Burial Beer Co.

Burial Beer Co.Burial Beer Co.
Burial Beer Co.Burial Beer Co.
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

40 Collier Ave
Asheville, North Carolina, 28801-4024
United States

(828) 475-2739 | map

Notes: MON: 4-10pm
TUE: 4-10pm
WED: 4-10pm
THU: 4-10pm
FRI: 2-10pm
SAT: 2-10pm
SUN: 10:30am-9pm
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A Brilliantly Deformed Corpse NeverthelessStout - American Imperial1564.2804-04-2021
A Brutal Departure NonethelessStout - American Imperial1434.4301-28-2020
A Canvas of Fragmented MemoirsIPA - New England7.343.8302-19-2022
A Chapel Of EaseIPA - Imperial8.224.0504-20-2021
A Constant State of PanicIPA - American714.2503-22-2021
A Deeper Dissection of HarvestIPA - New England8.514.508-21-2021
A Departure From the DawnIPA - New England7.614.505-18-2020
A Deranged Meditation Of NonsequiturStout - American Imperial1514.3404-12-2021
A Disorientation Along The Path To NowhereStout - American Imperial1424.1912-27-2021
A Doom for the SuperorganismIPA - Imperial8.224.2901-21-2020
A Faint Glimmer Of Hope NotwithstandingStout - American Imperial1314.0904-12-2021
A Final Space For Lost SoulsIPA - New England9.223.7904-17-2021
A Fully Experienced Sense of BeingIPA - Imperial110005-19-2022
A Guide To Safely Stewarding The Contents Of One’s ConsciousnessIPA - New England8.524.3304-12-2022
A Methodical Monotony That Was NeverhereStout - American Imperial1434.4204-05-2021
A Modern Ballad of Self-TortureIPA - New England7.5194.104-03-2022
A Monolithic Theory of A Spirit NeverseenStout - American Imperial1534.4511-06-2021
A Most Melancholy VisualIPA - New England8.523.9511-26-2021
A Place of Calm AbidingStout - American Imperial1414.0510-19-2021
A Place of Perpetual RuinIPA - Imperial8.214.504-04-2022
A Pontificating Diatribe Of NonsequiturStout - American Imperial1513.5103-14-2022
A Portal Beyond NonexistenceStout - American Imperial1514.6402-09-2021
A Portrait of Discombobulated SanctimonyIPA - Imperial8.234.2807-13-2021
A Postulation On Precarious Thought And Transient DelusionIPA - Imperial8.514.5405-16-2022
A Ravenous Yearning for Lessons of OldIPA - American6.714.2610-01-2021
A Saying of PrayersBarleywine - American120007-19-2021
A Silence Beyond ComprehensionIPA - New England7.524.506-10-2020
A Space For SacrilegeQuadrupel (Quad)1223.8702-28-2022
Above the Threshold of HellIPA - American7.424.103-16-2022
Abstract Opulence: Illusion ICream Ale140002-16-2022
All We Become Is Just Dirt In The GroundIPA - Imperial8.524.3503-26-2022
All We Want Is EverythingIPA - Imperial8.514.3403-19-2022
All You've Found At The Apex Of InsanityIPA - New England7.524.0712-26-2021
Ample AbsurdityBock - Doppelbock933.9801-07-2020
Anatomical TransmutationIPA - Imperial8.564.3711-08-2020
And Heathens We Shall BeIPA - Imperial8.524.510-09-2021
And Just Don't Die This TimeIPA - New England7.253.8907-22-2021
And Now At the Moment of Our EndIPA - Imperial1114.2911-14-2021
And We PrayFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.513.8103-27-2021
Anno Domini MMXXStout - American Imperial1324.2707-25-2021
Anno Domini MMXXIStout - American Imperial1524.4907-04-2021
Back From the BendsIPA - Imperial1024.2901-07-2022
Be Whatever You Shall ManifestBrown Ale - American1034.2305-09-2020
Because There Will Always Be Something MoreIPA - American7.514.7505-09-2022
Being Nowhere, Going EverywherePorter - American6.523.9306-02-2021
Beneath The Tides Of Relative ImpermanenceIPA - New England8.834.3111-29-2021
