Other Half Brewing Co.

Other Half Brewing Co.Other Half Brewing Co.
13,858 Ratings
Other Half Brewing Co.Other Half Brewing Co.

Type: Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

195 Centre St
Brooklyn, New York, 11231-3907
United States

(347) 987-3527 | map

Tasting room is open...
Mon - Thu, 5PM to 10PM
Fri, 3PM to 10PM
Sat, 10AM to 10PM
Sun, Noon to 10PM

Added by metter98 on 12-09-2013

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DougAmerican Black Ale7.101514.08-
Midnight ShowersAmerican Black Ale7.40274.17-
Maple SapAmerican Blonde Ale7.50143.73-
Saloon DoorsAmerican Brown Ale7.60453.89-
Green Diamonds Double IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.107584.31-
All Green EverythingAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.501,0584.41-
Nice LifeAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00814.04-
SuparilloAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.501484.18-
Stacks On StacksAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.501904.31-
Magic Green NuggetsAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.301354.11-
Double Mosaic DreamAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.502274.43-
All Citra EverythingAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.503024.34-
Mosaic + Motueka DIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50674.39-
MomoAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.5044.21-
Other Half / The Veil - Topical DepressionAmerican Double / Imperial IPA?384.06-
Always Bet On GreenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50364.15-
Mylar BagsAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.801504.37-
Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic DreamAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.503204.59-
Other SouthernAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50224.18-
Other Half / Trillium Like WhoaAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.501234.45-
Double Dry Hopped All Citra EverythingAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.502694.53-
Citra/EquinoxAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50184.33-
Mosaic + WaimeaAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50454.33-
Fully FrothedAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50764.33-
Blowin' Up The Spot (Monkish Collaboration)American Double / Imperial IPA10.201194.34-
Double Dry Hopped Forever SimcoeAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.501234.41-
Emerald CitiesAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.30114.3-
Double Dry Hopped Space DiamondsAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.501384.45-
Nummy Nug NugAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.30994.4-
Double Dry Hopped Mylar BagsAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.502784.56-
Double Dry Hopped Stacks On StacksAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50994.37-
Double Dry Hopped SuparilloAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50814.24-
Green Down To The SocksAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.20814.33-
Double Dry Hopped BroccoliAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.901094.41-
Dancing Green DiamondsAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.10424.16-
Throw Some MoAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.20674.31-
Simcoe + GalaxyAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50204.4-
Citra + MotuekaAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50354.26-
Daydream In GreenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.10764.28-
CabbageAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90654.34-
CheddarAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90504.23-
Cheddar BroccoliAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90754.37-
Imaginary GreenscapesAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00884.3-
True GreenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90464.22-
Double Dry Hopped CabbageAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.901044.36-
Double Mosaic DaydreamAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50584.5-
Double Dry Hopped CheddarAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90564.29-
Double Dry Hopped Green Down To The SocksAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.20534.26-
Double Dry Hopped Daydream In GreenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00564.36-
Raining Three's Triple Dry-HoppedAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50774.55-
Double Dribble Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.80434.33-
Double Dry Hopped Powdered CheeseAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00414.42-
Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic DaydreamAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.501224.57-
Powdered CheeseAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00334.3-
