Prairie Artisan Ales

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Prairie Artisan AlesPrairie Artisan Ales
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Prairie Artisan AlesPrairie Artisan Ales

Type: Brewery

223 N Main St
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74103
United States

(918) 740-9293 | map

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#Not My Beer! Now With Even More CoconutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.45-
5th Anniversary AleAmerican Wild Ale7.0000-
A Beer Has No NameAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.53-
A Fresh PairAmerican IPA4.0014.08-
A Stout Has No Name - Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Vanilla, Coconut, & Cocoa NiAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.21-
A Stout Has No Name - Rum Barrel-Aged With Vanilla, Coconut & Cocoa NibsAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.49-
A/S/LAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.2034.01-
Amarillo CascadeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.0014.2-
AmericanaSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.002024.09-
Apple Brandy BOMB!American Double / Imperial Stout?00-
Azacca Like Your FaceSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.0043.81-
Barrel Aged Bomb!American Double / Imperial Stout11.201,1734.49-
Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb!American Double / Imperial Stout13.00854.57-
Barrel Aged Shelf BeefAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.97-
BiericaAmerican Wild Ale?294.09-
Big Dawg PastryAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0054.63-
BirraSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.409173.77-
Birthday Bomb!American Double / Imperial Stout13.001,1634.37-
Blueberry BoyfriendAmerican Wild Ale5.4034.21-
Bomb!American Double / Imperial Stout13.006,2524.5-
Booty CallAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.56-
BooyeahAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.00244.57-
Boozy PandjeeAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0064.26-
Bourbon ParadiseAmerican Double / Imperial Stout15.904004.61-
Brett C. AleSaison / Farmhouse Ale8.104394.1-
Broken NeonAmerican IPA6.5023.58-
Buford T. JusticeAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.99-
Camp DBTAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.75-
Campground StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.78-
Canadian Gravy, Eh!American Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.58-
Careful Man, There's A Beverage HereAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.59-
Cherry BOMB!American Double / Imperial Stout13.0034.32-
Cherry TrogdorAmerican Wild Ale4.00104.29-
Christmas Bomb!American Double / Imperial Stout13.001,7614.12-
Chuggy Da’ WhaleAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.15-
Cinnamon Pecan Bomb!American Double / Imperial Stout13.00114.46-
Cocanela PretaAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0000-
Coconilla The Blackbeard KillaAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.43-
CocorumnillaAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0000-
Coffee OkieAmerican Brown Ale13.004404.27-
Color BlockAmerican IPA8.0084.17-
Cool RummingsAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.44-
CPB (Prairie Dawgz)American Double / Imperial Stout14.0044.6-
Cry Baby PilsCzech Pilsener4.0023.95-
Cryo CurrencyAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0033.74-
Cuvee de Frere BaleineAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.82-
Dark StarSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.0014.11-
DarshmellowAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0044.6-
Dawgy StyleAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0044.4-
Deconstructed Bomb! ChiliAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.801004.04-
Deconstructed Bomb! Chocolate/Cocoa NibsAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.00964.04-
Deconstructed Bomb! CoffeeAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.801224.23-
Deconstructed Bomb! VanillaAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.801164.16-
Deli Cat EssenAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.0044.21-
Donkey PunchAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0054.79-
Double Barrel NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.00134.52-
Dynamite de NeapolitanAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.56-
ERA Hoppy Farmhouse AleSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.00123.74-
Farm to TableSaison / Farmhouse Ale?13.75-
FBG BootyAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.37-
Felix The FalconerAmerican Pale Ale (APA)3.6013.85-
FibadiseAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.27-
French Toast BrunchAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0054.49-
Funky Gold CitraAmerican Wild Ale7.501164.24-
Funky Gold MosaicAmerican Wild Ale6.509644.18-
Funky Gold SimcoeAmerican Wild Ale7.502264.1-
GBBSAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.52-
Ghost DadAmerican Wild Ale4.0013.85-
Hair of The DawgAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0054.51-
Heaven’s MVPAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.38-
Holiday PartyAmerican Black Ale6.9024.15-
House AleAmerican Brown Ale4.0013.47-
Hulk HandsGose5.40144.19-
Imaginary FriendsAmerican IPA7.001434.07-
JMFC BOMAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.49-
JMFParadeeAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0044.43-
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Morning LeiAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.43-
KVMVPAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0013.98-
LA FogAmerican IPA7.2034.18-
Lightspeed ChampionSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.0024.15-
Little NapAmerican Wild Ale5.0013.78-
