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Side Project BrewingSide Project Brewing
Side Project BrewingSide Project Brewing
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7458 Manchester Rd
Maplewood, Missouri, 63143
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Side Project Brewing was founded by Cory and Karen King in St. Louis Missouri. Side Project focuses on producing only barrel-aged beers with an emphasis on Saisons, Wild Ales, and spirit barrel-aged beers. Passion and experimentation drive the creation of these rustic to aggressive ales. Barrel and open fermentation pay tribute to the old-world production methods of most of our styles and ingredients are sourced as locally as possible from Missouri and Illinois farmers. Always unfiltered, unpasteurized and bottle-conditioned.

Their Cellar and Whiskey bar is here:
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
10 CandlesAmerican Imperial Stout17104.7602-09-2024
10 Year BarleywineEnglish Barleywine17164.7602-23-2024
9 CandlesAmerican Imperial Stout1524.611-11-2023
A La FoisSaison5.354.2202-23-2024
À La TableSaison2.5404.207-20-2023
Abricot Du FermierSaison84524.5909-25-2023
AnabasisAmerican Barleywine142834.6712-13-2023
Au RevoirSaison644.3411-27-2023
BalatonFlanders Oud Bruin52354.4310-10-2023
Barrels 555 & 556American Imperial Stout1514.2112-17-2023
Barrels 555 & 556 - BlueprintAmerican Imperial Stout150003-18-2023
Barrels 555 & 556 - CoffeestampAmerican Imperial Stout150003-18-2023
Barrels 555 & 556 - Kaldi’sAmerican Imperial Stout150003-18-2023
Barrels 555 & 556 - La CosechaAmerican Imperial Stout150003-18-2023
Barrels 555 & 556 - Living RoomAmerican Imperial Stout150003-18-2023
Barrels 555 & 556 - SumpAmerican Imperial Stout150003-18-2023
Beer:Barrel:Time (2023)American Imperial Stout1594.702-15-2024
Beer:Barrel:Time (Rye 2023)American Imperial Stout15244.5602-15-2024
Beer:Barrel:Time (Rye Double Barrel-Aged 2023)American Imperial Stout1774.812-10-2023
Beer:Barrel:Time (Van Winkle 2023)American Imperial Stout14684.7502-27-2024
Bière BlancheWitbier51004.312-02-2023
Bière Blanche - 10 YearWitbier514.502-15-2024
Biere Du PaysSaison44004.3112-24-2023
Bière du Pays - Gin Barrel-AgedSaison4144.5304-22-2023
Bière du Pays - Gin Barrel-Aged - Spruce TipsSaison4104.4403-14-2023
Biere Du Pays - GrapefruitSaison5164.3401-03-2022
Biere Du Pays - RaspberrySaison5604.2802-07-2024
Billionaire’s Hot ChocolateAmerican Imperial Stout1594.5102-12-2024
Black & WildWild Ale102524.4812-06-2023
Blanc De BlancsBière de Champagne / Bière Brut103534.4912-20-2023
Bleuet Du FermierSaison8924.4608-09-2023
Blueberry FlandersFlanders Red Ale63184.3609-30-2023
BruinFlanders Oud Bruin5194.2112-02-2023
BubbleImperial IPA014.0401-05-2024
Bubble WrapAmerican Imperial Stout14.5324.6402-06-2024
Cassis Du FermierSaison8514.4504-22-2023
CerasusWild Ale533.9311-18-2023
Coffee Shop Vibes - Sump / Pull & Pour SupernaturalRussian Imperial Stout1324.6312-10-2023
Coffee Shop Vibes - Sump Fjord Of Shadows (Nitro)Russian Imperial Stout1364.4902-22-2024
Continuance - 10 YearEnglish Barleywine2074.5901-01-2024
Continuance Blend #4American Strong Ale1484.5301-22-2024
Deca-American Strong Ale1784.6201-13-2024
Derivation Blend #17American Imperial Stout15164.6202-07-2024
Derivation Blend #18American Imperial Stout150002-16-2024
Derivation Grand CruAmerican Imperial Stout180002-01-2024
Double Barrel Anabasis - 10 YearAmerican Barleywine15164.7202-23-2024
Double Barrel Derivation - Double Willett Double Tanzanian Vanilla 2024American Imperial Stout1644.8402-26-2024
Double Barrel Derivation - Double Willett Single Vanilla 2023American Imperial Stout1664.7102-23-2024
Far AfieldSaison574.2112-02-2023
FencerowWild Ale62284.401-29-2022
Floue FloueWild Ale0284.405-14-2023
Foedre BeerWild Ale61284.3212-24-2023
Foedre RedFlanders Red Ale6124.3211-21-2021
For LCAmerican Imperial Stout170002-01-2024
For PhilAmerican Imperial Stout15224.4210-08-2023
For TWCPAmerican Imperial Stout15134.7202-05-2024
Forever DarknessAmerican Imperial Stout19244.5210-08-2023
Framboise Du FermierSaison83284.6402-06-2024
FuzzyWild Ale81,0284.6111-04-2023
GenerationalAmerican Imperial Stout15284.6203-20-2023
