Prairie Artisan Ales

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Prairie Artisan AlesPrairie Artisan Ales
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Prairie Artisan AlesPrairie Artisan Ales

Type: Brewery

223 N Main St
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74103
United States

(918) 740-9293 | map

Prairie Artisan Ales is a small third wave brewery from Oklahoma. Since our founding in 2012, we have brought a unique perspective to brewing. Sometimes that means big bold barrel aged stouts and other times it means super crisp and funky farmhouse ales. Every beer we brew is wrapped in unique, expressive, and interesting art. The experience is unlike any other you can find in beer.

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#Not My Beer! Now With Even More CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.47-
A Beer Has No NameAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.53-
A Fresh PairAmerican IPA4.0014.08-
A Stout Has No Name - Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Vanilla, Coconut, & Cocoa NiAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.21-
A Stout Has No Name - Rum Barrel-Aged With Vanilla, Coconut & Cocoa NibsAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.49-
ab.comAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.5-
Alaskan PipelineAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.45-
Amarillo CascadeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.0014.2-
AmericanaBelgian Saison7.002044.08-
Amish Pair O' DiceAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.49-
Anyone Seen RoyNew England IPA6.8014.17-
Apple Bottom SwirlsAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.31-
Apple Brandy BOMB!American Imperial Stout?164.32-
Apple Brandy ParadiseAmerican Imperial Stout14.00173.23-
Azacca Like Your FaceBelgian Saison4.0043.81-
Barrel Aged Bomb!American Imperial Stout11.201,1854.49-
Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb!American Imperial Stout13.001434.53-
Barrel Aged Shelf BeefAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.94-
BiericaAmerican Wild Ale?294.09-
Big Dawg PastryAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.63-
BirraBelgian Saison4.409173.77-
Birthday Bomb!American Imperial Stout13.001,2464.36-
Blueberry BoyfriendAmerican Wild Ale5.40583.86-
Bomb!American Imperial Stout13.006,3534.5-
Booty CallAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.78-
Boozy PandjeeAmerican Imperial Stout14.0094.37-
Boozy Pandjee b2American Imperial Stout14.0014.53-
Bourbon ParadiseAmerican Imperial Stout15.904504.61-
Brett C. AleBelgian Saison8.104424.1-
Broken NeonAmerican IPA6.5023.58-
Bronanas FosterAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.42-
Brunch Sunday Morning-StyleAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
Buford T. JusticeAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.99-
Buttered CookiesAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.75-
Bye Bye Baked Apple PieAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.55-
Camp DBTAmerican Imperial Stout14.0034.61-
Campground StoutAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.83-
Canadian Gravy, Eh!American Imperial Stout14.0034.53-
Canadian MoosepieAmerican Stout14.0014.46-
Careful Man, There's A Beverage HereAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.55-
Cheat DayAmerican Imperial Stout14.0015-
Cherry BOMB!American Imperial Stout13.0034.32-
Cherry TrogdorAmerican Wild Ale4.00104.29-
Chocolate Bomb!American Imperial Stout14.0014.32-
Christmas Bomb!American Imperial Stout13.001,8294.13-
Chuggy Da’ WhaleAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.15-
Cocanela PretaAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.5-
Coconilla The Blackbeard KillaAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.43-
CocorumnillaAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.48-
Coffee OkieAmerican Brown Ale13.004434.27-
Color BlockAmerican IPA8.30703.78-
Consider Yourself HuggedAmerican Imperial Stout11.901924.32-
Cookie ButterfaceAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.44-
Cool RummingsAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.44-
Cough Drops For JesusAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.49-
CPB (Prairie Dawgz)American Imperial Stout14.0084.6-
Crispy Mode CrunchAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.51-
