Burial Beer Co.

Burial Beer Co.Burial Beer Co.
Burial Beer Co.Burial Beer Co.
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

40 Collier Ave
Asheville, North Carolina, 28801-4024
United States

(828) 475-2739 | map

Notes: MON: 4-10pm
TUE: 4-10pm
WED: 4-10pm
THU: 4-10pm
FRI: 2-10pm
SAT: 2-10pm
SUN: 10:30am-9pm
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A Collection of Idiocy From A Top Notch MoronImperial IPA8.544.2410-30-2022
A Desolate Divide On This Eastward MetamorphosisNew England IPA6.514.510-22-2022
A Fully Experienced Sense of BeingImperial IPA1114.3406-07-2022
A Functional Assessment Of MortalityAmerican IPA7.114.107-31-2022
A Guide To Safely Stewarding The Contents Of One’s ConsciousnessNew England IPA8.554.3311-10-2022
A Memoir of Truly Surreal TimesNew England IPA7.524.1307-13-2022
A Place of Perpetual RuinImperial IPA8.224.3307-11-2022
A Pontificating Diatribe Of NonsequiturAmerican Imperial Stout1533.8212-05-2022
A Portal Through The Continuum of NonexitenceAmerican Imperial Stout1514.6507-03-2022
A Postulation On Precarious Thought And Transient DelusionImperial IPA8.544.4106-26-2022
Above the Threshold of HellNew England IPA7.443.9910-28-2022
Abstract Opulence: Illusion 1Cream Ale140002-16-2022
Abstract Opulence: Illusion 2Cream Ale150009-08-2022
Abstract Opulence: Illusion 3Cream Ale140009-08-2022
Abstract Opulence: Illusion 4Cream Ale150009-08-2022
Abstract Opulence: Illusion 5Cream Ale110009-07-2022
Abstract Opulence: Illusion IVCream Ale1514.408-06-2022
All We Become Is Just Dirt In The GroundImperial IPA8.554.511-20-2022
All We Want Is EverythingImperial IPA8.514.3403-19-2022
All You Know For Certain Is That You Know Absolutely Nothing At AllAmerican Imperial Stout1514.3808-12-2022
Amalgamated Impulses At The Temple Of ThoughtImperial IPA8.554.3907-17-2022
An Actuality Rife With Frequent UnavailabilityAmerican Blonde Ale6.224.0806-25-2022
And Together We Find Fascination In Things So DisregardedAmerican Imperial Stout150011-03-2022
And You Know Not Your Own BoundaryAmerican IPA7.524.812-08-2022
Anno Domini MMXXIIAmerican Imperial Stout1414.4508-02-2022
Anywhere Is Nowhere Worth GoingNew England IPA1014.4410-16-2022
Apostle For NoneAmerican Imperial Stout140011-03-2022
Ascent of The Blessed (2022)Wild Ale10.50012-05-2022
Back From the BendsImperial IPA1024.2901-07-2022
Because There Will Always Be Something MoreAmerican IPA7.514.7505-09-2022
Because You Can See What I CannotAmerican Imperial Stout14.534.3911-26-2022
Curious Interactions with Cognitive DissonanceAmerican IPA744.2407-25-2022
Dissolution of the EgoImperial IPA8.414.0807-16-2022
Downtown RulersAmerican IPA6.564.2507-16-2022
DuskEuropean Dark Lager534.1406-04-2022
Enlightened Aren't We AllNew England IPA7.234.2308-14-2022
ExtraAmerican Lager533.9603-24-2022
FadeMunich Dunkel4.83405-14-2022
Finite Spectrum of ExistenceImperial IPA101404-04-2022
For We Shall Wander this Road to OblivionImperial IPA1024.3905-01-2022
Formed By Involuntary Responses To Experiential StimuliNew England IPA8.334.3108-29-2022
Garden of Earthly Delights VIII - 2022Wild Ale714.3408-02-2022
Hope Is As Hollow As FearImperial IPA101408-12-2022
Houtenhamer (2021)American Imperial Stout1524.4806-09-2022
How Very Wonderful To Reconnect When We Have Become Different PeopleNew England IPA8.534.0312-03-2022
I Knew You Before You Even ExistedImperial IPA8.524.4212-07-2022
I Remember a Time When I Felt Quite NecessaryNew England IPA8.214.2509-02-2022
I Used ToImperial IPA8.554.2704-06-2022
In Different Spaces And In The SameImperial IPA8.214.1607-31-2022
In Keeping With Our Habitual GraceAmerican Porter6.514.511-24-2022
In The Absence Of Forbidden MagicNew England IPA7.324.0408-06-2022
Intrinsic Dialogue of Mortal WavelengthsImperial IPA10.534.3201-12-2022
Just like AlwaysAmerican IPA1014.2312-05-2022
Just To Be Disoriented And Staring Into Middle DistanceNew England IPA7.214.205-14-2022
Lost In the VaporsAmerican IPA734.1204-27-2022
Many Of My Thoughts Are Pragmatic And The Rest Is Mangled Homogenizations Of MeaninglessnessAmerican Imperial Stout1514.3211-22-2022
Maybe I Will Find Another DreamNew England IPA8.514.2710-16-2022
Meditative Variations On the Sanctum of the UnholyAmerican Imperial Stout1424.3804-27-2022
Morphic Resonance of Human FrequenciesImperial IPA8.544.2703-23-2022
My Dreams, Come TrueAmerican Imperial Stout1113.504-04-2022
Necessity for TransformationAmerican IPA754.3906-16-2022
Never Forgotten TriumphsAmerican IPA7.524.0905-19-2022
Ninth PassingAmerican Imperial Stout1524.7207-14-2022
