Adroit Theory Brewing Company

Adroit Theory Brewing CompanyAdroit Theory Brewing Company
Adroit Theory Brewing CompanyAdroit Theory Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

404 Browning Ct
Unit C
Purcellville, Virginia, 20132-6171
United States

(866) 255-6622 | map

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Abandon All HopeIPA - Imperial8.1144.01-
Absolute Zero (Ghost 886)IPA - Imperial11.534.38-
Absolutely Dericious (Ghost 170)IPA - Imperial1013.97-
Adroit Theory elegy (Fear) NE DIPAIPA - American8.123.85-
AgaveIPA - Imperial983.87-
AK [Genesis Warrior Edition] (Ghost 625)IPA - Imperial8.3154.14-
AK [Hollow Victory Edition] (Ghost 769)IPA - Imperial8.1143.93-
All I See Is Carion (Ghost 804)Quadrupel (Quad)1214.5-
All I See is Carrion (Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla) Ghost 470Quadrupel (Quad)12.234.4-
All I See Is Carrion (Ghost 628)Quadrupel (Quad)12.2494-
All I See Is Carrion (Ghost 804)Quadrupel (Quad)1214.24-
All I See Is Carrion (Ghost 856)Quadrupel (Quad)1224-
All I See Is Carrion (Ghost 939)Quadrupel (Quad)1254.07-
All Shall Perish (Ghost 900)IPA - Imperial824.29-
All That I Have LearnedStout - Russian Imperial16.6614.46-
All That I Have Learned (Ghost 912)Stout - Russian Imperial16.6600-
All That I Have Learned [Maple Bourbon BA] (Ghost 987)Stout - Russian Imperial16.6600-
American Milk StoutStout - Sweet / Milk015-
Antithesis Oatmeal Stout on NitroStout - Oatmeal5.714-
Antithesis SomnambulistFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.813.65-
Antithesis Strictly for my GrindKölsch4.543.62-
Antithesis: White Peach + Passion Fruit [tripled]Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.513.75-
Attention Withdrawal SyndromeStout - American Imperial1300-
Auto Trepanation: Coffee VariantBarleywine - American024.41-
Auto-Trepanation (Ghost 829)Barleywine - English1254.05-
Auto-Trepanation (Ghost 902)Barleywine - English1284.11-
B/A/Y/S (Black As Your Soul)Stout - Russian Imperial9.1823.93-
B/A/Y/S (Ghost 424)Stout - American Imperial1014.27-
B/A/Y/S - Bourbon Barrel Aged (Ghost 515)Stout - American Imperial1044.28-
B/A/Y/S [Cacao Nibs + Toasted Coconut + Almonds + Bourbon Barrel Aged MapleStout - American Imperial1014.02-
Battlemaster (Ghost 922)IPA - Imperial1014.5-
Beet Saison (Ghost 146)Farmhouse Ale - Saison8.714.05-
Black RyeIPA - Imperial10.700-
Black Science 2.0Strong Ale - American1633.72-
Black Science 4.0Strong Ale - Belgian Dark15114.39-
Black Trendy T.R.I.P.AIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale11.813.59-
Blood Orange Margarita GoseSour - Gose3.913.34-
Bloody RootsBrown Ale - American8133.79-
BLVCK Celebration - Blackstrap Maple and Black Salt Destruction (Ghost 944)Porter - Imperial9.99104.1-
BLVCK Celebration - Dark Chocolate Gingerbread (Ghost 455)Porter - Imperial9.9914.08-
BLVCK Celebration - Imperial Porter - Regular (Ghost 114)Porter - Imperial9.99374-
BLVCK Celebration - Oreo Cookie (Ghost 648)Porter - Imperial9.9983.96-
BLVCK Celebration - Whiskey BarrelPorter - Imperial9.9984-
Break the SystemIPA - Imperial7.973.97-
Canibalism V2.0Stout - Sweet / Milk9.700-
Cannibalism (Ghost 964)Stout - Russian Imperial1234.31-
Cannibalism [French Roast Coffee + Salted Caramel + Toasted Coconut + BourbStout - Sweet / Milk1134.41-
