Burlington Beer Co.

Burlington Beer Co.Burlington Beer Co.
Burlington Beer Co.Burlington Beer Co.
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

180 Flynn Avenue
Burlington, Vermont, 05401
United States

(802) 863-2337 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
7th Anniversary AleIPA - Imperial11144.210-19-2021
Alien Hymns And Stoner FablesStout - Oatmeal11264.2204-16-2022
Ancient PowerStout - American Imperial8294.1503-10-2022
Astronaut In the OceanSour - Gose6.563.508-23-2021
Back to the GardenIPA - New England7.7174.2104-27-2022
BaristaPorter - American7.31293.9504-30-2022
BeachcombSour - Gose874.1408-06-2021
BeekeeperIPA - New England91024.2405-15-2022
Black Raspberry Whale CakeSour - Gose513.8107-31-2021
Blue DreamIPA - New England823.505-14-2022
Brave NoisePale Ale - American5.143.8703-26-2022
Castle in the CloudsIPA - New England10204.205-11-2022
Choir of the DeadStout - American Imperial12134.1503-21-2022
Choir of the Dead (2021)Stout - American Imperial1024.2501-13-2022
Chunky & JellyPorter - Imperial9394.0307-18-2020
Cosmic ExoskeletonSour - Gose5.5153.9307-18-2020
Creatures Of MagicIPA - New England6.51684.1905-10-2022
Cultivate (2020)Barleywine - English11.554.2411-20-2021
Cultivate - BlueberriesTripel8153.8104-24-2021
CyboogieWild Ale4.573.9107-18-2020
Dazzling GleamIPA - New England6153.7807-18-2020
Destroyed By Hippie Powers - LemongrassIPA - American7254.0407-18-2020
Directions to See a GhostPorter - Baltic1264.3705-15-2022
Double Dazzling GleamIPA - New England814.7301-01-2022
Dream EaterStout - American Imperial8364.0910-30-2021
Easy TigerSour - Gose5.82407-11-2021
Elaborate MetaphorPale Ale - American5.42414.1605-15-2022
Emerald QuestIPA - New England3.524.0506-11-2021
Enchanted RunesIPA - New England6.41405-15-2022
Everyone Is GoldenSour - Gose4.713.6305-30-2021
Folk MetalStout - Oatmeal6.2953.9803-21-2022
Folk MetalStout - Oatmeal5.524.0311-28-2021
Fourth ColourIPA - Imperial8154.2107-18-2020
Frequency VibrationFruit and Field Beer873.9802-05-2021
Future GlowIPA - American4.5813.9812-07-2021
Geodesic Snow Globe (2021)Barleywine - English10.444.2903-04-2022
Harmonic ConvergenceSour - Gose8103.7104-16-2022
Heart SwapStout - American Imperial8154.1403-11-2022
Hedgerow (2021)Barleywine - American1274.0906-26-2021
Hyperspace FuryStout - American Imperial8194.1107-22-2021
Imperial Dream EaterStout - American Imperial1054.2103-02-2022
Incantations (2021)Stout - American Imperial10.523.9912-25-2021
Intangible TidesIPA - New England10824.3904-15-2022
It's Complicated Being A WizardIPA - New England84724.1105-10-2022
Jump Rope the StarsIPA - Imperial8.344.108-11-2021
Jupiter Moon BaseSour - Gose5.833.9312-13-2021
Mahogany & TweedBarleywine - American12174.2705-08-2022
Martian DawnIPA - Imperial8.2104.0210-31-2021
Meteor MashStout - American Imperial8194.2212-03-2021
Midnight MaraudersIPA - American6.543.6707-18-2020
MocaccinoStout - Sweet / Milk7264.0205-13-2022
MoonblastStout - American Imperial8113.8907-18-2020
Mortise & TenonPorter - American753.9905-15-2022
Neon NormcoreIPA - New England823.8908-10-2021
NoblebrightIPA - New England5.2163.9603-31-2022
North of Kathmandu (2021)Stout - American Imperial9.554.3403-19-2022
Orbital ElevatorIPA - New England8.32044.2305-08-2022
Organized AnarchyWild Ale1043.9611-15-2020
Paper Mache Dream BalloonIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale7234.0507-18-2020