Not All The Spoils Are Incongruent NonconformitiesAmerican Imperial Stout1324.4711-28-2022
Not All the Spoils are Rancid UselessnessAmerican Imperial Stout130004-24-2022
Only Then Shall You Truly Exhibit The Symptom of DeathImperial IPA8.514.3506-20-2022
Perspectives From the Ninth SenseGerman Pilsner524.1708-24-2022
Phantoms of SelfAmerican IPA6.634.1107-12-2022
Plague of EndsNew England IPA7.244.0401-26-2022
Please Rescue Me From My Own Ignorant Barrage Of NonsequiturAmerican Imperial Stout1534.6311-06-2022
Quite A Reckless PerspectiveImperial IPA1014.511-27-2022
Should You Ever Awaken From This Impossible IllusionAmerican Pale Ale5.834.2506-27-2022
Skillet SnacksOatmeal Stout814.0305-08-2022
Solid PilsnerBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.514.511-07-2022
That Which Hides Behind Our DreadEnglish Barleywine13.514.4110-16-2022
The Abominable Damnation Of Creatures NevertoldAmerican Imperial Stout1413.7804-24-2022
The Apology For Evildoing We NeversaidAmerican Imperial Stout1514.4809-16-2022
The Clandestine Quest of Wayward CreaturesAmerican IPA71407-14-2022
The Continual Spectrum of Human IntrospectionImperial IPA10.514.4202-12-2022
The Deception of InnocenceNew England IPA8.223.8801-15-2022
The End Comes Before the BeginningAmerican Porter6.563.6809-09-2022
The Immaculate Trail Into Uncompromising IncredulityAmerican Imperial Stout140009-29-2022
The Incongruence Between What We Know and What We Pretend To BeNew England IPA1034.3111-09-2022
The Innate Pattern of What Was and What Will BeNew England IPA6.514.3611-17-2022
The Mechanics of Chaos in the Construct of TransformationNew England IPA7.544.3611-20-2022
The Mechanistic Unraveling of Circadian RhythmsImperial IPA8.30002-08-2022
The Only Fact to Remain is That I Am Not For LongImperial IPA8.514.3410-07-2022
The Ostensible Realities of Fanatical UnforgivenessAmerican Imperial Stout1534.510-13-2022
The Pattern of Devastation We BecameAmerican IPA734.1807-16-2022
The Prolific Expanse of Descriptive NomenclatureAmerican IPA744.0707-03-2022
The Savages Of Ruminating Minds - Heavy Resin EditionAmerican IPA7.214.2404-10-2022
The Second Congregation Of The Extraterrestrial OccultAmerican IPA7.524.1212-22-2021
The Separation of Light And Darkness (2022 Harvest) - PeachesWild Ale50012-05-2022
The Separation Of Light And Darkness 2021 Harvest - Peaches and NectarinesWild Ale6.514.2704-27-2022
The Third Congregation Of The Extraterrestrial OccultAmerican IPA7.514.0906-19-2022
The Third Fellowship Of The Extraterrestrial OccultNew England IPA7.524.1706-17-2022
The Wretched Exile of the UnrepentantAmerican Imperial Stout1524.6308-24-2022
These Sacred Trespasses Against The MisunderstoodAmerican Imperial Stout1414.6911-26-2022
Things We See In The Darkness Dwell In The Damnation of The UnforgivenAmerican Imperial Stout150011-03-2022
This Is Where You Will Find YourselfAmerican IPA714.1309-04-2022
This Legacy is an Obstruction to Unbridled CuriosityAmerican Imperial Stout1514.507-04-2022
This Rolling Hellbroth Of Suppressed ConfusionAmerican Strong Ale14.513.9610-19-2022
Three Kings Into The EastAmerican IPA724.1111-19-2022
To Ascend Into The AbstractNew England IPA8.534.3907-21-2022
To Be Free of Clear Meaning And Willing ComprehensionAmerican IPA714.1809-06-2022
To DisappearBohemian / Czech Pilsner513.2508-31-2022
Tonin’ the DestroyerAmerican IPA7.524.1909-25-2022
Too Much To BearAmerican Strong Ale1414.6408-02-2022
Treading Onward Towards OblivionImperial IPA8.514.2308-18-2022
Until Madness Subsides We Remain NeverstillAmerican Imperial Stout1413.7703-14-2022
Untold Volumes Of Belligerent IndecisionAmerican Imperial Stout1424.7411-02-2022
Vehement Antipathy for the UnrealisticAmerican Imperial Stout140002-07-2022
Virture Of PatienceAmerican Barleywine12.514.2507-17-2022
Walking Through the Abyss Into NonsequiturAmerican Imperial Stout1524.306-02-2022
We Are All Just One Step AwayNew England IPA8.224.3807-26-2022
We Are Here ForeverSaison6.513.7409-30-2022
We're Nine!American Amber / Red Lager7.213.5112-02-2022
What If There's Another WorldAmerican IPA7.224.308-13-2022
What You Were Given and What You Found Along the WayAmerican Imperial Stout1414.502-06-2022
Where Everything Was Perfect In The Pits Of Aimless DissatisfactionSweet / Milk Stout1414.2410-23-2022
Where You May Become Invisible And Never Imagine ReappearingImperial IPA8.514.3412-04-2022

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Burial Beer Co. in Asheville, NC
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