Cannibalism [Papa New Guinea Coffee + Pistachios + Cacao Nibs] (Ghost 784)Stout - American Imperial1124.33-
Caramel Macchiato (Ghost 072)Stout - Sweet / Milk873.8-
Citra & MosaicIPA - Imperial033.79-
Colonization (Ghost 779)IPA - Imperial8.353.68-
Conjoined (Ghost 876)IPA - Imperial823.88-
Constructive Destruction (Ghost 990)IPA - New England1024.53-
Coven (Ghost 861)Stout - Russian Imperial1484.08-
Coven (Ghost 969)Stout - Russian Imperial1264.07-
Coven Variant (Cubano Coffee, Hazelnuts, Toasted Coconut, & Bourbon Maple SStout - Russian Imperial1414.38-
Crosses And KeroseneFarmhouse Ale - Saison893.44-
CULT 002 - Tezcatlipoca's Throat (Ghost 242)IPA - American8.200-
CULT 016: Fresh Meat For The GrinderPorter - American8.500-
CULT 019: The Key And The Gate (Ghost 226)Stout - American Imperial10.100-
Culture of Complaint Ghost 884Stout - American Imperial1124.58-
Cure For Knowledge (Ghost 904)Barleywine - American13.5104.1-
Cure for Knowledge (Ghost 906)Barleywine - American13.514.46-
Date Night- Date And Fig DubbelDubbel900-
Dead And Gone (Ghost 867)IPA - Imperial10144.26-
Death MetalWheat Beer - Wheatwine11.114.1-
Death of a Civilization in Slow Motion III (Ghost 943)IPA - New England863.88-
Death of Civilization In Slow Motion [vuvalini Edition] (Ghost 624)IPA - Imperial8.2134.14-
Death Of Cthulhu (Ghost 345)Stout - Russian Imperial12284.08-
Death Of Cthulhu-Bourbon Barrel Aged (Ghost 354)Stout - Russian Imperial1224.24-
Death Ronin (Ghost 903)IPA - American6.544.2-
Destructive ConstructionIPA - New England7.944.01-
Devil's Breath - Anejo Tequila Barrel AgedTripel7.854.02-
Devil's Breath - Anejo Tequila Barrel (Ghost 233)Tripel7.843.97-
Devil's Breath - Mezcal Barrel Aged (Ghost 342)Tripel7.814.16-
Devils BreathTripel7.8113.65-
Dia De Los MuertosStout - American Imperial13.734.06-
Dia De Los Muertos (Ghost 906)Stout - Russian Imperial13.7114.16-
Dia De Los Muertos (Ghost 931)Stout - Russian Imperial13.7114.22-
Dia De Los Muertos (Port Barrel Aged)Stout - Russian Imperial13.713.93-
Dia de Los Muertos Ghost 659Stout - Russian Imperial13.7114.21-
Don't Believe The Hype (Ghost 241)IPA - Imperial10.6113.6-
Dopamine (Ghost 822)IPA - Imperial7.9154.15-
Eat the Rich (Ghost 940)Stout - Russian Imperial1254.16-
EBKIPA - Imperial8.5454.15-
EBK ghost 935IPA - New England824.25-
EBK [Battle Zone Edition]IPA - Imperial894.09-
EBK [Down To Die] (Ghost 913)IPA - Imperial894.24-
EBK [Gashadokuro Edition] (Ghost 945)IPA - Imperial824.21-
EBK [here We Go Edition]IPA - Imperial8.5264.23-
EBK [Reborn] (Ghost 937)IPA - Imperial874.12-
EBK [Until They Kill Me Edition]IPA - Imperial8204.04-
Elegy (Fear Edition) Ghost 926IPA - Imperial854.35-
Elegy [Death Edition] (Ghost 840)IPA - New England8.164.27-
Elegy [Death Edition] (Ghost 968)IPA - New England824.1-
Elegy [Despair Edition] (Ghost 953)IPA - Imperial824.13-
Elegy [irony edition] (Ghost 941)IPA - Imperial884.06-
Elegy [Pain Edition] (Ghost 618)IPA - Imperial844.01-
Evangelion I: AdamIPA - Imperial834.15-
Evangelion IV: Samshel (Ghost 702)IPA - Imperial834.09-
Evangelion VIII Sandalphon DIPAIPA - American823.75-
Evangelion X: Sahaquiel Edition (Ghost 793)IPA - Imperial1054.05-
Evangelion XI: IreulIPA - Imperial9.563.73-
Evangelion XII: Leliel (Ghost 854)IPA - Imperial1084.11-