Loud MusicAmerican Double / Imperial Stout16.0013.6-
Ma-NillaAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0054.56-
MacaroonAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.0033.81-
Mango Color BlockAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.0033.91-
Mango WeissBerliner Weissbier4.0034.3-
Mayor’s IsleAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.64-
Mexican Coffee CakeAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.39-
Mexican PancakesAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.55-
Mocha MorningAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.41-
Mopped TearsAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.52-
Mounds Don'tAmerican Porter4.0013.68-
No S’more RulesAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.29-
Norman BAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0000-
Norman RAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0000-
North by North WestAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.0014.22-
Now NowAmerican IPA8.4034.14-
OH To OKAmerican IPA6.7054.08-
ParadiseAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.007024.26-
Pecans In ParadiseAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.00124.61-
PhantasmagoriaAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.006184.08-
Pink Guava FunkAmerican Wild Ale5.4054.05-
Pirate Bomb!American Double / Imperial Stout15.002,2584.52-
Pirate NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.006664.2-
Pirate ParadiseAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.002014.62-
Porch PunchAmerican Wild Ale6.0014.3-
Prairie 'MericaSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.508314.09-
Prairie AceSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.50973.94-
Prairie AleSaison / Farmhouse Ale8.209994.07-
Prairie Apple Brandy NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.001,5914.48-
Prairie Apricot FunkAmerican Wild Ale6.301144.01-
Prairie Artisan Ales / Evil Twin - Bible BeltAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.001,9874.32-
Prairie Cherry FunkAmerican Wild Ale7.506783.83-
Prairie Coffee NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.505564.16-
Prairie Eliza5bethSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.505694.06-
Prairie EraSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.00223.86-
Prairie FlareGose5.403043.95-
Prairie Funky GalaxySaison / Farmhouse Ale8.004973.75-
Prairie GoldAmerican Wild Ale6.505074.06-
Prairie HopSaison / Farmhouse Ale8.001,1634.17-
Prairie No ChillMilk / Sweet Stout5.101353.68-
Prairie NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.009154.18-
Prairie OkieAmerican Brown Ale12.005494.11-
Prairie PalsMunich Helles Lager6.0000-
Prairie Pe-KanAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.503284.08-
Prairie Pirate OkieAmerican Brown Ale11.20324.11-
Prairie Prairie WeisseBerliner Weissbier3.9013.72-
Prairie PuncheonSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.005353.96-
Prairie SomewhereSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.006494.02-
Prairie StandardSaison / Farmhouse Ale5.201,4234-
Prairie The Beer That Saved ChristmasOld Ale10.003753.69-
Prairie Tulsa #rocktheBOKSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.0013.5-
Prairie Tulsa Rugby AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.403203.92-
Prairie Vape TricksAmerican Wild Ale5.001233.75-
Prairie WeisseBerliner Weissbier4.502044.02-
Prairie Wine Barrel NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.006853.96-
Prairie-Vous FrancaisSaison / Farmhouse Ale3.902213.97-
Prison Rodeo Hoppy Coffee AleAmerican IPA9.50954.01-
PVC Pipe DreamsAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.53-
Quad Squad Presents: Thrilla In VanillaAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0054.6-
Raz VousSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.0083.92-
Reverse CocoaGirlAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.61-
Richard PersimmonsSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.0013.71-
Rum VNCAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0000-
Rye NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout?54.54-
Salvation Lies InsideAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0044.32-
Sarah, Will You…American Double / Imperial Stout14.0000-
Scoop DawgAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0024.54-
Secret AgentAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.7014.33-
Sipping StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0044.55-
SkidmarkAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0044.44-
Smashed LemonsAmerican IPA?13.54-
Smashed SimcoeAmerican IPA?13.75-
Smoked OutSmoked Beer?14.15-
Southern Pecan PieAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.42-
Struck By Lightning, Bit By A CobraAmerican Double / Imperial IPA11.0033.77-
STUF’TAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.00114.59-
Sump’ting StrangeAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.7-
TerryAmerican Double / Imperial Stout13.0024.19-
TFTIAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0054.62-
The BalmAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0000-
Trump StampAmerican Wild Ale4.0023.91-
TwistSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.00914.01-
UnfadableAmerican Wild Ale6.0000-
VaCoCo A’GoGoAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0014.5-
Vanilla NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.509904.17-
Wes CoastAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.5054.01-
WHAM! Beerly DepartedAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0064.63-
What S’more Could You WantAmerican Double / Imperial Stout14.0034.78-
Whisk(e)y NoirAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.50114.05-
Zed's DeadAmerican IPA8.1013.92-
Prairie Artisan Ales in Tulsa, OK
Brewery rating: 4.22 out of 5 with 37,140 ratings