Grimm Artisanal Ales

Grimm Artisanal AlesGrimm Artisanal Ales
Grimm Artisanal AlesGrimm Artisanal Ales
Brewery, Bar

990 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York, 11211
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1st AnniversaryAmerican Imperial IPA11194.32-
A. A. GradientFlanders Red Ale633.9-
Action/AdventureSmoke Beer5564.01-
AfterimageNew England IPA85994.43-
Afterimage MagentaAmerican Imperial IPA8204.03-
Air and LightAmerican Wild Ale5294.09-
Amarillo Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8394.06-
Apricot Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8474.07-
Apricot RebusAmerican Wild Ale5.5294.19-
Astral SunsetAmerican Imperial IPA823.92-
Astral SunsetAmerican Imperial IPA894.05-
AwoogahNew England IPA6.71604.29-
Bees In The TrappeBelgian Tripel8333.97-
Bees With A BuzzBelgian Tripel8604-
BFFBelgian IPA91434.03-
Blackberry Orange Pop!Berliner Weisse61294.19-
Blueberry Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8894.05-
Both Sides NowAmerican Wild Ale694.23-
Boysen Raspberry Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8454.18-
Boysen RebusAmerican Wild Ale5.7424.34-
BublikRussian Kvass2.200-
Butterfly DoorAmerican Imperial IPA8384.36-
CamoufleurBelgian Saison6.5154.08-
CandlepowerBelgian Saison8583.95-
Canopy DoorAmerican Imperial IPA8144.33-
CAPSLOCKAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5564.25-
CassiopeiaBaltic Porter10633.91-
CastlingBelgian Saison5.5933.92-
Catch WaveNew England IPA7.51194.26-
Celebrity CruiseAmerican Lager5.494.23-
Cherry Oak ShapeshifterScotch Ale / Wee Heavy8.3523.87-
Cherry Raspberry Pop!Berliner Weisse4.81494.22-
Chocolate Cherry Icing On The CakeAmerican Imperial Stout11284.14-
ChronosGerman Pilsner553.94-
Circle of FifthsAmerican Wild Ale4.894.13-
Citra Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8444.22-
City VisionAmerican IPA833.99-
Cloud LandingAmerican Imperial IPA8374.24-
CloudbustingNew England IPA82254.24-
Cloudbusting #3American Imperial IPA8584.15-
Cloudbusting #4American Imperial IPA8514.17-
Cloudbusting #5American IPA8154.24-
Coffee Coconut Icing On The CakeAmerican Imperial Stout11.5304.14-
Color FieldAmerican Wild Ale5.21623.87-
Comic SansNew England IPA814.25-
Crystal SyncBelgian Saison6.3303.87-
Crystal VibrationAmerican IPA7284.32-
Cube: Cuvee #1American Wild Ale6.5374.14-
Cube: Cuvee #2 (Orange Bitters Barrel)American Wild Ale5.5294.2-
Cube: Cuvee #3 (Saison De Coupage)Belgian Saison6.2163.99-
Cube: Cuvee #4 (Lemongrass, Chamomile, And Mouteka)American Wild Ale5144.09-
Destination NeonAmerican Imperial IPA8174.23-
Double Dry Hopped AfterimageAmerican Imperial IPA8294.31-
Double Dry Hopped ForcefieldAmerican IPA6.4624.1-
Double Dry Hopped Lambo DoorAmerican Imperial IPA844.46-
Double Dry Hopped LumenAmerican IPA6.4384.25-
Double Dry Hopped Pulse WaveAmerican Imperial IPA0154.1-
Double Dry Hopped ZapAmerican Imperial IPA8194.41-
Double Dry-Hopped TesseractAmerican Imperial IPA8794.46-
Double NegativeAmerican Imperial Stout105944.23-
Double Negative (Bourbon Barrel-Aged)American Imperial Stout10.22764.27-
Double Negative (Maple Bourbon Barrel)American Imperial Stout112334.1-
DreamweaponNew England IPA6.41574.04-
EchoplexAmerican Wild Ale5.3914.14-
Energy FieldAmerican Imperial IPA8354.23-