Grisette - Dry-HoppedGrisette4184.312-12-2022
GuffBohemian / Czech Pilsner50002-23-2024
HomeBrett Beer514.3411-10-2023
KriekFruit Lambic624.4407-15-2021
Kriek Du FermierSaison8584.5310-08-2023
La Belle FleurBrett Beer6124.4212-17-2023
La Belle Fleur - Mango TangerineBrett Beer664.1801-27-2024
La Belle Fleur - Pineapple MangoBrett Beer614.2502-09-2024
La FosseWild Ale84364.5101-27-2024
La RucheSaison61344.3202-26-2024
La Ruche - 10 YearSaison514.2502-18-2024
LängstOld Ale12814.4402-07-2024
LazuliNew England IPA70002-14-2024
Le SaisonnierSaison52344.2401-24-2024
Le Saisonnier - Dry-Hopped Blend #1Saison544.3812-02-2023
LiminalNew England IPA724.1612-18-2023
Loam - ChambourcinSaison6104.2810-29-2023
Loam - NortonSaison674.3501-23-2024
Loam - Vidal BlancSaison6134.3701-01-2024
M.J.K.English Barleywine20624.8302-27-2024
MaltvinEnglish Barleywine15484.4602-07-2024
Maple In The Wood - Double Barrel-AgedWheatwine14144.602-07-2024
Marietta AveSaison61634.0512-11-2022
Marietta Ave - Dry-Hopped Blend #1Saison684.2802-28-2024
Merci (40th Anniversary Blend)Wild Ale794.4701-27-2024
Merci (Blend #5)Wild Ale6134.2703-29-2023
Noir Du FermierSaison71194.2108-03-2022
O.W.K.American Imperial Stout15674.8612-24-2023
Open SpacesFlanders Red Ale7244.3103-28-2023
OrviamoWild Ale10964.5502-27-2024
Oude Du BléSaison71014.4602-14-2024
Oude FermierSaison71474.7102-10-2024
Oude Fermier Grand Cru Vintage 2019Saison774.502-09-2024
Oude La RucheSaison6124.5203-19-2022
Oude La Ruche - KriekSaison7104.3312-11-2023
Parfait (Blend #6)American Imperial Stout12.534.3201-14-2024
Peche Du FermierSaison82484.5102-14-2024
Phase RuleAmerican Imperial Stout1564.5202-18-2024
Provence: Blackberry ChamomileSaison674.2211-12-2021
Provence: Blueberry RosehipSaison654.0806-05-2023
Provence: Darjeeling VanillaSaison644.2409-04-2023
Pulling Nails - 10 YearWild Ale764.201-23-2024
Pulling Nails Blend #16Wild Ale673.3307-05-2023
Punchdown ChambourcinWild Ale91424.2902-07-2024
PurpetuaWild Ale6124.3708-28-2022
PX1American Pale Ale5.134.301-13-2024
Quetsche Du FermierSaison8234.4603-10-2022
QuinceWild Ale564.0908-27-2023
RaspeWild Ale61064.3511-05-2023
Red Plum du BléSaison634.3511-19-2022
Reflections - 10 YearWild Ale534.5301-20-2024
Reverberant - Bourbon Barrel-AgedEnglish Barleywine1594.4501-21-2024
Reverberant - Rye Barrel-AgedEnglish Barleywine15114.5701-23-2024
Rosé Du BléSaison6984.4202-23-2022
Saison Du BléSaison65864.402-06-2024
Saison du Blé (10 Yr Blend)Saison614.0201-24-2024
Saison Du FermierSaison78944.5601-28-2024
Saison Du Fermier - Foedre FermierSaison71174.4108-03-2022
Saison Du Fermier - Gin Barrel-AgedSaison784.5301-14-2022
Saison Du Fermier - Pinot Noir PuncheonsSaison71214.4602-09-2024
SakuraFlanders Oud Bruin6144.4410-28-2023
Shin ShinAmerican Imperial Stout1644.7703-28-2023
Silent Barrel #552American Imperial Stout150002-14-2024
Silent Barrel #568American Imperial Stout1524.812-04-2023
Silent Barrel #587American Strong Ale150002-14-2024
Silent Barrel #633American Imperial Stout1514.9912-04-2023
Silent Barrel #767American Imperial Stout1514.7412-04-2023
Silent Barrel #798English Barleywine1414.8212-04-2023
Silent Barrel #925Russian Imperial Stout150002-14-2024
Single Farm - MotuekaSaison6174.3508-14-2023
Single Farm - NelsonSaison6134.3206-18-2022
Single Farm - New Zealand CascadeSaison664.2412-02-2023
Single Farm - RiwakaSaison694.3211-08-2023
Single Thread 2023Saison754.3601-22-2024
SmoothWild Ale62354.5202-26-2024
SpontanFermierWild Ale6744.2410-26-2021
SunrisesWild Ale744.4202-18-2024
Terminus - Willett Bourbon BarrelsAmerican Imperial Stout1594.6311-25-2023
Terminus - Willett Rye BarrelsAmerican Imperial Stout1544.6602-07-2024
Terroir Project: Vidal BlancWild Ale8204.2505-13-2022
Tête de Cuvée Vintage 2020Saison774.4805-20-2023
Tête de Cuvée Vintage 2022Saison724.7212-17-2023
ThicketWild Ale63114.5102-23-2024
Time LapseSweet / Milk Stout5.50002-08-2024
Time Lapse - Coffee / Vanilla / CinnamonSweet / Milk Stout5.50002-15-2024
Tommy FreshNew England IPA80002-02-2024
Triple Barrel AnabasisAmerican Barleywine1824.7112-17-2023

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Side Project Brewing in Maplewood, MO
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