Evangelion XIII: Bardiel Edition (Ghost 877)IPA - New England10144-
Evangelion XIV: Zeruel (Ghost 891)IPA - New England10144.22-
Evangelion XV [arael] (Ghost 914)IPA - Imperial10154.15-
Evangelion XVI (Armisael) Ghost 927IPA - New England1034.35-
Evangelion XVII [Tabris] (Ghost 946)IPA - Imperial1054.26-
Evangelion XVIII [Lilin] (Ghost 970)IPA - Imperial1094.28-
Experimental Triple IPA with Mosaic and GalaxyIPA - Imperial1113.79-
F/I/Y/O/G (Fear Is Your Only God)Farmhouse Ale - Saison8.6193.64-
F/I/Y/O/G (Fear Is Your Only God) - RumFarmhouse Ale - Saison8.253.55-
Farro WitWheat Beer - Witbier7.800-
Fast Times At Heavy Metal High (Ghost 932)IPA - Imperial8.523.89-
Fiend Without A Face (Ghost 951)IPA - Imperial10174.07-
Fists Of RageRye Beer - Roggenbier8.943.83-
For the Dog In the Slums (Ghost 896)IPA - New England814.31-
For The Dog In The Slums (Ghost 896)IPA - New England854.14-
Fratello Cigar Collaboration / Ghost 815 - Hazy DIPAIPA - New England8.124.17-
Functional Dysfunction (Ghost 866)Cream Ale3.823.53-
Future You Hates You (Ghost 938)Stout - Russian Imperial13.523.88-
Future You Hates You (Ghost 954)Stout - Russian Imperial13.564.11-
G.I.A.A. (Ghost 915) God is a AmericanIPA - New England8.534.43-
G/I/A/A (God Is An American)IPA - Imperial9.6523.95-
G/I/A/A V2.0- Sauvignon BlancIPA - Imperial1123.88-
Garam Masala (Ghost 209)IPA - American7.813.19-
Gin Herb Porter (Ghost 216)Porter - American8.313.75-
GlintIPA - New England800-
Gojira - Bourbon Barrel Aged StoutStout - American Imperial1114-
Gravitational Lensing (Ghost 400)IPA - Imperial1124.02-
Grimdark (Ghost 892)Stout - Russian Imperial1244.17-
Halcyon (Ghost 177)IPA - Imperial6.314-
Harbinger Redux 2.0 (Ghost 223)Red Ale - American Amber / Red8.500-
Heretics of IXIPA - New England8124.16-
HETHRADIAHSour - Gose533.95-
Illusion of safety tayberry passion fruit and limeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.514.15-
Illusion of Safety (Ghost 959)Sour - Gose314.52-
Illusion of Safety (Zombie Squared)Sour - Gose3.934.14-
Illusion of Safety - Black Currant, Plum, Cherry (Ghost 974)Sour - Gose300-
Illusion of Safety - Gose [calamansi + mango + passion fruit]Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour333.71-
Illusion of Safety - RaspberrySour - Gose4.513.5-
Illusion of Safety Blood Orange Margarita Edition (Ghost 857)Sour - Gose314.38-
Illusion of Safety Calamansi + Mango + Passion Fruit + LemonadeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour3.914.6-
Illusion of Safety Mango Passion Fruit LemonadeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour3.914.35-
Illusion of Safety [Mulberry + Blueberry + Blackberry]Sour - Gose300-
Illusion of Safety: Dragon Fruit + Passion Fruit + Mango + Pink GuavaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour3.912.89-
Illusion Of Safety: Raspberry / Blood Orange [Ghost 846]Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour324.12-
Illustration of safety (Ghost 956) blueberry raspberry mangoSour - Gose314.77-
Illustration Of Safety (ghost 966) plum raspberry passion fruitSour - Gose314.68-
Imagination AtrophyStout - Sweet / Milk7494.02-
Information Overdose (Ghost 923)Lager - Schwarzbier4143.98-
Invisible ArtIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale10.8374.12-
