Burlington Beer Co.

Burlington Beer Co.Burlington Beer Co.
Burlington Beer Co.Burlington Beer Co.
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

180 Flynn Avenue
Burlington, Vermont, 05401
United States

(802) 863-2337 | map
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
7th Anniversary AleImperial IPA11144.210-19-2021
8th AnniversaryBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.254.0609-01-2022
9th AnniversaryMaibock763.908-25-2023
Alien Hymns And Stoner FablesOatmeal Stout11294.2510-24-2023
Amethyst QuestAmerican IPA3.5104.0110-21-2023
Ancient LoreAmerican Lager51412-02-2023
Ancient PowerAmerican Imperial Stout8294.1503-10-2022
Arvo EskyNew England IPA8.4234.1603-09-2023
Astronaut In The OceanGose6.563.508-23-2021
Back To The GardenMilkshake IPA7.7244.1711-07-2023
BaristaAmerican Porter7.31533.9711-11-2023
BeekeeperNew England IPA91104.2409-26-2023
Beekeeper - Yellow Birch-AgedNew England IPA9444.202-22-2019
Blue DreamNew England IPA8113.9208-27-2023
Brave NoiseAmerican Pale Ale5.143.8703-26-2022
Castle in the CloudsNew England IPA10314.2410-22-2023
Choir Of The DeadAmerican Imperial Stout10154.1308-28-2022
Chunky & JellyImperial Porter9394.0307-18-2020
Coniferous - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout12194.2404-10-2018
Cosmic ExoskeletonGose5.5153.9307-18-2020
Creatures Of MagicNew England IPA6.51964.1911-22-2023
Cultivate BarleywineEnglish Barleywine11.564.2404-06-2023
Cultivate Tripel - BlueberriesTripel8153.8104-24-2021
Dazzling GleamNew England IPA6153.7807-18-2020
Destroyed By Hibiscus PowersAmerican IPA743.8109-02-2023
Destroyed By Hippie Powers - Blue Pea FlowersAmerican IPA7243.9703-25-2018
Destroyed By Hippie Powers - LemongrassAmerican IPA7254.0407-18-2020
Digital ProphetNew England IPA834.1107-02-2022
Directions To See A GhostBaltic Porter13.274.2308-20-2022
Double Dazzling GleamNew England IPA873.9701-01-2022
Double Easy TigerGose834.0309-09-2022
Double Island WalkingMilkshake IPA86410-29-2021
Double Roadside BanditsMilkshake IPA814.1308-16-2020
Double Seaside PiratesMilkshake IPA823.707-18-2020
Double Space WalkerGose814.3505-22-2022
Double Sunken CityGose83409-09-2022
Dream EaterAmerican Imperial Stout8454.1111-06-2023
Easy TigerGose5.82407-11-2021
Elaborate MetaphorAmerican Pale Ale5.42664.1510-22-2023
Electric LimelightAmerican IPA6.234.0812-01-2019
Electric OasisGose5.51407-23-2023
Emerald QuestNew England IPA3.584.0110-21-2023
Enchanted RunesNew England IPA6.4173.9709-10-2023
Everyone Is GoldenGose4.713.6305-30-2021
Fair AcreAmerican Amber / Red Lager5133.9911-19-2023
Firefly ForestGose5.553.8211-26-2023
Fist Full Of BeesNew England IPA10.2174.404-08-2023
Folk MetalOatmeal Stout5.51063.9811-25-2023
Fourth ColourImperial IPA8184.2311-12-2023
Frequency VibrationFruit and Field Beer873.9802-05-2021
Future GlowAmerican IPA4.5873.9711-04-2023
Geodesic Snow Globe (2021)English Barleywine10.4104.2408-12-2023
Ghost StoriesSmoked Beer533.9411-11-2023
