Hoof Hearted Brewing

Hoof Hearted BrewingHoof Hearted Brewing
Hoof Hearted BrewingHoof Hearted Brewing
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

300 County Road 26
Marengo, Ohio, 43334-9678
United States

(419) 253-0000 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
$120 NachosImperial IPA12454.209-23-2023
$60 NachosImperial IPA81234.1207-04-2023
1-800-DoubleDouble-XtraXtra-FrootieFrootie-BiggieBiggie-JuicyJuicyImperial IPA10324.3309-08-2023
Alex RoseBrut IPA1033.6206-09-2019
All My Friends Are DeadAmerican Imperial Stout13.5224.2312-26-2022
Anchors Down Full Steam AheadAmerican Adjunct Lager522.9412-21-2019
And That's When I Knew...New England IPA10.784.2212-27-2022
Are We Having Fun Yet?American Pale Ale61424.0510-20-2022
Are We Having Fun Yet? (DDH Belma, Citra & Mosaic)New England IPA6194.1903-30-2020
Are We Having Fun Yet? (Topaz And Mosaic)New England IPA634.1707-20-2017
Bad As CanNew England IPA6.914.0404-20-2023
Barrel Aged Miracle ToastAmerican Imperial Stout11.5244.2312-29-2021
BBA Fitness FreakAmerican Imperial Stout14554.4105-12-2021
BelloqAmerican Stout7.51003.9504-23-2023
Bjorn DorkAmerican Imperial Stout13.384.1206-03-2022
Blo ProGerman Pilsner513.1202-22-2020
Bone ZoneImperial IPA8.3104.2107-06-2022
Boot Cut Shorts (Bourbon Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout1334.108-01-2021
Boot QuenchAmerican Imperial Stout1424.4502-18-2023
Brandon's Minnesota GirlfriendAmerican Pale Ale5.513.6912-15-2021
Bulgin' MuskBelgian IPA7.2513.9804-19-2023
C+New England IPA8114.0108-24-2020
Chipotle Permafrost PorterAmerican Porter0124.0709-08-2015
Club ParadiseWild Ale8133.8408-05-2021
Club Paradise - Peach, Mango, and Rainbow MochiFruited Kettle Sour813.8710-06-2022
Club Paradise - Pineapple, Orange, Coconut, Nutmeg, & VanillaFruited Kettle Sour813.7905-01-2022
Coffee Infused Musk Of The Minotaur IPAAmerican IPA7.2124.1512-06-2015
Coffee Mom JeansAmerican Stout8114.202-27-2018
Combat SpandexImperial IPA11.493.8601-28-2023
Cowboy Konkey DongNew England IPA8344.0712-21-2021
Crossing SwordsSaison523.6209-01-2021
Cultrider Imperial Black IPA With Costa Rican CoffeeBlack IPA11.524.8102-24-2016
Did We Just Become Best Buddy BuddyNew England IPA10114.0911-15-2021
Did We Just Become Best Friends?Imperial IPA81064.2805-24-2023
Did We Just Become Best Friends? (Amarillo & Simcoe)New England IPA8344.1206-06-2020
Did We Just Become Best Friends? (Centennial + Mosaic)New England IPA8124.2311-13-2019
Did We Just Become Best Friends? (Citra & Motueka)New England IPA8284.3908-17-2019
Did We Just Become Best Friends? (Galaxy & Mosaic)New England IPA834.1711-30-2019
Did We Just Become Best Friends? - El Dorado & EkuanotNew England IPA833.8508-03-2018
Did We Just Become Best Fwendz?American IPA813.8101-02-2023
Did We Just Become Best Fwendz? (Nectaron and Nelson Sauvin)Imperial IPA824.2903-10-2023
Did We Just Become Best Fwendz? - Citra And MosaicImperial IPA814.2512-10-2017
Did We Just Become Best Fwendz? - Citra and MotuekaImperial IPA814.4503-08-2023
Did We Just Become Best Fwendz? - Citra, Sabro & NZ214Imperial IPA814.4205-29-2023
Did We Just Become Best Fwendz? - Galaxy and EnigmaNew England IPA824.1602-17-2021
Did We Just Become Best Fwendz?( El Dorado & Riwaka)New England IPA824.2609-17-2023
Did We Just Become Friends? (Amarillo + Mosaic with Pineapple)Imperial IPA823.7404-11-2023
Ding King-A-LingAmerican Imperial Stout13.534.1606-18-2023
Discount NachosNew England IPA7.3234.1304-29-2023
Do You Remember Your Last Good Hair Day?Berliner Weisse5.563.6106-18-2023
Do You Think They Have A Merch TableAmerican IPA7.564.1710-05-2017