Cry Baby PilsBohemian Pilsener4.0023.95-
Cryo CurrencyAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0033.74-
Cudsworth SwackhammerAmerican Imperial Stout13.0000-
Cuvee de Frere BaleineAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.79-
Dark StarBelgian Saison4.0014.11-
DarshmellowAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.61-
DarshmellowAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.59-
Dawg Chronicles Volume 1American Imperial Stout?44.61-
Dawg QuijoteAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
Dawgy StyleAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.35-
Deconstructed Bomb! ChiliAmerican Imperial Stout11.801524.03-
Deconstructed Bomb! Chocolate/Cocoa NibsAmerican Imperial Stout13.001534.07-
Deconstructed Bomb! CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout11.801774.22-
Deconstructed Bomb! VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout11.801734.15-
Deja VousBelgian Saison4.8000-
Deli Cat EssenAmerican Imperial Stout13.0044.21-
Dew In OctoberAmerican Wild Ale5.7013.74-
Did We Just Become Best FriendsAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.58-
Donkey PunchAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.79-
Double Barrel NoirAmerican Imperial Stout13.00144.52-
Double DunkAmerican Imperial Stout11.902274.24-
Dynamite de NeapolitanAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.53-
East India ConcoctionAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.15-
ERA Hoppy Farmhouse AleBelgian Saison4.00623.76-
Farm to TableBelgian Saison?34.17-
FBG BootyAmerican Imperial Stout14.0034.58-
Felix The FalconerAmerican Pale Ale (APA)3.6013.85-
FibadiseAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.27-
Fluff’d GrahammyAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
Fred’s Blend Batch 2!American Imperial Stout13.0054.47-
French Toast BrunchAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.49-
Funky Gold CitraAmerican Wild Ale7.501184.24-
Funky Gold MosaicAmerican Wild Ale6.509674.18-
Funky Gold SimcoeAmerican Brett7.502304.11-
GabberAmerican Wild Ale5.7013.63-
GBBSAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.53-
Ghost DadAmerican Wild Ale4.0013.85-
Hair of The DawgAmerican Imperial Stout14.0094.52-
Heaven’s MVPAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.44-
Holiday PartyAmerican Black Ale6.9024.15-
House AleAmerican Brown Ale4.0013.47-
Imaginary FriendsAmerican IPA7.001494.06-
In Love With The CoCoAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.31-
Jamaican Me NuttyAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
Jimmy In My MouthAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.58-
JMFC BOMAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.49-
JMFParadeeAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.43-
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Morning LeiAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.48-
Kentucky Coffee FluffernutterAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.33-
KVMVPAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.02-
LA FogAmerican IPA7.2034.18-
Lightspeed ChampionBelgian Saison4.0024.15-
Little NapAmerican Wild Ale5.0013.78-
Loud MusicAmerican Imperial Stout16.0013.6-
Ma-NillaAmerican Imperial Stout14.0074.54-
MacaroonAmerican Imperial Stout13.0043.86-
Mango Color BlockAmerican Imperial IPA8.0033.91-
Mango WeissBerliner Weisse4.0034.3-
Marple RainAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.53-
Mayor’s IsleAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.6-
Mexican Coffee CakeAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.53-
Mexican PancakesAmerican Imperial Stout14.0064.45-
Mocha MorningAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.49-
Mopped TearsAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.56-
Mounds Don'tAmerican Porter4.0013.68-
Mountie's RevengeAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.53-
MVPAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.43-
My Kids TuitionAmerican Brown Ale14.0014.28-
No S’more RulesAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.47-
Norman BAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
Norman RAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
North by North WestAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.0014.22-
Now NowAmerican IPA8.4034.14-
Nuttin’ Butter G ThangAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.47-