Invisible Art (Ghost 481)IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale10.124.2-
Invisible Art (Ghost 875)IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale10.154.11-
IX [Fedaykin Edition] (Ghost 963)IPA - Imperial8.224.27-
IX [fedaykin] (Ghost 665)IPA - Imperial8.3104.12-
IX [passionfruit + pink guava + mango + dragon fruit editionIPA - Imperial8.100-
IX [Sardaukar Edition] (Ghost 952)IPA - Imperial8.224.36-
Jax's Special BrewFarmhouse Ale - Saison943.7-
Key Lime Milk StoutStout - Sweet / Milk8.213.94-
Kiwi IPAIPA - American814.05-
Legacy of the Damned (Ghost 903)IPA - American7.324.56-
Legion (Ghost 057)Strong Ale - Belgian Dark10.7103.47-
Legion (Ghost 669)Stout - American Imperial10.744.45-
Life of the Scandalous - Triple Oat Cream DIPA (Ghost 867)IPA - Imperial843.87-
Long Gone Memory (Ghost 149)IPA - American4.523.96-
Love Of The Damned (Ghost 042)Old Ale9.614-
Love Of The Damned (Ghost 044)Old Ale9.6123.68-
LUX (Ghost 132)Wheat Beer - Wheatwine9.383.54-
LUX - Gin Barrel (Ghost 238)Wheat Beer - Wheatwine9.313.62-
LUX - Neutral Oak BarrelWheat Beer - Wheatwine9.313.69-
Mexican Chili Chocolate PorterPorter - Imperial8.633.75-
Meyer Lemon Blonde (Ghost 243)Blonde Ale - Belgian7.413.77-
Moment of ImpactStout - Russian Imperial13.134.38-
Morpheus (Ghost 905)IPA - Imperial854.17-
Necro GenesisStout - Sweet / Milk11.513.9-
Negation (Ghost 880)Stout - Russian Imperial1524.21-
Negation (Ghost 890)Stout - Russian Imperial1515-
Negation (Ghost 933)Stout - Russian Imperial12144.1-
Nelson Sauvin IPAIPA - American8.613.79-
New Zealand Rye Double IPA Bourbon Barrel (Ghost 222)IPA - Imperial1100-
Now I Am Death Destroyer of Worlds Ghost 898IPA - Imperial10204.17-
Now I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds (Ghost 744)IPA - Imperial10.444.19-
Nullentropy (Ghost 791)IPA - Imperial854.06-
O/F/U/S (Ghost 156)Tripel8.700-
Oats N HoesIPA - American8.733.99-
Obolus (Ghost 730)Pilsner - German564.03-
Occulation (Ghost 921)Bock - Doppelbock734.06-
Operation: Warfare [Subversion] (Ghost 985)IPA - Imperial814.12-
Ortolan Bunting - BourbonStrong Ale - American9.133.74-
Ortolan Bunting - Mezcal (Ghost 232)Strong Ale - American9.133.48-
Pecan Porter (Ghost 147)Porter - American8.400-
Persona Non Grata - CarcavelosFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.714-
Persona Non Grata - Opus OneFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.733.89-
Pig Destroyer (Ghost 894)Stout - Sweet / Milk10.534.02-
Pocket full of Drops Ghost 444Pale Ale - American5.513.73-
Rattled Bones V2.0IPA - Imperial9.413.54-
Rebel (Ghost 860)IPA - Imperial8124.11-
Rebel (Ghost 973)IPA - Imperial1024.26-
REFUSE (Ghost 899)IPA - Imperial10134.15-
REGIMEIPA - Imperial1094.23-
Regime Ghost 916 Hazy Triple IPAIPA - Imperial1034.07-
Resist (Ghost 928)IPA - Imperial1014.6-
Retreat From El DoradoIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale8.900-
Revenge Of The Damned (Ghost 929)Porter - English7.514.27-
Riot (Ghost 878)IPA - Imperial10124.07-
RIOT (Ghost 991)IPA - Imperial1000-
Rise Up (Ghost 947)IPA - Imperial1014.09-
Roasted Farro StoutStout - Foreign / Export8.400-
Sacrificial RamPale Ale - American8.233.64-
Sanctimonious EnmityIPA - Imperial8.2194.02-
Saviours & Guillotines (Cabernet Barrel Aged)Farmhouse Ale - Saison973.29-