Glacier PalaceAmerican IPA6.253.6808-17-2023
Glacier PalaceAmerican IPA6.213.7506-06-2023
Go GreenAmerican Pale Ale5.423.6406-12-2023
Good CompanyFestbier / Wiesnbier5.5143.8411-17-2023
Harmonic ConvergenceGose8103.7104-16-2022
Hawthorne GateIrish Dry Stout543.8207-26-2023
Heart SwapAmerican Imperial Stout8154.1403-11-2022
Hedgerow (2021)American Barleywine1274.0906-26-2021
Hold InfinityAmerican Barleywine10.514.2411-11-2022
Hyperspace FuryAmerican Imperial Stout8194.1107-22-2021
I See The Vision - Papaya And YuzuAmerican IPA7154.0908-31-2018
I See The Vision - Paw Paw And DragonfruitAmerican IPA7224.0408-31-2018
Imperial Dream EaterAmerican Imperial Stout10104.2710-31-2023
Imperial MocaccinoAmerican Imperial Stout1024.1601-09-2022
Incantations (2021)American Imperial Stout10.523.9912-25-2021
Incantations (2022)American Imperial Stout11.374.1711-25-2023
Incantations (2023)American Imperial Stout10.50011-28-2023
Intangible TidesNew England IPA10974.3610-29-2023
It's Complicated Being A WizardNew England IPA85124.1111-28-2023
Jump Rope The StarsImperial IPA8.344.108-11-2021
Jupiter Moon BaseGose5.833.9312-13-2021
LettuceNew England IPA713.908-16-2023
Light in the WindowAmerican IPA5.713.7106-06-2023
LighthouseGerman Pilsner5263.7710-10-2023
Magenta MountainGose5.533.9906-04-2023
Mahogany & TweedEnglish Barleywine12284.2311-04-2023
Martian DawnImperial IPA8.2243.9610-04-2023
Mason Jar MildEnglish Dark Mild Ale4.5243.7909-19-2023
Meteor MashAmerican Imperial Stout8194.2212-03-2021
Midnite VulturesMilkshake IPA6204.0111-10-2019
MocaccinoSweet / Milk Stout7273.9503-19-2023
MoonblastAmerican Imperial Stout8113.8907-18-2020
Moonlight MaraudersMilkshake IPA6.543.6707-18-2020
Mortise & TenonAmerican Porter7113.9711-20-2023
Native LandAmerican Lager523.8808-17-2023
Neon NightlightsGose5.533.9307-29-2023
Neon NormcoreNew England IPA823.8908-10-2021
NoblebrightNew England IPA5.2203.9511-16-2023
North Of KathmanduAmerican Imperial Stout11154.211-26-2023
OakledgeWild Ale6.41406-12-2023
Orbital ElevatorNew England IPA8.32134.2411-29-2023
Organized AnarchyWild Ale1043.9611-15-2020
Paper Mache Dream BalloonBlack IPA7234.0507-18-2020
Peach Of MindSaison6.5283.906-24-2018
Peak NostalgiaMilkshake IPA8244.0907-02-2021
Peasant BreadAmerican Brown Ale5.5643.8904-03-2023
Peasant KingNew England IPA91644.1408-02-2023
Petal ProphecyAmerican IPA6554.0109-25-2022
Pine BrookAmerican Lager5.553.8810-10-2023
Primal CarnageImperial IPA11.544.3809-02-2023
Primal DestructionAmerican IPA11.514.2111-04-2023
Prismatic LazerAmerican Imperial Stout8194.1507-18-2020
Psychedelic VolcanoImperial IPA1024.3207-06-2021
Purple PunchNew England IPA883.8709-09-2023
Puzzles & PagansAmerican Imperial Stout11204.211-21-2021
Pyramids & CrystalsIndia Pale Lager (IPL)5314.0104-23-2022
Queen’s MageNew England IPA6.5203.9709-02-2023
Radical CandorNew England IPA6.2304.0610-15-2023
RattlesnakeNew England IPA543.9309-03-2022
Reflected SymmetryNew England IPA6614.0306-12-2022
Resolute VoyageGose51403-19-2023