Dodging Invisible RaysSaison6.573.7608-11-2017
Don't Microwave It, Don't Boil It (Blood Orange)New England IPA674.0609-15-2021
Don't Microwave It, Don't Boil It (Boysenberry)New England IPA693.8505-15-2019
Don’t Worry, My Mom Said It’s CoolAmerican Imperial Stout1263.8504-25-2022
Dorks Of HazardNew England IPA7934.1601-07-2022
Double Frooted Cowboy Konkey w/ Peach Purée & MarshmallowAmerican IPA834.302-01-2021
Double Frooted Cowboy w/ Passion Fruit Puree & MashmallowAmerican Pale Ale5.514.9611-08-2019
Double Frooted FwendzNew England IPA7.114.3908-30-2020
Double Frooted Quit Yer Fussin on MeImperial IPA924.1209-09-2021
DragonsaddleNew England IPA11.53834.4811-19-2022
Dragonsaddle - Double Frooted w/ Pineapple and MarshmallowNew England IPA11.534.6402-01-2021
Dragonsaddle - NectaronNew England IPA11.524.2610-26-2022
Drop the FriesImperial IPA9213.9708-21-2021
Drownin' In The DrzmzCream Ale413.7512-29-2016
Dude, Dude, Dude, Wanna Trade?Imperial IPA8.494.0111-11-2017
Dukes of RipstickAmerican Pale Ale613.7912-15-2021
Even More Tennis ElbowAmerican Imperial Stout13374.1908-02-2021
Even More Tennis Elbow- Bourbon Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout1314.2503-02-2021
Everybody Wants SomeImperial IPA82044.1706-25-2021
Everybody Wants Some *Amarillo*New England IPA8143.8912-31-2019
Everybody Wants Some *Australian Ella*Imperial IPA864.1812-15-2018
Everybody Wants Some *Azacca*Imperial IPA8223.8605-13-2022
Everybody Wants Some *Citra*Imperial IPA81404.3601-04-2023
Everybody Wants Some *El Dorado*Imperial IPA8254.1502-04-2021
Everybody Wants Some *Galaxy*Imperial IPA8474.3406-29-2020
Everybody Wants Some *Mosaic*Imperial IPA8874.2307-12-2021
Everybody Wants Some *Motueka*Imperial IPA884.1302-27-2018
Everybody Wants Some *Nelson Sauvin*Imperial IPA8294.2803-24-2021
Everybody Wants Some *Simcoe*Imperial IPA8534.2412-03-2019
Everybody Wants Some *Strata*New England IPA80004-15-2021
Everybody Wants Some *Triple Dry Hopped Citra*Imperial IPA9.254.3911-18-2022
Everybody Wants Some *Triple Dry Hopped Nelson Sauvin*Imperial IPA9.264.3502-06-2022
Everybody Wants Some *Triple Dry Hopped Sabro*New England IPA9.224.2502-07-2020
Everybody Wants Some *Triple Dry Hopped Strata*New England IPA9.244.4604-09-2021
Everybody Wants Some *Triple Dry-Hopped Enigma*Imperial IPA9.224.2107-15-2022
Everybody Wants Some *Triple Dry-Hopped Nectaron*Imperial IPA9.214.2505-22-2022
Everybody Wants Some *Vic Secret*Imperial IPA8684.2202-21-2020
Everybody Wants Some 3XImperial IPA9.264.2510-04-2020
Everybody wants some TDH Vic secretNew England IPA9.244.3612-12-2021
Everybody Wants Some Triple Dry Hopped El DoradoImperial IPA9.234.2303-10-2021
Faberge'ge'American Pale Ale4.573.8712-21-2015
Fine Corinthian Leather NachosNew England IPA8.3134.2706-25-2023
Fitness FreakAmerican Imperial Stout14884.1707-07-2023
Florida RoomGerman Pilsner5213.5107-18-2023
Fruit Saxx (Mango & Passionfruit)Fruited Kettle Sour6134.1612-06-2015
Future Boss: Meet No MoneyGerman Pilsner014.0809-16-2019
Gas Station GothsAmerican Imperial Stout1423.6608-05-2022
Girth Brooks - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout15194.4405-29-2021
Group SaxxGose674.1606-06-2016
Guess Who’s Back in CirculationWild Ale833.8410-23-2020
Heartbreaking MotordriveEuropean Pale Lager553.6307-11-2023
Helmet NachosNew England IPA8123.9607-30-2023
He’s Like the WindWild Ale533.6910-31-2021
Hot ProbsAmerican Pale Ale5.6394.0306-17-2023
I Feel Bad For MeAmerican Pale Ale543.9407-31-2022
I Must Look Like A DorkImperial IPA8.6684.306-06-2023
I Only Smoke After SexSmoked Beer9.883.9603-31-2017
I'll Have What She's HavingImperial IPA8.5854.2703-23-2022