ScarificationIPA - New England7.564.33-
Science + Sadism (Ghost 965)IPA - Imperial834.16-
Science + Sadism (Ghost 874)IPA - Imperial10124.21-
ScorpionIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale9173.72-
Scorpion - Brandy (Ghost 071)IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale8.133.83-
Single Hop - Galena (Ghost 144)IPA - Imperial8.213.83-
Single Malt - 6 Row (Ghost 145)IPA - American713.84-
Still On My GrindLager - American4.763.78-
Still On My Grind (Ghost 873)Lager - American4.500-
Strictly For My Grind (Ghost 908)Kölsch5.123.87-
Surf Nazis Must DieIPA - Imperial8.513.75-
T/P/D The Perfect Drug (Ghost 006)Farmhouse Ale - Saison823.13-
Tamarind StoutStout - Foreign / Export7.900-
Telekinesis (Ghost 673)IPA - New England7.844.28-
Telekinesis (Ghost 978)IPA - Imperial844.2-
Tenebris (Ghost 101)Barleywine - American10.7224.13-
Tenebris - Bourbon BarrelBarleywine - American10.7103.97-
Tenebris - Neutral Oak Barrel (Ghost 122)Barleywine - American10.733.72-
The Death Of Civilization In Slow Motion (Ghost 907)IPA - Imperial8164.05-
The Death Of Civilization In Slow Motion - Morsov EditionIPA - Imperial8.2124.1-
The Death of Civilization in Slow Motion I. (Ghost 907)IPA - Imperial714.78-
The Death of Civilization in Slow Motion II (Ghost 924)IPA - New England884.02-
The Death of Civilization In Slow Motion IV (Ghost 962)IPA - New England894.12-
The Death of Civilization In Slow Motion V. (Ghost 975)IPA - New England834.4-
The Death of Cthulhu (Ghost 620/663)Stout - Russian Imperial12164.31-
The Devil Made MeSmoked Beer7.5373.95-
The Devil Made Me- BourbonSmoked Beer7.534.19-
The Octagonal StairwayStout - American Imperial10.534.06-
The Road To El DoradoIPA - Imperial9.100-
Therapy SessionsStout - American Imperial1393.94-
Therapy Sessions (Ghost 794)Stout - Russian Imperial1324.28-
Therapy Sessions (Ghost 984)Stout - American Imperial1213.63-
Therapy Sessions - Russian Imperial Stout with Coconut, Cinnamon, & PecanStout - American Imperial064.19-
Tiramisu Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial8.833.91-
TransmutationFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.573.87-
Trendy T.R.I.P.A.IPA - Imperial1083.87-
TriptychFarmhouse Ale - Saison8.883.82-
Twisted SisterIPA - American7.813.49-
Two Headed Calf (Ghost 909)Farmhouse Ale - Saison8.574.03-
Two HundredStout - Russian Imperial1414.96-
Virginia's Own (Ghost 225)Pale Ale - American8.200-
We Interrupt This ProgramIPA - Imperial863.99-
We Want Your SoulIPA - Belgian7.653.87-
What Evil Lurks (Ghost 901)Stout - Russian Imperial1224.5-
What Evil Lurks - Ghost 774Stout - Russian Imperial13.514.34-
What Evil Lurks Ghost 901Stout - Russian Imperial13.544.26-
What Evil Lurks Ghost 950Stout - Russian Imperial1213.96-
What Evil Lurks [Mostra Coffee + Toasted Coconut + Toasted Marshmallow + SaStout - Russian Imperial13.534.53-
Whipple Creek Fresh HopIPA - Imperial1113.49-
White NoiseIPA - American7.8263.77-
White Noise (Ghost 872)IPA - American723.75-
Wraithborn (Ghost 723)Stout - Russian Imperial1514.25-
XII Leliel Ghost 854IPA - New England1023.72-
Young Hipster Death (Ghost 883)IPA - Imperial7.514.08-
Zero - 1776 (Ghost 078)IPA - American7.944.06-
Adroit Theory Brewing Company in Purcellville, VA
Brewery rating: 4.03 out of 5 with 1618 ratings