Burial Beer Co.

Burial Beer Co.Burial Beer Co.
Burial Beer Co.Burial Beer Co.
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

40 Collier Ave
Asheville, North Carolina, 28801-4024
United States

(828) 475-2739 | map

MON: 4-10pm
TUE: 4-10pm
WED: 4-10pm
THU: 4-10pm
FRI: 2-10pm
SAT: 2-10pm
SUN: 10:30am-9pm
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A Beautifully Designed Corpse NeverthelessAmerican Imperial Stout1514.3406-06-2023
A Conceptual Architecture For The Worship Of NothingnessAmerican Imperial Stout1524.5507-15-2023
A Confusingly Similar Concept To Something I Forgot From YesterdayImperial IPA8.564.1906-01-2023
A Desolate Divide On This Eastward MetamorphosisNew England IPA6.514.510-22-2022
A Disease Of Virtuous PeopleAmerican IPA6.843.9406-02-2023
A Gateway to Inhabiting Vast Magnificent WorldsKölsch4.924.0508-04-2023
A Generous Characterization Of Those You Remember OtherwiseAmerican Imperial Stout1524.2603-26-2023
A Mind Unkept Leaves the Soul UninvitedAmerican Imperial Stout1324.4306-15-2023
A Mindset of Infinite ExileAmerican Imperial Stout1514.507-02-2023
A Momentary Expression of Cosmic PotentialBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.224.1708-09-2023
A Quite Ostentatious Testimony of NonsequiturAmerican Imperial Stout1534.2805-28-2023
A Reflection Of Who We Are In This MomentNew England IPA8.534.3406-11-2023
A Righteous Absolution In The Face Of The NeverendingAmerican Imperial Stout1414.3408-22-2023
A Vulgar Mutilation Of TruthNew England IPA7.524.2809-25-2023
All That Is Yet To BeNew England IPA824.3208-15-2023
All That WasNew England IPA814.2908-07-2023
All That You Desire But Only For A MomentAmerican Barleywine1344.4909-09-2023
All This Hollow PraiseNew England IPA8.514.3403-14-2023
All We Are Is The Slow DecayImperial IPA8.534.2305-03-2023
Am I Living In Your Nightmare Or My OwnNew England IPA8.344.2604-15-2023
An Empirical Argument For Detachment From ReasonNew England IPA7.554.1107-28-2023
And Together We Find Fascination In Things So DisregardedAmerican Imperial Stout1544.2802-09-2023
And Yet Here You AreAmerican IPA0.113.7504-11-2023
And You Know Not Your Own BoundaryAmerican IPA7.524.812-08-2022
Anecdotes Of Wild ExaggerationAmerican Pale Wheat Beer4.843.6608-15-2023
Anywhere Is Nowhere Worth GoingNew England IPA1014.4410-16-2022
Apostle For NoneAmerican Imperial Stout140011-03-2022
As If You Were Ever Truly HereAmerican IPA7.224.1605-15-2023
As It Exists Through the Eyes of OthersWild Ale6.124.5607-13-2023
Ascent of The Blessed (2022)Wild Ale10.50012-05-2022
Astonishing Spectres Of NonesuchAmerican Imperial Stout1514.3406-06-2023
At Least Stranger Than You Are NowFruited Kettle Sour5.90008-31-2023
Because You Can See What I CannotAmerican Imperial Stout14.534.3911-26-2022
Before It All BreaksNew England IPA8.50001-18-2023
Beyond the Reimagination of the Extraterrestrial OccultAmerican IPA7.50008-31-2023
Careening Towards the Edge of DeceptionSaison6.312.602-09-2023
ChaosmachineLow-Alcohol Beer0.213.505-05-2023
Concepts Of Two Thousand Twenty-Two For The NonsensibleAmerican Imperial Stout1513.805-28-2023
Confession Of Hostility We NeversaidAmerican Imperial Stout1434.6705-28-2023
Convivial Exclamations Of NonsequiturAmerican Imperial Stout1514.3406-11-2023
Divergent TransmissionsNew England IPA734.2407-01-2023