Twice Baked PotatoAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00894.37-
Fully Loaded Baked PotatoAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.00874.41-
Coir BoizAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00534.1-
Tremendous IdeasAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00244.19-
Enigma + GalaxyAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50484.39-
Citra + GalaxyAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50424.36-
Double Dry Hopped Motueka + GalaxyAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50334.36-
Green PowerAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.00234.44-
Double Dry Hopped True GreenAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90284.29-
Double Citra Daydream Imperial Oat Cream IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50394.5-
All Enigma EverythingAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.00374.27-
Triple Cream Triple Dry Hopped Imperial Oat Cream IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.00324.51-
Cream Of BroccoliAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.90284.39-
Vic Secret + MosaicAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50284.29-
Double Dry Hopped All Enigma EverythingAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.00194.4-
Double Dry Hopped Double Citra DaydreamAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.50194.52-
Dare I Say... A Double IPA..American Double / Imperial IPA8.80224.3-
Highballers on Death MountainAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.20144.13-
Double Dry Hopped All Green EverythingAmerican Double / Imperial IPA10.50104.29-
Alternate Side ZamboniAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.5083.75-
Chimera Imperial Oat Cream IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.7034.66-
All Infinity EverythingAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.7000-
Heavy Metal'sAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.4000-
Double Dry Hopped Citra + GalaxyAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.5000-
Everything Is NumbersAmerican Double / Imperial Pilsner8.50124.3-
In Absentia LuciAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.00834.1-
In Absentia Luci - Red Wine Barrel AgedAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.00284.19-
Smoke Screens & Oil SlicksAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.50994.2-
We've Been Out There In OrbitAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.00994.19-
In Absentia Luci (2016 Rye And Bourbon Barrel Aged)American Double / Imperial Stout11.00174.19-
In Absentia Luci (2016 Bourbon Barrel Aged With Vanilla)American Double / Imperial Stout11.00244.08-
We've Been Out There In Orbit (Bourbon Barrel Aged)American Double / Imperial Stout12.00144.17-
We've Been Out There In Orbit (Apple Brandy Barrel Aged)American Double / Imperial Stout12.00134.17-
We've Been Out There In Orbit (Rum Barrel Aged)American Double / Imperial Stout12.00124.04-
In Absentia Luci (2016 Bourbon-Barrel With Coffee Hazelnut And Cocoa Nibs)American Double / Imperial Stout11.00254.28-
In Absentia Luci (2016 Bourbon Barrel Aged W/ Coconut, Vanilla & Cardamom)American Double / Imperial Stout11.00193.89-
Cane Life (bourbon Barrel Aged Version)American Double / Imperial Stout12.00233.74-
Cane Life (conditioned On Coconut And Coffee Version)American Double / Imperial Stout12.00264.15-
Cane Life (conditioned On Tahitian Vanilla Version)American Double / Imperial Stout12.00344.07-
Cane Life (conditioned On Cocoa, Cinnamon And Ancho Peppers Version)American Double / Imperial Stout12.00354.19-
Other Half / Zagovor - Space Soyez SauceAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.00154.05-
Other Half / Zagovor - Space Soyez Sauce (Cocoa Nibs And Raspberries)American Double / Imperial Stout12.00194.39-
Maple CreamiesAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.00184.33-
Other Half / Zagovor - Space Soyez Sauce (Non-Barrel Aged)American Double / Imperial Stout12.0034.31-
Other Half / Zagovor - Space Soyez Sauce (Vanilla And Cherries)American Double / Imperial Stout12.0073.83-
Get Busy Livin'American Double / Imperial Stout13.0023.99-
TwigsAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.0094.44-
NutsAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.0094.42-
BerriesAmerican Double / Imperial Stout12.0084.53-
HypersleepAmerican Double / Imperial Stout11.8034.24-
Maple Creamies Maple Cream Imperial StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout10.5000-
Other Half IPAAmerican IPA7.103173.94-
Hop ShowersAmerican IPA7.405504.22-
Citra IPAAmerican IPA7.003324.3-
Galaxy IPAAmerican IPA6.501864.21-
Small Green EverythingAmerican IPA5.001364.21-
SouthernhopalisticAmerican IPA7.501274.27-
Forever GreenAmerican IPA4.70474.06-
Nelson IPAAmerican IPA6.902824.27-
Stupid WildAmerican IPA4.90174-
Forever EverAmerican IPA4.702584.07-