Peak NostalgiaIPA - New England8244.0907-02-2021
Peasant BreadBrown Ale - American5.5633.8803-30-2022
Peasant KingIPA - New England91564.1404-10-2022
Petal ProphecyIPA - American6514.0104-02-2022
Prismatic LazerStout - American Imperial8194.1407-18-2020
Psychedelic VolcanoIPA - Imperial1024.3207-06-2021
Purple PunchIPA - New England823.505-14-2022
Puzzles & PagansStout - American Imperial11204.211-21-2021
Pyramids & CrystalsLager - American5304.0804-23-2022
Pyramids and CrystalsLager - India Pale Lager (IPL)51210-09-2021
Queen’s MageIPA - New England6.563.7705-16-2022
Radical CandorIPA - American6.284.2405-04-2022
Raspberry Whale CakeCream Ale5.5253.7509-25-2021
Reflected SymmetryIPA - New England6604.0304-08-2022
Riverboat RacketeerIPA - New England6.5164.0507-18-2020
Roadside BanditsIPA - New England6183.9307-18-2020
Rootstock & Blossom 2020Stout - American Imperial11.593.8612-23-2021
Rootstock and Blossom (2021)Stout - American Imperial1224.1302-18-2022
Sea of AirIPA - New England8.1424.1912-10-2021
Seances & SacrificesStout - American Imperial12214.2705-11-2022
Seaside PiratesIPA - American6.5144.0507-18-2020
Shadow BallStout - American Imperial8194.107-18-2020
ShoegazerBlonde Ale - American5294.0507-27-2021
Single Hop IPA (Barbe Rouge)IPA - American5.9704.1107-18-2020
Single Hop IPA (Citra)IPA - American5.7254.207-18-2020
Single Hop IPA (Mistral)IPA - American5.7183.9407-18-2020
Single Hop IPA (Mosaic)IPA - American5.7414.1607-18-2020
Single Hop IPA (Simcoe)IPA - American5.7304.2207-18-2020
SkittlzIPA - Imperial82405-19-2020
SkyhookIPA - New England10174.2405-04-2022
Soft Ambient MusicIPA - American7113.9207-18-2020
SpacewalkerSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.774.107-17-2021
Stainless ForestIPA - New England8.21404.2104-17-2022
Strange ApparitionStout - Oatmeal10.5654.1403-13-2022
Strange Apparition (2021)Stout - American Imperial10.514.4612-03-2021
Strange Days IndeedFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.71408-10-2021
Strawberry Whale CakeCream Ale5.51163.7105-14-2022
Study HallRed Ale - American Amber / Red5.543.3104-27-2022
Sublimated DreamsIPA - Imperial8484.209-12-2021
Sunset SherbetIPA - Imperial893.0907-18-2020
Surfing Waves Of DopamineFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.8453.7907-18-2020
Time of the ChimpanzeeIPA - New England6.5734.1704-16-2022
Totemic MightIPA - Imperial854.1204-10-2021
Uncanny ValleyIPA - New England72254.1704-04-2022
Vaulted BlueIPA - New England5324.1504-01-2022
You Can't Get There From Here - Black Raspberry And CurrantsWild Ale4.5184.1111-25-2021
You Can't Get There From Here - Dragon Fruit And Passion FruitSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.52407-18-2020
You Can't Get There From Here - GrapefruitWild Ale4.534.2207-18-2020
You Can't Get There From Here - Key Lime And KumquatWild Ale4.5374.101-16-2022
You Can't Get There From Here - Prickly Pear And Pink GuavaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.5304.2205-15-2022
You Can't Get There From Here - Raspberry & Red PlumWild Ale4.573.8207-23-2021
You Can't Get There From Here - Red PlumWild Ale4.554.2207-18-2020
You Can't Get There From Here - Strawberry And RhubarbWild Ale4.5154.0807-18-2020

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Burlington Beer Co. in Burlington, VT
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