Dreamhuntress - Heavy Resin SeriesNew England IPA753.9806-07-2023
Drowning In HabitsNew England IPA7.524.0409-12-2023
Dry CupAmerican Lager4.213.7309-19-2023
Emotional Cadence And Despondent VocabularyNew England IPA734.1909-17-2023
Experimental Projections Derived from Transcendental ThoughtAmerican IPA723.8608-21-2023
Far Too Many Demons To Endure Double India Pale AleImperial IPA8.514.2509-25-2023
For We Shall Wander this Road to OblivionImperial IPA100008-31-2023
Forgotten Chronicles Of A Purpose NeverfoundAmerican Imperial Stout1424.605-28-2023
Harmonic ReflectionsKellerbier / Zwickelbier4.70008-31-2023
Houtenhamer (2022)American Imperial Stout1564.4803-12-2023
How Very Wonderful To Reconnect When We Have Become Different PeopleNew England IPA8.534.0312-03-2022
Hyperbolic Expressions of Wholly Embellished HypothesesImperial IPA814.3404-22-2023
I Don't Know MeNew England IPA10.534.3308-04-2023
I Hope This Is The EndgameAmerican Imperial Stout1434.6605-18-2023
I Used To Believe That There Was Nothing In BetweenAmerican IPA614.1901-23-2023
I Used To Imagine All The Bright Lights And GloryNew England IPA1044.3604-22-2023
Immortal ChaliceAmerican Stout583.9708-29-2023
In Between Dystopia and DesireImperial IPA1014.5305-28-2023
In Keeping With Our Habitual GraceAmerican Porter6.534.0105-11-2023
Irreverent Observations of A Compromised WorldNew England IPA7.50002-04-2023
It Was A Time To Believe In AnythingNew England IPA7.433.9506-10-2023
Just Enough To Keep From The CoffinNew England IPA8.214.0909-26-2023
Just like AlwaysNew England IPA1024.2404-22-2023
LightgrinderAmerican Porter5.814.2505-11-2023
Many Of My Thoughts Are Pragmatic And The Rest Is Mangled Homogenizations Of MeaninglessnessAmerican Imperial Stout1534.2302-17-2023
Maybe I Will Find Another DreamNew England IPA8.534.2805-28-2023
Moving Through An Unknown PastFruited Kettle Sour5.80008-31-2023
Never Asked To Be This WayAmerican Imperial Stout1514.2407-10-2023
Perceptions of Incarnation (DREAM CANDY EDITION)New England IPA8.50002-15-2023
Perhaps I Never Knew Anything At AllImperial IPA8.544.4106-29-2023
Portal Behind The Gates Of NonexistenceAmerican Imperial Stout1544.404-22-2023
Portal Of Sound To Explore The Possibility Of NonexistenceAmerican Imperial Stout1544.2709-29-2023
Prophets of the Worlds Beyond UsAmerican IPA7.244.0507-13-2023
Pull Me Back into MyselfAmerican Pale Ale514.0407-20-2023
Quite A Reckless PerspectiveImperial IPA1034.3812-24-2022
Save YourselfHelles624.107-03-2023
Separating Being From BecomingNew England IPA8.50002-04-2023
Serenade of ChaosAmerican Brown Ale814.5301-16-2023
Sketches of A Monochromatic Spring ManifestSaison4.724.3804-16-2023
Skillet ShakesOatmeal Stout844.3603-04-2023
So That We Succumb To the Creative Rhythm of Our Grave MisunderstandingAmerican Imperial Stout140008-31-2023
So That We Succumb To The Creative Rhythms Of Our Grave MisunderstandingAmerican Imperial Stout1444.3909-18-2023
So That You Abandon This Emptiness For Utter InsignificanceAmerican Imperial Stout150002-15-2023
Solid PilsnerBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.514.511-07-2022
Something Truly Evil For When You Decide You Need ItNew England IPA8.564.3907-29-2023
That Which Hides Behind Our DreadEnglish Barleywine13.584.2404-19-2023
That Which Induces Boundless ExperienceNew England IPA7.584.2606-28-2023