I've Never Seen It Done That Way BeforeAmerican Lager834.0904-17-2019
If You Can't Be Good, Be BaldNew England IPA8.584.2107-23-2022
Images of DistinctionNew England IPA933.4811-19-2022
Inflatable Time MachineAmerican IPA5183.7805-24-2016
ISO Chuck BiscuitsGose4.543.9704-26-2017
ISO Chuck Biscuits FT: CitraGose4.563.7504-05-2018
ISO: Chuck Biscuits FT: Mosaic Hops and Lulo FruitFruited Kettle Sour4.534.0208-29-2020
ISO: Chuck Biscuits Ft: Nelson SauvinGose4.513.807-02-2023
ISO: Chuck Biscuits FT: SimcoeGose4.573.5508-11-2017
It's 5 O'clock SomehowNew England IPA7.974.1809-23-2023
It's Not My First Rodeo, It's My SecondImperial IPA10234.0103-03-2023
I’m Done But I’m Not DoneAmerican Pale Ale523.7102-26-2023
JacuzzerooskiImperial IPA8573.9610-03-2019
Joe Lies Here When He CriesImperial IPA8.20002-05-2017
Jun HordeAmerican Imperial Stout8.533.9212-05-2014
Key BumpNew England IPA10.51444.4105-03-2023
Key Bump Pure SnowNew England IPA10.5104.0403-18-2023
Key Bump XXXtra PowderImperial IPA10.5324.2112-10-2022
Kill Wai-itiBelgian IPA7.253.7807-01-2016
Kokomo DriftImperial IPA8.5344.3905-02-2021
Konkey DongNew England IPA83604.3608-14-2023
Konkey Dong 4UPImperial IPA9.5704.2606-19-2023
Konkey Dong 4UP Evolution - Aquatic Ape TheoryImperial IPA9.514.0301-22-2023
Kooky DougNew England IPA7.81405-28-2023
Les Slø Tour-BeauxFruited Kettle Sour524.4407-18-2023
LOL'D Bong HairBerliner Weisse4.513.501-06-2018
Marshmallow Mom JeansAmerican Imperial Stout934.1804-20-2023
Maxi JoJo Corvette CandiSaison514.0302-06-2023
Maxxx ProfitzFruited Kettle Sour6203.911-26-2021
Maxxx Profitz (Strawberry, Pink Guava, Lemon, Tahitian Vanilla & Lactose)Fruited Kettle Sour60006-04-2021
Midwest NiceAmerican Lager5.514.1608-02-2022
Miracle ToastAmerican Imperial Stout141153.9907-18-2023
Miracle Toast Aged In Bourbon / Maple Syrup BarrelsAmerican Imperial Stout1224.3211-20-2021
Mom JeansSweet / Milk Stout81154.1108-12-2023
Momma Needs Her Fruit PunchAmerican IPA7204.1201-12-2022
Mondo Dizmo - Bourbon Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout1324.1212-04-2021
Most People Can't Handle High BassImperial IPA10134.1207-20-2020
Motion Lao-tionAmerican Imperial Stout11.5114.2107-11-2022
Musk Of The Minotaur IPANew England IPA7.23104.208-11-2023
Not AüsomeMärzen5.513.6701-27-2021
Oh Hair Yeah!American IPA7.514.0909-15-2019
One More AgainBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.5123.8709-18-2023
One More Again Dark LagerEuropean Dark Lager4.534.1405-20-2023
Paint Me Like One of Your French Bread PizzasNew England IPA1054.1504-12-2023
Papa Dodo'sBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.243.503-10-2023
Peppercorn Dork ClubNew England IPA10104.1308-11-2023
Permanent Marker Pen DisguisesNew England IPA7924.0509-17-2023
Plutonium NyborgBlack IPA8273.9612-10-2017
Pump & RunNew England IPA6.633.6908-18-2023
Put Your Ear Up to a Taco Shell, What Do You Hear?Imperial IPA1114.0308-29-2023
Quit Yer Fussin' On MeWild Ale9163.9609-12-2023
Reptilian Beauty SecretsGerman Pilsner563.8311-18-2022
Roads? Where We're Going We Don't Need RoadsNew England IPA9324.2706-04-2023
Roller Blabe 3DHImperial IPA8134.3409-03-2022
Roller Blabe DIPANew England IPA83824.3708-04-2023
Rosé GoséGose4.2853.8507-30-2023
RybörgRye Beer5.953.6311-08-2014
Saizzurp Double FrootedSaison024.2812-01-2018
Saizzurp Peach & ApricotSaison6.524.0304-06-2020
Saizzurp Pineapple & PassionfruitSaison6.373.9808-22-2020
Saizzurp w/ Raspberry, Yumberry, Acai, Dragonfruit, and LemonSaison914.0209-24-2019
Saizzurp With Pink GuavaSaison6.5143.9410-14-2019
Skin FrootWild Ale4.5613.9812-21-2021
