Proclamation Ale Company

Brewery, Bar

298 Kilvert St
Warwick, Rhode Island, 02886
United States

(401) 787-6450 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
2 Legit 2 FritFruit and Field Beer7.254.0112-23-2018
3-eyedIPA - Imperial9.523.503-07-2022
8'ers Gonna 8IPA - Imperial8.324.1203-11-2022
A Pig In A CageStout - American Imperial1033.7503-02-2021
Abstract WizardryIPA - Imperial8.5124.1109-29-2021
AiwassWild Ale5.844.2704-10-2020
Amphibian DaysWheat Beer - American Pale5.474.2402-27-2020
ApotropaicWild Ale7.41403-14-2020
Are You Bored Yet?Fruit and Field Beer5.524.1510-06-2021
Awesome BlossomSour - Gose463.7707-31-2017
BaltallicaPorter - Baltic8.873.804-13-2019
Between the Click of the LightFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.734.2504-29-2022
Black HexesStout - American Imperial9173.9307-23-2021
Black Hexes V2Stout - American Imperial954.2811-21-2019
Black NapkinsWild Ale8.424.3112-29-2019
Borrowed ShadesWheat Beer - American Pale5.273.8810-08-2017
Bosun's CallFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.473.8402-08-2016
Brewin' In The Boys RoomCalifornia Common / Steam Beer5.544.0201-20-2022
BrozeStout - Sweet / Milk5.5563.9703-03-2022
BurgessBitter - English554.0405-04-2019
Can't Spare a SquareIPA - Imperial1024.6106-17-2020
CheynecationIPA - American7.554.2810-03-2017
Chip MendelsonIPA - Imperial8.734.1604-19-2021
CocoboiStout - American Imperial11143.8903-13-2022
Cocoboi MassacreStout - American Imperial1123.7701-06-2022
Command C, Command VIPA - Imperial7.814.2911-13-2021
Cool By ProxyIPA - Imperial814.2809-17-2019
Cosmic PhantomsIPA - Imperial7.514.1711-13-2021
Crazy Space WorldIPA - New England713.7308-08-2020
DDH Trope w/ Extra CoconutIPA - Imperial81404-22-2019
Derivative: CitraPale Ale - American62204.3102-19-2022
Derivative: CitralaxyPale Ale - American6134.4705-03-2019
Derivative: CometPale Ale - American6114.108-21-2019
Derivative: El DoradoPale Ale - American6174.1601-07-2021
Derivative: GalaxyPale Ale - American63654.306-24-2022
Derivative: MosaicPale Ale - American61354.2307-05-2021
Derivative: MysteryPale Ale - American6194.0111-08-2020
Derivative: Nelson SauvinPale Ale - American6104.3312-01-2018
Derivative: Pacific GemPale Ale - American664.1812-01-2018
Derivative: SabroPale Ale - American694.1311-20-2019
Derivative: StrataPale Ale - American634.0804-20-2022
Derivative: Vic SecretPale Ale - American6844.1501-06-2022
Double Dry Hopped TendrilIPA - American7.854.3406-24-2018
Down Side DownIPA - American813.7509-26-2021
Down Side UpWild Ale823.8607-21-2019
Emu WarsIPA - Imperial8.514.2505-18-2021
EthereousIPA - New England6.61254.1405-31-2022
Ethereous With OakIPA - New England6.614.2302-25-2021
EZ Mode PineappleSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.224.1205-04-2021
Fitter. Happier.IPA - Imperial954.3502-24-2020
Flash DeliriumIPA - Imperial8.174.0506-15-2018
FlummoxPilsner - German5.2403.8905-13-2022
FormantLager - American6.523.7907-25-2020
Full GammaIPA - Imperial9.5204.1405-08-2022
Full PompIPA - Imperial9.574.2211-17-2020
Gizmo GadgetIPA - Imperial8.564.1807-07-2020
GoldustStrong Ale - Belgian Pale1383.8612-01-2018
GuggenmusikLager - Märzen534.1811-13-2021
Hello ComputerBrown Ale - English6.734.0305-15-2018
HermanosStout - Sweet / Milk6.533.9104-23-2021
I (Still) Can't Go Anywhere But HereIPA - New England814.1601-03-2021
I Actually ExistIPA - Imperial9144.1505-25-2022
I Can't Go Anywhere But HereIPA - New England80005-25-2020
I've Created A MonsterSour - Fruited Kettle Sour7.133.4904-11-2021
IndridWild Ale6.714.2505-02-2020
Initiation's OverFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.514.0405-24-2021
InsignificanceIPA - Imperial10214.2705-10-2021
It Feels Like We Only Go BackwardsIPA - Imperial8314.1202-27-2022
KDAIPA - Imperial8.8444.2405-30-2022
KeraterraBrett Beer6.4634.1509-22-2019
Keraterra - Dry-Hopped With Galaxy And MosaicFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.864.2401-03-2016
Love MonkeyWild Ale6103.9701-27-2019
Lunar BodiesFarmhouse Ale - Bière de Garde6.513.701-27-2022
Meanwhile ... in 2015IPA - Imperial9.524.0207-06-2020
Memory Is SmokeLager - Rauchbier4.933.8601-11-2022
Mimosionally ChallengedFruit and Field Beer8.513.9805-02-2021
Mono > StereoFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.244.1905-29-2022
Moon DestroyerStout - American Imperial11.584.2302-25-2019
Mouth BleederIPA - New England6.9104.0911-22-2021
Mouth BreatherIPA - American7.5174.3706-03-2018