Equinox IPAAmerican IPA7.201444.02-
Centennial IPAAmerican IPA7.10363.93-
Mosaic IPAAmerican IPA7.203834.44-
IPAAmerican IPA7.10753.99-
MicrogreenAmerican IPA4.00403.84-
Amarillo IPAAmerican IPA7.201324.26-
Simcoe IPAAmerican IPA7.201114.15-
Hudson ValleyAmerican IPA7.80114.01-
Baby DiamondsAmerican IPA4.801184.2-
Table Table BeerAmerican IPA5.10514.13-
Chinook IPAAmerican IPA6.20284.18-
Mosaic Is PresidentAmerican IPA6.20364.17-
City Slickers IPAAmerican IPA6.801344.29-
Forever MosaicAmerican IPA8.5014.31-
Mosaic HennepinAmerican IPA8.5000-
Crazy TalkAmerican IPA6.40374.11-
Responsible AdultAmerican IPA4.80413.88-
IPA #1American IPA6.5023.98-
Crush It!: MosaicAmerican IPA4.80124.05-
Real TalkAmerican IPA6.50424.12-
IPA #2American IPA6.5074-
Ain't Nothing NiceAmerican IPA6.20584.25-
Metaphors & PunchlinesAmerican IPA7.3000-
IPA #3American IPA6.5034.08-
Dream In GreenAmerican IPA6.20734.36-
Double Dry Hopped Small Green EverythingAmerican IPA4.80344.17-
Double Dry Hopped Hop ShowersAmerican IPA7.40444.23-
Double Dry Hopped SouthernhopalisticAmerican IPA7.40354.23-
Subterranean RotationAmerican IPA6.60214.21-
Crooked CropsAmerican IPA7.60423.98-
Double Dry Hopped Crooked CropsAmerican IPA7.60214.06-
Riwaka IPAAmerican IPA6.50214.31-
Still Shinin’American IPA6.50454.31-
Double Dry Hopped Dream In GreenAmerican IPA6.20404.42-
Cream Get The HoneyAmerican IPA6.00394.09-
Double Dry Hopped Ain't Nothing NiceAmerican IPA6.20384.25-
Double Dry Hopped Simcoe IPAAmerican IPA7.00124.06-
Double Dry Hopped Forever EverAmerican IPA4.70104.06-
Enigma IPAAmerican IPA6.50284.13-
TMAmerican IPA6.20114.31-
Double Dry Hopped Galaxy IPAAmerican IPA6.50204.35-
Cloudwater / Other Half - Bud's LifeAmerican IPA6.20174.14-
Oh...American IPA6.00204.13-
Double Dry Hopped Dream In Green W/GalaxyAmerican IPA6.2034.38-
Double Dry Hopped Forever Ever W/ EnigmaAmerican IPA4.7064.12-
Citra Daydream Oat Cream IPAAmerican IPA6.00234.37-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers W/ MotuekaAmerican IPA7.4094.25-
Double Dry Hopped Oh...American IPA6.30134.26-
BlocktoberfestAmerican IPA6.9014.03-
Motueka Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.60533.73-
Superfun!American Pale Ale (APA)4.202034.06-
JimmyAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.00244.07-
Wai-iti Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.7000-
Crush It!: Wai-itiAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.50203.74-
Pig BeachAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.30263.96-
Crush It! GalaxyAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.30324.02-
TatersAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.50614.27-
On The DalyAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.5083.78-
Surprise Me!American Pale Wheat Ale4.80223.96-
Exp 06300 StoutAmerican Stout6.90173.97-
Short, Dark & HandsomeAmerican Stout7.401304-
In Absentia Luci - Rum Barrel AgedAmerican Stout?374.28-
Short, Dark & WiredAmerican Stout7.40634.26-
Chesterfield DreamsAmerican Wild Ale3.50394.08-
BrettarilloAmerican Wild Ale6.20254.06-
Forgot About DrieAmerican Wild Ale6.40264.04-
Other Half/ Suarez Family Neighborhood FlockAmerican Wild Ale5.3083.91-
Other Half/ Holy Mountain By And ByAmerican Wild Ale6.50163.97-
Hup! Hup! Hup!Belgian Pale Ale5.50583.97-
KerstperiodeBière de Garde10.00403.78-
Rum Barrel-Aged KerstperiodeBière de Garde10.00143.79-
First GoldEnglish Pale Ale6.00203.71-
ESBExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)6.00413.87-
Crystal Waves PilsnerGerman Pilsener4.80203.89-
Watch It Fall SlowlyGerman Pilsener4.90223.91-
Boogie Board StuntzKölsch4.70853.93-
Boogie Board Stuntz 2Kölsch4.60203.88-
Swedes In HeatKölsch4.80264.17-
Swedes In Heat (Collab. W/ Stockholm Brewing Co.)Kölsch4.8014.37-
Other Half / Interboro - Interhalf HellesMunich Helles Lager4.50143.81-
Something to Drink When All the IPA is GoneMunich Helles Lager4.6014.25-
The King's RansomRussian Imperial Stout10.2024.38-
Veldrijden Love SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.80913.94-
Laatse RondeSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.00363.79-
Canni'baalSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.90414.03-
Chardonnay Barrel Aged Brett SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.00224.08-
Styrian FarmhouseSaison / Farmhouse Ale5.50313.91-
MoradaSaison / Farmhouse Ale4.5014.1-
Meek Millet (Table Version)Saison / Farmhouse Ale6.00203.88-
Sunset At The OasisSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.80103.64-
Rockstar Farmer (collaboration With Stillwater)Saison / Farmhouse Ale4.5093.97-
Meek Millet (12 Strains Of Brett Version)Saison / Farmhouse Ale6.0063.81-
Veldrijden Love (Mixed Fermentation Blend)Saison / Farmhouse Ale7.2014.42-
Koksijde 12Tripel8.00233.99-
Wheat WineWheatwine12.00363.81-
Other Half Brewing Co. in Brooklyn, NY
Brewery rating: 4.18 out of 5 with 13,858 ratings
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