Energy VibrationAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5144.26-
Eternal NowAmerican Wild Ale654.31-
Field RotationBerliner Weisse4.5734.23-
Flash ForwardAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5114.34-
Flow StateAmerican Wild Ale6194.36-
Foo FooAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5224.04-
Forcefield (2015)American Imperial IPA9.4184.19-
Forcefield IPA (2016)American IPA6.41474.33-
From The HipBelgian Strong Pale Ale783.93-
Frou FrouAmerican IPA7.1534.2-
Full FrequencyBerliner Weisse354-
Future DaysAmerican Wild Ale6144.36-
Future PerfectBerliner Weisse41954.16-
Galaxy Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8574.18-
Gamelan Pop!Berliner Weisse6124.15-
Geodesic DomeAmerican Wild Ale5.534.09-
Going AwryBelgian Strong Pale Ale8193.74-
Golden HourBelgian Saison6.3133.61-
Gradient (Blackberry)Flanders Oud Bruin6743.89-
Gravity of SmileNew England IPA9284.26-
Grimm / HaandBryggeriet - TrylleteinNew England IPA8104.06-
Grimm / Other Half - Jam Don’t ShakeAmerican Imperial Stout17214.04-
HalftoneAmerican IPA6.3814.24-
Hyperfocus - CashmereAmerican Imperial IPA8184.28-
Hyperfocus - CitraAmerican Imperial IPA8204.35-
Hyperfocus - GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8154.32-
Hyperfocus - MosaicAmerican Imperial IPA8214.21-
Hyperfocus - SimcoeAmerican Imperial IPA8144.22-
Hyperfocus- AmarilloAmerican Imperial IPA843.99-
Hyperfocus- EkuanotAmerican Imperial IPA884.13-
Icing on the CakeEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout101044.09-
Idaho 7American Imperial IPA8304.21-
In Mid-AirNew England IPA8904.28-
Just IntonationAmerican Wild Ale624.09-
Kinetic CloudAmerican Wild Ale51064.16-
Kites Are FunAmerican Imperial IPA8464.13-
Lambo DoorAmerican Imperial IPA86124.38-
Lichtenhainer WeisseBerliner Weisse500-
Light YearAmerican Imperial IPA81554.3-
Lightning FieldsAmerican Wild Ale053.94-
LILTAmerican Wild Ale6224.17-
Liquid CrystalBelgian Saison6.2613.97-
Living DaylightsAmerican Wild Ale5.8944.16-
Lucky CloudAmerican Wild Ale5.7644.33-
LumenNew England IPA6.43994.36-
Lunar ReturnAmerican Wild Ale5224.24-
Magnetic CloudAmerican Imperial IPA8154.29-
Magnetic CompassNew England IPA6.42944.43-
Magnetic TapeAmerican IPA6.414.51-
Magnetic TapeAmerican IPA6.4964.27-
Mango Guava Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8284.18-
Mango Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8614.12-
Matchbox LamboBelgian IPA4.514.51-
Maximum BoogieAmerican Imperial IPA10114.3-
Maximum DelightAmerican IPA8264.08-
Maximum HappinessAmerican IPA7164.12-
Maximum JoyNew England IPA8154.21-
MidheavenAmerican Wild Ale6214.25-
Midnight MorningAmerican Imperial Stout13284.22-
Mosaic Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8334.18-
Neon LightsBelgian Saison5.5743.96-
New AgeAmerican Imperial IPA8374.18-
NicetiesAmerican Wild Ale614-
No Hands NowLeipzig Gose313.88-
Noon MoonEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout12114.31-
Orgone AccumulatorBelgian Saison6283.74-
Passion DomeAmerican Wild Ale5.3734.13-
Passionfruit Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8394.16-
Piña Pop!Berliner Weisse6144.1-
Pineapple Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8514.11-
PlinkAmerican Wild Ale5.7264.2-