Mouth Breather Mango IPAIPA - American7.5114.4108-10-2018
MythomaniaIPA - New England9254.2202-28-2021
Nectar's FireFarmhouse Ale - Saison614.0905-25-2022
Noon JuiceIPA - American3.913.7405-06-2021
Oooh! BlaspberriesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.92407-21-2019
Oooh! BlueberriesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.953.9602-01-2019
Oooh! RaspberriesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.974.0311-23-2019
Oooh! StrackberriesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.924.0502-13-2021
Oooh! StraspberriesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.912.1404-29-2020
Oooh! StrawberriesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.9104.0708-22-2020
Ooops! PlumberriesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.914.0501-01-2020
Orange Minus YellowRed Ale - American Amber / Red714.0405-28-2022
Ordinary ManIPA - New England6.5133.9504-29-2022
Pallet FortressPale Ale - Belgian5104.0201-21-2019
Parting GiftFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.543.8205-31-2018
Penultimate UnicornIPA - New England10494.3103-15-2022
Phantom FistWild Ale6.9134.0212-27-2021
PixelizerIPA - Brut6.813.7505-05-2019
PlasmaticWild Ale5.644.3106-22-2016
Plus Minus Blend #1Wild Ale6.754.109-07-2019
Plus Minus Blend #2Wild Ale6.724.1401-05-2019
Plus Minus Blend #3Wild Ale6.323.5409-21-2019
PostcursorWild Ale6.2204.2908-19-2017
Proc-La-RitaSour - Gose2.544.0208-25-2015
Process/Progress #10IPA - Imperial8.584.3309-26-2017
Process/Progress #11IPA - American7.294.212-05-2017
Process/Progress #12IPA - Imperial81412-30-2017
Process/Progress #13IPA - Imperial8124.2209-12-2018
Process/Progress #14IPA - American774.0303-03-2018
Process/Progress #21IPA - American724.201-14-2019
Process/Progress #4IPA - Imperial833.6909-19-2016
Process/Progress #5IPA - American6.584.1901-14-2017
Process/Progress #8IPA - American6.8124.3207-31-2017
ProclamationIPA - American60001-24-2021
Psycho StarIPA - Imperial634.0605-25-2022
RakshasaFarmhouse Ale - Saison8.213.9401-02-2022
Reap BlueberryWild Ale7.264.1905-09-2021
Reap PeachWild Ale6.824.203-13-2019
Reap RaspberryWild Ale6.624.1803-10-2019
Robotic UprisingIPA - New England513.5204-11-2021
Same Beer Different LabelIPA - New England8.5174.1402-19-2022
Shadow KingPale Ale - American6.2533.8302-11-2022
She Doesn’t Even Go HereTripel9.813.7301-27-2022
ShhhhhhhWild Ale6.524.5106-08-2019
Spiral StaresIPA - New England8.524.1801-02-2021
Sponge FingersBarleywine - American10.553.810-07-2019
SproutIPA - American3.8174.0811-12-2021
StalkIPA - Imperial8.563.7703-23-2022
Stereo > MonoFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.644.0705-25-2022
Sub RefugeIPA - American7193.9804-16-2022
Sun DestroyerStout - American Imperial10.5264.1104-18-2021
Sunshine GraveIPA - New England7.324.1702-20-2022
SurvivalistIPA - New England854.3609-18-2021
S’moregasbordStout - American Imperial10.553.9104-02-2019
Team Flavorpants - Vol 1IPA - New England5.524.205-02-2020
TendrilIPA - New England72884.1503-13-2022
Thanks for the AlbatrossIPA - Imperial8.824.1904-19-2020
The Amazing Adventures Of The Alpaca MagiWild Ale5.8214.2105-03-2019
The Floor is BarleywineBarleywine - English1293.8205-03-2022
The Floorpie Is BarleywineBarleywine - American1143.5305-16-2021
The Mystical Resurrection of the Alpaca MagiWild Ale834.5604-03-2021
The RunIPA - American7.283.7706-29-2021
The StalkIPA - New England8.61764.2304-24-2022
The Stalk W/ PeppersIPA - Imperial8.634.1902-11-2016
These Buildings I Once DesignedIPA - Imperial8.523.7411-17-2020
Till it ShinesKölsch514.0909-20-2021
Tiny Brite TanksIPA - Imperial8.4184.4207-23-2019
Tiny Little SticksLager - Japanese Rice5.234.1405-22-2022
Trope v2.5IPA - Imperial8.223.8708-31-2021
Under A Bascule SkyIPA - New England6.514.2505-25-2022
Used NapkinsWild Ale9.544.2605-21-2022
Vape RobeSmoked Beer513.6105-13-2017
VerbluffenLager - Vienna5.534.0603-23-2020
Weird FishesIPA - Imperial8.733.6707-16-2021
White NapkinsWild Ale9.264.2401-26-2020
WienLager - Vienna624.104-15-2021
Wilt & WaneIPA - New England7.453.8911-17-2018
Xenith: The Final FormStout - American Imperial1394.0703-16-2019
XP1IPA - New England654.0512-17-2020
Zzzlumber (Barrel-Aged)Stout - Russian Imperial11454.1303-29-2020
Zzzlumber (Non-Barrel Aged)Stout - Russian Imperial10.284.1806-10-2016

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Proclamation Ale Company in Warwick, RI
Brewery rating: 4.06 out of 5 with 2581 ratings