Blade & SheathFarmhouse Ale - Saison680407-08-2021
Bolo Coconut BrownBrown Ale - American5.62263.9405-09-2022
Bonedagger Pale AlePale Ale - American5.5474.0403-11-2021
Both Ways India Pale LagerLager - India Pale Lager (IPL)6.5424.0201-18-2021
BrightPilsner - German5.534.1204-23-2022
But For Societal ConstraintsFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.814.0106-27-2021
Camp ConfectionStout - American Imperial1514.3404-12-2021
Camp SpritzWild Ale4.413.2504-12-2021
Cannibalistic MethodologiesIPA - Imperial8.5104.202-27-2021
Captive To Psychotic UrgeIPA - Imperial1014.2903-30-2021
Celestial AltarIPA - American7.3154.1612-28-2020
Ceremonial Session IPA - MosaicIPA - American4544.0705-06-2020
Cocoa BoloBrown Ale - American5.6233.910-01-2020
CondemnationIPA - New England8.513.504-12-2021
ContritionPilsner - German4.8353.9112-23-2021
Cryptic HymnsBock - Maibock6.914.0206-08-2021
Culture KeepersLager - Märzen5.8174.0309-26-2021
DarkLager - European Dark4.2134.1103-14-2022
Death And The MiserWild Ale8174.205-25-2021
Death Be No Escape in the Valley of the NeverstillStout - American Imperial1444.609-14-2021
DeathstalkerIPA - New England7.4114.1304-25-2021
Deliberate Distortions of TruthIPA - Imperial8.584.2302-18-2022
Deliver Us To Evil - 2021Stout - American Imperial1454.0103-19-2022
Delusional DeformitiesIPA - Imperial8.234.2602-11-2021
Despite All This LunacyIPA - American7.264.303-24-2021
Disciples of AgonyIPA - New England8.384.3305-11-2021
Display of VulgaritiesIPA - Imperial8.554.4211-19-2020
Downtown RulersIPA - American6.554.2203-29-2022
DuhIPA - American763.9209-08-2021
DuskLager - European Dark523.9104-27-2022
Eighth PassingStout - American Imperial1534.4611-09-2021
Empire of Eternal NothingnessStout - American Imperial1594.4210-19-2021
End of PlaguesIPA - New England7.2144.1311-17-2021
Evidence That Life Still RemainsIPA - American7.434.1807-09-2021
Excommunication From The Alter Of NonconformityStout - American Imperial1414.2509-04-2021
Existential DreadIPA - Imperial8.514.2401-04-2020
ExtraLager - American533.9603-24-2022
Fabrications of the NonbelieverStout - American Imperial1444.4111-07-2021
FadeLager - Munich Dunkel4.83405-14-2022
Fall Of The DamnedWild Ale7194.0701-04-2020
Fantastical Apparitions Of NonesuchStout - American Imperial1524.1304-23-2022
Feast of SufferingIPA - Imperial8.233.8803-15-2021
Feather From The AshesIPA - American734.0402-19-2022
Finite Spectrum of ExistenceIPA - Imperial101404-04-2022
For We Shall Wander this Road to OblivionIPA - Imperial1024.3905-01-2022
Forsaken Blatherings of NonsequiturStout - American Imperial1424.1603-08-2021
From Precarious PlacesWild Ale714.411-24-2020
Gang Of BladesIPA - Imperial8.32394.1702-19-2022
Garden Of Earthly DelightsFarmhouse Ale - Saison5323.9412-28-2020
Glory is GoldenbockBock - Traditional634.1102-12-2020
GriddleStout - American Imperial101344.2401-16-2022
GriddlecakesStout - American Imperial1024.4103-30-2021
Have Everything And Have Nothing At AllLager - India Pale Lager (IPL)5.253.9707-18-2021
HawkbillIPA - American62304.1204-05-2021
Heaven is Wasted on the DeadIPA - Imperial8.534.4503-08-2022
Heavy ResinIPA - Imperial8.534.2804-02-2022
HellstarLager - Schwarzbier5403.9802-06-2022
Houtenhamer (2021)Stout - American Imperial1514.605-15-2022
Houtenhamer - 2020Stout - English1514.7203-28-2021
Houtenhamer Barrel Aged Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial10.2184.3212-24-2020
Houtenhamer Double Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial1534.3910-09-2021