The Atmospheric Impressions Of Abandoned IdentitiesNew England IPA8.544.4108-07-2023
The Comfort And Beauty Of The Deliberately AustereNew England IPA8.544.2607-22-2023
The Darkness We HeldBrett Beer4.60008-31-2023
The Diabolical Elements of Fundamental DecencyNew England IPA100002-04-2023
The DistortionNew England IPA1034.3303-19-2023
The Dominion Of The Unspoken And The UnthoughtNew England IPA8.254.2807-09-2023
The Effortless Glamour In The Quest For NowhereAmerican Imperial Stout1544.3608-20-2023
The Feasibility Of Evolution For The Desecrated And The DamnedNew England IPA8.384.4204-22-2023
The Innate Pattern of What Was and What Will BeNew England IPA6.524.2704-22-2023
The Mechanics of Chaos in the Construct of TransformationNew England IPA7.544.3611-20-2022
The Moments We Recall Before the Lights Go OutAmerican IPA6.314.2507-02-2023
The Morbid Comfort Of A Welcome RegressionNew England IPA1044.3504-28-2023
The Only Fact to Remain is That I Am Not For LongImperial IPA8.514.3410-07-2022
The Pretty HuntersNew England IPA7.234.2605-16-2023
The Residual Imprint of Nearly Illogical BeginningsNew England IPA724.3707-12-2023
The Separation of Light And Darkness (2022 Harvest) - PeachesWild Ale50012-05-2022
The Subversion of A Paradigmatic UndercurrentAmerican Imperial Stout1534.4502-15-2023
The Void of Perspective That Became You And Me (DREAM CANDY)New England IPA8.533.9707-28-2023
These Are Depictions of Yet Another Revolutionary AbsenceAmerican Imperial Stout1564.4107-15-2023
These Are The Profound Discoveries I Now Wear As A SkinNew England IPA7.534.2305-06-2023
These Sacred Trespasses Against The MisunderstoodAmerican Imperial Stout1414.6911-26-2022
Things We See In The Darkness Dwell In The Damnation of The UnforgivenAmerican Imperial Stout1524.0903-02-2023
Thirty Years Of Confounding Outrage And Haunting Disbelief For A Victory That Was NeverthereAmerican Imperial Stout1514.1408-14-2023
This Feasting Tempest Of Death At The Temple Of DissatisfactionAmerican Imperial Stout1513.8812-29-2022
This Is All Much Too Subtle To Be Translated To The IntangibleAmerican Imperial Stout150001-25-2023
This Rolling Hellbroth of Suppressed ConfusionAmerican Strong Ale14.50008-31-2023
This Rolling Hellbroth Of Suppressed ConfusionAmerican Strong Ale14.513.9610-19-2022
This Was Life And All That It Left For MeNew England IPA7.40008-31-2023
Three Kings Into The EastAmerican IPA734.1112-08-2022
To Entertain Your Necessity Within The CosmosSaison4.713.2504-09-2023
To Exist Inside Our Finite Projections Of RealityNew England IPA8.314.2408-22-2023
Unadorned MagnificenceAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.20008-31-2023
Unhinged Ideologies From The Menagerie Of MindsKölsch4.923.7206-11-2023
Until There Was Emptiness Where There Was Once Something Left To GiveNew England IPA1014.307-10-2023
Waves of EuphoriaAmerican Pale Ale5.314.1304-20-2023
We're Nine!American Amber / Red Lager7.213.5112-02-2022
Welcomed AntiquitiesAltbier5.20008-31-2023
When Judgement Comes For YouSaison5.50008-31-2023
Where Dreams Go To DieSaison4.814.2907-02-2023
Where You May Become Invisible And Never Imagine ReappearingImperial IPA8.524.2812-31-2022
You Don’t Know MeNew England IPA8.444.5309-08-2023
You're Only Human After AllNew England IPA8.514.4106-21-2023

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