / Red Ale623.1301-07-2017
Kirin Golden HopBohemian / Czech Pilsner563.6608-04-2014
Kirin HeartlandEuropean Pale Lager5.5323.1809-01-2023
Kirin IchibanAmerican Lager52,1362.7402-24-2024
Kirin Ichiban MaribanaJapanese Rice Lager5.593.4409-28-2016
Kirin Ichiban ShiboriBohemian / Czech Pilsner553.3812-25-2019
Kirin Ichiban Shibori (Fukuoka Zukkuri)American Lager522.8505-14-2017
Kirin Ichiban Shibori (Hokkaido Zukuri)Japanese Rice Lager5.513.5507-03-2016
Kirin Ichiban Shibori (Kobe Zukkuri)Japanese Rice Lager5.512.1407-10-2016
Kirin Ichiban Shibori (Nagoya Zukkuri)American Lager5.522.9304-13-2019
Kirin Ichiban Shibori (Okayama Zukkuri)Japanese Rice Lager512.3907-17-2016
Kirin Ichiban Shibori (Sendai Zukuri)Japanese Rice Lager512.5307-03-2016
Kirin Ichiban Shibori (Shiga Zukkuri)American Lager5.512.2507-16-2016
Kirin Ichiban Shibori (Yokohama Zukkuri)American Lager613.2407-10-2016
Kirin Ichiban Shibori KiyosumiAmerican Lager51312-31-2019
Kirin Ichiban Shibori Kuro NamaEuropean Dark Lager523.9909-14-2019
Kirin Ichiban Shibori Muroka (Unfiltered)American Lager5.593.5211-07-2015
Kirin Ichiban Shibori PremiumAmerican Lager5.5143.0601-09-2021
Kirin Ichiban Shibori StoutAmerican Stout5403.410-17-2017
Kirin Koi Aji DeluxeHapposhu612.510-28-2014
Kirin LagerJapanese Rice Lager4.93132.3709-05-2023
Kirin Light BeerLight Lager3.22292.302-08-2024
Kirin MegumiBohemian / Czech Pilsner523.0409-18-2023
Kirin Mugi No GochisouHapposhu512.9111-27-2012
Kirin NodogoshiHapposhu582.7603-21-2015
Kirin Nodogoshi Aozora KomugiHapposhu513.0605-22-2015
Kirin Nodogoshi NamaHapposhu572.7508-10-2023
Kirin Nodogoshi StrongHapposhu71312-27-2021
Kirin Premium Draft BeerJapanese Rice Lager0103.0707-10-2016
Kirin ShirokirinHapposhu5.563.0401-09-2020
Kirin SmoothHapposhu413.3309-29-2008
Kirin Strong 7%Malt Liquor773.1208-04-2018
Kirin SumikiriHapposhu533.3603-29-2015
Kirin TanreiHapposhu5.5822.7102-08-2023
Kirin Tanrei Green LabelHapposhu4.5262.3809-28-2023
Kirin Tanrei Platinum DoubleHapposhu5.542.2807-04-2023
Kirin Tanrei W DoubleHapposhu5.532.4505-06-2015
Kirin The GoldBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.533.3709-28-2008
Kirin Toretate HopAmerican Lager5.5162.9805-14-2017
Nippon PremiumEuropean Pale Lager5.523.1410-02-2008
Nippon Shiro Nigori Belgian White Beer StyleWitbier543.6211-11-2018
Spring Valley 496India Pale Lager (IPL)6.563.8412-15-2023
Spring Valley AfterdarkAmerican Porter6.113.7510-18-2016
Spring Valley CopelandBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.513.7510-18-2016
Spring Valley DaydreamHerb and Spice Beer4.913.7510-18-2016
Spring Valley Japan AleAmerican Pale Ale613.2510-30-2023
Spring Valley JazzberryFruit and Field Beer4.843.7308-03-2023
Spring Valley On The CloudEnglish Pale Ale5.713.7510-18-2016
Spring Valley Shibuya First CrossingAmerican Amber / Red Ale513.7510-20-2020
Spring Valley Silk AleAmerican Blonde Ale5.523.404-05-2023
Spring Valley Summer Craft AleAmerican Pale Ale4.522.9608-21-2023
Strong PineappleFruit and Field Beer914.0308-05-2019
The Premium Fresh HopAmerican Lager51412-13-2008
The Premium Muroka Beer ChocolatSweet / Milk Stout543.7203-01-2015
Wheat Spring AleAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.512.5403-31-2016

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Kirin Brewery Company, Limited in Tokyo-to Tokyo-shi, Japan
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