I Knew You Before You Even ExistedIPA - Imperial8.514.4203-20-2022
I Made This Map MyselfIPA - New England8.243.9709-02-2021
I Sit Among An Infestation of Useless ViolenceIPA - Imperial864.2905-24-2021
I Used ToIPA - Imperial8.554.2704-06-2022
Idle derelictionIPA - American6.214.2207-30-2021
Idyllic Perspectives of NonsequiturStout - American Imperial1423.5310-18-2021
Illusions Of EnlightenmentIPA - New England8.51404-12-2021
Imaginative ExaggerationIPA - Imperial8.324.4806-26-2021
Immolation of Hallowed Fields Smoked PorterPorter - Smoked6.514.2501-03-2021
Immortal Initiation Of The NaysayerStout - American Imperial1454.1907-10-2021
In Between Ruin and LucidityIPA - Imperial1014.4408-04-2021
In the Midst of Cruel AbandonIPA - Imperial8.554.2511-12-2021
In the Sirens and the SilencesIPA - Imperial8.274.3902-24-2020
InnertubeLager - Light3.5193.909-06-2021
Instructions For The UnderworldIPA - New England6.644.1711-28-2021
Into DustIPA - American8.514.0407-03-2021
Into The WellIPA - New England814.0904-12-2021
Intrinsic Dialogue of Mortal WavelengthsIPA - Imperial10.534.3201-12-2022
Isolated In Digital BlatheringsIPA - American724.1901-03-2022
It Gives Them a Purpose in a World Where They Do NothingStout - American Imperial1524.2809-01-2021
Just To Be Disoriented And Staring Into Middle DistanceIPA - New England7.214.205-14-2022
Kindred BeastIPA - New England7.314.2505-02-2021
Krystal ArtifaktsIPA - American7144.0203-18-2021
Lessons In Solitude: Portrait IIPA - American7.324.3609-30-2021
Lessons In Solitude: Portrait IIStout - American Imperial1544.403-19-2022
Lords Of The RoostIPA - American7.373.904-19-2021
Lost In the VaporsIPA - American734.1204-27-2022
Magnificent Ideations of a Continent NeverfoundStout - American Imperial1414.308-25-2021
Mankind Beset By DevilsQuadrupel (Quad)11.154.3211-22-2020
Massacre Of The InnocentsIPA - American6.5844.2202-21-2022
Meditative Variations On the Sanctum of the UnholyStout - American Imperial1424.3804-27-2022
Metallic VesselsLager - Schwarzbier5184.0905-11-2021
Morphic Resonance of Human FrequenciesIPA - Imperial8.544.2703-23-2022
My Dreams, Come TrueStout - American Imperial1113.504-04-2022
Mystic CarivanIPA - American71410-19-2021
Mythologies of RealismIPA - New England874.2912-04-2021
Naturally Tangential FascinationsIPA - New England8.514.2507-05-2021
Necessity for TransformationIPA - American724.3205-13-2022
Never Forgotten TriumphsIPA - American7.524.0905-19-2022
Normal Is Damnation’s InsultIPA - American714.2507-04-2021
Not A Thing Left To SayIPA - New England1044.2603-18-2021
Not All the Spoils are Rancid UselessnessStout - American Imperial130004-24-2022
One of Us Will Have to Bury the OtherLager - American513.9411-06-2021
Our Hearts Of Ruin 2021Lager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier534.0404-23-2021
Paradoxical Contemplations of NonsequiturStout - American Imperial140011-05-2021
Pardoned of Our DemonsWild Ale5.914.2308-25-2021
People Power MildMild Ale - English Dark3.813.9806-05-2021
Perceptions of CarnageIPA - Imperial8.584.3203-03-2021
Philosophical Ideologies of Moralistic Indignation DIPAIPA - Imperial8.574.404-03-2022
Plague of EndsIPA - New England7.244.0401-26-2022
Portal Beyond NonexistenceStout - American Imperial1584.4307-11-2021
Precipice of Self-ImmolationIPA - New England764.0101-05-2022
Preternatural AmbienceIPA - Imperial8.564.3504-14-2021
Preternatural DevianceIPA - Imperial1024.4411-11-2021
ProphetmakerPale Ale - American5.364.1805-17-2022