Skin Froot w/ Blueberry and Key LimeWild Ale4.533.811-21-2019
Skin Froot W/ Pink Guava And MangoFruited Kettle Sour4.5134.1609-24-2018
Skittley Bittley BopSaison8353.4909-07-2022
Slo TurboImperial IPA8.5894.1209-17-2023
South Of ElevenImperial IPA10.23004.3207-18-2023
South Of Eleven 666New England IPA10.2224.2509-01-2022
Spazzin' Out In The BasementIndia Pale Lager (IPL)7.2253.9207-09-2022
Special OccasionImperial IPA9.5154.1904-26-2023
Stackin’ PaperImperial IPA10.5384.2403-14-2022
Steel ReverseAmerican Lager5.533.5107-18-2023
Steel Toe Aqua SocksNew England IPA7.5123.9205-28-2023
Tailpipin Dual ExhaustImperial IPA9.724.2511-16-2022
Tailpipin'American IPA6.5363.9402-14-2022
Tailpipin' - Dual ExhaustImperial IPA9.7104.0607-30-2023
TanningJapanese Rice Lager533.8501-19-2023
Thanks For Letting Us Play TonightAmerican Pale Ale5.5904.1706-08-2023
That's Going for a RideGerman Pilsner3.343.603-15-2021
That's What Happens When You Put Ketchup On A Hot DogGose7113.9109-03-2023
The Big RevealAmerican Pale Ale5.4114.0807-13-2020
The Hound of MusicAmerican IPA7.213.8304-25-2022
The World's Baldest Conga LineAmerican Imperial Stout13.5123.9710-23-2021
Then it’s not an Italian!German Pilsner5.743.7311-19-2020
ThudstaffForeign / Export Stout8.3263.9412-12-2020
Tickling The IvoriesNew England IPA7.21284.1212-22-2022
Time To Towel Off Sour IPAWild Ale663.5201-06-2018
Triple Tepache Cowboy Konkey DongImperial IPA8104.1110-30-2020
Tub LifeSaison5593.8512-15-2018
UnglaublichImperial IPA8114.1502-28-2017
VoltanRussian Imperial Stout9.5713.9911-26-2019
WängbärImperial IPA8.31794.209-02-2022
Well…… Since I Came In Late, I Might As Well Leave EarlyAmerican Lager523.9704-23-2022
Wet Musk Of The MinotaurAmerican Pale Ale7.2214.1509-17-2023
Wet My Hair For The BattleNew England IPA824.0407-10-2023
Wet When SlipperyImperial IPA81014.211-08-2021
Wet When Slippery (Peach, Mango, And Marshmallow)New England IPA933.7712-31-2019
Wet When Slippery - Coconut & PineappleNew England IPA944.0812-08-2021
Wet When Slippery Blueberry MangoImperial IPA954.0805-10-2018
Wet When Slippery PineappleImperial IPA954.2805-19-2021
Wet When Slippery TangerineImperial IPA924.0607-30-2023
What the Hell Is Even ThatAmerican IPA8.583.9611-04-2021
Whatever You Do, Don't Stop PlayingImperial IPA1044.1504-30-2023
Who Brought the Dipshit?American Pale Ale5.854.0803-11-2018
Who'd Like to Hold My ClipboardNew England IPA8824.1809-20-2022
Who'd Like to Hold My Clipboard - Double PineappleAmerican IPA024.3110-12-2018
Who'd Like to Hold My Clipboard - Papaya, Tahitian Vanilla, & LactoseMilkshake IPA914.2511-08-2019
Who'd Like To Hold My Clipboard - PeachImperial IPA8254.2906-02-2021
Who'd Like to Hold My Clipboard - PineappleMilkshake IPA8314.4112-03-2022
Who'd Like to Hold My Clipboard - StrawberryNew England IPA944.1810-03-2019
Who'd Like To Hold My Clipboard? - Apricot, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, PImperial IPA933.8205-26-2018
Who'd Like To Hold My Clipboard? - Mango, Peach, Vanilla & Milk SugarImperial IPA914.107-13-2022
Who'd Like To Hold My Clipboard? Pineapple Purée and MarshmallowImperial IPA924.4307-02-2020
Yann BandañaAmerican IPA7.5364.1503-30-2020
Yes Or MaybeKölsch613.7501-06-2018
You Ever Put A Helmet On A Basketball?American Imperial Stout137407-18-2023
You Ever Put A Helmet On A Basketball? - Bourbon Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.401-08-2023
Zipper RipperNew England IPA8.5914.3206-14-2022
Zipper Ripper Honey ComboverImperial IPA10114.1212-04-2022

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Hoof Hearted Brewing in Marengo, OH
Brewery rating: 4.06 out of 5 with 6684 ratings