Riddle of the SphinxImperial IPA1074.1408-31-2023
Riverboat RacketeerNew England IPA6.5194.0509-26-2023
Roadside BanditsMilkshake IPA6183.9307-18-2020
Rootstock & BlossomAmerican Imperial Stout12123.9411-15-2023
Ruby QuestAmerican IPA3.513.7508-22-2020
Sapphire QuestAmerican IPA3.543.9308-29-2021
Sea Of AirNew England IPA8.1594.1710-22-2023
Seances & SacrificesAmerican Imperial Stout12294.211-11-2023
Seaside PiratesMilkshake IPA6.5144.0507-18-2020
Shadow BallAmerican Imperial Stout8194.107-18-2020
ShoegazerAmerican Blonde Ale5294.0507-27-2021
Single Hop IPA - Barbe RougeAmerican IPA5.9704.1107-18-2020
Single Hop IPA - CitraAmerican IPA5.7254.207-18-2020
Single Hop IPA - MistralAmerican IPA5.7183.9407-18-2020
Single Hop IPA - MosaicAmerican IPA5.7414.1607-18-2020
Single Hop IPA - SimcoeAmerican IPA5.7304.2207-18-2020
SkittlzImperial IPA82405-19-2020
SkyhookNew England IPA10284.1906-15-2023
Soft Ambient MusicAmerican IPA7123.9408-24-2023
SpacewalkerFruited Kettle Sour5.774.107-17-2021
Stainless ForestNew England IPA8.21584.209-26-2023
Stone FenceEuropean Dark Lager5.5123.7611-05-2023
Strange ApparitionOatmeal Stout10.2754.1412-03-2023
Strange Days IndeedSaison5.71408-10-2021
Study HallAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.5153.8411-04-2023
Sublimated DreamsNew England IPA8654.1811-08-2023
Sunset SherbetImperial IPA893.0907-18-2020
Surfing Waves Of DopamineSaison5.8503.7807-09-2023
The BeetNew England IPA6.813.9408-16-2023
Time Of The ChimpanzeeNew England IPA6.5894.1412-02-2023
Totemic MightImperial IPA8154.0409-08-2023
TurnipNew England IPA6.414.2108-16-2023
Uncanny ValleyNew England IPA72574.1711-23-2023
Vaulted BlueNew England IPA5.7564.0611-27-2023
Whale Cake - Black RaspberryCream Ale513.8107-31-2021
Whale Cake - MangoAmerican Blonde Ale5.533.8108-27-2023
Whale Cake - RaspberryCream Ale5.5293.7608-11-2023
Whale Cake - StrawberryCream Ale5.51273.7211-12-2023
Whale Cake - WatermelonCream Ale5.4103.7811-09-2021
You Can't Get There From Here - Black Raspberry And CurrantsFruited Kettle Sour4.5184.1111-25-2021
You Can't Get There From Here - Dragon Fruit And Passion FruitFruited Kettle Sour4.52407-18-2020
You Can't Get There From Here - GrapefruitFruited Kettle Sour4.534.2207-18-2020
You Can't Get There From Here - Key Lime And KumquatFruited Kettle Sour4.5394.106-12-2022
You Can't Get There From Here - Peach And PassionfruitFruited Kettle Sour4.7174.109-28-2018
You Can't Get There From Here - Prickly Pear And Pink GuavaFruited Kettle Sour4.5334.1909-15-2022
You Can't Get There From Here - Raspberry & Red PlumFruited Kettle Sour4.573.8207-23-2021
You Can't Get There From Here - Red PlumFruited Kettle Sour4.554.2207-18-2020
You Can't Get There From Here - Strawberry And RhubarbFruited Kettle Sour4.5154.0807-18-2020
Zebra HippoImperial IPA8.25114.0710-02-2019

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Burlington Beer Co. in Burlington, VT
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