Rationality Shall Run It’s CourseIPA - New England7.5224.2703-26-2022
Reflections Of DisillusionmentIPA - New England81404-12-2021
Ritual AnonymityPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.274.0510-25-2020
RustLager - Vienna5.243.9112-12-2021
Salvation For NoneStout - American Imperial1424.2406-20-2021
Scythe Rye India Pale AleIPA - American72064.0701-28-2020
Seasoned SkilletStout - American Imperial14394.3109-14-2021
Seekers Aren't We AllIPA - American7.224.2101-03-2022
Shadowclock PilsnerPilsner - German5.51283.904-18-2022
Show A Little FaithIPA - Imperial10.524.2611-14-2021
Shrine of NonexistenceStout - American Imperial1564.3708-15-2020
Siege MachineIPA - American6.664.0603-07-2020
Skillet Donut StoutStout - Oatmeal84954.2202-24-2022
Skillet SnacksStout - American Imperial814.0305-08-2022
Skillet StacksStout - Oatmeal814.2506-29-2020
Spectacle of MartyrdomMild Ale - English Dark464.0107-13-2021
Storied Relics Of Death’s Certain PathIPA - New England8.213.8909-04-2021
Subjective Interpretation Is An Understanding NeverthelessStout - American Imperial1524.3809-09-2021
Surf WaxIPA - American6.84164.1404-06-2022
Symptom of Progeny (2021)Wild Ale6.524.107-24-2021
The Abominable Damnation Of Creatures NevertoldStout - American Imperial1413.7804-24-2022
The Adoration of the Mystic LambBrett Beer6.5114.0205-13-2020
The Allegory of ImmortalityWild Ale9.654.1302-22-2020
The Ballad of ChaosBrown Ale - American864.3904-02-2021
The Beginning Is After the EndPorter - American6.5214.0503-27-2022
The Blasphemous Laminated Lambasting NonsensicalnessStout - American Imperial1534.2903-04-2021
The Brightly Lit Trail of the DeadIPA - Imperial8.534.2706-11-2020
The Consequences Of HumanityIPA - Imperial8184.2410-03-2021
The Continual Spectrum of Human IntrospectionIPA - Imperial10.514.4202-12-2022
The Deception of InnocenceIPA - New England8.223.8801-15-2022
The Demons That Reason With MeIPA - Imperial1044.3402-26-2022
The Depiction of A Comfort NeverknownStout - American Imperial1314.7711-28-2021
The End Comes Before the BeginningPorter - American6.533.605-15-2022
The Everlasting Is A Pathway For No OneStout - American Imperial1334.1608-25-2021
The Extinction of Useless LightWild Ale1263.9609-05-2020
The Farewell To Foes We NeversaidStout - American Imperial1424.4611-25-2021
The Field Has EyesFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.8114.1808-29-2020
The Fortress of Immaculate ThoughtWild Ale814.109-05-2021
The Hallowed Ascent Of The NeverstillStout - American Imperial1364.4511-27-2021
The Heavenly Atmosphere Of Unrelenting NothingnessStout - American Imperial1454.1706-07-2021
The Keeper's Veil Honey SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.8913.9208-05-2021
The Land of Many MoonsFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.214.3111-24-2020
The Laughter, The Petulance, And The ScornIPA - New England8.513.504-12-2021
The ManifestoIPA - Imperial1014.3409-10-2021
The Mechanistic Unraveling of Circadian RhythmsIPA - Imperial8.30002-08-2022
The Menacing Aura of a World Believing In NothingStout - American Imperial1554.4404-10-2021
The MercyPorter - American634.0102-02-2020
The Ocean Swallows The SunSour - Gose4.584.0405-19-2020
The Paranormal Electricity Of Trans-Pacific AirwavesIPA - New England724.2210-01-2021
The Peace We Found In TombsStrong Ale - American1314.7505-02-2021
The PenanceMild Ale - English Dark3.514.0311-20-2020
The PrayerPale Ale - Belgian6.244.1605-16-2020
The Prolific Expanse of Descriptive NomenclatureIPA - American724.0103-17-2022