ParadiseAmerican Imperial Stout13.007594.26-
PhantasmagoriaAmerican Imperial IPA8.006634.07-
Picnic Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.50193.87-
Pirate Bomb!American Imperial Stout15.002,2914.52-
Pirate NoirAmerican Imperial Stout12.006834.2-
Pirate ParadiseAmerican Imperial Stout13.002444.62-
Porch PunchAmerican Wild Ale6.0014.3-
Prairie 'MericaBelgian Saison7.508354.09-
Prairie AceBelgian Saison7.501013.94-
Prairie AleBelgian Saison8.201,0024.07-
Prairie Apple Brandy NoirAmerican Imperial Stout12.001,6224.48-
Prairie Apricot FunkAmerican Wild Ale6.301184.01-
Prairie Artisan Ales / Evil Twin - Bible BeltAmerican Imperial Stout13.002,0204.32-
Prairie Cherry FunkAmerican Wild Ale7.506783.83-
Prairie Coffee NoirAmerican Imperial Stout11.505614.16-
Prairie Eliza5bethBelgian Saison7.505714.06-
Prairie FlareLeipzig Gose5.403083.95-
Prairie Funky GalaxyBelgian Saison8.004973.75-
Prairie GoldAmerican Wild Ale6.505084.06-
Prairie HopBelgian Saison8.001,1674.17-
Prairie No ChillEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout5.101423.68-
Prairie NoirAmerican Imperial Stout11.009334.18-
Prairie OkieAmerican Brown Ale12.005524.11-
Prairie PalsGerman Helles6.0000-
Prairie Pe-KanAmerican Imperial Stout11.503504.07-
Prairie PilsGerman Pilsner?14.04-
Prairie Pirate OkieAmerican Brown Ale11.20344.11-
Prairie PuncheonBelgian Saison7.005363.96-
Prairie SomewhereBelgian Saison7.006494.02-
Prairie StandardBelgian Saison5.201,4404-
Prairie The Beer That Saved ChristmasEnglish Old Ale10.003753.69-
Prairie Tulsa #rocktheBOKBelgian Saison4.0013.5-
Prairie Tulsa Rugby AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.403193.91-
Prairie Vape TricksAmerican Wild Ale5.001583.77-
Prairie WeisseBerliner Weisse4.502054.02-
Prairie Wine Barrel NoirAmerican Imperial Stout11.006863.96-
Prairie-Vous FrancaisBelgian Saison3.902243.97-
Prison Rodeo Hoppy Coffee AleAmerican IPA9.501044.01-
PVC Pipe DreamsAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.63-
Quad Squad Presents: Thrilla In VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout14.0064.63-
Raz VousBelgian Saison4.0083.92-
Razzlin StoutAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.49-
Red HouseFruit and Field Beer4.0013.81-
Reserved For NickAmerican Imperial Stout14.0034.65-
Reverse CocoaGirlAmerican Imperial Stout14.0034.61-
Richard PersimmonsBelgian Saison4.0013.71-
Rum VNCAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
Rye NoirAmerican Imperial Stout?74.55-
Salvation Lies InsideAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.32-
Sarah, Will You…American Imperial Stout14.0000-
Scoop DawgAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.52-
Secret AgentAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.7014.33-
Sipping StoutAmerican Imperial Stout14.0064.57-
sKCuad GoalzAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
SkidmarkAmerican Imperial Stout14.0074.49-
Slow ClapAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0013.82-
Smashed LemonsAmerican IPA?13.54-
Smashed SimcoeAmerican IPA?23.95-
Smoked OutSmoke Beer?14.15-
Southern Pecan PieAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.42-
Space DockAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.59-
Struck By Lightning, Bit By A CobraAmerican Imperial IPA11.0033.77-
STUF’TAmerican Imperial Stout14.00204.61-
Sump’ting StrangeAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.6-
TerryAmerican Imperial Stout13.0024.19-
Texas Sheet CakeAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
TFTIAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.62-
The BalmAmerican Imperial Stout14.0000-
Trump StampAmerican Wild Ale4.0023.91-
TwistBelgian Saison5.801254.01-
UnfadableAmerican Wild Ale6.0024.22-
VaCoCo A’GoGoAmerican Imperial Stout14.0024.5-
Vanilla NoirAmerican Imperial Stout11.501,0114.17-
Wes CoastAmerican Imperial IPA9.5054.01-
WHAM! Beerly DepartedAmerican Imperial Stout14.0074.62-
What S’more Could You WantAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.76-
Whisk(e)y NoirAmerican Imperial Stout11.50124.03-
Wine SnobAmerican IPA6.8013.96-
Works On Contingency? No, Money Down!American Brown Ale14.0013.69-
You Sexy ThingAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.21-
Zed's DeadAmerican IPA8.1013.92-
Αpple Brandy πAmerican Imperial Stout14.0014.54-
Prairie Artisan Ales in Tulsa, OK
Brewery rating: 4.25 out of 5 with 38,896 ratings