Power Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8454.09-
Power SourceAmerican Imperial IPA8334.45-
Present PerfectBerliner Weisse41524.26-
PsychokinesisAmerican Wild Ale53284.18-
Pulse WaveAmerican Imperial IPA81944.25-
Purple ProseAmerican Wild Ale5.42024.06-
Rainbow DomeAmerican Wild Ale5.43464.17-
Rainbow In Curved AirAmerican Wild Ale4.71233.92-
Rhythm ForceNew England IPA8234.29-
Rubus RebusAmerican Wild Ale5.7594.29-
secondsEnglish Dark Mild Ale3.533.75-
Secret TrackBelgian Saison4.5114.03-
Sense WorldAmerican Imperial IPA864.07-
Shadow WorkFlanders Oud Bruin7133.95-
ShapeshifterScotch Ale / Wee Heavy8.3453.94-
Signal To NoiseAmerican Imperial IPA8.5354.21-
SimcoeAmerican Imperial IPA8124.29-
SkyspaceAmerican Wild Ale5804.14-
Solar ReturnAmerican Wild Ale5114.22-
Spiritual ConsultantNew England IPA7.5204.25-
SplishAmerican Imperial IPA81824.23-
Spooky ActionFlanders Oud Bruin8104.12-
Star AtlasAmerican Wild Ale5.543.97-
StargazeBerliner Weisse324.16-
Still LifeBelgian Saison3.8333.91-
Strawberry RebusAmerican Wild Ale5.774.02-
StrikingAmerican Imperial IPA8374.2-
Subliminal MessageAmerican Wild Ale51523.94-
SugarmakerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout11.51284.12-
Suicide DoorAmerican Imperial IPA10274.37-
Sumi BabkaAmerican Imperial Stout12364.29-
Sumi CacaoAmerican Imperial Stout10.21024.13-
Sumi InkAmerican Imperial Stout13.51674.35-
Sumi ZestAmerican Imperial Stout11.524.25-
Sumi ZestAmerican Imperial Stout11.51164.07-
SunroofAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5214.07-
Sunshine Pop!Berliner Weisse4.8354.09-
Super CrushLeipzig Gose4.7274.19-
Super GoingLeipzig Gose4.82324.18-
Super JourneyLeipzig Gose564.27-
Super ParadiseLeipzig Gose4.7113.76-
Super PresentLeipzig Gose544.25-
Super ShineLeipzig Gose4.7594.1-
Super SpruceLeipzig Gose4.73084.23-
Super SymmetryLeipzig Gose4.81494.08-
Super YouLeipzig Gose5.3724.15-
Talk TalkAmerican Imperial IPA8154.27-
TangramAmerican Wild Ale624.21-
TelekinesisAmerican Wild Ale5.22434.23-
TelosGerman Pilsner5.594.21-
TesseractAmerican Imperial IPA85714.41-
TetraplexAmerican Imperial IPA10174.2-
The Time Is NowAmerican Wild Ale613.88-
Today's Special: BlancAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.514.03-
Today’s SpecialAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5294.16-
Today’s Special Extra CitraAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5144.23-
Today’s Special: MandarinaAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.564.02-
Today’s Special: MotuekaAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.574-
Today’s Special: New YorkAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.524.15-
Tom TomAmerican Imperial IPA8.5354.21-
ToposGerman Pilsner573.81-
TraceryBelgian Saison6154.34-
TrylleyeinAmerican IPA824.14-
Upstairs/DownstairsAmerican Imperial IPA8274.16-
VacayAmerican Wild Ale5.32004.02-
Vanilla Bean Double NegativeAmerican Imperial Stout1014.76-
Vis-a-VisGerman Pilsner053.99-
William of OckhamAmerican Wild Ale624.35-
With Love From GrimmBelgian Tripel10153.73-
ZapNew England IPA81194.24-
Zero AnniversaryAmerican Imperial IPA8154.31-
ZonkAmerican Imperial IPA10314.18-
Grimm Artisanal Ales in Brooklyn, NY
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