The Savages Of Ruminating MindsIPA - American7.2464.1904-24-2022
The Savages Of Ruminating Minds - Heavy Resin EditionIPA - American7.214.2404-10-2022
The Searcher And The Savage Is MeIPA - American7.834.1101-25-2021
The Second Congregation Of The Extraterrestrial OccultIPA - American7.524.1212-22-2021
The Separation of Light & Darkness 2019 - Carolina PeachesFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.564.2208-01-2020
The Separation Of Light And Darkness 2021 Harvest - Peaches and NectarinesWild Ale6.514.2704-27-2022
The Shadow of Our Final DaysIPA - Imperial1054.2806-29-2020
The Slow DownIPA - New England8.573.9509-17-2021
The Space Where the Supernatural RoamStout - American Imperial151411-30-2021
The Steady Resonance of Voices NeverheardStout - American Imperial1414.7505-01-2021
The Stillness of a Personal HellIPA - Imperial8.534.2204-02-2022
The Tearing Of Flesh From BoneIPA - Imperial8.2354.2107-14-2021
The Virtue Of PatienceBarleywine - American12.5144.1103-14-2022
The Voyage of the Never ExtinctIPA - American6.654.0502-19-2022
The Wake of Time's Cruel Slaughter is NeverfadingStout - American Imperial1544.2706-21-2021
The World Is Not My HomeWild Ale614.5408-25-2021
The World the Mortals ReturnedStout - American Imperial1524.1611-27-2021
The Wretched Pit of IdentityIPA - American7.513.5908-25-2021
These Damning Theories of NonesuchStout - American Imperial1554.4912-27-2021
These Nights of Unbridled Ectasy and Fear of NothingStout - American Imperial1444.2307-21-2020
This Blasphemous Laminated Lambasting NonsensicalnessStout - American Imperial1523.5204-07-2021
Tin Cup Camp StoutStout - Sweet / Milk51053.9801-27-2021
To Ascend Into the AbstractIPA - New England8.514.512-23-2021
To Streak Blood Across My BrowIPA - Imperial8.5304.3106-08-2021
To Wear Their Bones Across My ShouldersIPA - New England7.524.4308-14-2021
Tonin' The BarbarianIPA - New England7.544.3704-18-2020
Too Much BeerStrong Ale - American140004-06-2022
Total Disbelief In All RealityIPA - New England7.544.2202-20-2022
Ulfbehrt FoudrePorter - Baltic7.214.0402-09-2021
Ulfberht Baltic PorterPorter - Baltic9533.9906-24-2021
Under A Tide of Eternal ConquestIPA - Imperial8.874.3202-23-2020
Until Madness Subsides We Remain NeverstillStout - American Imperial1413.7703-14-2022
Until There Is No LongerIPA - New England7.5274.1404-20-2022
Vehement Antipathy for the UnrealisticStout - American Imperial140002-07-2022
Victims Aren't We AllIPA - American7.234.0906-28-2021
Visuals 001Farmhouse Ale - Saison524.3911-07-2021
Walking Through the Abyss Into NonsequiturStout - American Imperial150005-08-2022
Walking Through The Abyss Into NowhereStout - American Imperial1524.4902-19-2022
WarpaintIPA - American754.2107-07-2021
We Didn't Need A Real WorldIPA - Imperial1014.2507-04-2021
What You Were Given and What You Found Along the WayStout - American Imperial1414.502-06-2022
Whatever You're After It's Not InsideIPA - Imperial8.534.2907-08-2021
When Destiny Fails And We All DisappearIPA - Imperial8.534.2501-07-2022
Where Defining Boundaries And Crucial Logic NeverstoodStout - American Imperial1524.2705-05-2021
With Nothing But A Clear ConscienceIPA - Imperial10.534.404-01-2022
Without Which I Would Never BeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour614.0910-31-2021
Wounds that Cannot HealSour - Berliner Weisse4.514.103-06-2020
Your Compliance Is Strongly SuggestedStout - American Imperial1524.3907-11-2021

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